S2 Ep.24 – Six Features of a Highly Converting Sales Page

In this episode of the podcast, Alex Beadon shares valuable insights into creating a highly converting sales page. She covers six features that are essential for any sales page: using the customer’s language, creating urgency, leveraging testimonials, making the page mobile-friendly, using analytics, and creating a strategic customer journey. Throughout the episode, Alex provides tips and resources for each of these features, including tools like Markup and the Ideal Client Doc. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to create a sales page that converts.

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Alex Beadon 0:03
So you want to scale your online business while purposely prioritizing your most joyful, free and luxurious life. This Podcast is your weekly dose of connection and self reflection. As you set strategic intentions along the way, it’s time to prime your mind embrace your pace and take consistent action towards creating what you truly want from your online business without sacrificing the small moments all around you that are so worth treasuring. So take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose. You’re listening to Episode 24 of season two of on purpose with Alex bead, and I cannot believe we’re already at episode 24. I’m so happy that you’re here. Today’s episode is a very special one. Because today I’m going to be speaking to you about your sales page, non negotiables. What are the features of a highly converting sales page that you need to be focusing on if you want to have a sales page that gets people to actually buy, get excited about your offer and sign up. Now, obviously, there’s so much that goes into a successful launch. It’s not just about the sales page, but your sales page is where you communicate the value of your offer. When I look back to my most recent launch, which I spoke about in depth in Episode 20, it was called course launch confessions, my 2023 sales page crisis. And essentially, the problem that I had is that after my my lead magnet experience, when I went to actually go and sell my offer, I built up all of this momentum, there was all of this excitement about the launch, and then opened the doors and I didn’t have anywhere to send them to communicate the value of the offer. And that took our conversion rate from a 10% conversion rate of the sales page to a 2% conversion rate of the sales page. So your sales page matters drastically. Every percent of an increase that you can make on your sales page conversion is going to have a huge impact on your bottom line. So I really hope that this episode inspires you to focus on these six features. Remember that your sales page is a living breathing thing, so you can always make changes to it. It does not have to be perfect. But hopefully this episode gives you some insight into making it the best it can possibly be. I’m also so happy to announce that after working with Galen from local creative, we now have a brand new sales page for together we launch. If you want to check it out, go and find the link either on my bio or you can find it at together we We will also be including it in the show notes of this episode. But we’re really proud of the brand new sales page and everything that I share in this episode, you’ll see beautifully represented over on that sales page. So definitely make sure to go and check it out. If you haven’t already, let me know what you think I’m really excited for you to see it. I’m Alex speed in your favorite lawn strategist and your guide to the online business world. I’ve had an online business selling digital products since 2011. And I’ve been helping online businesses scale through launching since 2016. I’ve been featured in Forbes and entrepreneur and have worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to multi-million dollar small businesses. Here at Team Beadon. We pride ourselves on being the industry-leading destination for all things launch strategy, our 12-month program together we launch teaches our signature rinse and repeat launch strategy that has helped course creators and membership owners from all over the world have their best launches yet. Our goal is to give you the tools to create a wildly profitable online business while prioritizing your most joyful life so that you can truly experience time freedom, location, freedom, and financial freedom. Now without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode about the six features of a highly converting sales page. And I want to tell you that I tried to narrow these down as much as possible to the absolute essentials, there’s a lot that goes into a sales page, but I couldn’t narrow it down any lower than six. So here they are. The first feature is that you are going to use the language of your ideal clients. This is extremely important when we are communicating the value of our offer. And we’re talking to them about their pain points. We’re talking to them about their desired transformation. We’re talking to them about what is the thing that they’re missing that they need help with, that they can find within our offer. A lot of times what I see people do is use expert language because you’re the expert, right? You know a lot about this subject matter. But what ends up happening when we use those expert words and when we use the language that might be a little bit too advanced for them is it turns them off. We want to remember that when we have a sales page and when we’re selling People are looking for any reason to say nope, that’s too scary. That’s too much. It’s not for me whatever, right. So we’re trying to make sure that we’re using language that’s very understandable to them. So I want you to go through your sales page and just keep an eye out for anything that might be too advanced language for them. Now, one of the best ways to do this that I’ve only recently found thanks to the designer that we just worked with her name is Galen, she works at her company, local creative, is a tool called markup. And you can go into markup and basically just give it your sales page URL. And then it allows you to go through your sales page and leave notes along the way of how it could be improved. And I found that this is one of the best, easiest ways to go through and like critique my own sales page. And then I can go through it after when I’m in editing mode, and actually work on the language or whatever the critiques were throughout the page, right. So think about your ideal clients. And hopefully, by now you’ve learned the importance of having an ideal client doc, this is a living, breathing document that you are constantly adding to that allows you to get to know your ideal client even better. So every time you’re having an interaction with your ideal clients, if they use words, and you’re like, oh, that really beautifully describes what a lot of my ideal clients are going through, then you add that into the ideal client document, right. So hopefully, you have one, we have ours inside of notion, you can keep yours wherever you see fit. And that’s a really great place to lean on when you’re going about creating the sales page and trying to find language that they use, and that they will relate to. Okay, so any kind of patterns in the language of what your ideal clients say, how they describe their problems, what kind of solution they’re looking for, make sure to include that within your sales page and make sure that you’re not using language that’s too advanced. Because the last thing we want them to do is look at that sales page and say to themselves, ah, this is too advanced for me, you know, I’ll maybe see this in a few years, or I’ll come back to it later. So that’s the first feature of a highly converting sales page. The second one is urgency. And urgency is so important because it helps people realize that they need to come to a decision and they need to come to a decision fast. I think urgency is extremely kind. And I know a lot of the times people are resistant to using urgency on their sales pages. They’re like, No, I don’t want to give a deadline. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do that. To me, like I said, it’s kind urgency is kind to the business owner. And it’s kind to the ideal client. And I’ll tell you why. If you think about the experience of an ideal clients, who is struggling with whatever your offer is going to help them to overcome, that person has probably been struggling with this problem for a very long time. And so you giving them a deadline and letting them know like, hey, I need you to decide by this date. Are you in? Or are you out? Is this a yes? Or is this a no for you. And what I normally like to do is give them some kind of bonus that’s about to expire, or I’ll even give them a little special price I know. And together we launch, you know, every time someone applies, and then they get invited, they get $1,000 discount if they make that decision within the first 24 hours. And I love that because it cuts out the time for me and my team of going back and forth with that person and having to follow up and be like, Hey, where are you at with this. I’ve also been in the position where I myself am a client, and someone has given me a specific amount of time to make that decision. And it has meant so much to me to be able to really force myself to come to the decision. I’m like, I need to decide by the end of today. Is it a yes? Or is it a no. And guess what most of the time, when you give someone a limited amount of time, they’re going to use that amount of time regardless of what it is if you give someone 24 hours, or if you give someone a week, they’re going to take as long as you give them. Another tactic that I’ve been using that I really enjoy is giving people the amount of time that they say they might need so for example, this obviously works different depending on what kind of promotion you’re going through. Or, you know, if you’re doing a launch where your cards only open for a certain amount of days, then you already have that built in sense of urgency. But if you are someone who has the doors open to your offer behind the scenes, so for example, that’s exactly what we have with both together we launch and the strategic offer incubator, I will very often tell people like hey, here’s this special offer. I need you to come to a decision but I know that we’re all busy. So you tell me when would be a good time for you to come to this decision by you know, is it you need three days do you need five days, whatever. The important thing for me is that we have a date that we’ve agreed upon, under which you are going to make that decision by and again, it’s kind to them and it’s kind of Me as the business owner, it’s

like, I don’t want us to be going back and forth. And on this, oh, maybe I will maybe I won’t, I can’t make the decision. I just want you to decide whether it’s a yes or no, I am not going to be offended, I want you to come to the decision that is best for you and your business. And I want to hold space for you and help you come to that decision. One of the biggest compliments that I get when I go about selling together we launch especially during launches, is that I’m so good at holding that space for people and really creating a judgment free zone where I’m like, I’m just here to support you and making the best decision and helping to answer your questions, and just educate you as much as I can, within this period that we have to help you come to the decision that is good and best for you. So urgency is kind of on the sales page, you want to be super clear about what that urgency is what they’re going to lose access to if they don’t make that decision within a certain period of time. And we also love to use countdown timers, they are a great visual tool to show people, Hey, this is how much time you have left. So if you’re not using urgency, definitely consider it. The third feature of a highly converting sales page is testimonials. And actually, this could have probably been the first thing I want to be clear that none of this is in any particular order. But I truly believe that testimonials are if not one of the most important things, it is the most important thing on your sales page. The amount of times that we have launchers joined together, we launch and we take a look at their sales page. And they just have one or two testimonials on that sales page. I’m like, What are you doing? What do we have to do to get you more testimonials? Is it that and this is a case for a lot of them. You have a ton of clients, but you just maybe haven’t done the best job of actually asking for those testimonials? Like what do we need to set up? And how can we create a system and put a system in place to automatically be collecting those testimonials and making them as easy for you and your team to collect as possible. And I don’t just want the kinds of testimonials that are boring, I want high quality, numerical tons of detail, I want it to be so crystal clear for people that this is the type of transformation that’s possible for them. We then together we launch if you go onto our sales page, you’ll notice that there are so many testimonials that are like, I made six figures, I made multiple six figures, I was able to buy my dream house. Those are the types of testimonials that hit home for people because that’s what people want. That’s what my ideal client wants, they want to make more money, they want to buy their dream house, they want to be able to create a better life for their families. And so you really want to make sure that your testimonials are speaking to that, and that you’re not being lazy with your testimonials. So if you don’t have great testimonials, definitely make sure that you’re upping your game in that area. And I want you as well to be very honest with yourself, read through your testimonials and ask yourself Does this make me want to buy because if it makes you want to buy if you’re imagining yourself as your ideal client, like it should cause this certain sense of Spark and excitement inside of you when you read it. So go through and ask yourself, is this an area in which I can improve? And if so prioritize that because the quality of your testimonials is for sure impacting the conversion rate of your sales page. And by the way, I don’t know that I’ve mentioned this. But when I speak about the conversion rate of your sales page, what I’m really talking about is how many people are buying divided by how many people are actually showing up to that page. So purchases divided by unique sales page visits, that’s what we’re looking for. Right. So like I said, normally our conversion rate of our sales page is around 10%. So in our last launch, which again, I mentioned in Episode 20, for it to go down to 2%. It was a massive indicator that the sales page was the problem, right. So make sure that that is something that you’re tracking, if you are launching or not launching evergreen, whatever, make sure that you’re paying attention to that conversion rate of your sales page. I feel like this is a great time to remind you about the launch expansion method. If you are someone who has a course or membership site, and you want to get more people into it, you want to be able to make more impact with the work that you’re doing in the world and you want to have more clout and build a little bit of a reputation around what you’re doing in the online space, then definitely check out the launch expansion method. Inside of that masterclass, I’m teaching you exactly my launch strategy, you’re gonna get a really good overview of what it’s all about what types of things you need to be considering. And it really is an excellent use of I think it’s like an hour long so go and check it out. You can find the link in my bio. I’ll also make sure to include the link here some Were in the shownotes, you can also find it at Alex, it’s 100% free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So go and check it out. Just imagine how much more powerful you could be if you had the right launch strategy in place. That’s what it’s all about. It’s going to teach you so much about what you need to be thinking about mathematically. And really just kind of making launching sexy and sales sexy. So go and check it out. That’s the launch expansion method masterclass 100%, for free. And I look forward to seeing you there. The fourth feature of a highly converting sales page is that it is mobile friendly. I know everyone says that we’re differently mobile, mobile, whatever, your mobile phone, you want to make sure that people can access your website from the mobile phone. And I want to just remind you that this is the big problem that we had with our sales page, our sales page was ready and good to go on desktop. But the mobile version was a disaster. Right? So I did a little bit of research into this. And we want to remember that most people are on mobile, right? So in fact, 46, no 41.6% of our website visitors to Alex, or on their mobile phone. Not only should your website be mobile friendly, but you should be prioritizing it every step of the way of your sales page creation. So we just switched over to show it, which is how we’re designing our websites. And I’m prioritizing making sure that every step of the way we are comparing it to the mobile version. Because if you leave it to the last minute, you know, that’s what ended up happening to us the last time we thought it was going to be easy to just make it mobile friendly, and it wasn’t. So make sure that as you’re making changes to your website, you’re double checking it over on the mobile site version and updating it as it needs to be updated. But you want it to be something that people can look at on mobile and have that same kind of experience that they would have, if they were looking at it on the desktop version. So make sure that you’re prioritizing a mobile friendly version, something that really is just easy for people to access and to use. And that is going to allow them to be able to see all of the same information. The fifth feature of a highly converting sales page is analytics. So as I mentioned to you, we want to be tracking that conversion rate of our sales page, right we want to be knowing how many unique visits is our sales page getting, how many click throughs are the little Join Now button is getting and what is the actual conversion rate that this sales page is getting. So to get the conversion rate, again, you’re taking how many people bought divided by how many people landed on that page, how many unique people by the way, not how many total people. And that’s going to give you a really good conversion rate, that you can compare time and time again, with every single change that you make to your sales page. I believe it was Denise Duffield Thomas who was tracking her sales page conversion rate. And after she did this huge rebrand that she paid a lot of money for to completely redesign her sales page and all of her graphics and branding and everything, she realized that it drastically impacted her sales page conversion rate. So she actually had to go back in and make everything more simple. But if we don’t track these things, we won’t know there’s so much about running an online business. But we don’t need to be walking around with blindfolds on, the more that we can keep our our eyes on the data. And we can use data to make decisions, the better. That’s everything that we teach inside of together, we launch it’s data driven, that keeps it more predictable, and really allows us to have more control. So another thing that you can consider as well when you’re looking into analytics is heat maps. Now this is something that we’ve experimented with a little bit in the past, I want to be experimenting with this more. If you can see, like, How are people using your website? Where are they stopping to read? Where are they spending the most time, that gives you a better idea of where you should be putting your Buy Now buttons and just making your page even more highly converting. So that’s definitely something for you to think about. And then last but not least,

