S2 Ep. 16 – The Investment Effect: Our Guide to Making Your Investments Work For You

In this episode of “On Purpose with Alex Beadon”, I’m joined by my Operations Manager, Laura Marston, as we dive deep into the importance of investing in your business and yourself. I share my journey from being anti-investment to realizing the direct correlation between business success and strategic investments. We discuss the relationship between self-investment and personal growth, how making the right investments can fast-track your success, and overcoming common barriers to investment.

We also reveal how Team Beadon invests in various aspects of our business and I share the scariest investment I’ve ever made and why it was such a crucial one. We share our guidance on identifying the best investments for your business so that you can begin to take your business to the next level today.

As we invite you to join the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp (ULB), we discuss who it’s for, what it entails, and the success stories of past participants. We also share tips on how to make an investment work for you, emphasizing the importance of dedication and tying goals to learning and experience.

I hope this episode helps you shift your own mindset when it comes to investing in yourself and clears any blocks that may be holding you back. Remember, the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp starts Monday, so sign up and get ready to invest in your growth!

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