#011 – Q&ALEX from Bogotá, Colombia – Ask Me Anything

You’ve got questions. Alex has answers.

This episode takes a scenic detour from the regular scheduled program as Alex answers your questions from the heart of Bogota, Colombia. Learn how she got around being camera shy on social media, carving out your very own digital product and so much more.  

Bienvenido a “On Purpose”.

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • About my Main Source of Income
  • My Experience Working with a Virtual Assistant
  • Dealing with Procrastination
  • Advice for going from part-time to full-time in your business
  • & So Much More


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In this episode, I answer your questions everything from my main source of income, to my experience with working with virtual assistants to how I deal with procrastination and to my advice for anyone who is going full time with their business. I answer a lot of different questions in this episode. I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to on purpose. Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance it all? nourishing your health while growing your business and living a life well lived. And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip from purpose driven into autopilot. Take a deep breath. Relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

Friends Welcome to Episode 11 of on purpose with Alex Beadon. I’m coming to you from Colombia, which I’m super, super excited about. My best friend Laura, who also works in the business is getting married on Saturday, which, as of this recording, I’m recording this on a Thursday, she’s getting married on the Saturday by the time you listen to this on the Monday, she will already be a wedded woman. So I’m just so happy to be here. This is my first time in Colombia. This week has been super busy. As you could probably imagine with me trying to wrap up all of my business loose ends before coming to Colombia, packing and just getting ready for this trip. So needless to say, this week’s podcast episode, I was like, What can I do? That’s going to make it a little bit easier for me. And I decided it would be fun to answer your questions. So I took to Instagram, I asked you guys to ask me whatever questions you want, whatever you want to know for me, and questions you asked. That’s what I’m gonna be talking about today. So I’ve pretty much divided this into three different sections. We have personal questions, then we have general advice questions. And then we have questions about creating an online brand and putting yourself out there. So I hope you enjoy this episode. Let’s get started. Let’s dive into question number one. Question number one is what is your main source of income? My main source of income is through selling online courses. So pretty much I record myself on video or audio, I create worksheets. And I’m basically teaching people concepts online marketing concepts, through these videos that they have purchased and received access to. So that is my main source of income. The next question is what is your experience working with a virtual assistant? So I’ve actually worked with two virtual assistants in the past and I absolutely loved it. I mean, I think it’s really cool to have someone who can help you with particular tasks, even if they’re not living in the same country as you. And so yeah, I’ve I have not had a bad experience with working with virtual assistants. I started working with virtual assistants, a long, long time ago. And they just make your life so much easier, like even little tasks that you can get rid of, like anything that you can look at. If you could just like take a look at all of the tasks that you get done on a daily basis and write down the menial ones that can be outsourced and give that to your virtual assistant, you will save yourself so much time, energy and effort and you will love your virtual assistant. The next question is what will your business look like in five years time? This is such a difficult question to answer. Because my life changes so much over the course of five years that it’s really quite impossible for me to tell you, Oh, in five years, this is where I see my business. This is what I want to be doing etc, etc. To be honest with you, I tend to work in like four month periods where I really focus on something for a period of four months. Anything beyond that feels a little bit difficult to make estimations about. So that’s my answer to that question. What is the number one thing you do when you are stuck? So the first thing that I do when I’m stuck is I try to identify is this procrastination? Or is this my body saying that I need a break because sometimes I feel this stuck feeling because I’m procrastinating on doing something that really needs to get done that I just haven’t gotten around to doing that’s one thing and in that case, I would highly recommend like doing something to pump yourself up about it. I really like to dance so I will blast one of my favorite songs and just like jump up and down do some crazy dance moves that really just kind of boosts my energy and wakes up my body and gets me kind of alive again. And I also like to pretend as though the task that I’m procrastinating is already finished and I will kind of talk about it out loud you guys are going to notice I do this a lot if you want if you listen to episode number nine you already know this is a thing for me where I like to voice memo myself record myself talking about things as So they’ve already happened. But I find myself like I can get myself excited about doing a task. That’s not