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1 thought on “Mentorship”

  1. Marisa de Stefanow-Plegge

    Alex, I really have to say that I am so glad I found you on youtube and am now hanging out on your page and watching your videos in your channel almost every day! You are so inspiring and have such great advices for people like me who are just sooooo over this error&trial-fighting-my-way-through-my-artistic-life! Don´t get me wrong! I do think that you can learn SOOO MUCH from error&trial, but still though…it takes sooo long and it´s about time (like YESTERDAY!) that thinks just come and keep flowing in so that I can enjoy the beautiful side of my profession. Thank you for all the great input Alex! I will keep watching and reading your stuff. 🙂
    PS: I did sign up to your VIP-List right after watching your video (5miraculously motviating tips to overcoming your fear of self-promotion), but it led to an error page. I strangely did get the welcome newsletter though, but somehow most links in the newsletter lead to more error pages. I´m´probably late?;-)

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