this is the sixth feature of a highly converting sales page. This is that I want you to think about the strategic customer journey. So I want you to go through your page. As I said, use a tool like markup. Go through your page, put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. And I want you to study your ideal client talk right before you do this, so that it’s fresh in your mind who these people are, what they’re struggling with. Think about people you’ve worked with, who are your perfect ideal clients, and put yourself in their shoes, pretend to be them. And ask yourself, Does this page flow? Does it make sense is the message that I’m trying to convey really coming across, you know, you want to make sure that when they’re on the sales page that you’re not linking them to all these different things. So make sure that there’s not a menu bar for example, like you know how most websites your website probably has to a menu bar, where they can go to the About Me page and go to this page and go to that page, sales pages should not be sending people anywhere else other than to the checkout page. Okay, so that’s one thing, you want to make sure that you’re not sending them to your Instagram account. No, they’re either pressing the X at the top of the window, or they’re pressing by now and they’re going to the checkout page, you want to go through that page a million times and ask yourself, How can I make this better? How can I make this less fluffy? How can I make this more clear? How can I speak their language more? Am I making something here that as they read it, they’re going to be so inclined to buy what I have to offer? Am I communicating the value, read through it once, write your notes and markup, make those changes, read through it again, write down your notes and markup make those changes. A sales page is an ongoing process. And like I said, as you get that data, you can start to test what’s working better, what’s not working better, you know, little things can make a big difference, like the color of your buttons. So these are all things for you to think about. And consider as you are creating that highly converting sales page. I really hope that you enjoyed this episode. Thank you so much for joining me today. If you got this far in the episode, definitely make sure that you send me a DM over on Instagram. You know, I love to hear from you guys. I also just signed up for threads which went live yesterday and I’m loving it. So if you are on threads, head on over and say hello, and let’s have a conversation there. I want to remind you that if you are in the strategic offer incubator, you can hear more about how to collect testimonials in module eight, which is all about analyzing and tweaking your strategic offer. We also talked about testimonials in module five and module six, where we dive deep into how to create an outline your sales page, if you’re not in the incubator yet, and you really want to come out with your first online offer, whether that’s an online course or a membership site, then head on over to strategic and sign up today we’d absolutely love to have you and if you have any questions at all, just DM me with the word online course. And let’s have a conversation about how I can help you bring that online course to life and get your message out into the world. If you are a together we launch member I also want to remind you that we have an entire deep dive lesson on collecting testimonials in Module nine lesson three. We also have testimonial collection templates and module nine workbook page 21, where you can get access to the exact video guidelines that we send to our clients, and all of the questions that we use as well. Also for our launchers in module seven, where we talk about your launch assets in lesson three, there’s an entire lesson all about creating your sales page. within that module seven workbook, you’re going to get your sales page structure checklist on page 13, you’re going to get the entire checklist of how to design and build your sales page. On page 14. We also offer all of these other types of pages that you’re going to need opt in page etc. We have cheat sheets for those as well on page 15. We also have the sales page copy planner in Module fours workbook on page four. So if you’re in the incubator or and together we launch, there really is no excuse for you to know exactly what to do exactly how to set up your sales page for success. So definitely make sure that you were relying on those resources and going to check them out. And again, if you’re not inside of together relaunch and you really feel like you’d be a good fit. And you’d benefit from having that level of support. Send me a DM with the word together we launch and I’d be happy to talk to you about the potential of having you joined together we launch. I love you guys so much. I am so grateful for the time that we get to spend together every single week. Thank you so much for listening. And I will see you again next week. Next week, we’re still going to be on the topic of sales pages. You guys will know that like this is near and dear to my heart. Like I said in Episode 20. I shared that our sales page conversion rate went from 10% to 2%. And it’s all because of a sales page mistake. And so I am just taking this as an opportunity to focus on bringing the joy of sales pages to the world. And next week I’m going to be interviewing Galen who completely redesigned our together relaunch sales page, she has solved our problem of it not being available on mobile. And the site is actually now live you can go and check it out over on Instagram at Alex Beadon and we’re really proud of what we’ve created there. But next week, I’m going to be interviewing her all about it so make sure that you don’t miss that episode. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week. Have a beautiful one.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Transcript Available Below

Alex Beadon 0:02
Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance it all, nourishing your health while growing your business and living a life well lived. And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip from purpose driven into autopilot. Take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong on purpose.

Hello, friends, it is Alex Beadon. Here you’re listening to episode number 31 of on purpose with Alex Beadon. And oh my gosh, it has been a crazy last few weeks. So for those of you who are confused, over the last few weeks, I launched my brand new free challenge called double down on your DMS, which was a free Instagram story engagement challenge. And then as soon as that was over, I launched Gram Slam to the world, I basically introduce people to my online course which Yes, I have already launched once before in March, April. So this was the second time that I launched it. And it the last few weeks have just been such a whirlwind of activity, it has been such nonstop hard work. I’m talking about like me staying up late at night, waking up early in the morning. And just like literally working non freakin stop. Which by the way, FYI, is not my main objective in life. I was not born to be working 24/7. But when you’re launching something, and especially at this stage of my business where I’m at, it’s like you want to give it your all, you want to show up to the maximum right. So that’s what I did over the last few weeks. And so this episode is going to be less of me, you know, sharing the do’s and don’ts and the lessons and the real reflections. Because to be honest with you, I’m still I still need some time to let everything sink in for me to be able to reflect and I don’t want to share reflections with you until I feel confident and certain in them. And until I feel like I’ve had enough time to process what’s happened. But I do want to come to you guys today with just you know, some some draft reflections where I’m at how I’m feeling what the last few weeks have been like, I’m going to be answering questions like how did the launch go numbers wise? How did the launch go in general, why I decided to launch Gram Slam instead of sticking to Evergreen. And then also I’m going to be speaking about a few reflections that I’ve had about, you know where my business is at at this current point in time. So if that all sounds interesting to you, then definitely carry on listening. So let’s dive in. I guess we will start from the beginning. I hesitated before sharing this with you guys. Because I was kind of like I don’t know if this is relevant, whatever. But I’ve pretty much just decided that like, I really want this podcast to be a place where I can show up be myself, be honest, be authentic. And it really is a space to to share what’s going on in a in a deeper way. What’s really frustrating to me sometimes about all of the other platforms is that it feels like it’s very in and out. It’s like okay, I’m here and I’m gone. Okay, I’m here and I’m gone. And we get to connect in very short term spaces. What I love about the podcast is that a lot of you guys are listening to this while you’re driving or while you’re walking your dog or whatever it is that you’re doing. And it allows me to connect with you on such a deeper level, because we have more time together to cover more content, more topics. So I’m just really grateful to have this sacred space with you guys. And I want you to know that I am showing up from my most vulnerable place to really share with you what’s actually happening behind the scenes because I think it’s so easy to look at someone and what they’re putting out online. To think that oh, like, you know, it must have run so smoothly, like things must have gone perfectly to plan blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And a lot of times you don’t get to see what’s actually happening behind the scenes. And so, to me, this podcast is a really beautiful way for me to show and share with you what’s actually happening behind the scenes. So that you can get a feel for the fact that like, if I can do it, you can do it. And if someone if anyone on planet Earth can do it, you can do it and just kind of showing you that like, it’s more about your mindset and about your attitude than anything else. Okay, so where to begin. So as you guys know, if you’ve been listening to the podcast, I spent the months prior to this launch, traveling, doing a lot of traveling, reason being that there was just a lot of events happening that were inescapable for me like Laura’s wedding. That’s a great example. Then Laura had a friend’s moon. And then my sister went to Italy and she was trying on wedding dresses and looking for wedding venues. And there’s just a lot of obligations that I had in my personal life over that period of time. And then of course right before the launch. My whole credit card situation happened where basically I tried to make a bank transfer while I was in Colombia and I guess because I did it in Colombia, they were like this is suspicious behavior. So I then had to travel to New York to go into like an actual bank to prove my identity. So I did all that cool, fine, whatever. But one of the biggest lessons that I am walking away from from In this launch is that being so unstable prior to launching is not necessarily the best way to go into launch, like looking back. And I know that obviously, there’s nothing I can do to change this. And this is really important to note, whenever you do anything in life, and you look back to look at the lessons that you’ve learned, it makes zero sense being hard on yourself about it or being like, Oh, I shouldn’t have done that I shouldn’t have done this. Number one, I didn’t know any better. And number two, I would choose to do it again, because it was my best friend’s wedding and my sister wanting me to be there as her maid of honor during the like one of the most important times of her life, that’s only gonna happen once. And then of course, the whole bank thing like totally out of my control, the important thing is to just take the lesson and not be hard on yourself about it. So that’s like, one of the big things I’m taking away is like, by the time I really got into my routine here, by the time the launch actually started happening, I was so kind of like out of my out of my flow out of my workflow out of my momentum. That’s it just didn’t feel I didn’t feel as grounded as I normally feel going into a launch. Right. So that’s the very first thing traveling right before not necessarily the best idea I came out with double down on your DMS, this challenge, surpassed all of my expectations. And people have heard me say that and have messaged me on Instagram and been like, Well, what do you mean? Like, so my goal guys was to get 8000 people to sign up for double down on your DMS. And we had ultimately more than 7000. So we almost reached the 8000 mark. So I was happy with that, like I was happy with our numbers.

But what surpassed my expectations was the level of engagement. So normally I have 1000s of people sign up for a challenge. But we don’t see the level of engagement that we saw this time around, it was nothing short of insane. And I had such a weird relationship with it. Because on the one hand, I was so happy, like I was so happy that people were taking part people were getting results. People were enjoying the process, people were having fun, people were sharing it with their friends, I was getting new messages in my inbox, literally every single minute, every single minutes, it was like, there was no way for me to keep up with the number of parts with the level of participation. And that’s great, because of course, that’s what you want. When you’re starting anything. When you’re creating a project, when you’re creating an experience, like, of course you want it to reach as many people as possible. And yet, it was one of the most overwhelming feelings that I’ve ever had. Because it felt like for one of the first times in my business, that things were really too big for me to manage. I couldn’t respond to everyone. I couldn’t I couldn’t even watch everyone’s stories. And normally, I’m the kind of person when I host an experience, it’s like I want to be there to support you, I want to be there to message you, I want to be there to like, interact and engage in blah, blah, blah. And here’s the thing I know it’s not scalable. I’m sharing this to from like, my heart, like, this is how my heart was feeling my brain is like, of course, that’s not possible. Of course, you can’t have 1000 people sign up and engage with everyone. But I’m just saying from like, the way that I started my business has been very much engaging with people and really showing up for people and answering people’s questions and, and participating in whatever it is that I’m asking them to create. And so to have created something which blew up so much that I couldn’t even do that anymore. It was really a big wake up call to me that like number one, the business is up leveling in ways that that I am not even aware of it like it’s, it’s, it’s great. It’s like It’s like we’re evolving. It’s like we’re passing that puberty phase. It’s like we are growing up, the business is growing up, which is amazing. And then at the same time, there’s this deep sadness, because it’s like, oh, I want to talk to every person. And I really want to like watch people’s stories. And so that was a big tug of war for me and my first because we launched double down in your DMS it was a five day challenge Monday through Friday. Most nights that week, I did not get enough sleep. And it’s simply because I emotionally was trying to be there for everyone. And, again, I can look back now and say like, it’s not your responsibility to take care of everyone like you don’t need to take care of everyone. People had enough support from you during the Facebook Lives Through in the Facebook group, like there was enough support for them to reach out if they needed anything. But it’s still like this, you know, holding on to wanting to be there for my people and really be an active part of the experience and not wanting to miss a single second of it. And so that was a really interesting experience for me where Monday Tuesday I was staying up until like two o’clock three o’clock in the morning, answering questions, answering all of the DMS trying to watch as many people’s stories as I possibly could. And then it just got to a point on Wednesday where like I was mentally and physically exhausted and drained. And like I had neglected myself in an attempt to be in 10 places at once. And so on Wednesday that was really wanted Hit me, oh my gosh, like you’re aiming for something that is physically impossible. Like you can’t get all your work done. I would actually, like, look forward to the nighttime, because it meant that I didn’t have to do any work. So I could just focus on like responding to people and like really showing up for people. Which is ironic, because that is still work, right. But for some reason, during the day, I was like, I couldn’t spend all my time doing that, because it’s not productive. Whereas in the night, I was like, Well, I’m digging into my sleep, but at least I’m like, I’m answering these people. And so it’s just really interesting, you know, being an entrepreneur and being able to go through these experiences and knowing that you’re not perfect and knowing that you’re human and knowing that that’s okay. And still having enough awareness to be like, Okay, how could I do that differently next time? How can I prepare better next time? So that doesn’t happen again? How do I how if I could go back and change something to make that different? What would I change to make it different? And I think for me, the big thing is that I was not as prepared for double down on your DMS as I should and could have been, there were many things that I should have done like three weeks ago, but because I was traveling, I just never got around to doing that I unfortunately had to do during the week of double down on your DMS. So if I had gotten those things done before, then it would have been okay. Again, I’m not being hard on myself about it. I’m just trying to take the lesson forward with me, so that I can remember it for next time. The challenge itself was incredible. So many people took part, the results that people received from the double down on your DMS challenge was insane. We had people making money, we had people putting out offers when they’d never put out offers before. We had people simply stating that they felt more confident showing up on Instagram stories, I think those were the ones that really hit me the most. Because it’s like if you can give someone the confidence to share their message. The power of that is huge. So to be able to spark such change and results for people was incredible, I think for Laura, to experience her first launch for those of you who may just be listening for the first time, Laura is my best friend. And she’s also my operations manager in the business. And so we work very closely together as a team. This was the first launch that we did together the launch of Gram Slam. And I think for her to be able to see our impact and to be able to see how we were changing people’s lives and to be able to see the reach and to be able to see that we were making a difference and and to be to be so connected with our purpose. I think that was really magical. That week of double down on your DMS was incredible. Incredible, incredible, incredible, exhausting, but incredible. We did a five day challenge Monday through Friday. And normally whenever I do a challenge or a freebie of any sort, I spread it out. So I don’t do consecutive days, I might do like day one on a Monday and then day two on a Wednesday and day three on a Friday and Day Four on a Monday. So it’s much more spread out. This time. It was literally day one Monday to Tuesday, day three, Wednesday day for Thursday, five Friday. And that was exhausting. That is one thing that I look back and I’m like, we maybe should have spread it out a little bit also, because the number of people who are joining late, like, even on day five with people starting day one like to this day, I’m currently recording it, I’m still getting tagged in people’s stories who are taking the challenge. And it’s like the challenge past, you know, so I think from a rest perspective, it would have been good to give myself more time to catch up in between days, I think from getting other people to join in, it would have been better, I think as well, it was quite overwhelming for people to have to post a single story every single day. So I think giving people breathing room would not necessarily have been the worst thing in the world. So that’s another lesson that I’m taking from that. So going into the launch, let me talk to you a little bit about that. When we went into the launch, we had three, we I normally have one goal, this time I decided I’m gonna have a good better best school. Good. We wanted to sell 360 seats better would be 727. And best would be 1234. Keeping in mind that the last time I sold Gram Slam we sold upwards of 1000 seats, right but the price was lower. So last time we were selling earlybird price at 99 and then a higher price at 147. This time, we were selling at 147 and then a higher price of 197. Right? So the price was a little bit different, which is why I was like okay, so demand is going to be demand is going to be the same but we’re not going to get as much sales because the price is going to be higher. Right so that’s why our our goals were a little bit lower this time 367 27 and 1234. Basically what we ended up doing was on the first day we sold 155 On the first day we start because I basically break it down into days. So I know according to my previous launches, I know how normal launch goes sales wise. I know that on the last Today I normally double my sales. I know that on the first day, first two days, we normally have some kind of special going on, which boosts sales. So we got 150 in the first day, and I was like That is freaking amazing because we had surpassed our day one good and best goal. So I was after first day of sales, I was so confident I was like, for sure, walk in the park like we are at least hitting our good goal, like we’re good to go.