particularly exciting when I think about how good it’s going to feel once it’s complete. And once it’s finished. Now, sometimes I feel stuck. And it’s not so much that I’m procrastinating. And it’s more that I just really need a break that my body is just exhausted. So that’s what I do when I’m stuck. I try to decide is it that I’m procrastinating? Is it that my body needs a break, and if I need a break, I’m I’m very compassionate and kind with myself, I know I work so hard. So it is important for me to take breaks, take time off to have a little bit of a nap or breather or whatever it needs. But yeah, that’s what I would say in response to that question. Okay, so we’re moving on to general advice questions now? I think, did we answer all the other ones? Yeah, yeah, we did. Okay. What would you say to someone who’s about to go full time self employed, I think I would probably tell that person to get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Like being self employed full time, is one of the best personal development tools ever, you’re going to learn so much about yourself, it’s going to push you to new limits that you didn’t even know you had, it brings you to this whole next level of accountability and responsibility, it really helps you become the best version of yourself. That’s really one of my favorite parts about being self employed. So I would say look forward to that. It’s this is a journey of self discovery. And you’re going to, it’s going to, like I said, it’s going to challenge you, it’s going to be really, really difficult. But if you can pull through, you’re going to learn so much about yourself. And that’s such a gratifying experience. I would also say, you know, really speak to as many people who are already fully self employed as you possibly can and ask them like, what, what pitfalls did they have that you can try to avoid. So I will say in my first few years of being self employed, I didn’t put aside any money for taxes. So by the time tax season came around, I then had to like scramble to find the money to pay my taxes, right. And that’s a lesson that literally took me years to learn. And so now, I’m very good about putting aside my money for taxes. But it is something that I wish I had been doing from the get go, if I’m being totally honest. Another thing I would highly recommend, anyone who’s on that path of becoming a full time self employed person is to find an organizational system that works for you. This took me years, it took me a really long time to figure this out. But when you can figure out like systems and the processes in your business, and you can make them as easy for you to duplicate again and again and again. So that you don’t have to constantly be rewriting your to do list, then that’s going to be it’s just such as a time saver. So I use Asana, I love Asana. That’s a S A N A, and it’s like a project management tool. It’s like a to do list up. That thing keeps me 100% on track, I don’t know what I would do without it. I don’t like honestly, my business changed so much when I really started using it to its maximum. So I would say find something that works for you and stick to it. I know not everyone likes using computer things to stay on top of their to do list. So like I said, find something that works for you. But figuring that out is going to help you speed up the process of all of the other lessons you’re going to have to learn along the way. The next question is what would be a great first ever digital product? I’m all about that online course life. I just feel like there are so many people out there who want to learn something that you’re an expert on. So why not teach them? So for me that’s worked really well, I would say the most important thing when you’re coming up with an online course is to really look at the marketplace and try and find like where are the gaping holes, what’s missing, I think a big mistake that people make is they they try to see they try to copy an existing course and cross their fingers that it’s going to do just as well as the course that they’re kind of using as inspiration. But if you’re using a course as inspiration, like it already exists, you know, so really need to try and find a topic that you can really own as your own. And I’ll give you a great example of this. You know, I have my online course the school of color and Russians it’s a it’s a fantastic course, people have had such amazing results using the school of killer impressions. It’s all about online marketing. It’s about how to create a marketing and sales funnel online so that you can be making as much money online as possible through your skills or whatever, right? That’s a fantastic course. But my grand slam course which is about Instagram stories and how to create epic Instagram stories so that you can connect with your ideal clients so that you’re not boring people on your Instagram Stories. Die is the easiest thing I have ever had to sell. And I can assure you it in large part, it has to do with the fact that the competition there is so low, right? So find something like I would, I would encourage you to create contents, if you’re not already. A fantastic thing about creating content is that you start to realize what’s easy for you to create, like, what are the topics that come most easy to you? And then when you look at the feedback that people are giving to you, it’s easy to tell like, okay, what are the trends here? So for me, I was getting asked about Instagram stories all the time, people were always like, how did you do this? How did you do that? How do you create Instagram stories that have me like coming back for more.

