#007 – The 3 Golden Marketing Tips You Must Follow, Dealing With Setbacks in your Business, and How I Felt Threatened This Week.

Entrepreneurship is like Jenga. One miscalculation can cause a serious tumble. Entrepreneurship is also not like Jenga. Because you definitely have more than one way to solve the problems that face you.

“Many times, you are going to get a sour spoonful of medicine and you’re not going to like it and your ego is going to act up. But it’s just a reminder that the ego does not know what it’s talking about.”

Join the rollercoaster journey, that is Alex’s business, this week for a fly-on-the-wall perspective of how she kept her emotions and ego from going off course amidst some surprising and concerning news; how she discovered some insanely useful marketing tips in the process and how she keeps her cool even in the most challenging of circumstances.   

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • 3 Golden Marketing Tips
  • Getting your Audience to Remember You
  • Dealing with Competitors in your Industry
  • Being Thankful for your Circle of Support

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In this solo episode, I’m going to be sharing a recent hiccup that happened in my business and how I dealt with it. I’m going to be discussing three golden marketing tips that really made a huge difference in my business this week. And I’m going to be sharing with you a story about how I felt threatened in my business this week. All in this episode. Welcome to on purpose. Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance it all, nourishing your health while growing your business and living a life well lived. And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip from purpose driven into autopilot. Take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

Hello, friends welcome to episode number seven. You’re listening to yours truly, Alex Beadon, here on the on purpose with Alex Beadon. podcast, I’m really excited to have you. And I just wanted to give you a quick, just total moment of gratitude. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for each and every single one of you who are listening to this right now. Your response and feedback on Instagram and the emails and the messages. It’s just really truly been something that has meant so much to me. I lost my youtube channel at the end of last year. And that’s really what sparked me to start podcasting. And I’ve been working on this for months. And so for it to finally come to life and finally be out there in the world and to get to hear your real life feedback is just a beautiful experience. So really and truly, thank you. So episode number seven solo episode, you know what these solo episodes are all about me coming here sharing the nitty gritty truth of what’s actually happening in my business behind the scenes. As you guys know, I have a love hate relationship with Instagram. On the one hand, it is frickin awesome, not like, I mean, come on Instagram stories are the best. But especially the feed like I have my own secret hatred of the feed because it’s really just like this highlight reel, right? It just everyone is showing like all the good things that are happening, you don’t really get to see what’s happening behind the scenes, which is why I love these episodes. And I think lots of you guys have been relating to these episodes, too, which is super, super fun. So nitty gritty of what’s happening behind the scenes, Laura went back to New York City last week. For those of you who don’t know, Laura is my best friend. She is also the operations manager in the business. And so we get to work together. And we are also best friends, which is really fun, nice vibe we have going on, she came to visit me for almost three weeks here in Trinidad. And it was an intense three weeks, if you listen to the first few solo episodes, you will see a common theme of talking about burnout and talking about stress and hustle and like pushing forward as much as you possibly can. And so I was really looking forward to her leaving not because I don’t love her. But mainly because I was just excited to have a little bit more breathing space. I think when she was here, we both felt this pressure of like, oh, we want to make the most out of our time together, blah, blah, blah. So now that she’s gone, it’s just nice. Things have slowed down a little bit. She left on Friday, I think her future husband, Scott is super happy to have her back at home. And it’s not too sad that we’re apart because we still got to talk to each other every day. And we’re going to be seeing each other next month, very, very soon, not even next month. It’s really in just a few weeks now, because she is getting married in Colombia, and I am part of her bridesmaid crew. I’m so excited. So yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. But she’s back in New York City, things have definitely like not to say that they’ve slowed down. But I think when one person is working, like when it’s just me, I have my own way of working, she has her own way of working. So it’s just like, we can both be in our own flow, which is very nice. So I have something pretty huge to announce to you guys. And this is something that I’ve known about now for the last month. And basically I think I hinted to it in one of the previous episodes. But a month ago, Catherine, who’s been on my team now for I would say about a year and a quarter. So like, yeah, a year and a few months. She messaged me, she was like, hey, you know, I want to come over. Like I want to talk to you. And I’d like to talk to you in person. So immediately I was like, oh gosh, like, I don’t know if something’s wrong. I don’t know. Like I was just I really had no idea what to expect, but I knew it must be something important. So I was kind of like bracing myself. And she shows up and I was you know, we had some nice little small talk as you do at the beginning and then I’m like, Okay, so like what’s up? Like, what’s why you hear what’s going on? And she’s like, I want to have under my resignation, I was like, I know. It is so weird having a business like honestly, having your own business is is someone told me this was it Adrian Dorsen. Someone told me this when I went to Hawaii for my mastermind, they were basically just like, having your own business is like constant problem solving every single time you’re like, Okay, we’re getting into a good flow like we’re moving forward, something is going to pop up, that is a problem that you need to solve, which, honestly, is the reason why I love I think I love it so much, because it’s constantly pushing me to be a better person to sharpen skills that I probably wouldn’t normally want to sharpen. So yeah, she came, she quits. But all done in love and peace, like she really wants to focus on other opportunities right now, which I’m very excited for her. I’m super happy that she’s going to be moving on to her next chapter. And I wish her all the best of luck with it. And I feel so grateful for our time together. When I hired Katherine, she was like, my very first official full time hire ever before Katherine, I had like lots of different people working with me part time, like a part time virtual assistant. And Cath was like, the first big decision that I was like, Okay, we’re gonna have someone working in the business full time. And it’s not just going to be me anymore. It’s going to be me and Kath. So yeah, so I mean, she means so much to me, she means so much to the business. She is really, guys every single time you see any graphics of mine, like whether it’s on my website, or whether you see like a pretty opt in page. Or sometimes, Katherine will make like different story graphics, I get compliments on my graphics all the damn time. And it’s because of Katherine. She is just a boss when it comes to graphic design. But she did so many other things behind the scenes, she was also doing customer service. And she was also doing like a lot of the techie website stuff. So her role was really varied. She’s going to be so so so missed, but I’m really excited for her and her new chapter and, and whatever it is that she decides to do next, I 100% support her and have an infinite amount of love and respect for her. She is truly awesome. So yeah, so that is something that today is actually her last day, as I’m recording this today is her official last day. So tomorrow will be the first day that it is just me and Laura working full time in the business. Of course, we still have Miguel, high Miguel, who we love as well, who does all of like the audio, the creative stuff copywriting video, he is a creative genius. So there’s still me, Laura, and Miguel. And of course, my fabulous mother, who is like my bookkeeper. But that’s kind of like, way more part time. But anyway, it is really cool that we’re moving into this new chapter. And that’s kind of how I’ve decided to look at it guys is like, I could look at Kathy leaving, and it’d be this really big scary thing, like, who am I going to find to replace her, no one’s gonna fit the team as good like she was she was really just a really good fit.

