S2 Ep.20 – Course Launch Confessions: My 2023 Sales Page Crisis

Ever wonder what happens when a meticulously planned launch doesn’t go as planned? Join me, Alex Beadon, as I bare all about a recent launch that reached only 20% of our base goal. You’ll get a raw, unfiltered look into what really went down, as I reveal the true factors that led to this outcome and how I was able to overcome the disappointment of it all.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why our launch converted at just 1/5th of our expectations
  • The importance of analysis post-launch
  • The proof of how a sales page really can affect your launch

Whether you’re an experienced online business owner or a newcomer to the course creation industry, you’ll find valuable takeaways that will challenge and redefine your view of success and failure.

So, are you ready for the tea? Click play and join me on this journey of turning ‘failures’ into wins. Remember, in the world of online entrepreneurship, there are no failures, only lessons.

After listening, I’d love to hear your biggest takeaways. Feel free to hit reply or DM me on Instagram!

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