So for me, it was like very obvious Oh, like, I’m going to Instagram stories, I should create an Instagram Stories course. But I didn’t really come up with that idea. It kind of tugged on my sleeve until I paid attention. So I would say look at your strengths. Look at any gaping holes in the market. And try to make it easy, easy for yourself. I don’t think that products should be hard to sell, I think products should sell themselves. Right. So that would be my advice to you for creating your very first ever digital product. Okay, so the next question is, should entrepreneurs take classes or courses on how to manage their budget? Yes, absolutely. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should definitely be learning as much as you can on a variety of different topics. And that includes finance. So I would say, if there’s something that’s catching your attention, and you’re like, is it gonna be worth it, read the reviews, see what other people have said about it. But I would say any chance to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur is going to help you skip so many stepping stones along your journey. So yes. The next question is, how do you get started with a podcast? Tell us everything? The truth is, guys, I can’t tell you everything, because I don’t know everything. But I can tell you what was important on my journey of this whole starting of podcasting. Firstly, I was terrified to start the podcast, I was so used to making videos, this was very scary and foreign to me. I really had no clue what I was doing. I’d been putting it off for months. So my big thing was just taking that first step and being like, you know what? I’m going to start this podcast. Let me just start. So the first thing I did was I sat down and I wrote out like a vision of, you know, what is it that I want this podcast to represent? What is it that I want this podcast to be about? How is this podcast going to be different from all of the other podcasts out there. And I just kind of like freefloat journaled on that for a while and just tried to get everything out of my brain that I possibly could. And once I had that, then I could start thinking, Okay, now which guests would be appropriate for this? When I first started recording, actually, I thought it was just going to be a guest podcast, where I just have guests on the show, and I interview them, etc, etc. And then by the time I had done, like a good 10 to 15 interviews, I was like, You know what, this would be really cool to mix it up so that we have two episodes a week, one solo episode on Monday, one guest episode on Thursday. So I think the first thing is just getting started, you know, start those interviews, I started interviewing people in December of 2017. And this didn’t go live until July of 2018. So don’t be afraid to just start even if you don’t really have a published date in mind, just get started just to get the ball rolling, see how it goes commit to be like, okay, you know, I’m gonna like my goal is to record 10 podcast episodes. I didn’t want to go live with my podcast until I had a really good idea of what it was all about. And for me, that meant recording episodes and not pressing publish on them. So figure out what works for you figure out your vision for the podcast, get started with recording start really like getting used to, to speaking and to asking questions, and putting yourself out there, even if you’re not posting anything, that would be my advice. Will you? Someone asked, Will you do a live coaching session for us to listen to? Yes, I would actually, I’m currently coming up with ideas of how we can switch up the guest episodes. So I’ll give you a little sneak peek behind the scenes. I’ve really been considering bringing guests onto the show who haven’t made it yet. Because I think it’s so easy to bring guests on the show who have you know, created this and created that and they’re so successful. And that’s great and wonderful and super beneficial to hear from those people. But there’s something really special about hearing from people who are on the journey and haven’t made it yet. You know, so that has really been on my mind lately. And I’ve thought about just interviewing people in my life who inspire me who, you know, aren’t necessarily there yet, but they’re still inspiring nonetheless. I’ve thought about doing like you said live coaching sessions. I think that’d be really, really cool. But yeah, so definitely keep an eye out on the podcast because as we get further and further into this, the podcast is definitely going to evolve which I’m really excited for him. The next question is what are the top three things people who work from home should do? Um, I would say hire a cleaner. I think hiring a cleaner is one of the best things that I I’ve done as an entrepreneur who works from home, I think it’s just too much pressure and too much time spent at home, working for me to then clean the house and do my laundry and all that stuff. So I think that’s one thing that I did, as soon as I could afford to hire a cleaner. That’s something that I that I did. And it really made a big difference in how I felt working from home. Another thing I would say, and I’m not particularly good at this is dividing your workspaces and your personal spaces. So that you know, okay, if I’m working, I’m at