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S2 Ep. 03 – Behind the Scenes of My Instagram Strategy – Tips and Tricks from a Social Media Pro

In this solo episode, I take a close look at the challenges of showing up on social media and being responsible for lead generation when you are the face of your business.

I share my personal experiences over the last 10+ years building a business on social media and my insights on how to work with the algorithm without sacrificing your authentic self expression.

You’ll learn the importance of understanding your values, looking at your triggers and knowing your boundaries when it comes to sharing yourself online.

You’ll also takeaway actionable tips on creating Instagram content and learn what we’re currently prioritizing in our nurture content strategy as we approach our upcoming launch.

You’ll hear me speak more on …

  • Why Instagram is the #1 place I invest my effort into … even though I PREFER TikTok 👀
  • How I show up today as compared to how I showed up 10 years ago …
  • My thoughts on the cringe content that I’ve posted in the past 😳
  • How I’ve been working through my triggers and healing my relationship with social media (I share one trigger I’m working on overcoming!)
  • The do’s and don’t’s of Instagram: what has and hasn’t worked for me, Instagram’s tips and the one piece of advice from Instagram that I’m completely disregarding 😎
  • My tips for working with the algorithm WITHOUT sacrificing your authentic self expression


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S2 Ep. 02 – Launch Like a Boss: 5 Secrets for Stress-Free Launching Ft. Laura Marston.

In this episode of “On Purpose with Alex Beadon,” my Chief Operating Officer, Laura, joins me to share 5 hard-earned tips on having your most seamless launch, from our last 5 years of launching full-time together.  (Fun fact – Laura’s first launch with me was for Feel Good Blogging back in 2014!)

We share how we’ve gone from working all through the night to creating spaciousness and ease in our launches, how our launch strategy has evolved and mindset shifts around worthiness and success. We also talk about what you need to prioritize in order to sell with integrity and confidence and share details on our FREE upcoming Ultimate Launch Bootcamp! Tune in to this episode now to learn these 5 proven secrets for sustainable launch success and make sure you’re subscribed for more!

In this episode Laura and I dive into:

  • Our top 5 tips on having your most seamless launch
  • How our launch strategy has evolved (including what’s taken us from all-nighters to mid-week beach trips during launch season!)
  • What our TWL-recommended launch cycle looks like and more details about our upcoming launch 👀
  • Our goal-setting framework and what we’ll do as a team if we hit our goals! Hint, hint … 🍕🍝
  • The permission you NEED to be giving yourself as the CEO of your business and one thing you need to do in order to sell with integrity and confidence
  • The part of your launch strategy that, if done right, will allow you to attract your most aligned clients, have deep moments of connection 💗 with your audience and see transformation in real-time! 👁️
  • The deep-seated beliefs around success and worthiness that I dumped … (this completely changed the game on how I show up energetically!)
  • What your COO must understand in order to support you energetically and what you need to understand and own about yourself as a leader

and much, much more!


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