Why I’m the richest woman in the world.

richestwomanOne of the things I love most about getting older is getting to witness the life changes in the people around me. Today as I sat at the dinner table, staring into the eyes of the people I love the most in this world, my heart gleamed with pride.

Sitting in front of me, my two brilliant parents, who are freshly beginning a new and exciting chapter of retired life. To see them together, so full of energy and love for each other after so many years of marriage makes me so happy. I’m full of so much JOY when I think of them, because I know this new stage is going to be full of absolute greatness.

Watching my sister sit next to me as a grown woman fills me with inspiration and admiration. She’s loving her life, grabbing every opportunity by the horns, and making it a habit to challenge herself to grow and be the best she can be.  She inspires me SO MUCH.

And then there was me, sitting at this table, silently acknowledging the incredible life developments of the people around me, only to realize that I had to stop and do the same for myself. And so there I was, at dinner with my family, a table full of love, taking a good look at myself. Alex Beadon, consciously creating the life of her dreams, bravely experiencing life, asking important questions, a soulful business owner who’s dedicated to creating more freedom and passion in the world.

Today it felt good to be us. It felt good for all of us to be together after so many months apart. It felt good to be eating delicious food at one of our favorite Indian restaurants. It felt good to giggle uncontrollably, and to make brand new inside jokes (TONY!). It felt good to share stories while sipping on wine. It felt good to celebrate each other, and to celebrate ourselves. Today felt good.

Dad, Mom, Lizzie – I love you. Thank you for the richness you bring to my life. Because of you, I feel like the richest woman in the world.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m the richest woman in the world.”

  1. I love this post Alex!! Reminded me how grateful I am for my family and how much happiness they bring to my life 🙂 family dinners, wine, good chat and giggles… So much fun!xx

  2. Beautiful thoughts like this are what make you the richest person.
    You have changed my life, and those of so many others, so much just by being yourself and encouraging others to cultivate a sense of courage, passion, and positivity.
    I have no doubt that being surrounded by such a wonderful family makes each of you flourish that much better.
    xo Ximena

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