my desk. And if I’m in my bed, I’m reading and relaxing and having time to myself, it’s cool when you work from home to be able to work from bed. And I know I do it all the time. But I do think that it would bring more sanity to kind of have those things very, very separate, because what ends up happening is sometimes I will get in bed many times without my laptop, and I’m supposed to be relaxing, going to sleep or whatever. And I find myself just like, you know, in work mode still. So I think dividing those spaces is very important. And then what else can I say? Top three things, people who work from home should do. I think ordering food is also something that I’ve really enjoyed doing. So like finding a meal delivery service to order my food every day. It’s just so much better than me having to stop and cook. Because it’s weird. It’s like, it kind of breaks me out of my, my work zone when I have to stop and cook for two and a half hours, you know, so I would say that’s something as well. But I think the important thing is that you just, you know, you figure out what works for you, you work from home, and you’re like, Okay, you know, I really like when I work like in this style, or I really don’t like when I do this or whatever. Like, I think the important thing is to figure out how to make it work for you. Do you have any advice for staying organized while working remotely on vacation? Yes, use something like Asana. Asana keeps my brain in order, even when I’m traveling. I would also say, making sure that anywhere you go has a desk space, like right now I’m sitting in the Columbian hotel. And there’s a nice little desk area here. So that’s really helpful when I need to sit down and get work done, which I do like this trip is obviously a personal trip because I’m here. Laura’s getting married, that you know, Nick is here. So yes, I am on vacation. But simultaneously, there’s a lot that needs to get done in the business. If I want to meet my business goals for this month, which I do. So having a workspace is super important. I think as well, just being very clear with yourself about you know, starting your days knowing, okay, these are my work hours. So like when I woke up this morning, I took a look at everything I needed to get done. And I was like, Okay, I’m going to let myself go for breakfast, I’m going to come home, I’m going to get in a good solid few hours of work, I’m going to go and have lunch, I’m going to come back home and do a little bit more work. And then we’re all going out tonight to this amazing restaurant slash club. I’m going to be documenting it on Instagram stories, so keep an eye out for it. I’m forgetting though, that you guys are going to be listening to this in the future. So I’ll be sure to include it in my highlights. But it’s apparently this incredible place. But anyway, the moral of the story here is that I’ve already worked it out in my brain of like when my work hours are and I want to stick to that. The next question is, when should someone start using Facebook ads? My good friend, Amanda bond who I turn to for all of my Facebook ad questions, she suggests that you don’t start using Facebook ads until you have a product that you know sells. Because if you are putting money behind selling something on Facebook, that you’re not sure if it’s gonna sell or not, you’re technically wasting money trying to figure that out. So make sure you have a product that sells before you start putting out sales messages through Facebook ads. How do I use Facebook ads to grow my business? Alex Beadon style? Sally asks this question. I just realized I haven’t been including anyone’s names. My bad. Anyway, Sally, I grew my business using Facebook ads by promoting my freebies, using Facebook ads. So basically, for example, right now we have a free Instagram Stories course that walks people through the different apps I use for Instagram stories. It shows them how I edit my Instagram stories in the Instagram app itself. It’s really cool, really in depth 100% free. And we have put it out there on Facebook ads so that people can sign up to get the emails sent straight to their inbox with all of the free course material. And so by doing that, I grow my email list. I’m then able to keep in constant communication with the people who have signed up for my email list because they’ve given me permission to send them emails. They get a lot of value in their inbox and then I ended up converting them into a sale through a series of marketing and sales emails. So that’s how I’ve done it. As you guys know, if you’ve listened to the first few episodes of this podcast, I think like Episode One and episode three, we switched up our, we’ve been experimenting with Facebook ads strategies, but right now that’s the one that has been working the best for me from like my entire business life. Okay, we’re moving on to the next session session section, which is all about putting yourself out there. So someone asks, Are there any workarounds for a person who is camera shy, but works through social media? So yes, there’s