The second day, sales were so slow, the third day sales were so slow. The fourth day sales picked up again, because we had like a bonus. And we’re like, Okay, today’s last day to join the bonus. The next day was slow, the next day was slow. And then the last day we had a little spike again. But we did not have a spike like we normally have normally on the last day. Interest is so high sales are so high, it’s insane to like this launch. The last day was not our best day of sales like it normally is. It wasn’t even our second best day of sales, I believe it was our third or fourth best day of sales. So sales did not go to plan. Like I said, our good goal was 360. And we ended up selling 281 281. So we were at well, 79 behind our good goal. Now what’s interesting is during launch, you don’t have time, or at least this is how I feel. When I’m in the middle of a launch. I do not know how to say it. I don’t lose, I don’t waste my time or energy on being like why isn’t this going the way I wanted it to go? In the same way that when you’re doing really well in a launch? I don’t waste time to say, Well, why is this going really well. I save all of my reflections for after the launch. One thing I do during a launch is I write down notes of like things to think about or things to remember. So if I’m like, Oh, this worked really well, I’ll write it down. But I don’t spend time like analyzing anything during a launch. Because you have so much to think about. If you start to think about what’s going wrong, you’re wasting time like you’re wasting time and momentum like you’re already in the launch, you already have your launch strategy and plan like you have to stick to the plan. Right. So it was such a fun experience for me, especially considering that this was Laura’s first launch. And we we just were literally right off the back of my most successful launch today, which was back in April, March, April when I launched Gram Slam. So we had such a huge phenomenal success in April. And then to have this launch and for it to not even hit our good goal was such an an interesting and fun experience for me because it was like Okay, number one. How is my team had like, how was Laura handling this? How am I handling this? How are we handling this together? Because like I said, you, you literally don’t have time to be sad or to get emotional or anything like you have to keep going. And you have to keep going in with the thought that you’re going to sell what you set out to sell and that it’s coming. It’s just not here yet. Right? So it’s a really interesting dynamic of like, I think one of the most important things as an entrepreneur is showing yourself compassion, always. And so for me coming out of this launch, and actually I want to know, percentage wise how much so I’m gonna do the percentage right now, I want to know, percentage wise how much we hit Okay, so we hit 78% of our goal, which is not bad, like 78% is, you know, depending on which country you’re in, it’s not a bad mark on your paper. If you entered a paper in England, like that’s a pretty good score. But considering that that was the lowest of our goals, we didn’t even hit our lowest goal. I could see so many people being in this situation being depressed being like, well, people didn’t like it, or the price must have been too high. Or, you know, maybe I launched it once and I just had a lucky streak or whatever. The important thing when you’re launching things and putting things out there is to try not get emotional about it and try not get caught up in like, oh, like, I’m not good enough or what, like your ego is gonna want to take you there. But we ain’t got time for that. Like when you’re a business owner, that getting caught up in that little place that like Why isn’t

Speaker 2 19:09
it going well, and it should have gotten I worked so hard and did it. I know, the challenge went so well. And it’s

Alex Beadon 19:15
like, no, that is just cutting off like a good three or four days that you’re adding of, or at least for me when I go into those moods. It’s just like a depression. It’s like it, it brings nothing to the table. So it was really fun. Closing the door on Friday and being like, so happy and so celebratory and so congratulatory to everyone on the team. I’m so proud of what we accomplished. Even if we hit 78% of our goal. I’m so proud of how we came together as a team. I’m so glad that we got to experience launching together as a team for the first time and to really look back and be like how we’re, in which ways did things go right? And how can we celebrate those things? And yes, on Wednesday, we’re going to have a meeting where as a team we come together and we really dissect what went, well, what didn’t go, well, what could be better next time data. But until we get there, let’s just bask in the fact that we did this, we accomplish this, we made a lot of money, and we should be damn proud of it, even if it’s not what we set out to accomplish. And so I don’t know, man, I always find these times in my life like these times where it’s like, things aren’t going the way you want them to go. There’s so much fun, because it shows me that nothing on the outside can change how I feel on the inside. And when you have that skill in your back pocket to know that you’re indestructible, and that you know that your peace comes from inside of you, man, like, you know, take me to like, it really doesn’t matter what happens, because I know I’m gonna get through it. I know that I will learn I know everything’s happening for me. And to me, I like to see my every launch everything that I do in my business. And in my life as like I am I’m on this journey. No one is winning all the time. No one is winning all the time. In fact, if you look at like anyone’s career, it’s very rare that anyone is like on a winning streak. Life is a journey, like you need to learn how to feel super comfortable in the times when things didn’t go as well as you wanted them to go. And you need to learn how to not take it personally. And to not be like, Well, I must be a bad business owner because things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go. Especially when you’re doing something like a launch a launch is a one off thing. For all I know, maybe this was just a bad week to launch. Maybe people were super busy this week, mate. Like there’s so many factors that go into why sales didn’t go the way I had expected them to go during that week, that I just really don’t see the point and like being hard on myself. And I love getting to put that to practice. And I love the experience of not doing as well as I wanted and still feeling like a superstar on the inside. I don’t know if that makes sense. But that that’s really, really where I’m at right now. And so, I know a lot of you guys might be listening to this and be like, Yeah, well, that’s easy for you to say like you still made a lot of money and like you guys still did a really good job. This is a practice that I have practiced since I started my business. And that is when things don’t go to plan. Number one, you take the lesson like you try to reflect and take the lessons that you can. And number two, you look at it. And any single time that your mind goes to while you’re a failure. You didn’t do what you set out to do, you should be ashamed of yourself, how can you even look at yourself as a leader, Bob, anytime your mind goes to like a really negative place. just immediately start counting your blessings and saying what you’re grateful for him. Like look back at your journey and see how far you’ve come. So and it might be something small. Like when I first started, it was like, my big thing that I was grateful for was simply that I was in a state in which I was 100% committed to my business. Because there was a time when I was like, um, I don’t really know if this is going to work and like maybe I should go and get a real job. And then after that I finally made the decision. No, like, I’m going to make this self employed thing work for me. And I remember trying to make something work trying to sell something and it didn’t sell or something didn’t go to plan. And I remember I was like, Okay, well what can I like, what can I appreciate? How can I shift my energy. And my my source of of gratitude at that point was like, at least I’m at a stage where I’m 100% committed to running my own business and doing my own thing and creating freedom in my life. Like that is something to celebrate, because a year ago, I was still kind of on the fence about this stuff. So right now I’m in a position where it’s like, my business not only takes care of me, but I’m paying a full time. person who’s Laura, like, I like the business that I have built now covers my salary and my best friend salary. That’s freakin crazy. That’s awesome. Like, it’s so easy to take the like, it’s so easy to take wherever you are for granted. You know, like, I remember a time when I was like, Well, if I could just make if I could just make $4,000 a month? Well, if I could just make $10,000 a month. And each time you get there, you forget that there was a time when you yearn for what you’ve created. So really taking a moment to like, look around and be like, Whoa, like, this business isn’t just me anymore. And I’m so proud of that. And whoa, like I’ve gotten to a stage where like, I can have a not so great launch, but I’m in a place in my life where I feel so confident that I can make money at a drop of a hat that like it doesn’t bother me because I know the money’s coming. Like I know what’s out there. I know it’s mine to have I know that I have value to give to the world. I’m not worried. Like there was a stage of my business where I would launch and then I’d be like well shoot like when’s the next launch and you know, is the next one’s gonna do well and am I gonna have enough and I’m not there anymore and like that’s such an accomplishment. The fact that I’ve created a life for myself where I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want that I have enough money to do the things that matter to me that I’ve created this level of freedom where I know this is really silly, but I can go grocery shopping when everyone else is at work, like I love that about my life. And I’m really proud that I’ve created that and I never want to get I think it’s so easy. We live in a world where like everyone bullies themselves, and I’m not having it in my body. I’m just not, like, I’m not down for it. I’m not down for being hard on myself, I’m not down for being mean to myself, I’m not, I will hold myself to the same expectations and standards that I would hold my best friend to. And my best friend is allowed to make mistakes, because she’s human. And my best friend, she’s allowed to not have a good launch because she’s human. And my best friend, she can fall over. And I’ll be like, girls, oh, good, get back up, dust yourself off, right? Like, there’s literally no point in being hard on yourself. Anyway, I feel like I went on a major rant for that. But someone needed to hear that. So whoever it was, I hope that helps. Don’t be hard on yourself, celebrate yourself, regardless of external factors. Just make sure that you’re learning as you move forward. Okay, so things that I wanted to talk to you about the launch being crazy, like so much engagement, realizing that as your career grows, as this business grows, my audience grows. Like, it’s been crazy the amount of new people who are following me, guys, there was a point where like, every day, we were getting like two 300 new followers on an on Instagram, that’s insane. So many new people were in my vicinity were in my online presence I was introduced to so like 1000s of people, which is incredible. And at the same time, as your audience grows, which, of course, is what we all want, like, we want to reach more people. So I’m happy about it. But it’s also harder to engage with everyone. I’m known for my high engagement. I’m known for having these real relationships with people. And it’s difficult now because there’s so many like, I opened up my inbox, and now there’s so many more messages there. Right? So it’s like, on the one hand, it’s great. And then on the other hand, it’s frustrating, because it’s like, there’s there’s so many like, I want to be there for everyone. But it gets to a point where it’s like, oh, like that’s, you know, that’s impossible. So that was interesting for me and something that I am excited to continue to explore. I was doing Facebook lives every day. Like I think there was one day I think it was a son on Sunday. I didn’t go live every single other day I went live. And that was an experience because I’ll tell you what, I love going live with the amount of energy. I think everyone sees me live like, oh my god, guys, this was amazing. Yesterday, okay, I didn’t even share this with you. We lost water on the second day of my launch. So we launched on Monday. I have another funny story about my mom. But I’ll get back to that we launched on Monday. On Tuesday, we ran out of water. For those of you who live in first world countries, you may not know this as much of an issue. But where I live here in Trinidad and Tobago, it is very often that we run out of water. And what basically happens is that you have tanks and so you hope that basically there’s not always water available. So you get you may get water twice a week, it fills up your tank and you hope that your tank lasts you until the next time that you get water right. So on Tuesday, we ran out of water. And

we were it was fine. The first day were like yes, no big deal. Like we get water on Sundays on Wednesday. So we’ll get water tomorrow. It’ll be fine. Water didn’t come on Wednesday, guys. Water didn’t come on Wednesday. So I’m now recording this. It’s a Saturday. We have not had water since Tuesday. So we’ve been going by Nick’s dad who lives around the corner to shower and bathe and whatever. And so yesterday I went over to him and it was so cute. He was like Alex, I watched your Facebook Live. And he’s like I just kind of started watching to see what you were doing what you’re up to. But he was like, I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t stop listening. I couldn’t stop watching. I wanted to buy Gram Slam. He’s like, Oh my gosh, you’re so good at what you do. I was like, That’s so nice. Like, that’s so nice to hear that you know that. You appreciate my energy when I go live. That’s awesome. But I think what people don’t realize is that I’m like, all in it. And I know when to turn it on. And I’m there and it’s like yes, and I’m giving it and I’m I’m alive and I’m active. I’m answering questions and there’s so many people watching and I’m like I’m turned on. And then I go off and it’s like I am a like I think people think that I just that’s how that’s what I’m like all the time. I’m not like that all the time after a live. I literally go into hibernation mode because I’ve given and released so much high quality energy and information that I am exhausted Yeah, going live is a lot going live everyday is a lot. I’ve never done that in a launch before. I’ve never gone live so frequently in a launch before. And like I said, I think next launch, we definitely need to spread things out a little bit more. I think things were very close together. I’ve also never had a seven day open cart period. Normally my open carts are more like 1011 12 days, sometimes even longer than two weeks. And so to squeeze everything into seven days that was really interesting and to go live every single day, again, very interesting, very energy draining. But one thing I will say about going live is that it works. People love seeing you live. People love seeing me live, people love talking to me. And I don’t think it’s just me. I think it’s just people enjoy being live on a video. And every time I go live sales go up. So, quick fact Fun fact, for anyone who’s doing anything for anyone who wants any certain type of attention going live in this day and age, it’s a fantastic thing to do. Facebook prioritizes it in the feed, so does Instagram. So it’s definitely a good thing to do. Okay. The side story that I wanted to tell you about my mom, which is freaking hilarious. So my mom traveled all the way from England to support me during this launch, because she was like, you know, you’ve been traveling a lot like, this launch is gonna be very draining for you. I’m gonna come and basically help you as much as I can. And she helped me like she was cooking for me every night, guys. You don’t know what it’s like to go home? Well, maybe you do. To go to sleep at the end of the night with a home cooked meal in your belly. There is nothing better than that. And normally when I’m launching like, I need to be thinking about okay, what’s my food situation, got it. I didn’t have to think about it. Once she did all the grocery shopping for those weeks, she did all the cooking for those weeks. She was giving me foot massages, back massages. She was making me tea making me coffee. She was just so super supportive to have that level of support physically. During the launch was a beautiful, beautiful thing. So I was very, very happy about that. On Monday, the first day of my launch, we had filmed something or some files were on her phone. So I was like, Mom, can I have your phone because I’m just gonna put the files on my computer. And she was like, yeah, she grabs her phone without looking because she’s on her computer, right? She’s looking at her computer, she grabs her phone, which is next to her, picks it up and without looking like puts her arm back to give it to me and as she’s putting her arm back to give it to me. I’m walking towards her to come and get the phone. She hit me in my face with the phone so hard that her phone screen cracked. This is an iPhone guys. Her iPhone screen cracked because of the impact it had on my face. Well, boy, she was laughing I was laughing I was crying. You know when when like, you get such a sudden shock of pain. It’s like you can’t help but cry. So I’m like, I’m like my eyes are tearing my there’s blood just fills my mouth. We’re both dying, laughing then she she starts talking about her face like oh my god, my phone screen cracked. I think she’s joking. Anyway, so we iced my mouth. And all I remember thinking is oh my gosh, this is day one of the launch and I’m going to have to go live with like a swollen lip. It was one of the funniest things ever like me and my mom could not stop laughing. She could not stop apologizing. I could not stop crying. It was hilarious. See, I just had to have to share that behind the scenes story with you. I thought it was so funny. So yeah, I think I’m pretty sure I’ve shared everything with you about the launch so far that I want to share. The only other thing that I can think is that on the first day of the launch, I realized that we didn’t, there wasn’t enough of us to go around like we needed help. So I ended up calling Catherine who used to work with us. And I was like Kath, we need help. Can we hire you on a project by project basis? And she was like, Yep, so we hired her for the five days of the launch. She helped out with all the graphics, you helped out with the PDFs, like having her on board was such a relief. And it just showed me that like anything you can do during a launch to help, like ease up on the amount of tasks that you have during a launch is so worth it. That’s like all I can say. Yeah, it was huge having her on board because I felt like I was drowning. So yeah, so I’m feeling how am I feeling? Today is Saturday. I’m lying. You know what today is Saturday. I feel like it’s not Saturday, because we closed the car on a Thursday. And I keep feeling like we closed on a Friday but we didn’t we closed the car on a Thursday. Today is Saturday. So yesterday was my first break day we’re actually guys going to be opening up the cart again, probably on Monday and Tuesday to offer a payment plan because I had so many people message me and be like, I really want to join but I really want the payment plan option and we didn’t have a payment plan option. So I think we’re going to for Monday and Tuesday be opening up the card again for anyone who wants to join on the payment plan. So that’s very exciting. But today, it’s a Saturday I’m feeling like I just want to rest and be quiet like honestly even making this podcast like talking right now is hurting the amount of times I’ve almost lost my voice this week over the last two weeks is crazy. But overall I feel incredibly happy. I think the thing that I feel most happy about in my entire life right now is having Laura on the team. She is such an asset. She’s such a hard worker. She goes above and beyond, like, people were messaging me who were interacting with her through customer service. And they were like, wow, Laura is really on it. So to have that level of support and to and she really gets it like she’s really on board with the mission and the vision of what we’re trying to do here. That means the world to me, I love that we complement each other so well, so wells so well with our skills and strengths. So I’m just to have had my first launch with her. Regardless of the numbers, like, I’m just so happy that we got to experience that together. Because I don’t know, it was just so magical. Like, I feel like this is the beginning of something really special with both of us. And I also just feel so proud of what we did accomplish. This is the most important thing about setting goals is that if you don’t hit your goal, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not a reflection of that you didn’t do well enough or whatever. Always be proud of yourself. Always be proud of yourself. Always, always, always be proud of yourself. And that’s it. That’s all I have to share with you guys today. I love you so much. I hope that you enjoyed the last few weeks if you are a part of double down on your DMS. Thank you. I cannot express how good it feels to have created that experience for everyone. I mean, like even people in Trinidad, we’re taking it and like, how to call them acquaintances, we’re coming up to me. And even like I went out to one, what we call a turn out like a line like a gathering for my friend who had a housewarming during the launch. And this girl comes up to me she’s like, Alex, like, everyone’s doing your challenge. I’m seeing it all over my feet. And she was just so excited. It was just so great to like, see people’s response to it in person. I had so many people text messaging me. And it was just so so so great, and so wonderful. So I’m so grateful to have experienced that. I’m simultaneously really glad that it’s over. I know that’s weird to say but like it was exhausting. This week, we’re opening it back up on Monday and Tuesday, but it’s going to be a really light little launch. And then guess what guys, next we can find a South Africa. I’m flying to South Africa, I’m actually fine South Africa, because I’m a part of a I’m going to call it a mastermind. And I’m so excited because I’m gonna get to meet Richard Branson. I’m actually celebrating Halloween with Richard Branson, which is crazy. And I can’t wait to share it all with you. And I can’t wait to tell you all my lessons and everything. But for now I just want to say a huge thank you. I appreciate you guys so much. I love that we’re on this journey together. I love seeing you guys share the podcasts on your stories. I love getting all of your messages. So I just want to say thank you for being on this on this journey with me. And yeah, I will talk to you guys again soon. Hopefully next week, I’ll have a nice a nice new episode for you. So I look forward to that and just remember to be kind to yourself, be compassionate to yourself. Always choose to learn and to be positive and to move forward and love yourself. That’s really the message for today. Okay, guys, I’ll talk to you next time. Bye.

Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. If you enjoyed it, I would love for you to get me a shout out on your Instagram story or anywhere. Just letting me know what your biggest takeaway was. You guys have no idea how helpful and useful it is for me. When you message me telling me what your aha moments were telling me what it is that you took away from the podcast. It helps me understand what is most valuable to you. And it helps me understand how I can be of the highest service to you. So if you could take two minutes to do that, I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope to hear from you over on Instagram. You can find me at Alex Beadon, and I will talk to you again very soon. Bye bye.

#025 – Launching Your Product/Service like a Boss with Alex Beadon

Ready. Set. Launch a Successful Product.

If only it were that easy. Alex breaks down every little detail you need to know about getting your product or service off the ground and in the hands of your ideal audience. In a knowledge-filled episode like this, you’re going to want to jot down notes as she covers how she launches her services to her favorite treasure finds for the week.    

This is On Purpose.

In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully launch your product or service
  • A major realization you must know about Direct Messages
  • Setting boundaries for your business
  • Alex’s favorite finds for the week
  • & Her thoughts on the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing

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Alex Beadon 0:00
You’re listening to episode number 25 of on purpose with Alex Beadon. Today I’m going to be talking to you guys all about launching, I’m going to be sharing my launch lessons with you, I’m going to be helping you learn what it is that you need to know in order to launch your products and services in the future. So hopefully that’s super helpful for you. I also talked about what the New York City meetup was like. And I share the number of DMS that I get every single day and the major realization that I had after having discovered that number. I talked a lot about setting boundaries for your business in this episode, and I also dive into the Kavanaugh Lacey hearing my thoughts on that, along with sharing my favorite finds from this week. I think this is an epic episode. And I hope you enjoy it. This is on purpose. Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance it all? nourishing your health while growing your business and living a life well lived? And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip from purpose driven into autopilot. Take a deep breath. Relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

Hello, friends, it’s your girl Alex, you’re listening to episode number 25 Can you believe it? 25 episodes of on purpose. I can just imagine you’re doing like a hand wave in the same way that I am. While I was doing that celebratory little mini screen. I’m so excited. And I just want to say thank you for all of you loyal listeners who have been on this journey and lasted 25 episodes with me even if this is the first one you’re listening to. I appreciate each and every single one of you. Okay, so today’s episode, I have so much to talk to you guys about. I feel like so much has happened since we last spoke. And I’m just I’m excited to be sitting here speaking into the microphone, because I’ve got a lot to share. Okay, so firstly, I’m so excited. As you’re listening to this, it’s a Monday. Well, it goes live on a Monday. So if you’re listening live, it’s Monday. And it is what is it? I think it’s October 1, let me just double check that date. Yes, it’s October 1. And there’s one week until the five day challenge that I have put together for you guys that I’m so so so excited about. It’s called double down on your DMS. And I think it’s going to be so much fun for everyone who gets involved. It’s like I said, a five day free Instagram story engagement challenge where basically 1000s of entrepreneurs have already signed up, we’re all coming together for five days to put our tools to the test and to really strengthen our ability to connect with people using Instagram stories. And the reason why I call it a double down on your DMS is because let’s be real. When I sit down, I look at Instagram stories. I’m like, okay, you know, what is the benefit here? What can people what is the result that I want people to walk away with? I want people to feel like they’re getting more engagement from their Instagram Stories, right? That’s like really a good test of whether you’re making stories that are engaging to people or not too engaging to people. And as you kind of flirt with the idea of getting more and more engagement, you learn what’s hitting home for people and you learn what’s not. So the entire challenge is really just there to encourage you to double down on your DMS and really start creating the type of content that’s getting a response from people, I walk you through the entire process from start to finish. If you read my recent Instagram post that I posted on Friday, there’s a picture of me with like a bubble blower on the beach, if you want to go and read that post on Instagram stories. But basically, I thoroughly believe in creating experiences for people and allowing people to get a taste of your authority before you necessarily ask them to buy anything from you. You guys know that I’m an authority, because I’m going to show you that I’m an authority in this subject area through the experience of double down on your dance, right. So I’m so so so excited to be creating this experience for you guys. Right now I have the bet. Well, by the time you listen to this, I’ll be much further along but right now I have the outline of what I want it to look like. I’ve started coming up for ideas of videos. And as you listen to this, if you’re listening to this next week, I will probably actually have the videos ready and things will be a little bit more concrete but I’m just so excited to experience this with you guys. I think it’s going to be a once in a lifetime, incredible, like heartfelt opportunity for all of us. So I’m really looking forward to it. So since I’m going into this launch. And since I recently this week, I did a lot of one on one calls. By the way, for those of you who are interested in one on one calls, if you go to work with me dot Alex, you can go and sign up for the waiting list. Normally, what I tend to do is just let my waiting list know when there’s available spots for coaching. But so yeah, this week, I’ve had a few coaching calls. And one of them in particular, she was talking to me about the fact that she wants to launch a brand new offering, like, in two weeks time, and I was like, Girl, oh my gosh, like, you can’t just launch something in two weeks time, she’s like, Yeah, I’m just gonna kind of, you know, throw it out there and see what happens. And it just reminded me that this is where I see so many entrepreneurs really shoot themselves in the foot. I mean this in the kindest way possible, when you have a product or you have a service, and you want to do the best with it that you possibly can, and you want to get it out to as many people as you possibly can. The way that you launch your product or service really, really, really matters. And so I’ll tell you guys, the exact same thing that I told her and it’s also very relevant for me right now is that the entire launch process, like leading up to launching your product service, and then actually asking for the sale, that should all feel like a really special experience for the person who is on the other elements, right. So for your ideal clients, you want them to be able to go on this journey with you. And you want to have thought about as much as you possibly can every single step along the way. So that’s why like this week has been so busy for me, I just flew back from New York City for an impromptu trip there. For those of you who don’t know, maybe don’t watch my Instagram stories, but my I tried to do a bank transfer when I was in Colombia, and it came up as suspicious activity. So they wanted me to come into a bank to prove my identity. So that’s why I ended up having to go to New York City. But these last few weeks have just been so busy, because we’re trying to get as much ready as we possibly can for this upcoming experience that I’m crafting and creating for all of you to double down on your DMS challenge, right. And a lot of people may look at me and be like, you’re crazy, you’re putting in so much effort and energy like way before the launch is even happening. And the reason why we do that is to try and make it so that we are we’re covering as many bases as possible. And we’re showing up to provide as much value as we possibly can. And so, obviously, like I say that and things are 100% not perfect and 100% not going to plan. This is Laura’s first launch with me since our previous launch together, which you would have heard in Episode 24. We spoke about when we launched feel good bonding together, which I believe was in 2013.

Or yeah, I think it was 2013 or maybe 2014. And so this is her first launch in the business with me. So she’s learning a lot as we go. I’m also like it just my normal self, when it comes to launch, I’m doing the best I possibly can. I’m really good at launches. And I think the reason I’m good at them is because I know the path that I want to take my audience on leading up to the sale. And I know how important it is to give them that experience where they really feel like, like they understand the value that I’m providing. And that’s what makes it safe for them to actually buy whatever it is that I have to offer for them. So I try to get as much done as I possibly can. But more often than not, most things don’t get done. Which then means it comes down to like really figuring out what are the essential things because I don’t want to have a perfect launch. Because a perfect launch is not possible. So really, it’s about figuring out like what are we capable of? And how can we push the boundaries without burning out? Super, super important. So for me right now, what that means is like literally trying to get through my to do list as quickly as I possibly can, without rushing things and without the quality of whatever it is that I’m offering actually being there. Does that make sense? So when I was on my coaching call, and I heard this girl and she was talking about how she was struggling with this launch, because well she doesn’t even know that she’s struggling with it. She was just saying that she was going to launch in two weeks, I was like girl, you need to give yourself some time. I started breaking down for her like the types of things that I’m thinking about during my launch. And I thought as I was telling her all of this, I was like this is perfect podcast content. So that’s what I want to talk to you guys about today, in large part is just launching what the launching process is like what you should be considering whether you’re releasing a new, maybe you’re doing one on one coaching or maybe you have a service that you offer, or maybe you have a product or maybe you have an event that you’re trying to get people to come to this launch formula can really be applied to a variety of different industries. So take what I’m saying I Ask yourself, if it doesn’t apply to you. How can you make it apply to you? I trust that all of the listeners hear all of the purpose seekers, you guys are intelligent human beings, you guys are 100% capable, I know that you can listen to what I’m saying and translate it. So don’t be lazy. Don’t hear what I’m saying and be like, Oh, that’s irrelevant to me. That’ll never work for me. Like, actually listen to what I’m saying. Try it, put it to us and see how it goes. Okay, so the first thing that you want to do before you launch something, is you want to start getting people excited about whatever it is that you’re launching. So for example, when I was launching Grand Slam, for months before, I’ve been telling people I’m working on grabs on Hey, guys, I’m over here, just doing some work on Grand Slam. Hey, guys, I’m coming out with this product very soon. I’m so excited to share it with you. Like just dropping little hints along the way, right? So this happens. And this is why I think it’s so important to get a good handle on Instagram stories, because Instagram Stories is such a natural way to communicate with your audience and drop hints and get people interested and excited without them even knowing that what you’re essentially doing is prepping them for the sale. Right. So just dropping those hands casually. And thing is you’re not lying, you’re not. You’re not tricking anyone into thinking you’re working on something when you’re not working on it, like you actually legit are working on it. And you’re just sharing, you’re just letting people in behind the scenes. So as you’re going through your day, ask yourself like what is something that I can let people in behind the scenes to kind of spark a little bit of anticipation and excitement. Another thing I did that worked really well for Grand Slam is I don’t know if you guys remember this, but on my Instagram stories, I basically, I let you guys pick the name of the course. So I narrowed it down to I think four different names. And I was like, send me a direct message and let me know which name do you think is the best. And we did a whole voting process. And that’s how I came to the Grand Slam. I actually was not like Grand Slam was not one of my personal favorites. Like, that was not a name that I wanted to choose. I put it out to you guys. And you guys chose overwhelmingly Graham Cena, which is oftentimes why it’s so good to pull your audience because many times we think we know best we think we know what our audience wants, but open up that conversation with them. And not only are you building up anticipation, but you are also educating yourself on what’s going to convert better and what’s going to do better. So that’s a really interesting thing to do as well as actually use them as a part of the process. What question can you ask them to help make them feel like they’re contributing, like they had something to do with this with this product or service or offering. So that’s the first thing. The next thing is you want to think of something that you can do that’s going to give them a taste of what it is that you offer. So before people make a purchasing decision, really what’s going on in their head is Is this something that I want? Is it something that I need? How is this going to affect my life? So in other words, what transformation will I have when you look back and you think of the last three major purchases that you that you made and it may not have to be major like maybe it was just the three last little purchases that you make? What were the feelings behind each and every single one of those purchases? Right so I just went to Sephora, I needed some new foundation and concealer and I ended up buying this awesome Fenty lip gloss camera, what it’s called, but basically the Rihanna brand of makeup and I was like Oh, I really want to try her lip gloss. So I bought it looking at a purchase like that and asking yourself like where did it Where did my knowledge of this product come from? Why do I feel like I want to try this? And looking back it’s because of a mixture of things. Number one I’ve heard I’ve seen on Brianna’s Instagram stories I see her putting on this lips this lip box all the time, and I think it looks so good on her so there was a curiosity of like, what would it look like on me. I’ve also read like a lot of articles that talk about the shade and basically say how this one lipgloss looks good on a variety of different skin colors, different types of people like it she literally has one lip gloss and the reason being that it looks good on everyone. So it’s almost like a challenge. Like I want to see what it looks like on me I want to see if it looks good on me. I want to see if this is the one lip gloss that I need and go no further because let’s be honest, I don’t like wearing the gloves right? Also the sticky factor like that when you try on. For me I don’t like wearing lip gloss because it’s super sticky. And I like that this one does not feel as sticky and like just not fun to have on your lip. So going through the process of why did I decide to buy this lip gloss and then really breaking it down and asking yourself okay, what are all three of those things? So the objection I had an objection I don’t want my lip gloss to be sticky. So when I tried it on I was really asking myself is this sticky? You know and I first I put a lot on when I tried on the the lip gloss in the store. And I was like it does feel a little bit sticky. Like I’m not sure if I want to wear this. And then the person helping me was like okay, But what if you tried like, just putting a little bit on, so I took it off, and then I just put a little bit on, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is perfect. It doesn’t feel too sticky. It feels like I really like the shade. I was able to try it on in the store. And that’s what ultimately, like, yes, the the anticipation and the tips from friends and whatever, like those things definitely had an influence on me getting to that stage. But then once I got to that stage, it was really like, am I going to use this? You know, is this a good experience that I’m having in this test phase? And that’s what that’s the experience that you want to create for your clients before they buy your new product or service. You want them to have that test phase, right? Where they’re like, is this a good fit for me, it’s not a good fit for me. So. And what’s interesting as well about the test phase is a lot of times, or at least the way that I do it is that they might not even know that I’m leading them up to a sale. I’ve basically pitch something to them. And they’re like, oh, I want to give that a try. I want to try it out. They go through it. They’re like yes, this is awesome. I’m ready for the next step. And then I offer them the sale. Right. So in that way, it’s a little bit different than the Fenty beauty experience. But like I said, we all need to take this and convert it so that it fits whatever industry that we’re in. Right. So in my case, I have a an online course called Grand Slam. It’s a very short, bite sized, but super detailed course on how to create Instagram stories that make you stand out from the crowd that allow you to build your brand and your influence and your authority online. And really, the focus is on being able to tell your brand story and your brand message in a way that makes it feel addictive to keep watching your stories and feel invested in your journey, right. Because when we have people who are invested in our journey, they’re way more likely to pay attention to what we’re saying they’re way more likely to actually want to buy from us because they already know like, and trust us. So that’s what my course is all about.

