#043 – VULNERABILITY ALERT: 2018 Big Wins & Lessons Learned

People are obsessed with New Year’s resolutions, but something that matters just as much is Old Year reflections. In other words: looking back at the past year and reflecting on what you experienced in life and business. What went right? What went wrong? What lessons did you learn? How did you grow as an individual?

In Episode 43 I take you behind-the-scenes of my own personal 2018 reflections.

To me, this episode felt vulnerable to record. I shared things I have *never* shared publicly before. Things that I know people could judge me for.

But as we lean into 2019, one thing I’m holding onto from 2018 is how I’ve opened up and shared my truth with you in each and every single one of these episodes.

So grab a hot cup of tea, snuggle up, and take a listen to how my year of 2018 went.

And when you’re done – do your own reflection of 2018. Look back at old texts, your Instagram feed, old photos in your phone, your notebooks, your Notes app … search all of the places you’ve been digitally present, and see what comes up for you.

Reflection on the year past is such a POWERFUL WAY to start off the New Year. So I invite you to jump in.

I love you all and deeply appreciate being on this journey together.



– Why I didn’t make as much money in 2017 as I had hoped to, and how it affected me in 2018

– Why I believe the second launch of Gram Slam was not as successful as the first launch of Gram Slam

– How it took me 5 years to finally step into my role as a leader with confidence

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