But you have like, you always get to choose how you show up in the world, right? So like, every time I come to some kind of problem, or not even a problem, but like a challenge or something, I always choose to look at it in the brightest way possible. So like, for example, this whole Catherine leaving situation, I’ve just been pumping myself up for the next person who’s going to replace her. I don’t know who it is yet. I don’t know, you know, what they look like where they live, I don’t I don’t know who they are. But I know they’re going to be an even better fit for this next stage of the company and for the business. And I’m just really excited to find them, get them into the team, and really have the a team that’s like, growing excited, happy to be here flourishing, taking responsibility. I’m just yeah, I’m pumped about it, as you can tell. So that’s kind of like what has been going on with me emotionally in regards to Kathy leaving. I’m gonna miss her a lot, but I’m super excited for whoever the next person is. It’s almost like, you know, like when you’re pregnant. I’ve never been pregnant before. But I would imagine you’re really excited to meet that person because you know, that person is going to be a big part of your life. Obviously, an employee is different than a baby. I know. I know. But guys, like I’m just pumped. I’m excited. Okay, I think I’ve made that clear. What else has been happening this week, we have been shifting our focus from the Facebook ads strategy where we were 100% doing a basically like a marketing funnel through Facebook ads to now doing a little Facebook ad strategy, but the majority of the strategy is all email based, which means that guess what, this week we’ve been writing a lot of emails. So most of the emails that are a part of our marketing funnel are like can I speak are already written so we launched back in March, April. I run that time the grandslam online course, which is all about Instagram stories and how to put yourself out there using Instagram stories. So since we’ve already launched it, we’re pretty much just going to take exactly the same emails that we used to launch previously, and basically repurpose them to be used in this funnel. So most of them are already written. But I do think that there’s a different element with an evergreen funnel. By the way, for those of you who may not know, Evergreen basically just means it’s available all the time. Evergreen means anyone can join at any time. So if we have a funnel, which is like a marketing funnel, we’re basically thinking, Okay, how do we get people into our marketing funnel? How do we get people to decide, yes, I want to sign up to the freebie, whatever that is, in this case, I have like a four part free video series on how to edit your Instagram stories. So like, that’s the very top of the funnel. And then the next step of the funnel is like, Okay, how do I get them to know like, and trust me, and then the next step of the funnel is like, Okay, how do I instill a sense of authority, and then the net, etc, etc. Like, there’s a whole science behind a marketing funnel. But what’s super interesting is that now that I’m not doing this live funnel, which is normally what I do, I do like a live launch. Instead, this time I’m doing an evergreen launch. That means that it requires more of me showing up in their inbox in a different kind of way. So I’ve been writing lots of different emails, experimenting with like, taking things that I would normally include in a sales email. And instead of having it at the end of the sales funnel, I’m bringing it up a little bit into the freebie funnel, so that people are getting to know me while they’re consuming the free content. So yeah, it has definitely been very interesting and very fun. And we’ve been writing a lot of emails. And in writing the emails, I realized that I was craving a refresher of who our ideal clients is, right? Now, whenever you are creating a marketing funnel, it is so important that you know who your ideal client is, if you don’t know who your ideal client is, then you do not know who you’re speaking to. And you cannot sell to that person because you can’t speak their language. If you want to sell something, you need to know someone’s pain points, right? In order to know someone’s pain points, you need to know who these people are. Right. And the last time that I really like went through this exercise is back in March, April. So before I started writing this week, I was like, Okay, let me do a quick refresh of who my people are an even better this time, I don’t have to guess because people have already bought Graham’s thumb. So I kept it simple. I just had the team basically go through the past 180 people who bought it, I was like, Okay, let’s find out who these people are. Let’s try and find them on Instagram. And what I did, guys is so freakin brilliant, you should do the exact same thing. What I want you to do is find your existing clients on Instagram, and basically create a collection on Instagram where you basically bookmark any anything that they may have posted, therefore making it easier for you in the future to go and check and see who are my clients? Who am I speaking to, right? Now, if you don’t have existing clients, let’s say that you’re just getting started in your business, you want to you want you to basically want to use your imagination and find people who you would consider would be your ideal clients once you have this collection. And for those of you who don’t know, a collection on Instagram is basically this thing where you can bookmark a photograph and add it to a collection. So I have a recipe collection, like a food collection where I go and look for like different ideas of healthy things to eat. I have an exercise collection where it’s like, okay, these people inspire me from an exercise perspective. I have a Oh, guys, this is great. I have a poses collection, can you believe it? Like if I ever see someone I’m like, Oh my gosh, that’s a great pose. I’m just not going to pose it. So like whenever I have a photoshoot, I can just take out my phone and go to my poses collection, and voila, there it is. But alas, I’m getting off topic, create a collection that has all of either your ideal clients or your existing clients and try to figure out what is the common thread between all of them. This was haunting me guys. Like I just could not figure out, like, what is it that really brings all of these people together? Because it’s so important that you get your messaging clear that you know exactly who it is that you’re speaking to, so that you can speak their language and sell to them. Right. So I looked at all of these people. And to be honest, at first I was I was truly stumped. And I had the conversation with Nick. And I was like, I just cannot figure out like what is it that brings all these like random industries together? And he was like, all of these people are in businesses that are in hyper competitive spaces. In other words, these are people who feel the pressure of competition because they feel like everywhere they look there is someone who is trying to do what they’re trying to do. And I was super excited by that thought. If you follow me on Instagram stories at Alex Beadon, you will see it Now that I spoke about it, I was asking you guys questions about it. I was like, Do you feel like you’re in a hyper competitive industry? How does it feel blah, blah, blah, like, we had a lot of conversations about that, which was awesome. Fast forward until I actually had all of the data. And I started to like, divide them into categories of their industry. Right. And so me and Laura started well, actually, Laura, basically did the entire breakdown. And we figured out that of the last 180 People who purchased Grand Slam, about 70% of them are coaches. 70%. That’s huge. That’s huge. Right? So for me, what does that mean? That means number one, I need to decide if I want to say, Hey, guys, this is an Instagram Story Course, just for coaches. Or I can decide not to go down that route, and pretty much go down more of a route where it’s like, Hey, you’re in a hyper competitive space, and you want to stand out, and this is the product for you. I think I have a lot of coaches who purchase Grand Slam, because a lot of coaches follow me. So I did another poll today on my Instagram story, by the way, guys, polling your audience, huge. If you’re not pulling your audience, start doing it, because you can get so much data that’s going to help you be a better marketer, through asking questions. That’s why like, if you’ve ever been in a direct message conversation with me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I’m hyper curious, I ask a lot of questions. And really, it’s just me trying to get to know you better, trying to understand my market better trying to do that market research. Right. So anyway, I did a poll today. And I was like, or was it yesterday was at some point? And I said, How many of you are coaches? And it turns out that about 50% of the people who participated in that poll are coaches, right? I think the reason why I have so many coaches following me right now is because I myself am a coach, I live that coaching life. So I think whatever it is that you are, you have a tendency of attracting that. So like we have a lot of business coaches, life coaches, health coaches, wellness coaches, we have, like personal trainers, fitness coaches. So we have, and then a lot of spiritual coaches as well. We have a variety of coaches, these are all people who want to help other people lead a better life, which is freaking awesome. However, I’m not sure that I really want to promote Grand Slam as an Instagram Stories course that is just for coaches. So I think after all of a sudden done, I think we are more specifically going to be targeting people who are in a hyper competitive space where they feel like they really want to be seen and heard online, they really want to have an online presence that where they feel like they have a relationship with their audience, I think that is who it is that we are trying to target. But I would not have known that had I not done the research. Right. So that is something that I would highly highly recommend to you guys is knowing your clients. So in this episode, I’m going to be sharing with you three golden marketing tips that I’ve used this week. So the first one is know your clients, right? Make a collection on Instagram of all of your ideal clients or existing clients, and see what the commonalities are. And don’t just rely on your own thought process. Because sometimes as business owners, our head is so deep in the sound that it’s hard to see. Which is why I bounced off of Nick and I was like, Yo, Nick, can you help me with this? Like, take a look at all these people here on Instagram? Let me know like, what is the commonality and he was the one who was like, Oh, they’re all in super competitive industries. I was like, Oh my gosh, wah, you should have seen me when he gave me that. I was like, Nick, how did I not see this? You are brilliant. Thank

you so much. Yay for having a partner who is also excellent at marketing. Okay, so that’s tip number one is know your client. Tip number two is be visible. Me and Laura had this conversation and wanted to bring this to your attention because the number of people who purchase Grand Slam so if to me, if you purchase grand slam you have your own business, you’re someone who’s trying to become more visible online, the number of people who bought Grand Slam, who are literally the least visible people who have Instagram accounts that from from just one glance, it’s very difficult to tell who you are and what you do. That’s a huge problem, right? You need to have 100% clarity in the message that you’re putting out there online. It should be clear and easy to understand who you are, what you do, how you help people, what your products and services are. So my question to you listening to this episode is when people go to your Instagram page, is it 100% obvious? And really ask yourself that question like literally tonight? What before you go to bed, take out your phone, take a look at your profile, and be critical of it. Ask yourself if I was a stranger and I did not know who I was. Would this be easy to understand like is this speaking to my ideal client? Right and so it’s easier for us Some people than others, like if you’re a photographer, that’s a very visual thing. You’re so lucky if you’re a fitness person, and you can do like before and afters, oh my gosh, again, visual, I love it. If you’re someone who’s selling a service that might be harder to like, really, visually represent the transformation or visually represent what it is that you do. What can you do to try and communicate it visually? Even if it’s not as black and white as like, Oh, I’m a photographer, here are my photos, right? So for me, I’m someone I’m all about Instagram stories. I’m all about visibility online, putting yourself out there online being seen and heard online so that you can spread your message and make more of an impact with what you’re doing. So for me, I was like, Okay, how do I visually get that across to people. And something that I’ve been trying to do is include more pictures of me with my laptop of me with my phone. So people can really associate me as someone who is going to teach them how to communicate online. Right? So ask yourself, like, what can you do visually, so that when people just look at the pictures on your feed, they can get a sense of who you are and what you do, right? Also your description, like that bio area where you get to describe who you are what you do, don’t just put I’m a chocolate lover, I have three dogs. I’m a mom, no, I want to know, like, why should I follow you? What is your account about and you can experiment with this guy’s like, I if you take a look at my Instagram bio, I change it frequently. I change it like with the wind, whatever mood I’m in, that is what my bio says. So like, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Don’t be afraid to try on new titles. You know, sometimes I think people get really afraid of owning a title. Just own it, like put it out there. See what happens? See how it makes you feel? Does it feel like you just did not feel like you you’ll never know until you try it. Right? So I’m highly encouraging you to make sure that when someone Google’s your name, or Google’s your business, when someone shows up at your Instagram page, or when someone finds you on Facebook, how easy Are you making it for them to understand who you are. And what you do? better question for you is, when your ideal client lands on your page, what percentage of likelihood are they going to have to really understand that you’re the person for them? Food for thought, right? Cool. The third golden marketing tip that I have for you is to know your competition. This is something that I think is a little controversial. I know there are so many people who are like, don’t ever look at your competition. But I think that knowing who your competitors are, and seeing the trend in your industry, so that you can avoid it, especially if you’re in a hyper competitive industry is going to be so important. Right? So like, even if I look at me, and like business coaches, I feel like business coaches have a bad rap. And it’s because there is no barrier to entry. A lot of people are just coming out and be like, I’m a business coach. And they they just don’t know what they’re doing, which is fine. I mean, I don’t I really hate judging people, guys, I hate judging people. So I do my best to not judge. But what I’m trying to say is that a lot of business coaches have a tendency to all look the same sound the same be doing the same things be posting the same things. It’s like they’re all clone copies of each other. So your job as a marketer. And my job as someone who’s trying to make you think about marketing is how can you stand out? So how can you look at everyone in your industry? How can you look at the people who your ideal clients is trying to decide between? And how do you make sure that you stand out? How do you make sure that they are like, Oh, Alex speed, and I remember her? How do we make sure that that happens? Right? So I’m just gonna kind of brain spew is that a word brain? I’m gonna make it a word. I’m gonna bring in spiel on you. Here are some ideas, okay? Firstly, if you are trying to build an audience, and you’re trying to build an online presence, and you are not creating content on a regular basis that your audience can hold on to, then you’re doing something wrong. And that doesn’t mean that you need to start putting out bad quality content tomorrow just for the sake of putting out content, but it does mean that you should start thinking about your legacy online. So for example, when people speak about Alex Beadon, people in the past would always be like, Oh my gosh, if you watched her YouTube videos, she’s amazing. Chatty Tuesdays. I love it. I live for that every single week. Now, my YouTube channel has completely disappeared. The next day. I didn’t come out with a podcast. It took me seven months. Is that correct? Yes, seven months from losing my youtube channel to like get prepared to release this podcast. But here we are seven months later and it is released. So what I’m trying to say is like you don’t have to rush content out. But I think creating content for your ideal clients is what is, is it’s just such a fantastic way to stand out because most people aren’t doing it. Most people aren’t putting in that much effort. So for you to say, Oh, I have a podcast or like, oh, I put out, it doesn’t even have to be weekly, it could be like a monthly something. It could be a blog post, it could be just anything. Write something that people can hold on to something that people can remember something that people can get excited about. When you think about the people who follow you online, you want to think of them as a community. A community feels like a community when together, they know that they stand for something. For example, I love this woman, her name is Elizabeth D alto. Back in the day, I would say like maybe two years ago, I had a straight up obsession with her, I would listen to every single podcast she came out with, I would read every single Instagram post, I absolutely adored her. And I really wanted to go to one of her in person retreats. So I flew all the way from Trinidad to California for one of her in person retreats. And I will tell you the most beautiful thing about arriving there and meeting the other women there because there were I think there was like maybe 10 of us, I felt instantly connected to them. Because I knew that if we were all drawn to the same person, that we all shared a huge commonality. To me, it’s like that’s what being a part of a community feels like. Right. So like, it’s kind of like the same with sports. If you look at sports, people who know the game of football, or as Americans call it soccer, they have something to talk about, they have something to connect them, even if they’re complete strangers, they all can talk about this one topic. So we want you and your brand and business to be that one topic that connects people and brings them together, right, because then you’re not just adding value in the form of your content, you’re also adding value in the form of your community. So if I look at my community, I’m really bringing together people who are hustlers like y’all are. So as bad as it is insane. Like I look at you guys, and how hard you work, and how high your goals are, and how high achieving you are. And to me that is so inspiring. So that’s one side of us. And I say us because I’m a part of this community too. But then at the same time, we are also people who value the experience of life, we know that we are only alive once, we want to make the most of it. We want to live our happiest, most fulfilled lives. So we’re not just obsessed with work, work, work, work work. We’re also obsessed with like being right. That’s why I call this whole podcast on purpose. I wanted people to know, this is what makes us a community. This is what brings us together. So I guess what I’m trying to say is like, just start to think, you know, what are the things that can bring your community together? Simultaneously bringing it back to marketing, tip number three, which is all about knowing your competition, know what your competition is doing? So that you can Zig when everyone else is zagging. Right, zig when everyone else is zagging. I feel like I stole that quote from someone. I don’t know why it’s lodged in my brain. I don’t know where it came from. If it’s someone else’s, I really apologize. But that’s what we’re trying to do here as marketers, we want to zig when everyone else is zagging. So in order to do that you need to have a really good understanding of your industry and of your competition. That’s all I’m gonna say. Okay,