Hi, Friends brief interruption into the middle of my very own podcast to let you know and remind you that the double down on your DMS challenge is starting on October the eighth. Please take a moment to write that down on your calendar. Because trust me when I say if you want to up your authority and your influence on Instagram and build a strong brand over there, this is a challenge you don’t want to miss, you can sign up 100% for free over at Graham forward slash podcast, I’ve been working so hard behind the scenes on everything that you’re going to receive in this challenge. Like I said, every day for five days, you’re going to be receiving a small but doable challenge from yours truly, that has to do with your Instagram stories. And the whole goal is that we’re going to be boosting your direct messages. So definitely you’ll learn something from it no matter what I’m making this to be as jam packed with value as I possibly can head on over to Graham forward slash podcast to sign up for free. And I will see you guys on October 8. Okay, now back to the podcast carry on. Now, in order to get people to understand that I’m good at what I do, I want to create a free experience for them so that they can try it on so to say, right, so in this case, what I’ve done is I’ve created this five day challenge to double down on your DMS challenge, right. And this experience is a free five day experience, where I’m basically going to pour my heart and soul into giving them the best time of their lives that their internet, Instagram story lives. I want them to see results. I want them to be a part of the community like I want them to really have such an epic time with this challenge that number one, it’s unforgettable. Number two, it changes their business regardless of if they ever decide to buy from you or not. And number three, they walk away feeling like wow, Alex Beadon gave me so much value 100% for free respect, right? That’s really the reason behind why I do and create these free challenges and experiences. I do them at least a few times a year, every single year because I want people to know that I know what I’m talking about. And I don’t want them to just take my word for it. I want them to experience it. So the hope is that they will go through this experience. They’ll go through the five day free Instagram story engagement challenge, they’ll feel the power of having more knowledge in their mind. They’ll know what it’s like to work with me, they’ll get a taste of what to expect in Grand Slam that by the time the challenge is done. They’re ready to join Grand Slam they can see the benefit. I don’t have to convince them anymore because they’ve already experienced it. So when you look at your industry, really ask yourself how can I make this apply to me? How can I give people an experience of what But my cupcakes are like, How can I give people an experience of what my videography is like, and that’s going to look different for each and every single person. But the important parts is that you understand that you want your clients to feel like they got free value, you want them to feel like you gave them something, that there’s that reciprocity factor, right? You gave them something, and now they’re more likely to say, yes, I want to hire you. Okay, so for me, that’s the challenge that’s experienced that I give everyone online. Now, before the before that challenge even happens, I’m building up momentum and excitement. So about three weeks before the challenge, I started saying, Guys, Something’s coming. Something super exciting. Keep an eye out for it. About two weeks before the challenge. I’m like, Guys, the challenge is happening, you can sign up for free here, tell your friends, and I start building that buzz and momentum. Right. And then about a week before, so right now, as you’re listening to this, we’re about a week before, if you’re interested in launching, really start paying attention to my posts. So watch and learn. Because what I’m doing this week is really just educating people and preparing people to understand that investing in their Instagram stories, and investing and creating meaningful relationships with people online through through their DMS is very worthwhile. And I will do it in subtle ways. I will do it through storytelling on my feet, I will do it through talking to them in my Instagram stories, or maybe through an Instagram story live to me Instagram is like my home hub. So that’s where I’m at. If you’re on Facebook, you can make it work there too. But you just want to prepare people and ask yourself, what are the fears that people are going to have going into this challenge? How can I address those so people are excited and not fearful? So one of the fears might be and I’ve had a few people message me this if I don’t have a big enough following for on Instagram, is this challenge still going to be applicable and helpful to me? And the answer to that is yes, absolutely 100% Because regardless of how many people are watching your story, you need to be able to learn how to have those conversations with your ideal clients, how you can start attracting those ideal clients is by actually positioning yourself as someone who’s having those conversations, even if right now you’re having zero conversations, a lot of times I have clients come to me, and they’re like, they don’t really have that much of a following. And the content that they put out there doesn’t get that much of a response. And I’m like, Yeah, that’s because most of the people following you are your friends, they’re supporting your new business. They’re not your ideal clients. And they’re afraid to reach out to you and respond to your, your polls and your direct messages and your questions. Because it’s not, it’s not cool to be like too deeply invested and to be vulnerable, and to put yourself out there and show someone that you’re watching them, that can be a really intimidating thing. So in order to make that more and more accessible, and in order to attract people who are not your friends, and who are actually your ideal clients. And so in order to get ideal clients to actually start speaking to you, what we need to do is show them that this is a safe environment in which I actually embrace conversation. And in which I actually encourage conversation between you and me. That way people feel so much more safe when they actually come around to having that conversation with you on Instagram. Right? So I want people to know and understand that you’re gonna see a lot of my contents will be revolved around issues like that, where it’s not necessarily directly me sitting there being like Georgia challenge during the challenge during the challenge. But I’m going to be slowly but surely breaking down whatever objections people may have to joining the challenge. So you might, you might hear me talk about like, you know, if you don’t think you have enough time, here’s why you definitely do have enough time. It’s not going to take more than X amount of time per day, etc, etc. So really just like prepping your audience, making sure they know something’s coming up. And this you know, even for events, if you’re hosting an event, this is something that’s so important. I think so many people are afraid to use social media and to use these tools to actually get people excited in the know about what’s happening. And it’s a real shame, because what ends up happening is like this same girl was on a coaching call with, she will end up launching, and if she launches in two weeks, like she plans to do, you know, she’s not going to do as well as if she had implemented all of these three strategies, right? So this is the type of stuff I mean, as you can tell, I can talk about this forever and ever. And depending on what your business is, there’s so many different strategies that you can apply. And there’s no one size fits all. I’ll repeat that there is no one size fits all, which is why it’s so important to really know what you’re doing so that you can apply these strategies and tips and tools in a way that works for you and your audience. For a way It works for you and your clients. So keep that in mind when you’re launching. And also know that like, it takes launching multiple times, in order to really start learning how to do it right, don’t be afraid to mess it up. Don’t be afraid to have a launch that failed.

Because as long as you’re launching and you’re learning, you’re good to go, something I would highly recommend actually guys. There’s a man called Jeff Walker, and he has a product called Product Launch Formula. And it’s a fantastic framework for for launching. So if you’re interested in learning more about that, definitely go check him out. I highly recommend him he’s, he’s how I actually am teaching Laura how to launch I’m like, Okay, this is a really good place to start. Another thing I want to bring up that might not be applicable to all of you, it’s particularly applicable to those of you who are trying to sell coaching or trying to sell, you know, one on one or anything like that maybe online products don’t focus so much on getting actually a day back. This can apply to anyone, don’t focus so much on getting more and more and more and more and more and more followers and leads, etc. If you’re not already converting your existing followers and leads. This was actually a point that was brought up recently to me by Amanda bond, who is my Facebook ads queen and expert and I adore her, you should definitely go check her out Amanda bond. She was actually in the spark lounge with me, which is like my little mastermind group. And it was really interesting, because she was talking about how people have such an obsession with growing their numbers more and more and more and more and more. She’s like, what people have not yet figured out how to actually convert what they already have. So she’s like, basically, there’s no point in spending money on Facebook ads, there’s no point in obsessing over your Instagram followers and growing, growing, growing, if you’re not already converting the people that you already have into sales. So this like all of this launching stuff, I can tell a lot of people it sounds really, it sounds really unsexy. And it sounds like something that’s not fun. And it sounds like oh, there’s so much to learn. There’s so much to do. But it’s like yeah, but once you figure it out, like you can actually just this the system and the framework becomes so back of mind that you can start having fun with it and be creative with it. And you you don’t feel bogged down by it because you know that it works and you know that, that you’re communicating effectively, everything that you need to communicate in order to get people to ultimately be able to best decide if the product or service you’re offering is a good fit for them or not. So before I know a lot of you guys are probably like any more followers than me more this no focus on the quality of content that you’re putting out to your existing followers, and learn how to convert your existing followers. That’s my two cents on that. So as I mentioned, I went to New York City this week. I had an amazing time, I got to see my cousin, I got to see a lot of Nick’s family, we got to spend time with Laura and Scott, we got to meet xhale Laura’s new dog. And also I got to see Laura’s apartment for the first time since she moved and it was super comfortable. Laura has the best shower on planet Earth hashtag best shower on planet earth. Because it just is like that it has so much pressure and has a nice temperature. I don’t know why I felt like I had to bring that up. I just did I love brainstorming in the shower. I love doing visualizations in the shower. And that challenge is such a great shower. So goals, get a shower like that one day. But anyway, the point of me bringing this up is that when I was in New York City, we hosted a New York City meetup, which was so much fun. The last time I did this was two years ago, I think I believe was April 2016. And I did it in New York City. And it was so much fun to meet people who have been following my journey and seeing my content and really just being a part of my community for the last who knows how long. And so this time, I think we had about 16 people show up, which was absolutely amazing. Because I think the last time we had about six people show up. And so it was just surprising to see that there were more people there this time. It was incredible to get to actually talk to these women. And don’t worry for the men listening, we do have a very small percentage of men in the Alex Beadon community. You are very, very welcomed here. But this time it was just all women. And I got to speak to each every single person and hear their stories and hear what they’re working on and hear their struggles. And it was really cool because we got to do like a hot seat session where like, well, there was a two hour time period so everyone didn’t get a hot seat but it was really nice seeing the women come together and support each other. And now they are all connected in New York City which is amazing. And so to be able to have that experience with them, and to be able to connect with them and and just on See, there’s nothing better than taking the everything that you’re working on online and actually seeing it all come together offline. So that really inspired me. And since that meet up in New York City, I’m now thinking, dude, every single time I travel, I should make this happen, which is a lot of times easier said than done. I always like to have an assistant there. So in this case, Laura was my fabulous assistant. And she really organized everything, and she was there as like, moral support on the day. And so I think, because Maura is in New York City, that’s why I’ve always done it in New York City. But really, I should just do it every single time I travel. So now I’m in Trinidad, I’m thinking, if you’re listening to this podcast, and you are interested in a meetup, definitely send me a message on Instagram, and let me know that you’re interested, I think what we’ll do is start putting together a list of people in Trinidad because that will definitely be the next meetup that we have happen. So just the thought of me, I’ve already spoken to so many people in Trinidad in like, in my DMs on Instagram, and I already have a relationship with these people. And so the thought of like, actually meeting these people in real life is just really exciting. And then for all of them to get to meet each other is awesome. So that is my update on the meetup. It was truly wonderful. And really, it just like, completely reminded me and put me straight back into the purpose of why I do what I do. And that is because I believe in entrepreneurship. And I believe in the power of entrepreneurship. There’s nothing more freeing than being 100% financially independent. And I believe that that is what entrepreneurship does. For so many people, it’s not the best move for every single person. But for those who feel it in their heart, and for those who feel the calling, I feel like my purpose is that I’m here to help support those people. So it’s just so wonderful to meet these people in actual person. It was amazing. Okay, what else can I share with you this week and boundaries? So interestingly enough, when we were at the meetup in New York City, someone in the group asked me a question, because at one point, we did like a little q&a, it unintentionally turned into a q&a session with Alex, which I absolutely loved. And someone asked, how many direct messages do you get every day? And I was like, Oh, I probably got like, I honestly, I didn’t know the answer to the question. But I was like, if I have to guess I’d say it’s probably about 40. And I looked at Laura. And I was like, That sounds about right. Yeah. And she was like, Yeah, that sounds about right. So when I got home, I was like, I wonder how many I do get, and I checked, and I actually get, like, 80 plus every single day. The problem is that I’m responding to them all throughout the day. So basically, if I ever post to Instagram, I feel like people have seen me online. So I should respond to their messages. And the girl who asked me this question, I believe it was Ali. But I could be wrong. And it was someone who asked me this question. She’s basically like, just gonna take up a lot of your time, you know, do you find it distracting? And I was like, Nah, I love it. Like, I think it’s great. I really don’t mind doing it. I don’t find it a distraction at all. But she planted this thought in my head. And I started to just be more self aware around it and actually ask myself, like, is this distracting? And so this week, I decided since realizing that I actually got way more direct messages than I thought I get. I’m starting to implement something where I don’t reply right away, I reply during a specific period of time, because what ends up happening is sometimes I’ll get a message, like, a lot of my messages are short and sweet. And they just reply, they just require a short reply for me like a thank you, or a heart or whatever. And those are fine. But sometimes I get messages that are super long, that require a lot of thought and energy. And that in that moment, I’m just like, I don’t have the time to actually sit down and write a response to that person. So what ends up happening is I’m like, Okay, I’ll come back to them. And oftentimes, I forget to come back. And so I think that putting this boundary in place, I mean, like, Okay, I’m only going to check my direct messages and respond when I know that I have 30 minutes to dedicate to it solely. So I’m no longer going to be checking direct messages, like in the middle of the day, that might change during the launch, just because obviously, I want to be as responsive as possible. And that’s really what I did to dedicate launch time to. But otherwise, yeah, I definitely need to set that boundary. And I’m so grateful that someone brought it to my attention because I was not even aware. So I want to encourage you guys this week to really shine some awareness on where you’re spending your time. And if there’s anything you’re spending your time on. That is maybe a little distracting. Or maybe you’re doing it like haphazardly throughout the day. Is there a way for you to set a boundary so that you can be more experienced specific about when you get this thing done? Because it has really made a big difference to me. It’s made me realize I get way more DMS that I’m aware of. Because now they they actually add up and it’s made me realize that to respond to everyone out actually takes a significant amount of time. So I might as well do it all at once and be focused on that then do it like, interspersed throughout the day. Other than that, what

