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S2 Ep. 18 – How Together We Launch Transformed their Online Businesses (2023 Alumni Panel)

Today, we have a very special treat for you. We’re taking you behind-the-scenes of what it’s really like to be a part of Together We Launch, our 12-month program designed to help ambitious online course creators and membership site owners to scale their launches through our signature rinse and repeat strategy.

In this episode, we’re joined by Tricia Camacho, Elizabeth Stiles and Chelsea Glass, three of our current launchers who are here to share what it’s really like on the inside of Together We Launch.

We’ll talk about:

  • where they were before joining TWL
  • how their business has changed since joining
  • whether TWL was actually worth the investment
  • what their favorite parts of TWL are

You’ll also learn more about our rinse and repeat strategy, some of the resources we offer inside of TWL, and the surprising benefits of TWL that extend beyond profitability.

If you’re an online course creator or membership site owner who wants to learn how to scale their business, and you’re not really sure how to do it, or you’re someone on the fence of joining TWL, this one is for you!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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S2 Ep. 17 – How Membership Site Owner Marina Simone Went From Failed Launches to Building a Seven-Figure Brand

In today’s episode, we’re joined by past Together We Launcher, wife, mom, Founder and CEO of the seven-figure brand Moms and Heels™, Marina Simone. Marina teaches busy moms to slay online sales by identifying their story, personal brand and mission – all using social media.

One day while stuck in a cubicle at work, Marina missed her first born taking her first steps. It was in that moment that she felt like she needed to strive for more for her daughter. Marina joined Network Marketing 10 years ago as a broke, single mom looking to get her car back from being repossessed.

In the first two years in the industry she never made a cent. However, it was her second company where Marina built an organization of over 60,000 customers and distributors in less than two years using online strategies. She became one of the Top 12 Income Earners in that company. She has since been featured in Yahoo Finance as a top Branding Coach in 2020 and 2021 and she now teaches other marketers how to do the same.

Through rinsing and repeating the TWL launch systems and strategies every 90 days, she made $532k on ONE offer through launching over the course of two years. This number included only the primary payments for her membership site, and the number over the course of the membership lifespan was closer to $1.5 million! 🤯

With zero social influence, Marina has built a multiple 7-figure income using social media and the TWL strategies – and you can too.

In this inspiring conversation with Marina Simone you’ll learn:

  • How Marina has navigated through failed launches, imposter syndrome, the challenges of PTSD, bipolar disorder and anxiety to build a successful online business
  • The myths about your social media numbers, the surprising truth about online millionaires, and the KPIs you should actually be focusing on
  • Why Marina hates going viral and how she had her most profitable launch even though she had her lowest like count ever
  • The power of her 333 method in building an online community and optimizing sales conversions
  • Her experience within the TWL program, including her initial hesitations and the one thing she’d tell anyone on the fence about joining TWL

Trust me when I say, if you’re an online course or membership site creator on the fence about joining TWL, or struggling with self-doubt, scaling or strategy, tune in now because this is the episode for you!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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