speaking of competition, competition has been a pretty big theme for me this week. So I don’t really know how to talk about this. I’ve never like this is one of those weird things where it’s like, I want to, I want to share what happened without sharing all the details. But this week, I felt threatened in my business. And I’ve not felt that way in a really long time. And I felt like it was worth sharing. And it was valuable to share. Because I know that this is something that business owners go through all the time. So I will kind of give you the history of of like my experience with feeling threatened in the past. And then I’m going to share with you what happened to me recently. So my experience with feeling threatened in the past has been that people have come to me and been like, hey, so and so is doing this. It’s just like what you’re doing. Like, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. And I’m like, Dude, I do not feel threatened by that person. Like that person is just doing her own thing. Like, let her be like everything’s fine. Like normally these things can just like slide off my back. Someone can literally, I mean, copy my style, copy my message, copy my posts. I mean, I’ve had all of that none of it bothers me. To me. It’s just like cool. Like, whatever. I mean, there’s only one I like speed and so if you want to try and be like speed in good luck, because you ain’t never going to be me. This is a little bit different. So basically, I had a friend reach out to me, and she was like, hey, I want to do something. And it’s very similar to what you’re doing. And I don’t want you to be offended. And I’ve, I don’t even know how to talk about this without giving everything like I don’t really want to mention her name. I don’t really want to mention that the specific situation, because to be honest with you, it’s not a problem. The important part of the story is that in the moments that she told me, I, I mean, I did not take it well. And I’m someone who’s really easygoing. And now I think this is a mixture of things. Number one, I think, because it was my friend, I felt a little bit betrayed. I felt like she, even though she was bringing it to my attention, there are certain details that I feel like could have been done differently. It was just like, to me, it just felt like a betrayal. Right? That was my immediate feeling. At the same time, as you guys know, last week was a super stressful week for me, there was just so much going on, I was working so hard I was, I was coming to this point of burnout, I don’t think I was emotionally in a very good space. Let’s put it that way. So I immediately woke up and I was I read her message. And I was like, Dude, I need to clear my head. So I went for a run. And then I’m just kind of let my eye it was weird. It was like, I felt so threatened by what she was doing. Because basically, she was coming out with a competitive product, right. And to me, I was like, she’s really close in my space, she’s coming out with this competitive product. I feel like it just felt like a huge betrayal. And it’s like, I was feeling all of these feelings of anger and betrayal and hurt and confusion, and just all of these emotions. And at the same time having this this really compassionate, forgiving, like, Higher Self feeling of, hey, you just need to like, let yourself go through all of the emotions. And then you can come to like the clear space of actually moving forward and letting this go. Sometimes you just have to, like feel all the feelings, right? So I had to give myself the space to feel all of the feelings. And while I was feeling all the feelings, I had to know and trust that I was going to get to a position where I could see this clearly, I knew that in that moment, I was only seeing things with ego, I was seeing things with competition with lack of abundance, like I knew that the way I was looking at it was not correct or ideal, but it’s like I had to give myself that space to feel all of it without reacting. And I think this is a really important part of being a business owner, or like anything in life is like if something happens, and you have a really strong, emotional or out of character reaction. It’s really, or at least for me, it’s really about not reacting. It’s about letting the feelings pass through your body doing whatever it is that you need to do to digest those feelings. And then coming to a place of clarity where you can step back and be like, oh, you know, how do I like? Who is the person that I’m choosing to be? How do I want to react to the situation. And so it really took me a few days to get to a silence space, where I had felt through all the feelings gone through all of the emotions, to then come to a more healed place, and finally able to sit down and be like, Okay, how do I want to respond to this situation? Who’s the person that I want to be? And I decided, once a few days had passed, and once my ego had settled down a little bit, I could see it for what it was. And what it was, is that in when you are in business, number one, like you can’t be mad at competitors. If you’re mad at competitors, you’ve already lost the game, right? So number one is like healing my relationship with competition. And being like if someone is coming out with a competitive product or service, it does not take anything away from me. In fact, it only encourages me and inspires me to up my game. So that kind of solves the whole problem of like, oh, like what if she’s coming out with a competitive product? Like it’s all good, I welcome it with open arms, I can see that there’s enough for everyone to go around. Secondly, community over competition. This is something that is like one of my highest values is like I don’t like the feeling of like I’m competing against this person. Right To me, it’s like I want to compete against myself. I want to be better than I was this time last year. I think it’s so easy, especially now with the internet guys to look around and be like oh so and so is killing it. So and so is doing so well. So and So accomplish this, that and the other blah blah blah. Like if you want the number one way to be unhappy. Compare yourself and your business to people On Instagram, because I’ll tell you what it works like a charm.

I want to live a life where it’s like, I look at my competition, I look at the people next to me. And it’s like, cool. How do we create that, that feeling of community over competition, of being helpful towards each other, and of uplifting each other, and of encouraging each other to stand out in our own unique ways. So that really, and truly, we’re never competing, because the person who buys from me is going to be a totally different person than the person who buys from you. And maybe I know a lot of people probably look at that and think you’re crazy, like competition is the devil, cool, if that’s what you want to live your life and run your business that is totally 100% Fine, because it is your prerogative to do so. I just choose to live my life in a different way. Right. So that was the second thing. The third thing is that she’s technically like, when I actually sat down and looked and compare the two products, she’s technically not even competing with me. And this is the tricky part of the ego. And this is why I don’t respond. When I’m in the midst of my ego. It’s really and truly because I can’t trust my ego, it fuels your ego to be bitching and complaining about what so and so did it fuels your ego to be like, Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe that happened. I can’t believe she did that, or whatever the case may be right. But at the end of the day, like that brings you nothing. I look at every single instance that I have acted upon, whatever my ego is feeding me and it has never ended up well trust me. So every time I feel that little ego, feeling rise in my body, I know it’s time for me to take a deep breath, be silent, sit back, take no action, and just let the feelings be and just let the feelings course through my body and do what they need to do and pass. And once the ego had settled, that’s when I realized that we are in fact, not competition at all. Her product is completely different to mine. And I started to, instead of in my mind be like, Well, like I just had so many questions. Like I said, I don’t want to go too far deep into it. But I had so many questions. And so instead of questioning her and being like, why didn’t she do this? Why didn’t she do that, I decided to just approach the entire thing with love, because I want to be the kind of person who approaches every situation in my life with love. So I’m like, Cool, she made her decisions like she decided to do XYZ like that is done and dusted. There’s nothing I can do about that. But I can control how I react to it. So I can either react to this in a way where I’m like, Oh, like this is going to take something away from me. This is competition, blah, blah, blah. Or I can try and find the opportunity within the middle of all of this. What is the opportunity that’s here for me? What is it that I’m not seeing? And just spending some time meditating on that and being like, Okay, I’m open to any opportunity that can come my way from this. I’m open to seeing things differently than I’m currently seeing things. And that’s the first step is like wanting to not feel all of the ego feelings. Like just wanting it wanting to feel differently, asking yourself, Who do I choose to be in this moment? How would I like to respond to this, what would be like the best way for me like what would feel best for me? Well, it would come from a place of love. And so immediately, like a few things came to mind number one happiness for her that she has found this new product that I think is going to be hugely successful for her. And knowing that the way she’s presenting it is going to be completely different than the way I’m presenting it and trusting that she’s going to do it in her own unique way that really stays in her zone of genius. Awesome. The second thing that comes to mind is that she is one of my friends. That’s why she texted me to give me a heads up. That’s why she brought up the come up. That’s why she brought up the conversation. And knowing that since we’re friends, this actually brings more opportunities for the both of us, because we now have very complementary, complementary, complementary. How do you say that word, I think it’s complementary, complementary products. So in other words, there’s more opportunity for me here because her having this product is going to give her the opportunity to shout out my product and vice versa. So even just like planting the faraway seed in my mind that there might be a way for collaboration, or there might be a way for us to really support each other with the products that we’ve created. Cool. The next thing that comes to mind is from that question that I told you, I like to ask myself is like, what’s the opportunity here? What is it that I’m not seeing? And for me, the opportunity is getting even more clear on who I am and who I serve. When someone comes out with a similar product or a product that’s, you know, in line with yours. It really helps you to see that differences to see the contrast, you’re going to notice I speak about contrast a lot. In the last solo episode, I spoke about the importance of creating content and putting stuff out there online so that people can get a better idea of who you are what you do, because it’s going to give you a better idea of who you are, what you do, and what makes you different. That’s also contrast, right? So I’m grateful for this experience. Because she came out, she was like, Hey, I’m going to do this in this way. And it made me realize that I was doing it in my own unique way that I can now capitalize on communicating better to my audience about who I am and what I do. Right. So that to me was like the golden opportunity there. Anyway, I was a little bit hesitant about sharing this entire story with you guys, mainly because I didn’t want to bring any drama onto the podcast. Like, I don’t want you to think that me bringing this up has anything to do with me having sour feelings about a certain situation, the importance of me bringing this up, is really just being real with you about what I struggled with this week, which is what this entire podcast is supposed to be all about. showing you what I’m struggling with showing you what I’m winning with sharing my lessons with you, highlighting anything that I’ve seen you guys struggle with, that I have knowledge about, like, to me, that’s what this, these solo episodes are really for. So I wanted, I thought it was really important for me this week to share this story with you. Especially because I found it so interesting that I had this struggle with competition and with someone who I thought was making me feel threatened and my business. And in the same week, I had such an exploration of my own competition and of my own ideal clients and my own product, what makes me different, I’ve been trying to craft this sales message through these emails that I’m sending out to all of my grand slam people. And this experience happening in the same week that I’m focusing on knowing my industry, knowing what’s out there, so that I can better stand apart, it was like, I don’t know, to me just serendipitous. I love that all of these topics came together so beautifully. And I hope that the takeaway for you is that many times you are going to get a sour spoonful of medicine and you’re not going to like it and your ego is going to act up. But it’s just a reminder that the ego does not know what it’s talking about. And just because you have very strong emotions about something doesn’t mean that they are true or that they are right. Or that that is the way to behave. Or that those are the feelings you should take action on. So it’s just an invitation to really try and see the opportunity in every situation, to allow your ego to feel the feelings and to let it pass through your body without taking action. And to also find that silent space where you can be reflective of whatever that situation may be. And really ask yourself like, how do I move forward? Like, who is the person I want to be in this situation? How do I want to feel about this situation, because guys, it is your choice, it is always your choice. You cannot control the events in your life, but you can control how you feel about them and how you react to them. Other than that, this week, I’m just feeling particularly grateful for all of the people who support me, in my life. I feel so blessed. When I look around at everyone who’s working with me. I look at the people who are in my actual life. I love the fact that, you know, I was having this problem earlier this week trying to figure out like, who are my people? What makes them different? What do they all have in common? And my lovely boyfriend, Nick being able to step in and be like, oh, like, here’s the obvious answer, right? So I’m really just appreciating the fact that I have someone who is my partner, who can help me in that way, who’s really good at marketing, who really understands business has a successful business of his own. Like that’s something that makes me feel super supported and heard and seen and understood, simultaneously. If you’re listening to this, and you’re like, I don’t have a partner like that, know that every individual person has unique things in their life that supports them, and become obsessed with figuring out what those things are in your life so that you can be super grateful for them. Focus on what you do have focus on what it is that you’re trying to create. For me that is one of those things that is pretty much non negotiable. I mean, never say never. But I think for me it is a non negotiable that I do want to have a partner who is an entrepreneur, but know that just because it’s a non negotiable for me does not mean it’s a non negotiable for you. I actually have plenty of entrepreneurial friends who have chosen partners who are not entrepreneurial at all, and that’s the way they like it because they like to be the person who’s entrepreneurial and working on all these different projects and they like to have someone at home who they can totally disconnect with right So, always look at what you’re grateful for in your situation.

Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. If you enjoyed it, I would love for you to give me a shout out on your Instagram story or anywhere, just letting me know what your biggest takeaway was. You guys have no idea how helpful and useful it is for me, when you message me telling me what your aha moments were telling me what it is that you took away from the podcast, it helps me understand what is most valuable to you, and it helps me understand how I can be of the highest service to you. So if you could take two minutes to do that, I would really appreciate it. Also, I’m giving away three one on one coaching sessions for free. That’s right guys, I’m giving away three one on one coaching sessions. And it’s super easy to apply. If you go to podcast dot Alex scroll all the way down to the bottom you will see a footer that says win a one hour long coaching call with Alex Beadon details here, click on the details here section and you will find all of the details of how to enter to win this amazing giveaway where you can pick my brain for an entire hour does not sound like fun because I can tell you it’s going to be pretty life changing for three special people. So definitely make sure you head on over to podcast dot Alex Scroll down to the bottom to get the latest details on our giveaway. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope to hear from you over on Instagram you can find me at Alex Beadon and I will talk to you again very soon bye

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#005 – On Kylie Jenner, Avoiding Burn Out, Staying Motivated, And 3 Things You Can Implement This Week

“Have you ever been to a busy mall with like a million people and everyone is talking? That’s what the inside of my brain felt like.

Alex details her nitty gritty experiences this week in her business–the trials and tribulations of developing a Facebook Ad Strategy and her crazy and hectic workloads.

But in darkness there’s always a glimmer of light.

Learn how she overcomes her obstacles, declutters her path to progress and also discovers amazing insights that can help you and your business grow.

“The more that you put yourself out there, the more that your differences would stand visible to you.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Biggest Facebook Ad lessons of the week
  • The book that’s made a big difference in my business
  • Staying motivated, working hard & avoiding burnouts
  • Why you should create content and put it online
  • 3 things that worked for my business this week and could work for yours
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Alex Beadon 0:00
In this episode, I share my thoughts on Kylie Jenner being a self made billionaire on the cover of Forbes. I share my biggest Facebook ads lesson of the week, I share a book that has made massive changes in how I approached my business. I talked about how I stay motivated, work hard and avoid burnout. I talked about why you should create content and posted online and I share three small things that I did this week that bettered my business and can better yours to welcome to On purpose. Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance it all? nourishing your health while growing your business and living a life well lived? And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip from purpose driven into autopilot. Take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose

Unknown Speaker 1:01
Okay, guys,

Alex Beadon 1:01
let’s start the show off by talking about the one the only Kylie Jenner because everyone has been messaging me up on the Instagram being like, Hey, Alex, what do you think of Kylie Jenner’s new Forbes cover? So I felt like I was gonna make a video about it. But to be honest, guys, I am all about that simple life these days. I’m like, Hey, how can I simplify everything as much as possible? And that means covering it here on live podcast. So Kylie Jenner, for those of you who don’t know is Kim Kardashians, half sister. Yes, they share the same mother but they have different fathers. Kylie Jenner is 21 years old. She recently started I believe it was like three years ago started a makeup company first started selling lipsticks and lip liners and now sells a variety of different things from eyeshadow to blush and things of that nature. And Forbes most recently gave her the honor of being on their cover for the August issue or I guess it might be Yeah, August 2018. forms and the cover basically says America’s women billionaires, and then it says Kylie Jenner $900 million cosmetics Queen at 21. She is said to be the youngest ever self made billionaire. Welcome to the era of extreme fame. Leverage. Okay, so lots of people have messaged me, and they’re like, hey, what do you think about this? My first initial response was probably similar to everyone else’s, which was a self made billionaire. Like can we really call Kylie Jenner? A self made billionaire? I’m not sure if that is like legitimately true, like, is she self made? But the more I thought about it, the more I let it simmer in my mind, the more I realized that. Yes, she was born with privilege. Yes, she was born into a family that has a lot of business experience that has been extremely successful. They have a lot of access to money. And then I’m sure by the time she started her her company, she already had a lot of money in the bank. So yes, all of those things are definitely advantages that she had over the average Joe, but it doesn’t necessarily stop her from being 100% self made. Like when you really think about it, we are all given a hand of cards when we are born into this life, right? So no one is born the on an equal level as everyone else. Some people have certain advantages. Some people have certain disadvantages. I believe that the key in life is really looking at the cards that are the hand of cards that you’ve been dealt, and really figuring out like, how do I play with this hand and have the most fun possible and make the most positive impact possible? Like I think that’s really what it comes down to. So I don’t believe that as business owners, we should be looking at this Forbes feature of Kylie Jenner on the cover and 21 with a $900 million cosmetics company and being like, Oh, she’s not self made, She doesn’t deserve it. Instead, I think we should look at it and be like, Dude, she actually killed it with the hand with the hand of cars that she was dealt, she took all everything that was at her disposal, she really turned what she had into this amazing company. And that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment, whether you are someone who starts with a ton of money in the bank account or not, right. So like, even if you look at it, there are so many examples of this of people who are born into successful family companies, right family businesses, it is actually probably more likely that if you’re born into a successful family, that you’re not going to try as hard that you’re going to be less driven, that you’re going to really just kind of waste your life because you don’t have to be working. I think the fact that she has done what she’s done is a huge accomplishment regardless of the fact that she’s super famous or that she was born with a ton of money like to me the fact that she was able to take what she had and turn it into something bigger is worth celebrating and I celebrate it I look at her and I’m like dude, I see your success. I think it’s awesome. Carry on with your bad self like, I don’t think we should be looking at her and being like Oh, like she’s not really self made. Yeah, but, I mean, it’s not her fault that she was born into that family. You know, it’s not like she cheated her way to be born into that family. So I don’t know that’s just my two cents. I don’t really like paying too much attention to these types of stories until like the drama and like, was she self made was she not self made, but so many of you guys seemed super curious as to what my take on it was. So that’s my take guys like Kylie Jenner you are self made. And you definitely were born with privilege, but there’s nothing that you could do to help it and you’ve done the best with the cards that you were dealt. And so for that I give you mad respect. Okay, so we’re gonna dive into what’s been present for me this week. Okay, guys, have you ever felt I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, I’m sure it has, where you are on a long flight. When I say long flight, like maybe 24 hour journey flight where you are literally changing planes like two or three times, you have layovers, you have to wait hours upon hours upon hours in different cities. When you’re on the flight, the flight just literally feels never ending. How many of you have experienced this because if you have, you will know that by the end of the journey, you’re literally on your final flight, the plane is starting to land, you can feel yourself like literally falling downwards in the sky getting closer and closer to the land, you can see the lands beneath you getting bigger and bigger as you come in to land and it still feels like you are so far from home. Like, you just cannot wait to get off the plane. All you can think about is oh my gosh, I have to go through customs. I have to go through immigration, I have to get my luggage. And then I have to drive home and you’re just thinking like, oh my gosh, can I just get home? Like, is it possible for me to just get home because I feel like I’ve been on this journey forever. I just had a journey like this. It is like way too close. In my memory. I was flying from Hawaii to Port of Spain here in Trinidad and I had to fly through LA and Houston, it was just one of those neverending fights. That is what my business feels like right now. Like that’s the stage that I’m at in my business where it just feels like, we’re working so hard. And we’ve been working so hard for so long. And we have this like this goal in mind of what it is that we’re trying to accomplish. And it just is like, when are we going to get there at least with a flight you can be like, okay, you know, in five hours, I’m going to be at home, I’m going to be showered, I’m going to be in bed. In business. Sometimes you have no frickin clue when you’re actually going to hit your goal, like when is it going to happen? So that’s kind of like the stage that I’ve been in. And when you’re in this weird stage of like, just trying to wait it out until you achieve your goal. Your mind can play tricks on you, your mind can play tricks on you. So it’s really important for me that I’m super aware of the entire time of like, yes, we’re working towards this goal. Yes, it’s starting to feel more and more difficult because guys with this, so I’m launching Grand Slam for those of you who are unaware, Grand Slam is my online course. It’s all about Instagram stories. I launched it back in April, no, March, April. And it did super well like how to six figure launch. It was amazing, like nailed it seriously more than doubled my goal, it was amazing. But doing launches like the one that I did in March and April, where we are like literally opening the carts for seven days. So basically people can only buy over a seven day period. I’m so used to that I’ve done that so many times. To me that is like very what is a very familiar territory. Whereas what I’m doing right now with these Facebook ads and trying to create this evergreen funnel, that’s 100%. Working over on the land of Facebook is a totally different ballgame. And we have a goal that we want to be selling 11 grand slams a day, over like directly through Facebook and that funnel. And it is just taking us so much longer than expected. And guys, literally every single week, I’m learning something new and new and new, a new a new about Facebook ads that I had never known before. Right. So it’s just this really interesting time where it’s like, I have this level of impatience because I’m just like, oh my god, I just want to figure it out. And then at the same time reminding myself that I will figure it out and that life doesn’t happen on my timeline. And I just have to kind of trust that I’m going to get there at the time that I need to get there. And that I will figure everything out when I need to figure it out, if that makes sense. So it’s like this weird thing where it’s like, it’s testing my trust, it’s testing my faith. I’m still like, you still have to be hitting the ground running because like we don’t have time to lose. And every day is like we were losing time and we’re losing money. And it’s you know, like I said, it’s like a race like when are we going to figure this thing out is this really interesting time because we are making so much headway every single day like every single day, we are making strides forward and yet it feels never ending like it feels like we’re not really making that much progress. So that’s kind of where I’m at in the business right now. That’s like really the stage or like the feelings that are coming up for me so Do what it requires me to do is constantly remind myself like, what it is that I’m working towards, why I’m working towards it. And it’s also made meditation, stillness. And time alone matters so much more so that I can really have that time to check in with myself be present with myself. And to find the truth behind all of those different questions like you when you’re when you’re like, you know, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, sometimes you just sit back and you’re like, oh, my gosh, like, what is this all for? So it’s just like a constant reconnecting with like, Hey, this is what you’re doing this for this is what you’re working towards. This is the level of commitment it requires. And if you’re not keen on it anymore, or if it’s not worth it to any more than Cool, let’s stop.

