S2 Ep. 19 – Getting to the Heart of Travel: How an Online Language Educator and Boutique Travel Agency CEO Made $136k in Sales in One Day ft. Chelsea Glass

Today, we have Chelsea Glass, a two-time Together We Launcher, fluent Spanish speaker, language instructor, and the mastermind behind Heart of Travel, a boutique travel agency that’s reshaping the way we experience Latin America.

In this episode, Chelsea shares the story of her impressive pivot during the pandemic that led to extraordinary growth in her business.

Chelsea’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of inspiring. She quickly adapted as a point when she didn’t know if her business was going to make it from a service-based business to a hybrid online course model, all while maintaining her passion for sustainable and ethical travel and language education.

You’re going to be captivated by how a spontaneous trip to Guatemala completely shaped Chelsea’s path and birthed a transformative business, impacting the lives of many.

Some highlights from this episode you won’t want to miss:

  • The Evolution of Heart of Travel: Chelsea shares her compelling personal story and reveals how she sees her online business model complementing her boutique travel and destination management company.
  • Pandemic Pivot: Learn how Chelsea adapted and steered her business through the wake of the pandemic.
  • Team Culture: Chelsea reveals her tips for hiring and protecting team culture from her experience building her dynamic, all-women team of nine full-time employees. You’ll also learn about the resources that supported her throughout this journey.
  • The Power of Launch Strategies: Chelsea discusses her experience with TWL, including how she used our launch strategies on her travel offers that led to a staggering $136k day in sales!

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