S2 Ep.21 – Pattern Making to Profit Making: Tricia Camacho’s Success with Membership Sites

Have you ever imagined turning a real-life skill into a profitable membership site? Tricia Camacho, the entrepreneurial genius behind Creative Costume Academy, made it happen. In this compelling episode of ‘On Purpose with Alex Beadon,’ we’re diving into the unconventional journey of a Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group costume builder turned online business owner.

Tricia is here to dispel the myth that you can only make money in online business if you teach sales and marketing! Tune in as we dissect her inspiring transformation, how she has successfully cultivated a thriving membership site in less than three years, and the road she traveled to find her tribe online. We’ll also tackle the mistakes that cost her years of profitability, her money mindset, and her experiences within ‘Together We Launch.’

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a newbie in the online space, this episode is a gold mine of insights. Listen in as we challenge preconceptions, address the necessity of a solid mindset, and show that success in the online business world isn’t exclusive to sales and marketing. Join us and get ready to see the online business space in a new, refreshing light!

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