But hopefully you have those sessions. And you’re like, oh, yeah, that’s why I’m doing this like, to me, keeping that high level of motivation to make sure that I can continue going, is all about connecting inwards, and like really having that time where I can be like, oh, yeah, that’s why I’m doing it. So yeah. If you’ve ever experienced any lack of motivation, I highly recommend that you meditate, spend time alone, really, like ask yourself the important questions, why am I doing this? Why does it matter that I do this? Is this something that I want to stop doing? Is this something that I’ve been doing for so long, and it’s not working? Because maybe I do need to stop doing it. Like, there are so many questions that you need to be asking yourself that you really need to be honest with yourself about. Okay, so now that I’ve kind of mentioned like, the energy around the business right now, which is really like, are we ever going to get there? Then comes the point where like I said, I spend time alone with myself like reevaluating being like, Am I moving in the right direction, you know, is this something that is worth my time, once all those things have come to fruition? You’re good to go. In this case, I want to share with you some Facebook ad lessons that I’ve learned this week. So we really sat down at the beginning of this week, and we took a look at what’s working, what’s not working, there are different stages of our marketing funnel. As every guys, when I’m talking about me, in this podcast in my business, I want you to always be translating it into your business, right? So for me, I’ve created this marketing funnel, and it’s all on Facebook. So I’m looking at each and every single like success rate of like, okay, what is our goal? For this level of the funnel? What is the successful conversion look like at this part of the funnel, right? And really just breaking down step by step? What does success look like so that we can compare where we are at and how we are currently performing with where we need to be at so that there’s no confusion of, you know, where are we going wrong? Instead, we can get super clear on where we’re going wrong, we can be very, very specific about oh, hey, this is the glaring problem here. So we did it, we sat down, we broke it down. And we realized that a big problem we’re having is that people are not watching our free pieces of content. Now it’s interesting, right? Because I’ve already done the launch for Grand Slam, I’ve already proven that the launch works, because I did it. Like I mentioned back in March. So the question is, why isn’t it working? Now what is different last time that I launched Grand Slam back in March, April, I hosted all of the lessons on a an individual website, it was a website that people got special access to when they signed up, and they can log in and watch the entire video right now I’m sending them these free videos in their Facebook newsfeed as ads, which seems all great and fine and dandy and everything because hey, they don’t have to, like opt in like you’re making it so much easier for them. Wow, that’s amazing. But what I did not factor in is the fact that these 20 minute long videos that worked really well on a separate website with no distractions are now not working. Because people are on Facebook when they’re watching them. And guys, I don’t know about you. But when I’m on Facebook, I’m distracted 100% of the time, I’ve got messages coming in. I’ve got notifications coming in, people are popping up as like coming up saying, Oh, this so and so went live, do you want to watch their video, it is very distracting Facebook is a distracting place. So it is no surprise to me when I look at the data that most people are not watching our 20 minute long free content videos, even though they are jam packed to the brim full of value. Right. So what did I have to do? I then have to decide, okay, this isn’t working. Number one, clearly, number two, what are we going to do to solve it? So the problem that we have first and foremost is time, I don’t have time to keep tinkering with this Facebook ads strategy that I’ve never done before to try and get it to work. And I don’t have the money to keep throwing out this to just cross my fingers and hopes and hope it works. Right. So number one, I have to have another strategy. Is that what I want to do? No. Do I want to divide my time and come up with a brand new strategy? No. Is that what I have to do right now? Yes. So basically what we’re doing is we’re going to be continuing on experimenting with the current Facebook ad strategy, while at the same time pretty much 100% replicating our old Facebook ad strategy, which to be honest with you, we didn’t really use Facebook ads for. But the strategy had nothing to do with keeping all the content on Facebook, like the new strategy does. The old strategy was just hey, sign up for my emails, and I’m gonna send you these emails, you’re gonna get free value of how to edit your Instagram Stories delivered straight to your email inbox. I know that works. I’ve done that before. It works, it converts. I know that’s tried true and true. Is that true? I know that’s tried, true and tested. So we’re going to basically create new Facebook ads, that’s just asking people very simply sign up for our email list, while we spend less of the budget on really tinkering with this new strategy and really trying to make it work. And I think this is a great lesson for everyone guys, people told me, like Facebook ads, strategist, people who are professionals basically said, Alex, you need three months to really get this strategy up and running to a point where you can solidly rely on it. And I was like, Nah, I can do it in a month. Like, you know, I’m smarter than the average Joe, I can figure this out. No, I’m now realizing they’re 110%, right, because every week, I’m continuously learning more and more and more and more and more about this Facebook ad strategy. So I’m going to, you know, turn up the volume on my patience levels and wait it out and simultaneously go back to what has been working for me, which is using the email marketing strategy instead of just relying on the Facebook ad strategy. So that’s my lesson for you the lesson and basically how you can convert that or translate that into how to work for you is that people aren’t spending all day every day on Facebook and watching 120 minute video, like I would be curious if anyone watching this has ever watched a 20 minute video on Facebook, because I know, I never watched long content on Facebook. So if you’re someone who’s investing time, money and energy into Facebook ads, the shorter, the better. The shorter, the better. The shorter, the better, better, shorter, the better. That was weird. That brings me quite swiftly onto lesson number two. Lesson number two. And I don’t know why I’m numbering these, these really aren’t in numbers. This is just the second thing I wanted to talk to you guys about.

Prioritizing and your business, right? So I’m the kind of person who it’s like, Okay, I’ve got my I’m like a huge content creator guys. I love creating content. If it was up to me, I would create content all day every day. I freakin love it. self expression is very important to me. So I like I like making content. I have multiple content pieces. During my week. I have Monday mantra I have work with me Wednesday, I’ve now started this podcast, I wanted to start an IG TV channel where I post once a week, there’s so much that I want to do and yet there are not enough hours in the day. And I think this is a big problem that I see a lot of entrepreneurs have is that in a legendary world, me and Laura have this joke where we talk about like this legendary day where like, basically, we’re gonna have everything figured out and we’re gonna be able to do all the things that we want to do. We’re just not quite there yet. Right? So like when I talk about in a legendary world, yes, I would be like the content creation QUEEN and i would have multiple podcast episodes coming out. I have daily emails coming out. I would be on IG TV every single day. But I don’t live in the legendary world. I live in a world in which I need focus in order to get my things done. Right. So what does that mean? That means I had to really sit down and be like, Okay, right now I’m drowning in work, drowning in work. And that’s not good. Like, that’s not healthy for my business. That’s not healthy for me. I’m going to burn out if I keep going at this level. So what can I take off my plates? How can I make my life easier? What is unnecessary? And I would highly suggest if you’re listening to this episode, right now that you make a list of every single thing that you can cut from your business that is not necessary. So for example, Monday, mantras what I like to have a Monday mantra every week. Oh my gosh, yes. What I love it to be a part of my my online platform. Yes. Is it doable right now? No. So I’ve literally just decided, You know what, Monday mantra I’m putting you on hold. Work with me Wednesday? Would it be great if I could do an amazing work of me Wednesday, every single Wednesday? Yeah, that’d be friggin awesome. But you know what, right now, I don’t have the time because I’m so busy focused on how to get all of these funnels up and running and working to a beautiful, pristine place. Right. So what does that mean? That means that instead of doing work with me, Wednesdays on my new camera, and really like going above and beyond and using my GoPro and like using all my tools and equipment that I really want to use, so where I can, like show off my creativity. No, I’m going to take it back to a much more doable level where I literally just use my iPhone and post what I’m doing throughout the day. Right. So prioritizing really means like looking at what is necessary to move the business forward. What can you get rid of work in order of priority? Because you can’t do everything. There’s this amazing book called essentialism. I absolutely love it. It is one of it’s like one of those books that legit changed my life. And the core message behind the book is basically simplify like Simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify. If you can focus on one, like doing one thing really, really well, you could do it to a 100% level, or maybe like a 95% level, if we’re being realistic. If you’re working on 10 different projects, you might only be able to get to 9% on each of those projects. So you’re still working just as hard on those 10 projects as you would be on that one project. But instead of having 10 projects, where you’re only at a 10% level, you have one project that you’re killing it at. Right and like that’s really where my head space is right now is like what can I get rid of? How can I simplify my my work life and my workload? Laura, having Laura here, and actually, I’m super sad, today’s the last day that she’s going to be here, she leaves tomorrow to go back to New York. I’m going to miss her a lot. But it’s been so beneficial to have her here. Having her here has shown me so much of like, number one, why hired her to begin with she is phenomenal. Number two, we are the most epic team that ever existed, the things that she’s so good at are not my forte at all, and vice versa. So we complement each other really, really well. And it’s just I just feel this deep sense of appreciation of having her around. In the business of having had her here physically for the last two and a half weeks. She’s had such a positive impact on the business. Like I can just see her she’s like trying to systematize things. Is that a word? systematize systematize. Yeah, it’s a word systematize things, she wants everything to be organized. She wants there to be a flow and a system and a process. And I freakin love that about her. So I’m super happy to have her on board. And just having our hair over the past few weeks has just shown me all of the ways that like I could be better, right. So for example, I’m the kind of person I have a tendency of like leaving things until the last minute that has to stop. And actually it has it has been stopping, which is something I’m really proud of. And something that I’ve spoken to Laura about. And I’m like slowly but surely I’m getting better at being less of a procrastinator because it’s now starting to hit me that when I drag my feet on things, it holds the whole team back, right. And then also something that has come to me that Laura Laura pointed out, we were having lunch the other day, and I was talking about all these things I wanted to do. And Laura was like, I’m trying to take things off your plate, and you keep adding more things to your plate. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I need to write that down. Because that’s such an aha moment like, it’s almost as if my brain is wired to believe that I have to be working at this max capacity. Just like running, running, running, running, running all the time working, working, working, working, working all the time. And now I’m starting to realize with Laura here, when I take something off my plate, when someone else takes that responsibility, it does not mean that it’s time to add a new responsibility to my plate, it means focus in more on my existing responsibilities. So that’s been really huge for me this week, as well. It’s just, you know, not adding unnecessary things to my plate. Another aha moment I want to share with you guys is I launched this podcast, and it gave me a whole next level of clarity. What do I mean by that? Okay, so I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for at least the last 12 months. And I knew that it was definitely a huge overtaking. I didn’t, I did not want to really take action on it. Because I had so many other things going on, I had my YouTube channel, I was just maxed out right when my youtube channel disappeared. Which by the way, it was very traumatic. I had been working on that YouTube channel for seven years, it had 200 videos and more than 2 million views. And one day I woke up and it was gone. But that’s a story for another day. When I lost my YouTube channel, it made me realize that this was an opportunity to focus on something new. That’s why I decided to change on over to the podcast and to try something completely different. Am I taking that action step? It has just allowed me to connect with you guys in a totally different way, like hearing from you guys on my Instagram, direct messages, hearing from you guys on the reviews, especially the reviews, it’s just been so so great to read all of your amazing reviews and to hear your reflection of the podcast and what the value is that I bring to your life through the work that I do. And that has been just, it’s just brought me so much clarity, like, the more the more I put myself out there in these different ways, the more clarity I’m able to have on my business and on my brand and on who I am in this world and on the value that I bring. So having said all of that if you are someone who’s constantly asking yourself, you know, who am I Where do I fit into this online world? What’s the value that I bring? I guess what I’m just trying to say is that you don’t need to have it all figured out. But the more that you put yourself out there, the more that your differences will stand visible to you. Like you won’t know what makes you different until you put yourself out there a lot of times getting people’s feedback of of what their experience of you is, that’s what’s going to allow yourself to see, oh, this is what makes me different. Like, I’ll never forget, I started blogging and people will really was when I started making YouTube videos, people would tell me again, and again, like the number one comment I would receive is, Wow, your energy is amazing. People would be talking about my energy again, and again and again, in the comment section. That’s when I started to realize, Oh, my energy is quite different than everyone else. Like, that’s something that’s different about me that I bring to the table. Now with the podcast, for example, a comment I’m getting again, and again, it’s like, wow, you are talking about strategy. And you’re talking about the soulful side of things and like you’re very reflective and self aware. And that just brings me to a whole next level of like, oh, wow, that’s what makes me different. So if you’re wondering what makes you different, or what makes you stand out, I can definitely tell you that putting content out there, and actually being visible in the online world is only going to help you get more clear on who you are and what makes you different. Right. Another big thing for me this week has been burnout. I have been the common theme in this podcast so far is that I work hard. And I get tired.

