S2 Ep. 03 – Behind the Scenes of My Instagram Strategy – Tips and Tricks from a Social Media Pro

In this solo episode, I take a close look at the challenges of showing up on social media and being responsible for lead generation when you are the face of your business.

I share my personal experiences over the last 10+ years building a business on social media and my insights on how to work with the algorithm without sacrificing your authentic self expression.

You’ll learn the importance of understanding your values, looking at your triggers and knowing your boundaries when it comes to sharing yourself online.

You’ll also takeaway actionable tips on creating Instagram content and learn what we’re currently prioritizing in our nurture content strategy as we approach our upcoming launch.

You’ll hear me speak more on …

  • Why Instagram is the #1 place I invest my effort into … even though I PREFER TikTok 👀
  • How I show up today as compared to how I showed up 10 years ago …
  • My thoughts on the cringe content that I’ve posted in the past 😳
  • How I’ve been working through my triggers and healing my relationship with social media (I share one trigger I’m working on overcoming!)
  • The do’s and don’t’s of Instagram: what has and hasn’t worked for me, Instagram’s tips and the one piece of advice from Instagram that I’m completely disregarding 😎
  • My tips for working with the algorithm WITHOUT sacrificing your authentic self expression


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