Team Beadon’s Promise:

We promise to help small business owners achieve maximum financial freedom, time freedom, and location independence by teaching them:


How to create content in a way that’s fun and delivers results.


Marketing and sales for new online business owners.


A six-figure launch strategy for course creators + membership site owners.
Our main priority as a team is to create content and courses that feel like they’re coming from your best friend while being massively informative on the topics of social media, entrepreneurship & business.
We want small business owners to feel like Team Beadon is on their side, rooting them on, and that Alex is the  biz bestie  they can go to on the regular.
Beadon International LLC aims to create content and courses that have a purpose – content that makes small business owners react to get them one step closer to their dream freedoms (That amazing vacation? The dream home? Quitting their 9-5?)
Anything is possible one step at a time…
and with a little help from a biz bestie!

Team Beadon’s Beliefs:

L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Equality
Peace & Kindness
Racial Justice

Animal & Nature Protection
Immigration Justice
Science & Facts
Mental Health Advocacy

Shopping Small
Climate Advocacy
Women’s Rights

Team Beadon’s Community:

The Alex Beadon community is made up of a group of diverse, bad-ass business owners who believe their offerings can create massive positive change for others.

We are committed to having an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, regardless of gender, age, gender identity, race, health status, national origin, relationship status, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or religion. We believe that everyone is important and this is a non-negotiable for our community.

We believe that by fostering an environment that includes diverse perspectives and points of views, we can create a better educational environment for small business owners to grow and prosper.

Our team and our community come from all walks of life and this is what makes this community SO strong.  We celebrate the different voices in our community  and love when people bring their own point of view to the table.

We know, without a doubt, that if you share these values you’ll find a place in our online communities (like Instagram) or our course communities.

Team Beadon strives to create a community that is safe, that is inclusive and that focuses on the good in the world, while calling things out when it goes against our beliefs. We are committed to creating a community that fosters inclusion and connectedness. We never want anyone to feel alone or that they don’t fit in. Everyone is welcome and the more diverse our community is, the more of a powerhouse we’ll be together.

We love to hear from each and every one of you! We are stronger together and welcome you to reach out to talk to us, share your experience, and empower people in our community with your story. We believe that it’s easier to feel connected when we hear from you and promise to always have an open heart and mind in our communications. Feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts!

Meet Team Beadon:

Alex Beadon

CEO/Biz Bestie

Originally From: Trinidad and Tobago

Causes close to her heart: Racial Injustice, Women’s Empowerment, Climate Change, Protecting our Ocean, Sustainability, Education

Best Place to Contact: @alexbeadon on Instagram

Laura Marston

Operations Manager

Current Location: New Jersey, USA

Originally From: Bogota, Colombia

Causes close to her heart: Sustainability and Zero Waste, Body Positivity, Democracy, IVF/Cancer/ Diabetes Awareness, Racial Justice, Immigration Justice

Best Place to Contact:

Stacy Barnes

Community Cultivator

Current Location: California, USA

Originally From: Florida, USA

Causes close to her heart: Racial Justice, Innocence Project, Global Water Crisis, Sustainability, Thyroid and Migraine Awareness

Best Place to Contact:

Sara Beadon

Finance Manager

Current Location: United Kingdom

Originally From: Trinidad and Tobago

Causes close to her heart: Democracy, Racial Justice, Diabetes Awareness

Best Place to Contact:

Team Beadon’s Goals:

In the long term, we hope to be able to not just use our voices to champion change, but also our spending and influential power. We are working hard, so that in the future, we’ll be able to donate to the causes that we believe in, help offer scholarship opportunities, and only work with companies that share our values.

We aim to be responsible for sharing content that not only is inclusive but that helps raise awareness to systemic injustices around us. Alex’s platform is used to amplify the causes that her company believes in and to use her voice loudly when injustice is seen.
Although our Team doesn’t currently reflect it by our hires, Black lives matter to each and every one of us and as a team we are striving daily to work towards understanding which systemic injustices exist and how we are actively playing a role in them. Through our anti-racist work, we aim to grow as a team to prioritize how to help dismantle these systems and amplify Black voices.
We want our team and our clients to be able to focus on their mindset and mental health as a priority. We do not believe that hustling is a sustainable way to get to your goals, we believe in the long term and that you can build a world of freedoms (time, financial, and location) while also prioritizing your personal life and needs. We believe in regular breaks, in celebrating the wins, in taking time off, in spending time with loved ones or even by yourself to recharge.

We have a firm goal of accountability.

We are welcome to all suggestions on how to improve our language and actions to better reflect our beliefs. If you have any questions or concerns, please email and know that we take your words very seriously.