But it’s just it’s this is just one of those phases. This is one of those seasons, the longer you listen to the podcast, the more you’ll realize that like my business is full of seasons. This is just one of those hardworking seasons, right? It’s super important to know yourself. Every one is different. Every entrepreneur is different. You need to know when it is vital for you to stop, slow down and take a break. 100% Because I know it’s so easy to be like I have to hustle. I have to hustle. I have to hustle. I have to hustle. Gary Vee says I have to hustle. Gary Vee sleeps for hours. And I have to hustle. Like, you look at all of these people who are who are working at this extreme level of work and you compare yourself to them. And you’re like, wow, like, I don’t work as hard as she does. I don’t work as hard as he does or whatever. At the end of the day, you need to figure out what is your highest productivity level. And that might mean taking a nap for three hours every day or like whatever works for you. Right? But like really understanding listening to your body, taking note of your patterns of like, what does it feel like in your body? When you’re hitting a wall? What does it feel like in your body when you are about to burn out? How can you tell the difference between I need a break and I’m just trying to procrastinate, you need to know yourself and know your body well enough to know when to stop know when to take a break and know when to keep pushing through. For me. Like I can tell you right now I know I’m hitting a brain when my brain I know I’m hitting a wall, when my brain feels like it’s overheating. I can feel it like physically in my head. It is just like one of the biggest signals that I need to slow down and take a break. And if I don’t take a break, and if I keep pushing forward. So for example, this week, I feel a lot of pressure because Laura is here. I want to maximize the time that we have together. So I’m really pushing myself to work as much as I possibly can. Because of that when I start to feel that little, like signal in my brain that’s like, Hey, you’re reaching burnout. I’m like, Okay, I know. But I really need to work right now. So I’m just gonna push through a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more. I’ll drink extra water though. And I’ll make sure that I’m getting enough sleep and I’ll cut out the alcohol but like I need to keep rolling. I need to keep going right? What ends up happening then is that I end up like my body basically experiences something that forces me to slow down. So like yesterday, migraine hit me, I will tell you what, that migraine hit me and guys, I get light sensitivity, migraine. So like the light is just the worst thing I just have to lay in bed. No sound because talking hurts. no sound, no light. I get my blindfold on and I just have to rest. And it’s so interesting because yesterday when that happened to me, I was laying in bed I had my blindfold on. And the entire it was like my mind was like how to describe it like you ever been to like a busy mall where there’s just like a million people. And everyone’s talking like that’s what the inside of my brain felt like I could not stop thinking about what had to be done and what was next on the to do list and what what I was missing out on and like so much so that I had to like keep like pausing my nap to text Laura and be like oh hey and let’s not forget this. Oh and let’s not forget that and like oh I need to write a note for myself about this.

That is super problematic like that moment of me really not being able to really press stop when I most needed to press stop was a big wake up call for me. I’m like yo, this is this is super problematic. I think oftentimes, I’m such a high. How to call me on Like, uh, hi, I’m a high achiever, I want to achieve things I want to, I’m very like focused on what it is that I want to do, right. And it’s like almost I become obsessive is like, Oh, that is my end goal, and I have to achieve it. But it’s like, it’s not the end of the world, it should not be what your entire life revolves around. And I think right now I’m at this weird place where it’s like, I know I’m in this season of work. So it’s almost like I’m excusing myself and letting myself work, work, work, work, work. But there has to be like, there has to be a time where I switch off, and there has to be like, Oh, my gosh, guys, meditation is so freakin important. Because it’s not until you stop and slow down that you realize how fast your brain is going. So for me, meditation works. For me journaling really works. But it’s hard because I like to journal on my computer. And at this point in time, I can’t even be on my computer. If I’m being honest with you, it’s just too much like when I switch off, I need to fully fully fully switch off. I feel like really and truly, that’s what this week has been focused on. And that’s what this week has been all about. It’s just like, pivoting our strategy to make sure that even if even if we have to stretch out that that Facebook ad strategy goal to three months that we’re still hitting our income goals each month, simultaneously, like trying not to kill myself by overworking myself, this welcome to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship one on one, how to avoid death through overworking. But no guys, really and truly, this is just the season, there will be I feel like we’re at the beginning of this journey together, you’re definitely going to see a change in pace over the next few months. But right now, that’s just kind of where I’m at is like, how do I really make sure to balance out this life of mine so that I’m enjoying myself and not burning out and simultaneously getting everything done that needs to get done. So moving off of that topic and onto something that is probably a little bit more helpful for you and a little bit more solid, and something that you can take action on. Number one, curating your Instagram feed this Sunday, I completely switched off from work, and I was going through my Instagram feed, which is something I actually really enjoy doing. And I realized it had been a while since I curated my feed. My Instagram feed is like sacred space, I do not want you in my Instagram feed, if you are not adding good vibes to my emotional well being and to my energy. This is nothing to do with the way I feel about you as a person. This has nothing to do with you know me not liking you or me not liking your content, it is literally just something that I do to really make sure that I am being conscious about the content that I’m consuming. So what does that mean? That pretty much just means going through my Instagram feed and reviewing every single person I’m following. And if that person isn’t bringing or if that person is not adding something to my energetic table, they gotta go, which means I either unfollow them, or I mute them. In case you didn’t know, Instagram has a feature where you can mute people. For me, this is less of a big deal, because I have a personal Instagram account where I follow all of my friends and family. And I have a separate account, which is 100% business where I follow people who inspire me and people who I don’t necessarily know. So for me, to be honest with you, when I don’t like seeing someone’s content, I have a tendency to just unfollow them, because I don’t have a personal relationship with them, they’re not going to realize that I unfollowed them. If you’re someone like I used to be who had her personal Instagram mixed with her business, Instagram, and you don’t want to unfollow your friends, because then your friends gonna be like, Wow, I cannot believe you unfollowed me That must mean that you don’t love me. And they’re going to take it personal and blah, blah, blah, just mute them. When you’re scrolling through your feed. If you see an image and you’re like, I don’t really care about listening to this person anymore, they’re not bringing anything to the table, tap the three dots on the right hand side of their username and just press the mute button. And you can mute their posts or you can mute their posts and their story. And to me, that’s super beneficial. Another thing when you’re going through your stories on Instagram, if you just tap and hold on someone’s face, it gives you the opportunity to mute from there as well. So fun fact, for those of you who may not have known that that was an option. It is a game changer for me. And I highly recommend that you take maybe 15 minutes today or any day this week and mute or unfollow the people who are not bringing something to the table. Another thing that I did this week that I think is super beneficial for any business owner is I updated my email signature. This is one of those things that makes a huge difference. Because if you think about how many people you are emailing on a weekly basis, it adds up even if it’s just one person, it’s still an opportunity to share whatever it is it’s current in your business with that one person. So I recently changed my signature to now mention the fact that I have a podcast. I added a cute little graphic at the bottom with a picture of me. But you can use your email signature to talk about maybe a free opt in that you have. Or maybe you have like a special sale that’s coming To up or a promotion or something, I think that using your email signature is a really great and easy thing that you can do in order to communicate whatever it is that you’re currently working on. Last but not least, this tip is a game changer. Every night I go to bed, I have a tendency, and I think this is a human tendency of just like listing out all of the things that I didn’t get to today. Oh, I wanted to get to Facebook ads today, but I wasn’t able to because XYZ Oh, I wanted to email that person today. But oh my gosh, how did I forget, I can’t believe I forgot. And I still have to do that. I just spend like literally so long at the end of the night thinking to myself about all of the things that I didn’t get done. And it hit me a few nights ago, I was like, This is crap, that I’m not allowed to talk to myself, like this guy’s like, any type of negative talk any like, this is why you have to really be the bodyguard of your mental thoughts, because otherwise it just gets out of control. I do not allow myself myself to speak poorly to myself or beat myself up. So as soon as I catch that happening, I have to step in and be like, Okay, how do I turn this around? Instead of spending five minutes before I go to sleep? Basically beating myself up for all the things I didn’t do? How about I consciously decide to focus on all the things I did do? What did I do today? What did I accomplish today? Because it leaves you feeling so much different when you go to sleep. Thinking about all the things you did do and how awesome you are and how you killed it today, as opposed to all of the things that you didn’t do. You’re going to find that this is a common theme in the world about experience like rewriting all of those dots that aren’t necessarily bringing you any value at all. Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. I am just so happy that this podcast is in existence. This is now the third week guys, this is the third week and I’m just I’m feeling really good about it. It’s definitely been a different way of expressing myself. And I feel like you guys are feeling that too. There’s definitely like a deeper level of connection. And it’s just it just connects you on such a personal level, which I absolutely love is totally up my alley. What I want to ask you to do is if you enjoy this, can you please take a selfie of yourself listening to this podcast and post it online? I love seeing pictures of you guys listening to the show. share with me what your biggest aha moment has been send me a DM and let me know what did you think of this episode, you have no idea how much it fuels me to hear from you. Like obviously, if you didn’t take away anything from this podcast, then don’t hit me up that is not necessary. But if you did, like literally just take two minutes and message me and be like, Hey, Alex, this part of the podcast really hit home for me. Your feedback guys makes such a big difference like someone messages message me this week on Instagram. And they basically told me how my podcast had helped them and how they had interpreted what I had said and it was in a totally different way than I had even like I didn’t even mean for them to interpret it in that way. But that’s so cool that it can bring benefit to so many different scenarios. So I just want to say thank you guys so much for you know being a part of this community with me. Thank you for being with me since day one. I really appreciate it. And I will talk to you guys again next week. Bye. Thank you so much for tuning into the on purpose podcast and I really hope that you had as much of a blast as we did. If you liked what you heard and want even more make sure you leave a review because it really helps support what I do here on the podcast. All you have to do is search the podcast app for the on purpose podcast, select it then scroll down until you see write a review and then type away at the beginning of the next episode. I will be picking one review one special review My favorite review of the week and I will be reading it out for all of you guys so you definitely don’t want to miss out on that. I hope you really enjoy your week and I will see you guys again next time stay on purpose.

