On journaling, my failure of the week, and “currently”s

You may not know this about me … but something I’ve always loved to do, ever since I was a little girl, is journal. My love affair with pens and notebooks and the written word is neverending, and I think the ability to write out your thoughts is one of life’s greatest blessings.

My girl, Katie Dalebout, (who interviewed me on her podcast here) just finished launching her brand new book, Let It Out, and yesterday I was lucky enough to attend her book launch! AHHHHHH! (Side note – check out Gabby Bernstein behind us!) 


After struggling with an eating disorder, Katie realized that journaling was a healing and transformative practice that was literally changing her state of mind. Noticing how powerful it was in her own life, she penned this book, which, as the description states, is “packed with journaling exercises, prompts, and techniques that can be done anywhere and in any order”, giving you a “new way to navigate your daily life, cope with stress, and create exciting, permanent change”.

I’ve just started reading Let It Out, and I can already tell this is going to be a book I come back to *again and again*.

I went to the book launch hoping to get a copy of the book, but by the time I got there – they were all sold out! BOOOOO! So I had to order it via Amazon instead! 🙂

If you’ve been looking for your next transformative read, and *especially* if you want to start making journaling a regular habit, “Let It Out” is for you! Make it yours today, just like I did. (actually, my copy arrives tomorrow????)

As you know, I’m still on my New York City trip. My first week here was really a work week. But my second week here (this week) is really a holiday week. It’s my cousin, Emily’s wedding, and we’re here to come together as a family and celebrate that!

Being the organized individual that I am, I already had a Chatty Tuesday video planned for this week. But it wasn’t until I was getting ready to schedule it out on Tuesday that I realized that due to the new Snapchat changes, it was totally irrelevant and outdated. Fail. 

Not to worry, you can only do your best, right? 


Excited to: welcome my baby cousin into the world (It’s happening today!)
Reading: Let It Out by Katie Dalebout
Wearing: Pyjama pants and a Deftment hoodie
Wanting: To work on The Spark Lounge later today
Repeating: the work I do influences the world positively.
Wondering: If I’ll have time to meditate before breakfast
Preparing for: my upcoming MasterClass on Life + Biz Organization.
Feeling: the air come in and out of my lungs 
Offering: 14 single coaching calls. If you want one, apply here.
Sitting on: a super comfy chair in my NYC hotel room
Stuck in my head: I’m in Control by AlunaGeorge
About to: get ready for breakfast with my parents (follow along on Snapchat – TheAlexBeadon)

Okay, time for me to get dressed and ready for my day. As of now, I can squeeze in a 5 minute meditation! GO ME

Sending you SO MUCH LOVE,
Creator of The Spark Lounge




3 thoughts on “On journaling, my failure of the week, and “currently”s”

  1. I love Katie’s book! Journaling has been such a transformative experience for me in helping me to get clear on my life, release anxiety, as well as fully get to know myself! Ps: I love watching your trip in New York City on Snap Chat – if you ever come to Chicago – I would LOVE to organize a meet-up here! xx Chelsea Jolene

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