S2 Ep. 08 – The Magic of Launching: The Journey from Solopreneur to 7-Figure Business Owner with Samara Michael

In today’s episode, we interview Samara Michael – a straight-talking, pragmatic British Lass who coaches Muslim professionals and couples to build their own Amazon FBA businesses.

In this episode, we explore a common trap entrepreneurs fall into when designing their business suite, a tactic that added £18,000 to Samara’s bottom line (with no additional work) and how launching helped her become the best in her business.

You’ll learn how Samara’s business is set up, and the winning mindsets that took her from a solopreneur with an expensive hobby to seven-figure business owner. This episode is for you if you’re an online course creator who is ready to learn how to go further, faster.

In this episode, you’ll also learn …

  • The boundaries she has in place to protect her energy and how she managed the highs and lows of launching with bipolar disorder
  • How to scale faster and deliver higher-quality transformations
  • The trap she fell into when designing her offer suite and how she has since made things easier for herself while delivering a more impactful transformation and remaining equally (if not more) profitable
  • The value of a clearly defined, streamlined program promise
  • Everything she’s implemented in her business so that she works no more than four hours daily
  • Why high-level hires were the wrong decision in her business
  • The asset that’s made her at least $40,000 in sales
  • What needed to shift in how she showed up so she could scale from solopreneur with an expensive hobby to seven-figure business owner

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