#004 – The Key To Booking Coaching Clients, Getting 56,000 Instagram Followers and more with Mel Wells

When was the last time you spoke to yourself? Sounds like something only crazy people do. Or maybe we truly are the mad ones for not even trying. But it’s not just random conversations with your mirror we’re trying to work into your routine. It goes a little deeper. It’s about being connected with your mental and physical wellness. Knowing how to treat your most valuable vessel and the real effects it can have on your life.   

So when a voice like Mel Wells extols the importance of food, self love and body imagery, it’s pretty hard not to listen.

Mel Wells, best-selling author, international speaker and eating psychology coach has devoted her life to the pursuit of good health, both inside and out.  

Get lost in her story—from her love affair with acting to finding true love within herself, learn how Mel transformed her life, business and mindset into a healthy, hearty and wholesome lifestyle that gets better with each passing day.

“If you are not taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of your business—I never prioritize my work over my health.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • how Mel got her first clients as a health coach
  • how she transitioned from doing one-on-one coaching to selling online courses and in-person retreats
  • how she grew her Instagram to more than 56,000 followers
  • AND Mel readily shares then number one thing in her business that she believes is *more* important than her Instagram account
Get well with Wells:
IG: @iammelwells
Facebook: @IAmMelWells
Twitter: @IAmMelWells

Check out her new book, Hungry for More, that came out last week! 

Loved this and want more? Check out our other episodes here.

Spark a conversation! Say hello @alexbeadon on Instagram.

Transcript Available Below

Alex Beadon 0:00
In this episode, I’m talking to someone I love. Following on Instagram, Mel wells, we talked about how she got her first clients as a health coach, how she transitioned from doing one on one coaching to selling online courses and in person retreats. We talked about how she grew her Instagram to more than 56,000 followers. And Mel readily shares the number one thing in her business that she believes is more important than her Instagram account. Welcome to on purpose. Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance it all, nourishing your health while growing your business and living a life well lived? And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you slip from purpose driven into autopilot. Take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

Wow, guys, episode number four of the podcast this isn’t. So before we dive into the podcast, I just want to share a few housekeeping items. So just be a little patient. The first one is, as promised one of my favorite reviews that you guys have left on the podcast. Remember, I’m trying to get 100 in the first week. So if you haven’t left your review yet, we’re running out of time, make sure to go and leave it as soon as you possibly can. It literally only takes two minutes. Okay, this one is from Jay T con JT comm says Alex’s new podcast is like having a conversation with a close friend. She hits on topics that I struggle with and helps provide clarity and real solutions. While being completely honest about her own path. She doesn’t just repeat catchphrases and content that’s already out there. She provides her own knowledge and experiences and that is solid gold to me. I’m excited about upcoming guests because I know Alex will only choose guests that can help us up level our lives and businesses. Thank you so much, JT Khan, I really appreciate it. Next, I want to give you guys a quick intro of who Mel is and why you should care about her. So Mel Wells is a health coach. But I look at her as more of an advocate for self love. She’s someone who I first stumbled upon on Instagram and the photos she shared of her freedom lifestyle on the beach, while running her business full time from Bali. That’s initially what captured my attention. But after I followed her, I started to see that there was so much more depth to her account than just pretty pictures. Mel is a woman who lives life totally on purpose. She’s a health coach, best selling author, and is now pursuing her career as an actress. So take a listen to this episode. I apologize in advance for the sound quality guys. When I recorded this, I knew nothing about audio. But the more we go into the podcast, the better the audio is going to become. When you’re done listening to this episode, definitely send me a message on Instagram and let me know what was your biggest takeaway? What was your biggest lesson? What was your favorite part? I really want to hear from you guys. And I want this to be a community right? So when you message me or posted to your story or whatever, just make sure that you’re tagging me sharing your biggest lesson from Episode Four. I’m then going to repost my favorite comments, and make sure to tag you as well. So this is win win for everyone. I really want us to build a strong community here with on purpose. Let’s dive into today’s episode. Mel, thank you so much for being on the podcast with me today. I’m so excited to have you.

Mel Wells 3:31
Yay. Thank you so, so much. It’s so good to be here.

Alex Beadon 3:36
So Okay, the first question that I asked everyone is, what do you find most nourishing about having your own business?

Mel Wells 3:45
What do I find most nourishing about my having my own business is being completely in charge of my calendar and being able to live live completely on my terms. I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do whatever the hell I want with my life, which is great.

Alex Beadon 4:05
It’s a big plus. So I would love for you to just share with us your journey of like how you got to being fully self employed. And you know, did you start off with a nine to five job like, how did you end up here?

Mel Wells 4:19
Yeah, so my first passion was acting and the performing arts. So I was an actress on a soap opera for a few years when I was 18. And when I left the soap opera, acting work wasn’t really that kind of available to me. So I kind of fell into doing commercials and bits of modeling and when you are working as a model you well I mean, at least for me, I was working with lots of different agencies at one time. So that kind of got me into feeling really good of being in charge of like calendar because I could decide the jobs that I wanted to take on the days that I wanted to work and when to say no, like that was kind of, in my hands. You know, the industry I didn’t love. I didn’t love what I was doing, though. But the one thing that I did love about it was the fact that I was the one, you know, basically in charge of my schedule, which I really liked. And when I decided to start my business, it was because I, basically, my dad fell, Ill really suddenly, he had pancreatic cancer, and it spreads to the liver really fast. And so he was given four months to live. Wow, that obviously completely changed everything for me. And I suddenly started becoming really, really interested in health and nutrition. And, you know, essentially disease prevention. But I mean, this was really personal for me, because my whole teens and early 20s, I been living with an eating disorder, like throughout the acting world that I was in the modeling, like, I had bulimia, and it was like, it was pretty severe. But I was I was quite in denial of it. And I think when my dad got earlier obviously made me really think shit, I really need to look at a really need to turn this obsession with food into a healthy one. And so I decided to train as a health coach and and set up a coaching business. And yeah, it obviously started out very part time because it was just like, in my mind, I still wanted to be an actress, that was my thing. And it was just a way for me to spread a message that I was really passionate about, really because of my dad. And because of my own journey with with my relationship with food and my eating disorder, I wanted to heal that and share the journey. So it was never about me, I was making a lot of money modeling it was so it was never about me earning more money, it was just like, I’m really passionate about this, I really think more people need to need to know about looking after themselves. This was back in 2012. So like healthy living wasn’t really as as cool as it is now. So that was how it started. And it was just like, basically, I set up a little Facebook page, and it had like, you know, 2020 likes, and it was basically just me sharing like recipes and like nutrition information. And as I progressed and as my personal journey with food progressed, I realized that to heal, disordered eating, it’s not about nutrition at all. It’s actually about psychology and self love and self development work and mindset work. And so that has become now years later, what I’m really invested in and what I now would say that I am an expert in is psychology around food, body image, self love. So I’ve moved away from nutrition. And now I’m more focused on on that, on the psychology science side of things as that is what really helped me.

Alex Beadon 8:12
I love how you said that. When you first started becoming a health coach, you were already making so much money from being a model that like it really didn’t matter. It’s just like something that you were kind of doing because you felt called to do it. Do you think that that really helped kind of propel you because something that I see often is, you know, people are struggling with money, they put so much emphasis on this thing having to work that it creates resistance. So I would love to hear your take on that. Like, what do you think the effect of that was for you? And also, how long did it take for you to make the transition where you were like, Okay, I’m done with modeling?