has been going on for me this week? I’m sure you guys, if you’re in the United States, for sure you’ve been hearing about this. I’ve been speaking to a lot of people who haven’t heard about this. And maybe you haven’t, I’m not sure if you’re international, you might not have heard about this. But Brett Kavanaugh, and Christine Blasi Ford and that entire I want to call it a saga. I I’m just I’ve been so moved by it this week. So moved. I am of course I know everyone’s like innocent until proven guilty. But I listened to this woman’s testimonial. And every part of my body just ached for her and for women around the world, because this is such a big moment of it being safe to tell your truth. And towards us moving closer to it beings even more safe to tell your truth. Because even today, it’s not 100% safe to tell you’re like we’re at the brink of this of this breaking point in in at least American history. And so it’s very, very exciting to witness and especially as a woman and you know, having more power in the workplace and having more equality. And this is I just feel like a really interesting piece of news to keep an eye on and to just see and watch how it unfolds and to be able to witness our own reactions, and to try to be non judgmental and non biased and to hear other people’s opinions with respect, and patience. And I just think it’s a really difficult time. And it’s also a really beautiful time. I listened to her and I was just like, wow, what bravery. And wow, she’s she’s definitely someone who I’m looking at two big time this week. And so I just had to share it here on the podcast, I know that there’s probably a lot of you guys who are feeling this way too, and who maybe you’ve been feeling, you know, one way or the other. But Ah, wow, I’m mad respect for her for standing up and telling her truth and for for really blazing the path for so many women to do the same. It bothers me so much. Because I know that there are so many instances. And this is the problem with not talking about it and not speaking your truth. When we brush these things under the rug. We’re telling the world essentially that it’s okay for these things to happen. And so that’s why I think it’s so important to speak about it and to say something and to really start making it not okay for these things to happen. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go and look up at it. Just Google Christine Blasi Ford, and it will for sure come up or Google Brett Kavanaugh and it will for sure come up. I would highly recommend and actually this brings me on quite swiftly to my last segment of the podcast where I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favorite finds this week. So I’ve Oh, this isn’t actually a favorite find this week. But this is something I want to share with you guys this week, because I’ve been listening to it a lot this week. And it’s it’s a podcast called the daily. So if you just go into your podcast app and search for the daily, it’s pretty much a breakdown of American politics. News, what’s going on, it’s not super International. But it’s still very informational and educational. And I like to be kept up to speed with what’s going on in the US because it does affect so much of the international world, whether we like it or not. And so for me, it’s been a really great resource. I love that it’s presented in such or what I consider to be such an unbiased way, I never really feel like the host is trying to sway me in one side or another, he really does a good job of telling both sides of the story. And so I’ve been listening to the dailies coverage of this entire trial. I also watched parts of the trial as much as I could on that particular day. And so yeah, I think that’s definitely something you should look into, especially if you live in the US these episodes will really help keep you up to speed and help keep you informed. I think it’s so important to be informed. So important. And I know sometimes the news can feel overwhelming. But I think for me where I’m at in my life right now as this version of Alex Beadon. I want to be informed and I want to take responsibility for knowing what’s happening in the world so that I can actually have a say, and if you don’t know what’s going on, then you can’t have a say. Right. So that’s just one resource for you to check out that I think you guys would really enjoy another resource. This is a podcast that I’m loving. It’s called Am I allowed to like anything by Darien Simone Harvin? This girl is having some epic conversations about so many different topics. I absolutely love it. Like I just love her interview style. I love the wide array of topics that she’s talking about. She really covers lifestyle, culture, race, really, really interesting. And what I love about her podcast is that it’s more lifestyle oriented. So guys, when you’re listening to podcast, what you really want to be asking yourself is like, what do I want to feed my brain? Probably for a lot of you guys right now, business podcasts are where it’s at, like you’re trying to soak in as much as you possibly can. But I would encourage you to throw in like, and I think this podcast is a good example. Like I really try for it not to be 100% business, because I want you to understand that your life is more than just your business, even though your business really does matter to you. And you are on the path of achieving your next business goal. It’s about that mixture and that balance. So I hope I do a good job of that. But you should also be listening and consuming content that’s not 100% business related. So find a good Lifestyle podcast to follow and keep up with I think is, is just so much fun. And it’s a really nourishing thing to have in real life as well. Hey, friends, a quick interruption to today’s episode to remind you that you’re running out of time to sign up for my free five day Instagram Stories challenge. It’s called double down on your DMS. And it was designed to challenge you to focus on creating epic Instagram stories every day for five days to boost your engagement. I run these challenges very rarely throughout the year. And people are always upset to miss them. 1000s of entrepreneurs are going to be taking part in this together, it’s going to be an epic opportunity for you. So do not put this off, you can sign up for 100% Free at ground dash forward slash podcast. See you there. Another thing that I’ve been enjoying this week that I discovered is a brand new app. And what’s funny is I actually when we’re in New York City, we went out to brunch with Nick’s family. And his cousin who I believe is 16 years old, I was talking to her we have so much in common. It’s It’s uncanny. Like, I just love talking to her and hearing what what she thinks is cool and what’s not cool. And she gave me this app, which I think I’ve heard it before, but I didn’t like it at the time, I didn’t really give it a full chance. And she was like try it out. And let me know what you think. And I just think it is so good. It’s called cu G and it basically is like a, you know, those old disposable cameras that used to be super popular before we all carried a camera almost 24/7 with our phone. It’s basically supposed to be mimicking that. So you take a picture in the app, and it develops, I’m doing air quotes here and develops the picture. And it just gives it a really cool edit and a really cool look. And so I recommend you checking out that if you’re looking for a way to take pictures that have a cool feel, without a lot of effort, it’s a great option. And then last but not least, there is a tool that Laura and I have been obsessed with this week. And it’s called proof.

If you know anything about marketing, if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love social proof. I love being able to use other people’s testimonials as a way to show the world that I’m trustworthy. And that I know what I’m talking about, right? So whenever you have people who can back you up, or whenever there’s a way to show that other people are involved, use it to your advantage. So for example, what this app or what this tool does is it connects to your website. And basically any single time that anyone buys a little basically it basically alerts the system. And then the next time someone visits your sales page, something pops up that says, hey, Lindsay in Tampa bought this five hours ago. So you can see the last time someone bought it, it gives you that sense of like, oh, other people are buying this and they’re buying it quite regularly. So this must be a safe thing for me to buy. Just adding that next layer of trust, right, so we’ve been loving proof. You can also use it on your opt in pages, which is so freakin cool. So that people can see oh, so on. So sign up three minutes ago. That’s awesome. So that’s definitely something for you to check out as well. Other than that, we’ve reached the end of today’s episode. I’m so excited for next week. There’s only seven days left until the double down on your DMS challenge. It is going to be a life changing experience. Like I said, I pour my heart and soul into making these experiences one of a kind and to make sure that you walk away with so much free value that whether you buy grabbed some at the end of it or not, you still feel like that was way worth your time. And I feel confident in saying that I’m quite known for that. So if you haven’t signed up for the challenge yet, it’s 100% free, and you can sign up over at Graham Dodd forward slash podcast, right. And like I said, it’s 100%, free Graham forward slash podcast. When you sign up, you’re going to get an email that says thanks for signing up. And then you will for sure get all of the email notifications on day 1234 And five. Please note that if you’re already on my email list, you still need to sign up. Because I’m not going to be sending this challenge out to everyone. I really want to make it exclusive to those who take the action to sign up for it. So if you’re interested, make sure you sign up Graham forward slash Podcast. I’m so excited. There’s also going to be a public Facebook group. So make sure that when you join you when you sign up for free for the for the challenge. In the email, it gives you the link to the Facebook group. So go and sign up there. Guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you did, as usual, please leave me a message on Instagram, send me a DM Alex Beadon. And of course, come on over to Apple iTunes on the podcast and leave me a review your reviews really help to support the show. So head on over and leave a rating or review. Let us know what you think. I really appreciate you listening and I hope you have an epic rest of your week.

Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. If you enjoyed it, I would love for you to give me a shout-out on your Instagram story or anywhere. Just letting me know what your biggest takeaway was. You guys have no idea how helpful and useful it is for me. When you message me telling me what your aha moments were telling me what it is that you took away from the podcast. It helps me understand what is most valuable to you. And it helps me understand how I can be of the highest service to you. So if you could take two minutes to do that, I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope to hear from you over on Instagram. You can find me at Alex Beadon, and I will talk to you again very soon. Bye

#014 – Turning Life Experiences Into A Profitable Business with Ashae Sundara (previously Carly Gross)

Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle in your path is YOURSELF.

Carly Gross came to this realization in her own journey of self-discovery and it has become a driving force in her life ever since.

“Break that barrier and tell people what is possible.”

Being a relationship and sexual empowerment coach, Carly has been helping women take charge of their identity by activating their higher self, breaking sexual taboos and transforming energies. Her awakening journey taps into the rawest form of self and is unapologetic about it.

But she wasn’t always the voice of sensual awakening. Follow along as Carly details her own evolution of experiences, how she went from working in a vegan restaurant to enriching the lives of women around the world through her business of ecstatic living.

“…I really value bringing wisdom around sexuality, sex and relationships because I think it is such an easy way for us to evolve…”

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • How to get excited when it comes to your business
  • How de-stressing can clarify your goals
  • The effect of self-love on entrepreneurship
  • Why staying true to yourself matters

Get excited with Carly:

IG: @ashaesundara

Transcript Available Below

Alex Beadon 0:00
This is episode number 14 of on purpose with Alex Beadon. In this episode, I speak to Carly Gross who now goes by Ashae Sundara. On how to get excited when it comes to your business how de-stress defying can clarify your goals, the effect of self-love on entrepreneurship, and why staying true to yourself really matters. Welcome to on purpose. Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance it all, nourishing your health while growing your business and living a life well lived? And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip from purpose-driven into autopilot. Take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

Unknown Speaker 0:53
Hey, friends,

Alex Beadon 0:54
I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode podcast number 14 with Carly Gross. Fun fact, a few days after we recorded this podcast, she officially changed her name to Ashae Sundara meaning this was the last interview she ever did as Carly gross, which is just phenomenal. This is a woman who impresses me spiritually and entrepreneurially. She calls herself a sensuality and love coach and I’ve been lucky enough to have spent quality time with her in real life and get to know her on a personal level. She is someone I absolutely love and cherish. And I think you’re gonna get a lot from this podcast episode on how to bring your true self into your business, and how to create offerings that truly light you up and get you excited. Take a listen. And I hope you love it as much as I do. Carly, thank you so much for joining us here on my podcast. Welcome.

Carly Gross 1:49
Thank you so much. So excited to be here, especially with you. And I know whoever you attract into your space is amazing magic,

Alex Beadon 1:57
all good vibes, people. So my first question for you is, what do you find most nourishing about having your own business?

Carly Gross 2:07
Huh? Wow, definitely the freedom to create my schedule my life where I live, what time I wake up, like really just openness. And for me, the path has always been about my path of like healing and awakening and coming into more of myself into more of just my passions, why I’m here on this planet. And it’s really given me the freedom to explore that. Because without that freedom, there was less time and less opportunity for me to really go Okay, wait, who am I? Why am I here? What do I like? What am I passionate about? What what matters most to me. And so really that journey, and then the daily commitment to my business, but also commitment to that path of understanding myself. And what I need to thrive is ultimately the most free. Yeah.

Alex Beadon 3:11
And I have to say, I love that so much about you like what I think about the first time that I met you, which was back in I think we decided 2014 Maybe when we met for the very first time. You’ve gone through so many transformations since then. And I love that about you like you don’t seem to hold on to any like labels, titles or like any sort of boxes that anyone could fit you in. Today. I was at the dinner table with my family. And they were like, so who are you interviewing today? And I was like, Carly. And they’re like, Well, what does she do? And like she does many things into a box. So I would love for you to kind of take us through that journey of like, how you got started on this entrepreneurial path. Where are you started? What the shifts have been? Take us with you? Yes, absolutely.

Carly Gross 4:02
So it started when I was in college, I was studying health education. And I remember sitting in class and just feeling as if bringing, like, going into the path that they kind of laid out for us. I remember thinking there’s no way there’s just no way. And at the time, I was just blogging vegan recipes because I was just passionate passionate about it. It was my life. And then ultimately, when I started fully doing a lot of healing work on myself because I got sick and college I had to go through all these cleansing processes and I was studying nutrition. And I thought why don’t I just put an offer online why don’t I just say that I can help people in this way. And so I started just experimenting honestly. And I started posting on Instagram and posting on Facebook and making YouTube videos here and there and and

Alex Beadon 5:00
sweet pause before you move forward. I’ve a follow up question on that. So you were blogging first I remember that you had it was called something else. What was it called?

Carly Gross 5:08
It’s called culinary karma. Yes.

Alex Beadon 5:12
We’ll never forget like, I can’t remember if it was after I met you in person or before I met you in person, but I will never forget starting to read your like writings, you were writing about food and about the body. And I was like, Oh my gosh, like, talk about alarm bells in my body. Like, this woman is amazing. I just loved what you were writing. I’m pretty sure I messaged you as well. And I was like, Dude, you are just on to something like keep going. Yeah. So you were you started blogging first. And then you decided to like maybe put an offer out there, or you decided to do your brother first?

