How my wildest dreams FEEL …

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After yesterday’s blog post I received so many email responses from people who courageously shared their dreams and goals with me in delicious detail.

What I noticed is a huge and heavy focus on what it would LOOK like to achieve the goals, and far less of a focus on what it would FEEL like.

So today, when you’re fantasizing about your wildest dreams (which you should absolutely be doing daily), I want you to FEEL IT! What would accomplishing your wildest dreams FEEL LIKE?!?! Feel it in your body, experience it as though it yours today.

Here’s how my wildest dreams feel:

freeing, authentic, supported, expansive, artistic, electric, magical, connected, easy, blissful, powerful, soulful, clear, seen, vibrant, creative, abundant, and courageous.

COMMENT and tell me:

How does accomplishing your wildest dreams FEEL?!?!?

3 thoughts on “How my wildest dreams FEEL …”

  1. girl, you rock! i love your posts!!!!!!!!! My dreams make me feel – confident, happy, blissful, free, radiant, energized, powerful, and bold!!!! so much more, but those are the first time come to my mind 🙂

  2. I’ve missed you Alex, but I’m back, love your post, this past week I’ve been working on my wildest dream to open up a training school and I will excited, happy, energetic, radiant, so so happy, ready to rock the family photography industry 🙂

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