When September Ends


Today is the last day of September. It’s 5:52am and I find myself at the airport waiting for boarding to begin. I’m listening to Ellie Goulding’s new song “On My Mind” and in case you were wondering – I have no agenda for this blog post.

Today I’ll be flying from Trinidad to Miami, and from Miami to North Carolina for the Promoting Passion Convention where I’ve been invited to speak!

I always said I never wanted to do any speaking … but when Brooke Shaden sends you an email inviting you to take part in her convention called Promoting Passion … well, you can’t say no.

Especially since promoting passion is what I’m all about.

Count. Me. In.

Plus, I’m always up for a challenge, stepping out of my comfort zone, doing something that simultaneously makes me feel sick with nerves, and overly excited all at the same time. And this definitely checks both boxes 😉

I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that I don’t have a mini panic attack up on stage and freeze. But if I do, that’ll be a hilarious story for the grandkids ;).

So here’s to feeling the fear and doing it anyway, to saying YES to things that scare us and excite us, and to early morning flights (they’re the best – the airport is empty haha).

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  1. What have you done recently that scares you and excites you at the same time?
  2. Will you be joining me at the convention?
  3. Have you heard of Brooke Shaden before?

1 thought on “When September Ends”

  1. Hey Alex, First I just wanna say I love your blog and youtube channel. It has helped me out so much. Call to action:

    1.I have decided to give more time and focus to my blog. Thats a great thing but I also fear failure. If I give it all my energy and it doesn’t work out, I will be devastated.

    2. No I won’t, I’m stuck in NYC>

    3. No I haven’t but I will be googling her right now.

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