Look at me, I’m a speaker! [[ Periscope Summit NYC Trip in Pictures ]]


Remember a while ago when I was asking you to VOTE for me to win the “People’s Choice Award” to speak at this year’s Periscope Summit in NYC? Well, thanks to you, I WON, and last week Tuesday I found myself saying goodbye to the caribbean, and hello to beautiful New York City!

The trip was short, but sweet. I got to spend time with old friends, new friends, Sparklers, and more!

Check out my personal pics from the trip below:


Call to action:

  1. Where was the last place you travelled to?
  2. What’s one thing you thought you’d never want to do that you’ve found yourself doing? (I always said I’d never be a speaker, yet there I was – a speaker!)
  3. Have you ever been to NYC?

10 thoughts on “Look at me, I’m a speaker! [[ Periscope Summit NYC Trip in Pictures ]]”

  1. Alex!!!
    I am so thrilled that you got all the votes you needed for the #PeriscopeSummit! What a beautiful way to share your journey out there with the world. Thank you for finding the wonder in the life and putting it out there.

    xo Ximena

  2. Oh my goodness. Alex, I cannot believe how much of a real person you are! One of my dreams was to meet you face-to-face and the fact that you treated me with such genuine kindness meant the world to me. You could have been a diva, but nope, not Alex Beadon. You are who you say you are, no surprises. Thank you for being you. I can now die happy. 😉 xoxo

    1) Last place I traveled to: NYC for Periscope Summit!
    2) I thought that I would never want to be a creepy fangirl but there I was, stalking Alex! haha!
    3) Yep. Lived there between the ages of 19 and 23. NYC has a special place in my heart. It’s a love/hate relationship 😛

  3. I’m sad that I couldn’t make it down to see you. I live in Northern NY about 5 and a half hours away from the city. If you ever visit again, I plan on being there!

    1. The last place I traveled to was New Orleans. I took the trolly everywhere, had a po boy, alligator gumbo, beignet’s… basically, I had everything delicious. Plus we went on an alligator boat tour and enjoyed lots of wonderful live music. I want to visit again it was that much fun!

    2. One thing I never thought I would do it talk on air for the radio station. 5 years later at the radio station, I am doing remote broadcasts on location talking live to thousands of listeners!

    3. YES! I was born in the Bronx, moved an hour away at age 10, and moved back to NYC when I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology. All my fam is in the city so I visit every few months.

  4. It looks like you had a great time, Alex! Glad to catch you speaking via Persicope even though I couldn’t be there in person 🙂

    The last place I travelled to was Vancouver, BC.

    I never thought I’d want to start my own business but I’ve changed so much over the year and now it’s my #1 goal.

    I haven’t been to NYC, yet!

  5. 1. The last place I traveled to was of my new hometown of Monterey, CA…#byebye Los Angeles
    2. Talking to people about my passion, my goals and approaching people (constantly) about my business. There’s no shame in my game these days.
    3. Yes, I lived in NYC from 21 and back and forth until 27. Also, lived there for a semester while in Undergrad and also spent many summers there. I loved NYC but couldn’t live their for many reasons.
    4. I loved your blog of images and especially LOL’d at the dude in the row who was totally creeping on you while you took a picture!!
    Thanks for all that you give us Sparklers!! xoxo-Karyn

  6. Thanks fo much for sharing your trip to NYC via photos.

    1. Last place I traveled to was Boston this past weekend. Its one of my absolute favorite cities!!
    2. I never thought I would be an entrepreneur, trying to grow my own business. Yet, here I am, dreaming of the day I can be a full time self employed girlboss!
    3. Yes, two times. Once in 8th grade and again about 6 years ago. Love it!

  7. Last place I visited was the Dominican Republic. I say I would never do a lot of things and then I correct that statement because life always surprises you in the funniest ways. I live 3 hours from NYC and always have. I have a lot of family there but the first time I went to NYC city was 2 year ago.

    1. the last time i traveled i went from germany to the french atlantic coast, down to spain, over the pyrenees, through spain down south to barcelona, along the mediterranean coast back to france, to marseille and then back up to germany. it was georgeos. i love to travel by myself with my lovely dog on my side in my camper van. spending time like this makes me feel alive!
      i never thought, that i would start doing fashion photography. i dreamed about it since i started my studies in 2007 but all this time i thought i wasn’t good enough. it hit me when one of my dearest friends got sick and thank god she made it and is well again. that made me thinking about what i really want. so february this year i started the work on my book and i recognized what i have been missing all these years. i feel positive and passioned about it and even if its a tough business, i am willing to work my a** off.
      i’ve been to nyc once for a one-week-trip. it was crazy, i finally understood why they say the city never sleeps… it was a very inspiring time and i think i will go back there sometime.

  8. Love you share!
    My last trip was on a this summer from Los Aneles to Chicago on a Harley. I LOVED the wind in my hair and the amazing views from the highway. I have been afraid of riding on a Harley for years so…I never imagined I would travel to Chicgao on one.
    Have a fabulous day and thank you for being you Alex!

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