a few things. Number one, the only way to get over being camera shy is by being on camera more often, like really just get, you need to find a way to really feel comfortable in front of the camera. I wish that I had you here on the show, because then we could actually have a conversation about this. But pretty much it depends on like, what is the root cause of your camera shyness? Like? Are you camera shy when you’re out and about because you don’t want people to see you talking to your phone? Are you camera shy? Because you don’t like the way you look? Are you camera shy, because you don’t like the way your voice sounds? Whatever. The reason is, there’s always a workaround. So just for to give you an example, if you don’t like the sound of your voice, maybe you never actually speak on Instagram stories, or whatever your choice of format is, if you’re someone who doesn’t really like being on camera, but you feel like it’s important. There’s an app called Snapchat that has the best face filters ever invented. I love using those, like, when I was flying to Bogota, I didn’t, I didn’t wear any makeup on the plane. And I really didn’t feel like going on camera, there’s just, you know, sometimes you just don’t want to be seen at your absolute worst. So what I do is I just open up Snapchat, and I just use a Snapchat filter, because it just gives you like, it just makes you feel like look a little bit better, a little bit more glowy a little bit more alive. So that’s what I do when I’m feeling really camera shy because I don’t really want people to like see my face. And then if you’re someone who doesn’t, like, you know, keeping people updated in public, so like, I do a lot of stuff where like, I’m at the airport, and I’m like, Hey, guys, I’m at the airport, waiting for my luggage. And I’m doing it in front of hundreds of people who are around me, and I really don’t care. Right. But I know for some people that’s really hard. So if that’s you that I would ask you, you know, what’s more important to you? Is it more is that so uncomfortable for you that you’re not willing to figure it out? Or are you willing to just like, Persevere, persevere. That’s a weird word, persevere through it. So for me, that used to be really difficult. And I just had to get to the point where I was like, You know what? My relationship with my people who follow me on my Instagram Stories is so important. I want them to feel like they’re there with me in that moment. So it’s more important for me to connect with them through the phone, even though they’re not there physically than it is for me to look cool and normal in front of all of these hundreds of people who are looking at me, Phil, myself, and probably judging me. Nick dies inside every time. So I’ve alumi phone case that has light on it. And when it’s dark, and you can’t see my face, I will turn on this Lumi light and basically speak into my phone and give the update. And poor thing. I think he’s so embarrassed every single time. And I just have no shame. So I think you just have to decide like what kind of person do you want to be and I decided I want to be the kind of person who really doesn’t care. So I’m going to act confidence and no one will question it as my girl Sarah’s day says, if you know me, you know, I love Sarah’s day. If you’re not following Sarah’s day, you’re missing out. She’s fantastic. You can find her on Instagram. But that’s one of the quotes that she always says is act confident, and no one will question you. So that’s kind of like my motto when it comes to talking into the camera when I’m out and about. I also find it very helpful to get super crystal clear on what it is I’m going to say before I bring up my phone, because if I can get it done in, like, let’s put it this way when I’m at home, and it’s just me, I could take six takes before I get something right. And then I’ll post it to Instagram. When I’m out in public. I don’t want to do it six times, because that’s people judging me six times. So I tried to get very clear in my head. Okay, this is what I’m going to say this is how I’m going to say it and then I record. So that’s just another little tip for you. The next question is how do you get over the fear of being seen and start to put out content consistently. I think this is particularly hard for people who live in a small community. Like if you were born and raised in the same place your entire life, you’re going to feel really weird about putting yourself out there online. And that’s okay, that’s totally normal. But you really need to start to ask yourself, like, do you want to invest? Like where do you want to invest your energy? Do you want to invest your energy in basically keeping up with the status quo of your community and making sure that everyone sees you the same way that they’ve always seen you? Or are you ready to maybe have people you know, bash you behind your back and be like, Who does she think she is? Meanwhile, while you create this epic online presence, where you have an audience of people who really enjoy fall Knowing you and who connects with you, like I find, for me, this is kind of difficult to explain I more myself online in my content than I am in real life. And I think it’s because in real life, I have to deal with meeting people who are not my people. So when I put myself out there online, I know I’m attracting my people who are going to get what it is that I’m saying. So I can talk about visualization, and I can talk about writing voice or recording voice notes to myself and speaking about things as though they’ve already happened. And to