Carly Gross 5:48
Yeah, I started blogging first, just out of fun. And when I was about 17, and I, and then I just realized that I loved writing, and I loved sharing, and I loved getting responses from people. And I was oh, okay, there’s, there’s a communication going here, there’s actually and then I started feeling a sense of responsibility almost to it, because I would get people who would be really valuing what I was putting out there. And it was, at that point, before I had a business now I would set now I have a business right before I had this. And I was just kind of in that phase, it was learning about expression really learning about oh, what what do I have inside not just what I studied in school, but what is my journey of life that I can share that I can give to other people to encourage maybe their own understanding of themselves? And how might that serve. And so it was really beautiful learning about expression, learning about releasing wisdom that, that I have, right, so for anyone who’s starting this path, you’re gonna soon realize, or you’ve already realized that it’s almost like your life is not for you. It’s, it’s you, I really started to believe that my experience is my challenges, my pains, my Bliss is my ecstasy is all of it was not for me, it was so that I could share and bring that wisdom forward. So that’s really why over the years, so much has changed in my business, because I allow that expression to naturally unfold. And I go through processes where I’m releasing, who I thought it was, and, you know, stop putting myself in boxes like next I started working with women on body image, and women who were coming out of or who had eating disorders, because that was part of my path. And then then I started, you know, and then it moved from there. And then I started working with women who wanted to be coaches, but they didn’t have confidence to really speak their place. And so it’s really just been a migration of what I call now just activating your highest self and moving into your most empowered state of being. And right now where I’m at is that I really value bringing wisdom through around sexuality and sex and relationship because I think that it’s such an easy way for us to evolve and to, we can work on ourselves a lot and step into more of our confidence and power in that place. And so, right now, that’s definitely it’s definitely my highest sort of service or mission that I really, especially because it’s not talked about much, and I feel like my soul is just like, break that barrier and tell people what is possible.

Alex Beadon 8:52
Yeah, yeah, for sure. And that’s one of the things I love the most about you as well. And that I think your queen art is like, you just show up as you like, you are just whatever is in there, you’re expressing it and you’re like, whether you like it or not, it’s a whole lot of your problems. Like I feel like this is what needs to come out. And that’s what and you can just feel the I know so many people hate the word authenticity, but you can feel the authenticity in every single thing that you put out, which is why I just absolutely love following you online. I think you’re such a breath of fresh air. I just love it so so much.

Carly Gross 9:31
Thank you. I really believe that we’re shifting especially in 2018 I feel like we’re shifting out of the culture that you need to be a PhD expert that in an adult like put yourself on such a high thing and rather say this is me. This is what I know. This is what I do in my personal life. This is my results and if you want to join then beautiful great I will I want to support you on that path. And that’s really where I lead from because it feels more heart centered to me, and it feels more. I guess, I don’t really use the word authentic either, because I don’t know. But it just feels more inviting to people. Yeah, I don’t, I never wanted to be the type of person that was kind of like, I’m here, and you’re over there, you’re over there. And like, you need to get up to where I’m at is no, it’s just, we’re equals here, and we’re all supporting each other. We all have different gifts, right? Like you are a master at certain things. I am a master at certain things. And we get to support and share each other. And I think that that’s really like the economy of entrepreneurship that we’re moving forward into where we’re not putting, it’s no longer about putting people on pedestals. And it’s really just about feeling who were resonating with us. And that’s the power of, of social media and of these different platforms in which we can show up as ourselves or show up and share. And people can decide for themselves does this? Does this resonate with me? Hmm,

Alex Beadon 11:17
I love that so much. I love to use the word resonate, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s like, either you resonate with me or you don’t. And it’s cool either way, but I just love how you show up so powerfully, it’s so good. So I’d love for you to share with us the journey that you’ve had as a business owner, and what it’s been like for you first coming out and knowing that that was what you wanted to do. And maybe not necessarily knowing what to do or how to get money through the door. What does that journey been like for you?

Carly Gross 11:47
So I would say the first two years of my business, my business was a hobby. It was I was calling it a business. But I didn’t feel like it was a business because it wasn’t a business. It was really just expressing and I had a couple clients here and there. But it wasn’t sustainable. It wasn’t consistent. And so I really struggled for the first two years because what ended up happening was, I would be all in and then one day something would feel off. And I would start second guessing myself and I would go maybe this isn’t the path for me, maybe I’m not meant for this, maybe you know, that person can do it. But I can’t do that. And I had a lot of blocks in my throat chakra. And I was just like, I cannot no one wants to hear my voice. And I had all of these self doubts come up. And what I realized in doing a lot of personal development work was that none of that was true. That was all ego. That was all fear. That was all fake. And what was true was the heart knowing. And so if you’re listening to this, and you have that passion, you have that heart knowing you know, you have that gift, you know that you have something that you’re meant to bring for us, like nothing on the outside can or should be able to stop you. And if it is then it’s about clearing all of that away. So for me, I finally made I was in it for two years there and then I gave up one day and I was just like, I don’t think I can do this. And I started making smoothies at a vegan restaurant. I swear. After two weeks, I said, Oh, no, no, no, no. No way. There is no way I commit to this path. And once I commit fully and I said I’m not letting any of that fear. Get in the way. I’m not letting my ego not letting that voice. I’m not letting the how people are going to view me what they’re going to say what my family is going to say none of that. I’m not going to let that scare me anymore. I’m committed. And from that day on, it’s been incredible. It’s been amazing. I launched after I quit that job. I launched my first group program and sold I said there’s going to be 15 women, there were 15 Women like sold and then I’ve just been creating from there and it’s been scary and challenging, but absolutely beautiful. Evolutionary and AI has been one of the fastest path to really stepping into more of myself and my confidence and my ability to really be the creator of my own reality, which is one of the biggest blessings that this path has is that it really shows you that if you really want something that you can have it I would say there’s many on my person Don’t pack there were many segments of okay, so I launched my first group course and it was successful, and then going through the process of like, okay, now I’m going to charge more. And like going through all these different passageways, right rites of passage, if you will, where I, it’s, it’s like that first one told me, okay, I can do this, the second one told me, Oh, wait, I really got this. The third time was like, Oh, this is my life. And it’s humbling and tumbling from there. But I think that people need to know that the first few times, it will feel as if I don’t know if this I don’t know, if I’m meant for this, I don’t know if I can do this. I’m not all of those fears, they will arise. And we have to have the courage and the skill to come and center ourselves and remind ourselves that it’s a process of becoming. And now, if I did it differently, now I would have join, like had more mentors, join my courses, kind of like took more action toward it. Because the first few years, I felt like, oh, I’ll just make this blog post and make an offer. And people get it. And I didn’t really have the back and skill knowledge tools to make it really work.

Alex Beadon 16:29
And that’s really interesting that you ended with that, because my follow up question was going to be you mentioned at the beginning that one of the big turning points for you was really just committing to it and may like, this is this is going to be my life, I’m going to make this happen no matter what. So my question was going to be okay, so you’ve committed, you’re like mentally in the right place, you’ve gotten rid of all your blocks, you feel like you’re in this good energetic space? Was it also a difference in the action steps that you were taking? Or do you feel like you were doing the same action steps, but because you had a different mindset things were different? Or is it because you had a different mindset? So then you felt more confident to actually take the right action steps?

Carly Gross 17:11
Yeah, I think it’s a little bit of both. Personally, I think that the mindset and energetics are definitely the first thing because when that was in place, I could wake up and first thing in the morning, I was excited, I was accepted. I didn’t think, oh, is anyone going to like my thing today? Or comment? Or like, sign up is more? How can I serve? What do I get to do today? Who do I get to like, it brought an empowerment to it. And from that ace, then I started getting more downloads and knowing this, okay, I can study Click Funnels, okay, I can learn this. And I started learning different modalities, different ways to show up online different and started playing around with that and launching different things. And but that all of the all of that I call it more like the masculine side of the, like, the Okay, these are the action steps. This is what you got to do. When I was trying, when I was doing that, before I had the clear mindset. It didn’t work. Because at the end of the day, I would feel discouraged. Like, oh, maybe I won’t do it tomorrow. But when once I was fully committed, it was so easy to study, to learn to test things to launch things, because I knew that it was happening no matter what.

Alex Beadon 18:35
Yeah. I love that. You mentioned the masculine energy and the feminine energy. I love that you said that you believe that the energy needs to be in the right place before you can actually move forward. And that if anything, it is more important, and I’m not sure if it’s more important, but maybe it’s just it feels more important because society is completely not focused on it. But I can’t I love that you said all of those things. I’m curious for those listening who are like, Oh my gosh, my energy is not in the right place. I wake up feeling drained and frustrated and afraid that it’s not going to work. And I feel like it’s just one disappointment after the next. What is your advice to those people who may not have a lot of time? Like how do you advise people to get into the right energetic space?

Carly Gross 19:21
So I mean, the in the simplest two things, the first thing is really simple and it’s follow more of your joy. And if that means you know, going to sleep 30 minutes later so that you could listen to a podcast or go on a go on a walk in the middle of the day or take a hike like literally when you follow your joy. What ends up happening is you are raising your vibration, right and so if you’re stressed if you’re anxious, you’re tired, and you you say I am committed to my joy. I am committed to infuse my day with joy. You Turn a song on and you dance in your, your house in between a discovery collar and but whatever it is, you’re literally you’re literally putting yourself on a higher vibration to actually receive more confidence, more clarity more knowingness of who you are and what your path is. But if you’re kind of in this place where you feel stuck, you feel tired, you feel lonely, loneliness is the entrepreneurial path, all of that, then you’re already operating at a frequency that is lower. And so you’re not going to be able to, to fully believe in the path and to take the steps, right. And then the other thing that I would say absolutely is continue to reconnect with your heart, where we’ve like, gotten so disconnected from our hearts. And you can see the manifestation of that through different business owners, entrepreneurs, whatever it is who you feel almost like they’re talking, they’re literally talking to a screen. And, and so a huge part for me that I’ve learned about this path is emotional intelligence, not only with myself, but with my everyone that follows me, my ideal clients, my the people who join my programs, it’s around speaking to them speaking to everyone from a human soul level. And that is not possible when we’re not connected to ourselves in that way. And so my process of reconnecting to my heart space and really coming into what what is true for me what is true for the planet, what do I feel is right, and coming back into my feelings and coming back into that space is so transformational, because we, you know, we’ve been taught that we’ve learned that following the heart doesn’t get us to the right place. And so we follow the mind. And the mind tells us, you need to do this, and you need to do this, and you didn’t need to get that done. But when we can come through the heart first and then operate from the intellect, we can get things done faster, quicker, with more joy, and they’re more direction because they’re coming place of truth, rather than a scatter mind scatterbrain place, Okay, God, I send this email, I’m dead, it ended up to the point where at the end of the day, we feel exhausted, and we feel exhausted, because we’re not fully with ourselves. And so any process that you have for tuning back into yourself, whether it’s meditation, or yoga, or self pleasure, or going for hikes, or being with friends, whatever it is, that really connects you back into your heart and also back into your mission and why you’re even doing what you are doing. For a selfish reason. And for a service reason I say that they’ve both right, we have self love that, yeah. Lies and then the service reason to have, why why we’re doing it for other people. And then we can connect back into that space. And for anyone who’s listening, just a, the simplest practice is just to place your hands on your heart, right, and you actually feel the emotional epicenter, which is the heart space, and you can feel more deeply where you’re coming from. And then it’s easier to, to commit to show up from there.

Alex Beadon 23:51
So let’s talk about guidance. Because you mentioned that at some point, which is funny, because I feel like we’re connected through this interview, Kylie. I love that you brought up guidance, how you, you, you’re connecting to the truth through your heart, so you have more truthful guidance, right? Instead of just making these decisions, or like I should do this, I should do that. so and so said, I should do this. And your mind is like, constantly doubting and going back and forth. And there’s no right answer. Your brother told you to do this. Your husband said things your sis Baba is like really turning inwards and being like, okay. And for me, it’s just like silence, like I find when I meditate, one idea will come out of nowhere. And it will be like the idea. It’s like, I know, I can just trust that’s the thing that I have to do. And it’s like, super simple, and not super complicated. Like my brain is trying to make it so I’m curious. What is that like for you? Where do you find your direction? And how do you know that it’s coming from your heart versus your head? And if you could give us an example, a real life example of how that’s worked out in your Business, that’d be awesome.

Carly Gross 25:01
Yeah, absolutely. So I just tell a story about I think it was about seven months ago, I was living in Venice in California. And I started noticing that I started to get a little scatterbrained it started to get a little bit stressed. And so my soul just nude, and told me to go spend a month in the desert. So I went through the Airbnb and Joshua Tree. And my intention was to be more in stillness and to let go of distractions and to focus on my body and my health and self care and nourishing the clients that I did have at the time. And I felt like okay, this is gonna be a bigger treat, and I’m not gonna really launch things, all of that I just kind of like picking you to come back into. And what ended up happening was, I went there, and I spent a week and a half really going in going through that process. And all of a sudden, through, you know, my daily practices of yoga and meditation and breath work. I just got this knowingness, you need to launch this intensive, it just came. And so I created a week long self love breast massage intensive, because breast massage is one of my practices, that really opens the heart opens sensuality. And I just got the knowingness and my mind goes, will people sign up for that? Do people know no about that? How am I going to educate about that? Like all of these thoughts? Right? What it’s just a week long, why just a week, why don’t make it a month? Oh, nice. Ultimately, I would just come back to myself and and I would ask, and I just felt excited about it. And so I think that our excitement really says a lot of what it is that we are to do next. So I noticed for myself that when I am kind of creating things, or whether it’s a live video, or a training a webinar, or whatever it is, if I don’t feel excited about it, then it’s probably not in full alignment. Because what that being said, there are certain things like if we are still dealing, dealing with fear of being seen, and guilt and all these things, we have to let all of that go and say, Okay, once that stuff is all out of the picture, am I excited about this? Yeah. And if the answer is yes, then it’s yes.

Alex Beadon 28:03
So I have two follow up questions to that. The first follow up question is, what if you’re super excited about something and like, you get the intuitive hit that like, Yes, this is the best next step. And then you do it and it flops and it’s a huge failure, and it didn’t go the way that you expected it to go? What is your response to that?

