#045 – What To Do When You’re Afraid To Raise Your Prices

One of the most popular questions I was asked last week during our 3 LIVE Q&A sessions for #MMBY19 was:

‘I want to raise my prices, but I’m too scared. What do I do?’

If you have an offering and you’re not sure how to price it, or if you have a price and you think it may be too low – THIS IS THE EPISODE FOR YOU.


  • How to identify the value of your offering
  • How to put yourself in your ideal clients shoes
  • How to find clarity on what your ideal client would be willing to pay
  • A live example of how *I* discovered the price for The School of Killer Impressions (which is NOW LIVE – EEEK!)

Take a listen & when you’re done please comment and let me know what you think!


P.S. I can’t believe I’m saying this but – The School of Killer Impressions is open for registration! WOOHOO! If it feels right, register today and join this magical 8 week experience and watch it act as a catalyst for you and your business! I hope to see you there 😉


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