#044 – How I Manifested $100,000

Up until today, the audios you are about to listen to have remained private since their recording last January 2018.

What’s extraordinary about this, is that I recorded these two audios BEFORE the Gram Slam launch. I felt compelled to record them because I knew that the energetic process of creating a mindset for success is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the strategy.

Due to the practices outlined in this episode #44, I was able to manifest $100,000 in my business. If you want to learn exactly what I did, make sure to listen all the way through.

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Things You’ll Learn:
– The story of how I went from $5k in the bank to $106k in a period of 10 days
– An actual audio recording of me “live-manifesting” $100,000
– How I was able to create a mental and energetic state that supported me in the creation of one of my most successful launches to date.

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4 thoughts on “#044 – How I Manifested $100,000”

  1. This is incredible! I needed to hear this as i’m On the same journey. I am lost all day if I don’t take the time to meditate and align. It’s truly magic and this was beautiful to listen to♥️

  2. This episode is absolutely badass, Alex! I love that you share your real life process of manifesting $100,000. It’s incredible to witness the manifestation rituals that support your business success! The format for this episode feels super creative and intimate. Thank your vulnerability, and for being a courageous, kickass human. xo

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