Carly Gross 28:25
So my response to that is that God, the universe, love your Higher Self has a better plan for you. And to not get upset? To not take it personally. It could have been the the analytics of it of the online world, right? It could have been algorithm, but it could also have been, there’s something more aligned for you to launch. And so at that stage, it’s really about going through a process with yourself and asking, what is the truth? Because we have we are encoded with wisdom, we know. And so if you really ask yourself, did I really study and try my best and get the support, I needed to get it out and like really launch in a way that was powerful, and that felt really on? And if the answer is no, then okay, then you’d look at that. But if you did all of that, and you were so set on it, and it flops, then I it’s it’s about trusting and believing that the next thing that’s going to come in for you is way more expensive. And, and yeah, and that’s that

Alex Beadon 29:41
beautiful answer. I love that. I see so many entrepreneurs getting upset or like feeling really frustrated when things don’t go the way that they want them to go. And I’m just like, but it’s your path like you’re learning something from it. There’s like you’re being led in the right direction. So just trust that and being upset about like, of course it’s It’s okay to like have the feelings and like go through the motions. Okay, it didn’t go as I wanted it to go but allowing it to slow you down and like, discourage you is not getting you any closer. So yeah, I couldn’t agree with you more. Before I move on to the second question that I have for you something you just said I wanted to touch on you, you mentioned getting the support that you need it, like you mentioned the importance of doing everything you can do. And did I get the support that I needed in order to bring this to fruition? Can you talk to us about the power of support? I think so many people are afraid they want to do everything themselves as how we’ve been taught, you know, like, asking for help, or getting support is almost like a shameful thing. So I’d love to hear you talk about, you know, what has that been like on your business journey? Getting support? Like, how is that what is the power of that been for you?

Carly Gross 30:51
Yeah, I truly put I know, without a shadow of a doubt that if I didn’t have one on one mentors, and many of them, and if I didn’t join courses, and masterminds and all of these things, I would not be here. On one level, having someone who is hope, if you’re working with someone, one on one, and the whole, they’re literally holding you accountable to your growth. So that’s first of all, that’s without even saying what their skills are, what you’re learning through them, what they’re providing what they’re bringing to you and your business. But just feeling held by someone and feeling like I’m not in this alone, and I don’t have out holding all of what I’m creating by myself, that is so huge unto itself. So that is number one. The second thing, too is connecting with other people who are on the path. So for example, you’re in a mastermind that you put together with five friends who are entrepreneurs, right, and you get on a call, once a week or every other week, and you talk about what’s going well, what’s not going well, what you need support in. It’s an instant boost. It’s kind of like a coffee for your, for your journey, because you instantly feel again, I’m not alone in this. We’re doing this together. Because ultimately, we are all doing this together. We’re all shifting into a new way of doing business. And so we are all leading and guiding and helping each other on the path no matter where we are on our journey. So and then the last thing I’ll say about that, too, is if we are afraid to hire other people, if we have the mentality that I can do this all alone, and I don’t need anyone else, well, then our potential clients, I probably can be holding that as well. But if we open ourselves and take a leap of faith to work with someone to maybe spend money spend that spend energy, opening ourselves up to different levels of support, we’re also saying that the people like people are willing to do that for me, as well, people will hire me too, because they have that same mentality that it’s okay to get support. And it’s necessary to get support. But if we’re just like holding on to I can do by myself, then we’re almost setting ourselves up to bring in people who mirror that same belief.

Alex Beadon 33:33
I love that. Okay, the second question, and I was getting to what we had to touch on that you have so many offerings, or at least it seems to me, because I’ve been the kind of business owner who I’m like, Okay, I made this thing, and I’m gonna work on selling it. And then I made this next thing, and I’m working on selling it. Whereas you just need to be like, Okay, I made this, I made this, I made this, I made this, which is awesome. I love it so much. So I’m super curious what that’s been like for you. Number one, as the creator of it, like always just being in this inspired space, but also having to then sell the program. And then you’re coming out with something new? Do you mainly just leave your courses up available for people like whenever they want? Have you taken things down? And also, is it I’m curious, it must be different because you must get a lot of the same people buying things again and again and again and again. So I’m curious to know about that as well. It’s not like you have to find a whole new set of people every single time.

Carly Gross 34:33
Yeah, yeah. So over the years, I’ve launched a, I think five, five different maybe six different group courses and programs and I keep what feels exciting, you know, and it feels as if I take people through this process. Okay, so to Years ago, I launched a program called food, body peace. And it was to help women fall in love with themselves, their bodies and heal any, any sort of funky relationship to food, eating disorders, etc. And it literally felt like after I launched that program filled the program taught the program, it almost felt like that part of my life because I child, I was challenged with all of those things, it almost felt like I completed a journey, I’m not done. And I just got the I was just okay, that part of my life is done. Where as I have radiant heart activation, which is my breast massage intensive that I’ve launched four times already. And I keep doing that, because it’s, it doesn’t get, it doesn’t feel like that’s done yet. And I think with the evolution of the planet, the evolution of my clients, the evolution of myself. And then I also have a magnetic Mentor Academy for new coaches, and that one, I will continue to launch. So there’s, I really just asked, Where are where’s my audience? What are they seeking? And I, we’re so lucky that we have the ability to do quizzes and polls and ask, right? So it’s, it’s a combination of asking, Where are they on their evolution, because when people follow us, they they’re evolving as well. And so some people who may have started following me two years ago, when I was doing work around eating disorders, they might be they’re, they’re, they’re potentially already through with that, you know, because and I trust that people are evolving, that they are in my space are doing the work and are shifting, and I’m moving into more higher states of being. So it’s a combination of asking and feeling into tuning into my audience, and also asking myself, is this something that needs to be offered in the world? And do I really want to continue doing that work? And then I also, honestly trust that if I’m going to bring a program back that was that I did three years ago, I’ll bring it back. But so I don’t ever really, like delete them. They’re just I really just follow the guidance of what what is really true for me. And then, right now I don’t I only offer things when I launched them. So I don’t have anything just up on my website. Right, right

Alex Beadon 37:47
now. That’s super interesting. So I’m curious as someone who like you’re so in tune with your intuition and with your higher self and with what whatever it is that you feel called or guided to do. How do you plan your business? Like, is it that you are at the beginning of the year being like, okay, like, whatever, I feel like doing a launch whenever I feel like it, or is it like you’re like, Okay, I want to have six launches this year, like, how does that work for you as someone who’s so intuitive? Yeah,

Carly Gross 38:15
I definitely plan. And I leave room for leeway. So at the beginning of this year, I plan, okay, I want radiant heart activation to launch three times, I want. Magnetic mentor academies launched three times and I want this new program that I’m creating around self pleasure for women, I want that to launch twice. So like, I definitely plan and kind of like the months right when they’re going to launch. And I also take a step back. And it’s almost like looking at it from an omniscient space of everything is perfect. Everything is working out as it’s meant to. And if something for example, I got invited to speak at a retreat in Costa Rica next month, and then there was this other event in Costa Rica. So I allow room for where it’s like, okay, life is pulling me in this direction. And I trust that more abundance, more prosperity, more joy, more. Freedom follows when I listened to that voice and listened to that path. So it is a little bit of both. I definitely have. I’m Capricorn I have definitely an organization planner energy in me and I love to do that. But I find that it’s not helpful and it brings more stress into my system when I am too strict with that schedule.

Alex Beadon 39:41
I love that. Okay, so I’m curious. And I think I already know some of the answers, but this is more for my audience. How do you take care of yourself as an entrepreneur?

Carly Gross 39:52
Hmm, yes. So one of the most important things for me as an entrepreneur and just as a Human but definitely I’m having a morning practice where I have stillness and clarity with myself. So my morning practice always looks like a combination of meditation breathwork movement, writing in my journal, saying a prayer could I could add self pleasure practice in that sensuality, I teach sensuality, and I teach that path. And so for me, it’s been about also in the mornings, practicing what I preach, and always know like, putting in what I really value in life and kind of putting it in at the beginning of the day. And doing that allows me to show up because I’m so I feel so full. And myself, I feel like, like I’ve done if I went to sleep, the day would be complete, right after my morning practice, because I checked all these things off my list that fill me up. And then from that space, I am so excited to show up for my business. And I think that what can happen is a possibility of happening is we do get really excited for our business that we almost put it before our taking care of ourselves, we put it books for Yeah, we put it before ourselves, because we we think that we need to, we think we need to hustle. And there is a there is a phase where we might be working longer, you know, like having that flow, or we’re working really hard. But we always need to be supporting our body with the foods that that feel right for us and moving and breathing and being with friends and really nourishing ourselves in that way. And it’s releasing, releasing the idea that that that pleasure comes as a reward. And it’s reminding ourselves that pleasure and joy and being our best. That’s why we’re here and like the business is actually to support that the business is to support that lifestyle. And so it’s really just to me about the way I take care of myself is by reminding myself that I mean, I tell my clients to like part of your business is self care, because self care diminishes, then so does your business. And I truly, truly do believe that because if we’re feeling bloated, if we’re feeling tired, if we’re feeling lethargic, whatever it is anxious, that’s going to show up in the way that we speak to people in the way that we feel about our business, rather than coming from a place of fullness and excitement to be alive and to be doing what we’re doing.

Alex Beadon 43:06
I love that so much. What is something that you struggle with as an entrepreneur that you don’t see many people talking about?

Carly Gross 43:13
I think for me, the biggest one has been isolation and doing things different from society and feeling isolated a lot and alone in that journey. You know, like there’s, there’s definitely there’s a definite phase where we, when we choose to operate from our own sovereignty and bring through something that’s pretty unconventional, right? It’s definitely more open spaces more open now than it maybe was 10 years ago. But still, it’s still that process of allowing yourself to really take a step back of what you’ve been taught is the right thing to do for your life. You know, we’ve been schooled our whole since we were children of this is just the way that it happens. And so there’s a process of feeling different of feeling alone, feeling isolated. And that’s why mentors and friends on the path is so key and so important. But even still, I think that there are either subtle or large levels of, of that aloneness. But I think that and I truly believe that. That’s an initiation into itself. Like feeling like, oh, I can be with myself, I can be alone with myself and I can love myself and I can enjoy this life through this. And that doesn’t mean that we have to be alone all the time. And it doesn’t mean that we are actually isolated from people around us but it’s almost like Have a process of letting go of needing approval or recognition from the outside world, and really learning to give that to ourselves. So it’s like mothering ourselves becoming our own lover like trusting ourselves. And that process of sitting with that aloneness sitting with that isolation and being like, and this is the path and this and so much opens up from that space.

Alex Beadon 45:34
I love how you called it an initiation as well, like just these, these really difficult things that you have to go through on your path of becoming this entrepreneur. And like really, expressing yourself and learning more about who you are like, all of these things are so much fun. And I just want to take a second to just say, I just love this conversation so much, because you put to words so beautifully, like, exactly how I feel about being an entrepreneur, like, I just love the fact that, yes, I get to serve, yes, I get to show up, and I get to express myself. But it’s also such a journey of self discovery as well, which like, super, it just gets me so excited.

Carly Gross 46:12
Just, I can only imagine, like, for example, the whole thing that just happened with your YouTube channel, right? It’s like you’re going through, that’s an initiation into yourself, because you’re going through a whole process, almost like a death of the word. And then you’re coming up with all of these fears, and all that. And you have to sit with that. And it will be with that. And you have to transcend that. And then you have to go to the next step. And the next time. It’s yeah.

Alex Beadon 46:41
And there’s uncertainty throughout it all. And I think really what it is, is just like stepping into being comfortable with the uncertainty and being like, hey, uncertainty I see over there. That just means I’m up leveling soon, so high.

Carly Gross 46:57
And that is the honestly, that is so huge, and it transfers to every area of our life. So for example, being able to sit with uncertainty in your business helps you sit with uncertainty. And let’s say you’re starting a relationship, you don’t know how it’s gonna turn out. You don’t know if you guys will be partners for a long time. And you’re, there’s uncertainty, and it’s beautiful. And we get to learn how to sit and be still and be calm, be centered, or be crazy and angry and sad and all of the emotions but ultimately with ourselves and be able to handle whatever comes up in our life with grace and with.

Alex Beadon 47:48
Amen. Oh, I love that so much. Okay. I have a few wrap up questions for you. I need to come up with a name because I hate saying wrap up questions. It’s just really not a sexy name. But I have a few questions for you. So the first one is what is one thing you do that has been a non negotiable in the success of your business?

Carly Gross 48:09
Hmm, it sounds really simple. But honestly, writing morning at night nighttime, I always write my plans for the next day and what I’m grateful for. And in the morning, I always write like stream of thought, just anything that’s coming through like any anything to get off my chest. And also, what my intention and excitement for the day is. And that just really helps me stay on the path. And there’s no, there’s no question of what comes next because I’ve taken the time at night to, to look to write it out. And it’s just a really easy way for me to stay on the path and stay committed because I can easily go into Oh, I’m just gonna can today or, you know, but if I have if I have that if I have that. And I also wrote my gratitude of the day and everything I accomplished everything that I did. It really helps me stay on the path.

Alex Beadon 49:12
I love that. Okay, share a mindset that has changed everything for you.

Carly Gross 49:17
Hmm, I think the simplest one is I am the creator of my own reality. So if I feeling like I can’t do this, or I’m not good enough, or all of that I have to remind myself I’m creating that my thoughts, my beliefs, my actions are actually creating that reality. And then my thoughts and actions a belief can also create the reality that I am fully successful. I’m abundant. People want to hear my voice and so reminding myself daily that I’m creating everything in my experience. I’m creating this cute little cabin home that I’m living in for the month I’m creating this podcast You know, like not only in the moment, but my thoughts a month ago created this. And so coming into that and realizing that I have the power to ultimately kind of like discipline beyond myself with my brain and what I’m thinking was has been huge. I

Alex Beadon 50:18
love that. Okay, fill in the blank, the world would be a better place if more people knew

Carly Gross 50:28
the world would be a better place and more we knew that they didn’t have to be anyone they are not love it have to put on any mass. The book that changed

Alex Beadon 50:43
my life was

Carly Gross 50:47
the book that changed my life, I would have to say I’m gonna say two, the first one was the secret reading that and shifting my mentality. And then the second one was dear lover, which is a David data book and he opened my eyes to a different level of love, sexuality and partnership that is available.

Alex Beadon 51:10
Okay, this is the last part of the podcast, which I’m sad that it’s coming to an end. But I asked all of my guests to challenge our listeners to do something this week like to take some sort of action steps. So what would you challenge? What would you like to challenge our listeners to do this week?

Carly Gross 51:35
If you can write every day in your journal, if I wasn’t afraid of what they thought I would blink, and you can replace day with my mom or my dad or my sister or my friends or the world or whatever? Answer that question if I wasn’t afraid, what they thoughts who they what they thought of me. I would link

Alex Beadon 52:05
Carly, I love you so much. Thank you so much. That was just absolutely amazing. I know everyone’s gonna listen to this and just love it. I’m like so pumped to press publish on this one. Thank you so much for tuning into the on purpose podcast and I really hope that you had as much of a blast as we did. If you liked what you heard and want even more make sure you leave a review because it really helps support what I do here on the podcast. All you have to do is search the podcast app for the on purpose podcast, select it then scroll down until you see write a review and then type away I hope you really enjoy your week and I will see you guys again next time stay on purpose

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