you guys, that doesn’t seem weird, because you know what I’m all about, you know, that, like, I’m sharing my truth with you, and you’re on the same wavelength. And if you’re not, you’re probably not listening to this podcast right now. So that’s cool. Whereas when I meet people in person, like, if you meet someone, for the first time in person, you really have no idea like, is this person, your person? You know, like, is this person, someone who’s in alignment with all of these things? Or is this someone who really doesn’t get it and who you don’t really feel like explaining everything to. So that’s a really interesting dynamic when you think about it, because the person that your entire community has known you for your entire life, that might not actually be your most authentic, human human. That might not be your most authentic self is what I’m trying to say. So I would ask yourself, like, Who are you more invested in becoming? And for me, I know 100%, I’m most invested in being my my truest self, you know. So for me, that means creating content and putting it out there. And I know that if you’re not my person, and if you think what I’m saying is weird, you’re going to stop listening. And in a way, that’s a safety a safety net, for me. And in person, that means trying to very quickly identify if you’re my person or not, so that I know if I should continue spending time with you or not. It’s so interesting, the dynamics of like building an online presence in today’s day and age, because when you think about it, like we’re so new at this guy’s like, the internet has not been out for that long, we’re the first people to really be using the internet as a means of communication. And it’s just, it’s so it’s like, unknown, undiscovered territory. We’re, like, little discoverers out here, trying to figure it out. So I would say, if you want to create consistent contents, you have to let go of the fear of being seen. And you have to know that yes, and people are gonna think you’re crazy. But you know what, so many people are gonna be like, Oh, my God, she’s so cool. And they’re gonna think that you’re even cooler than the person that you’re presenting to the world right now. So, and it feels better. Like I love when people come up to me. I went out for lunch the other day with a friend in Trinidad. And like, we’re kind of more acquaintances than friends. But we went out to lunch together. And it was really cool. Because she was like, you know, everything that you put out online, I’m always like, yes, yes, yes. Like, she resonates so much with my message. And that’s how we knew that we could be friends. So many cool things will come from you putting yourself out there so many cool opportunities, new relationships, I think you’ll be surprised by how how pleasantly people will respond to you, unexpectedly like you won’t expect it. So I would say focus on the past the possibilities and the opportunities that will come from putting yourself out there and being seen, because it’s not all bad. It’s I think it’s way more good than it is bad. It’s also a process of self discovery, which is awesome. Okay, what is the number one key to building a beautiful community or tribe through social media? I think for me, I can only answer this question for me, because I can’t ask you details about you. And I really appreciate this question. But sometimes, in order for me to like, give specific advice, I need to know your specific situation. So I’m just going to answer from my perspective, the key to building a beautiful community and tribe through social media has been consistency, and showing up always vulnerably and real and just doing my best. I like to treat my audience like they’re my best friends. Right? So it’s like, I’m really just there to kind of bring you guys behind the scenes of my life show you what I’m up to show you what I’m working on. And there’s no pretense or there’s no like, I’m not trying to be someone that I’m not. I’m really just my most authentic self. And I’m putting myself out there online. That can be really annoying to hear, I think. Because a lot of times people are like, well, what is my most real authentic self. And to me, that means creating content and not judging myself about it. I create so much content, especially through Instagram stories, and sometimes I’m like, Oh, that wasn’t the best story or like most the point of posting that or whatever. And I think I’ve just come to realize that like, I am my harshest critic, and as long as you’re always doing the best that you can, and as long as you’re always putting content out there, I think like you’re you’re doing your job, right. So I would say be kind to yourself. Experiment. Learn to have fun creating content. I think that’s a big part of my style as well as that, like, I always try to have fun with it. And I’m realizing more like I’ve been doing this for so long. I’ve been doing this now for eight years, eight or nine years, creating content. And I realized now that like, the one common thread between my entire my whole career is that I’m a content creator. Like first and foremost, I’m an artist, I’m a content creator, I create content to make people feel things or to wake people up or to help people see things differently, or to help them have a new perspective or to see how someone else is doing it.

