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Five Must Haves Money Mindset!

Are you terrified of making more money in your business? Have you had these thoughts around money:
What would I do if I make a lot of money?
Am I even responsible enough to manage more money?
What will my friends and family think about me making so much money?
Will having more money change who I am?

I am talking about money and money mindset! Yes, the thing we were told NEVER to discuss. The thing we cannot live without yet if we want more of it we are called greedy. Why is the topic of money so taboo? Why is there so much secrecy and shame around money? You either don’t have enough or not making enough and want more. Money plays such a huge role in our lives, yet our mindset around it can be so warped.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for some time, you’ve heard me speak about money mindset and how it played a huge role when I almost went bankrupt back in 2016. In January 2019 I made a podcast episode where I walked you through how I manifested $100,000 and how my mindset played an enormous role in my success.

In my latest YouTube video, I explore five main money mindset beliefs you should be working on to create long-term wealth and success in your life. How did I go about hacking my mind about money? How did I start actively believing that money is working for me instead of against me? I did so by using these Five Money Mindset Beliefs.

You do this by changing your beliefs around money, guarding your mind and saying these money affirmations. Another major thing is surrounding yourself with people who have already accomplished what you want to achieve. It gives your mind a visual that having more money is possible. WARNING: This only works if there are action steps being taken to point you in the right direction to create wealth.

While you do not need to have money to make a huge impact in the world, having it does make it easier. When there are more generous, good-hearted people who share their wealth this leads to a tangible change in the world. One of the main reasons for me wanting to make money is so that I can make a positive, genuine impact through my generosity, and create more sustainable opportunities for others.

One of the biggest feedbacks I get from people about making more money is that they do not feel they can trust themselves to make the right decisions about their wealth. This goes back to your mindset. You have to believe you can handle this. It starts with simple steps like tracking your finances. How much are you spending daily, weekly, monthly? When was the last time you even looked at your finances?

How you feel about yourself should not be a reflection of how much money is in your bank account. This is important, because a lot of people are hard on themselves when they do not hit their income goal. Having a healthy money mindset means you are clear about where your worth lies.

This goes back to what you were taught as a child. Many people were taught that having a lot of money is a bad thing. Wanting money does not mean I get my sole joy or purpose out of having money. If I did not have money I would still have everything I need in life. Having money makes life easier so why would I not want it?

Those are the five money mindset beliefs I explore in my latest YouTube video. Being intentional about your money mindset is incredibly valuable because it will only increase the long-term wealth in your life. There is a version of yourself that is way more elevated, successful, who is making more money, being wildly generous and having a lot more freedom. We choose the stories we tell ourselves. What stories about money are you telling yourself?

I have also made a printable download worksheet filled with money mindset affirmations for you to use- click here to download.

Watch the video below to learn more about money mindset and how you can change yours.

I Surprised My Fiancé with a Tobago Getaway!

My focus for 2021 is to celebrate the big and small things in life. I think with the pandemic we have all had to figure out what celebrating looks like, especially because we cannot get together with friends or travel on the holidays. In March, Nick and I celebrated our one-year engagementversary đź’Ť! Who would have thought, one year on, we would be no closer to setting that magical date. Still, I felt we needed to mark this special day, so, to celebrate I surprised Nick with an 11-day vacation stay in Tobago. We understand that we are in a pandemic and while we wait to plan the wedding we truly deserve, it does not mean we cannot celebrate and enjoy the journey.

We started our trip at one of the most beautiful location on Tobago, Blue Waters Inn. Tobago is a 15mins plane ride from Trinidad, and Blue Waters Inn is on the North East coast, with a scenic 90mins drive from the airport. The hotel overlooks the beautiful Batteaux Bay and is the perfect getaway spot to relax and enjoy being together in the most idyllic location. Our room overlooked the bay which offered the most spectacular view of the sunset to end the day. Who could ask for more?

On our first day we booked a tour to Pirate’s Bay which came highly recommended by all our friends. Man-O-War bay was definitely one not to miss as it gave us a panoramic view of the entire bay with every shade of blue as far as the eyes could see. Although it was a 15mins trek through the forest down we were led directly onto Pirates’s Bay. WOW! Blown away!!! If ever you are in Tobago, Pirate’s Bay is definitely a must!!!

This was our first stay at Blue Water’s Inn and it was the perfect way to start celebrating. Join me and my Fiancé Nick as we take you along with us to explore Tobago and see what we got up to for the first few days of our trip and whether we would recommend Blue Waters Inn to you!

Tobago is definitely one of those places you go and you discover somewhere new that becomes your favourite place- for me that was Pirate’s Bay! While we only got through a few of the things on Island Girl In Transit 101 Reasons To Visit Tobago, the things we did we absolutely enjoyed! Come, see what we got up to in Tobago!

Watch the video below to see all we got up to while we were in Tobago!