Say goodbye to indifferent customers, and hello to customers who CARE!

Hey frieeeeeennnnddd,

You won’t BELIEVE what happened to me yesterday while I was accelerating down the aisles of my grocery store searching for some scrumptious shrimp for my Shrimp and Couscous recipe (sounds delish, right?)!

Two encounters with two employees taught me two techniques you can use today to connect to your customers in a way that turns them into your biggest cheerleaders.

All I could think of was – two can play at this game!

Not only am I going to tell you the extraordinary tale, but I’m going to teach you how to easily apply the two techniques to your own business by breaking it down into simple steps for you.

Because, who doesn’t want to have cheerleaders as customers? Who doesn’t want to make sales to people who fall in love with their business? Deeper connections = More Sales.

So – what are your thoughts on these two mind-shifting techniques? Have they helped you improve the way your customers think of your business. If so, here are your next action steps:


Yes, I believe that the conversations we have during Chatty Tuesdays are incredibly important to the growth of your business – HOWEVER, without action it’s all useless! SO – here are the three action steps you must take this week to fully embrace the ideas and techniques introduced in this video:

  1. Do not skip this step – it is the first AND MOST IMPORTANT step! Here it is: You must identify the various communication lines that you have with your customers.
  2. How can you use these communication lines to be more transparent in your business in a way that will allow your customers to feel like “insiders”?
  3. How can you use these communication lines to apply the story-telling technique to invite your customers to a journey with you?


If this video inspired you to take action, share the love! Here’s how:

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Do all five of these steps and you get a golden star in my books!

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love and light. I’m going through some major shifts myself this week, and I’m so excited to give you a glimpse of the news with you soon! But until then, you’ll have to wait and see 😉

Love + hugs to you on this fabulous day,

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