S2 Ep. 13 – Money vs. Happiness: Finding the Right Balance

In this episode, I explore the balancing act of generating wealth in your business vs. creating space for happiness, diving into my personal experience and insights on the topic. Together, we will explore the common misconceptions and unhelpful beliefs around making money, define sustainability in online business and find the path to creating a business that supports your happiness.

I share my strategies for making money in a way that supports my business and my well-being and discuss the importance of creating predictable and sustainable revenue streams. We also dive into what awareness, boundaries, and tiny gains have to do with avoiding the trap of chasing money at the expense of your health and relationships and why adding limitations to ourselves can be a powerful, exciting, and productive thing.

You’ll learn how you can go further faster, why asking for help is not cheating, and my tips for cultivating a healthy relationship with money. Join me in this episode as we learn to design an online business that makes us happy without sacrificing our well-being for the sake of profitability.

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