That’s what I do. I’m a content creator. So I would say like, find your style as a content creator, what feels fun for you experiment, do different things. And really be be clear on the impact that you want to have on people. Like I know, for me, it’s very important that I stick to the topics that are of most interest to me. So never feel like you have to cover a topic just because I could talk about that forever. I feel like I could do a whole episode on that. Last but not least, last but not least I’m a health and lifestyle coach, what advice can you give for me to stand out in my industry? I love this question. I love this question. I love this question. Okay. If you want to stand out in your industry, I think it’s important to firstly know what people in your industry are doing. Like, know it back to front, and then sit down and ask yourself and get creative, like, how can I do it differently? Like, okay, everyone is making Instagram stories now, like everyone is how can I do it differently? Right? Like, how can I put myself out there in a different way? And that might not be helpful for you. But like, you’re the only person who can answer this question. You need to look at your strengths. You need to look at your skills, you need to figure out like, How can I do this differently? How can I show up in a different way. And then you have to be consistent. You have to show up time and time again as the expert and authority that you are, even before you fully believe that you are. And I think that’s a huge problem that people have online is they feel like, well, if I don’t have 1000s of followers, who am I to really be putting myself out there. And I just want to remind you guys that like when I first started, I was blogging every single day, my best friend sat me down, he was like you’re blogging every day, no one’s reading your blog posts, you’re not making any money, you need to, you know, go and get a real job. And it was devastating for me. But today, I look back and I’m like, Oh, thank God that I was creating all that content, putting myself out there, because what happens is that you’re slowly but surely transforming people’s perspectives of you. So if you’re a health and lifestyle coach, like and you’re constantly putting yourself out there and giving value and like, you know, taking people I think it depends on your personality. But I could tell you if I was a health and lifestyle coach, like I think what makes me special, unique and different is that I love bringing people into like my personal life and showing them how I’m doing things personally so that they can translate that into their own life and put it to use. That’s my strength. So if I was a health and lifestyle coach, I would consistently be bringing people in behind the scenes of my health and lifestyle journey. What am I eating today? Oh, I’m traveling. And food is a real problem for me when I’m traveling, because number one, you don’t know what people are putting into the food if you’re buying it at a restaurant. Number two, many restaurants don’t have good healthy, nutritious options. So guys, here’s what I do to make sure that I’m sticking to my health goals. While I travel like that would be an example. So asking yourself, like, what is your strength, your strength might be making things from home. And so maybe like your strength is like teaching people recipes or something like that. Like, really, you need to figure out what your strength is and figure out how to communicate it in a way that feels fresh to people. I could do I feel like we need to do a whole session on that. So many of these questions I just want to like message each individual person and be like, Hey, let’s let’s get you on the podcast because we could have a whole long conversation about this in far more detail if I knew your actual situation. Anyway, guys, I really hope you enjoyed today’s episode. This was the first q&a episode that we’ve ever done. So if you listen this far, please can you send me a message on Instagram and just let me know that you enjoyed it? Because if you listen this far, I’m assuming that you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought. Would you like more of these q&a type sessions? Did you miss last week style where I just kind of like free flow through what has been happening with me that week. This is a joint collaborative podcast. So hearing from you guys really, really makes me so happy and it’s just such an important part of this process for me. So seeing you share these podcasts on your Instagram stories and getting tagged in your stories, and you commenting and letting me know what the big takeaway was like. That’s so so helpful to me. So I just want to thank you in advance for all of the the communication is not hearing from you this week about this, this episode in particular. And yeah, I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week. This Thursday we are going to be talking to the Though one the only gala darling who’s one of my favorite people to follow online. I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you guys again soon. I thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. If you enjoyed it, I would love for you to give me a shout out on your Instagram story or anywhere, just letting me know what your biggest takeaway was. You guys have no idea how helpful and useful it is for me, when you message me telling me what your aha moments were telling me what it is that you took away from the podcast. It helps me understand what is most valuable to you. And it helps me understand how I can be of the highest service to you. So if you could take two minutes to do that, I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope to hear from you over on Instagram. You can find me at Alex Beadon and I will talk to you again very soon. Bye bye Oh my gosh, you guys look how amazing this shrimp serata cocktail looks meet Beatrice an avid Instagram Stories user and visionary to her followers. I can’t wait till you guys try this out. Yes, I’m talking to all three of you. I’m all two of you. Well, I guess I’m just here by myself now. 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