Mel Wells 8:48
Yeah, yeah, I mean, with with the modeling stuff, it is like, it was quite, it’s quite full on. So you could be like, there’s a lot of traveling. So I would be in the car for like four hours a day to get like to get like two hours to get somewhere, you know, a four hour job and then like two hours to get home. And so like I spend a lot of the time driving so I would listen to you know, I’ve listened to I would do like courses and audio stuff. Like while I was on the road basically. I did like my did like B school and that kind of thing when I was you know very much still just doing modeling stuff. And so yeah, I mean, I would say I would say that the drive it was just about the message like it wasn’t it wasn’t obviously like you want to make money from it but like I guess I didn’t even realize when I started that this could you know this could lead to me being financially more secure or more free. hadn’t even really occurred to me it was just like a Just want to get this message out there. So that I mean, I didn’t have, I didn’t have like a savings or anything like that. So I did kind of pretty much start with nothing. So even though I was earning, I was earning pretty well for modeling, it was still like, I was still spending it or like, I didn’t have like, savings or anything, I didn’t have like, Oh, I’m going to start a business and put all this money into it. So I was doing everything by myself, really. I couldn’t afford anyone to guide me a website. So I built my own website to start with, and it was terrible. But I started taking on clients. And yeah, I was doing, I was taking on clients one to one, and did that part time. Three years before I went full time. And when I went full time, it was 2015. So maybe it was, maybe it was me, I was doing like clients part time for two years. And I went full time in 2015. And it was like January, the first like a New Year’s resolution was like, what I’m doing is on January, the first I’m going to email all of my agencies and say, right, stop putting me forward for anything, I quit the end. I just knew that if I did that, I had to go full, fully in play full out. Because when you’ve got one foot in and one foot out of your business, it’s like you can only grow so fast. And I was experiencing that I knew that I wanted to create an online course I wanted to write a book, I knew that I was getting amazing results with the women that I was working with. And I was like, I’m so passionate about this. I hate modeling. Like I’m literally just doing it now because it pays. So I’m just gonna say, you know, that’s it no more. So I made the transition. When I already I was already taking on clients, I was probably making about 1500 pounds a month. So it wasn’t a lot. But I knew that I could live off it. And I knew that that push would really help propel me because you’ve got nothing else to lean on. You should just fully in and that’s a different level of commitment, then you really step up for yourself, don’t you?

Alex Beadon 12:15
Yeah, so for someone who’s in their first three years of running their business, but they’re not yet full time, I would love for you to share, like what do you think was like the big light bulb moment? Or like the thing that was missing for you that really allowed you to get to that full time space?

Mel Wells 12:32
Hmm. In terms of what I was earning, or in terms of like,

Alex Beadon 12:38
entire, like what you were doing, like, what what did you start doing that you weren’t necessarily doing before that helped you get full time that you would that? Or maybe it was like a mindset shift? Or I don’t know what it was for you that was like, Oh, this is what I’ve been missing? That hasn’t allowed me to get to full time yet? Or do you think it was just like you were just progressing in that direction, and that there was really no big.

Mel Wells 13:02
I mean, I mean, it was all I could think about every day, for a start off. So like I knew that it was my, I knew that it was my calling, I knew that it was what I needed to do. And the more I the more I felt that the better that I better that I felt. And the more I started to just really like, like the old job that just dropped away. Really organically. Like I just didn’t want to do it at all. And as soon as I started feeling like, you know, actually, I am earning enough to transition. Then I felt like I’ve just got to take the leap. And I think it was having that confidence of like, even if I fail at this, I know that I’ve really listened to my gut and listen to my soul. Even if I fail at this, like I have, I know that it’s what I need to at least give it 100%. And I think if you don’t give it 100% You’ll never know. So if you’re still holding on to like bits of old work, it’s like, you can do that for so long. But if you really want to propel your business, you’ve got to go full, fully in in terms of something practical that I did. I had a bit of a block around giving people free sessions. I was like, why would I do that people got to pay me and

Alex Beadon 14:24
the other way around. Normally people are like, I don’t want people to pay me I’ll just give it to them for free.

Mel Wells 14:31
I was like pay me like I thought what a waste of time getting for free. And I worked with a coach and you know it was I didn’t have much money. So it was like you know, I only spent like about 560 pounds, which was a lot of money to work with a coach back then I’m not invested in any coaching or anything at that stage. And she basically said to me send out an email. And you know, you had a small list, obviously send out an email and say you’re going to give away, you know, 15, free coaching sessions. I was like, What the hell? Why would I do that? I’ve got time for that. You know? And obviously, it’s such a thing when you’ve been running your business for a while, you know, that, obviously, you have to do that in order to, you know, it’s a great way to get clients. And yeah, you know, when I did that, I think I had like, 13 people sign up. And suddenly I was like, I don’t have time. I don’t have time for modeling. Like, I’ve got to do this, these clients. And so

Alex Beadon 15:39
was it that like, you got them onto a free call. And then at the end, you sold them? So there was like, a sales conversation at the end?

Mel Wells 15:46
Yeah, but it was it was essentially like it wasn’t I. I’m not a sales person. I’m not like, I wouldn’t say that. It was a sales call. It was a free coaching call where value

Alex Beadon 16:01
call you were giving? Yeah, exactly. And then at the end, having like a call to action. It was basically

Mel Wells 16:09
like, yeah, an hour of my time, we can do whatever you want in an hour, we can work through some stuff. And then at the end, like, literally in the last 10 minutes, it was like, if you want to continue this, we can work together for the next three months. This is the price. And most of them said yes.

Alex Beadon 16:27
Wow. That’s awesome.

Mel Wells 16:29
Yeah. And so then I was like, wow, this is this is a little secret. So I’m gonna do this more often. And so before I knew it, my whole calendar was booked up. And that kind of gave me the confidence to quit the modeling, because I was like, I can make this money from sitting at home doing what I love, like, Yeah, it’s awesome. Yeah.

Alex Beadon 16:48
Oh, tell us about, you know, you got started doing the one on one coaching, how have your offerings evolved to where they’re at today? Like, what do you offer today?

Mel Wells 17:00
It evolved really quickly, because I realized that, you know, from doing the free coaching session upfront, I could easily book up very fast. And so my calendar was packed. And to the point where I was doing like, you know, obviously different time zones, and everything I was spending at one point, like seven hours a day on Skype. Because I just wanted to just I didn’t want to say no to a new client. I didn’t want to say like, I didn’t want to say I’m full. So I was just like, Yeah, of course, like, let’s do it. And I didn’t want to lose them as such. So I just booked everyone. And to the point where I was just completely over. Yeah, it was just too much. There’s another lesson that I learned. But I, obviously the more people that you work with, you really understand your client’s struggles and how like how they get through them. And I started to, obviously, the trainings that I was doing at the same time in business, I was doing courses and all this kind of stuff, I started, you know, obviously, becoming someone that was used to doing online courses, and I was like, I can do, I could do an online course hang on a minute, I could make an online course for what I’m teaching these women because it’s the same stuff that is coming up all the time. And, you know, I’m not seeing many people doing online courses in what I’m teaching, but why wouldn’t I do that. But I think I can do this. And so I started getting to work on writing and creating an online, essentially, like an online transformation program that was digital where I could do live calls, but with groups. So that became like, my, my mission in between those two things. I did a few group coaching programs as well. So worked with like, six or seven people at a time. And that was great. But when I like when I created the course, which is the Academy, which has now had over 100 people come through it. That was like my aim was that was to get to create a course that felt like people were working with me one to one covered all bases, but you know, lots of homework, very in depth. And, and yeah, that launched for the first time in 2015. And that obviously created a lot of freedom for me. And it meant that I could work with a lot of people at once for a much smaller price than what the one to one was. So yeah, and then on top of that, I do retreats, which I really love. I definitely will keep doing retreats and live events because for me working with people actually in person for like a real immersion is like the best I like to work with people like, I take women out to Bali and we do like a week retreat there. I’m doing one in the Maldives this September. And to me that is my favorite favorite way to work with people, I think you get such incredible results when you are fully immersed in something so much better than that, you know, obviously people i Obviously I do still do one to one clients, and I love working with people one to one. But I mean, I know personally for me, I learned the best when I’m fully immersed in something like under there physically there for a long period of time, like seminars, like I just went to a Tony Robbins seminar, for example. And then for four days, 12 hours a day, I’m like fully in there. And that to me is like, I just will never stop doing that, because it’s my favorite way to learn. Yeah,

Alex Beadon 20:47
that’s incredible. I feel so good about everything that you just shared with us. So what’s interesting to me as well about the retreats is that if you look at the amount of time, effort and energy that’s going into your retreats versus the online course, you would say that the online course is definitely like you’re getting more of a return on your investment, right. But regardless, like you’re still doing these retreats, because you just they they nourish you so much. So I just love that you

Mel Wells 21:16
shot them lately. I’m obsessed with them. I’m obsessed with them, like spending time with these women in person is so incredible. And everyone transforms. It’s like there’s any you know, technology’s incredible, but like, real, you know, real life being there and, and really being there. And yeah, there’s nothing like, so I’m no, I’m not planning on giving that up anytime soon.

Alex Beadon 21:45
That’s awesome. Okay, so I would love for you to share with us a boundary that you have recently added to your business or to your life that you think has made a really big difference, because I was hearing you speak before about how you were doing like seven hours on Skype every day. And I was like, That was at a time in your business when you didn’t have those boundaries in place. So I’m curious, like, what is a recent boundary that you’ve discovered that’s been super helpful for you?

Mel Wells 22:11
A recent boundary? Let’s say I don’t work with any more than five people one to one. Okay, cool. My retreats, I don’t have any more than 13 guests at anytime. Because any more than that, and I can’t get to know everyone, I find it difficult to really form intimate relationships with more than that. And I guess my phone, you know, I don’t look at my phone in the mornings until I have left the house. I used to be someone that just turned turn, like rolled over in bed, turn my alarm off. And straightaway, I’m like replying to Instagram, DMS. And I’ve made a new boundary for myself that I, you know, I meditate or I do my yoga in the morning, and I don’t actually start looking at my phone and clouds left the house and I’m walking down the streets. And that’s yeah, that’s been really good for me.

Alex Beadon 23:06
So marketing wise, what would you say is like the one. It could be a social media platform or like an activity that you do that you feel gives you the biggest return on your investment of time? What would you say that one marketing activity 100% Instagram

Mel Wells 23:22
story, and I know that you love it too, because you are like the coffee.

Alex Beadon 23:29
I’m so glad that you said that in a selfish way. But also because it’s just true. And like, it’s just true, like, part of the reason is because no one knows about it. No one’s really using it. So anyway,

Mel Wells 23:40
I’m like, we’re gonna we’re gonna, like really milk this at the moment. At the moment, not, not many people are using it properly. So, you know, let’s let if we know the secrets, if we know how to use it, let’s use it. But yeah, like everything that I’m ever doing any, any free content, I have any events that I’m selling tickets for retreats, videos, anything goes straight on Instagram story. I mean, as I said, I’ve just been at this seminar for four days. So I’ve not actually been story the last four days, but I usually will have like a strategy for story. And, you know, our aim to be putting free content up there. And then like, you know, a couple of times a week be selling something on there as well. But obviously, it doesn’t cost anything and you know those for I mean, that’s the channel that I hang out the most on myself. That’s the channel that I that I focus on building more than the others. And it’s just where my pizza, so I know that they’re watching my story and so I mix it up and I will share stuff that’s going on throughout my day but I will also share like what’s going on in my business free content they can get for redownload if they can get and then what events they can come and buy tickets for?

Alex Beadon 25:05
That’s awesome. So talk to me about your history with Instagram as a platform, like on the whole, because you have I don’t know how many followers you have, but it’s a lot like 10s of 1000s. Yeah, you have right now,

Mel Wells 25:19
I think 50 3000s.

Alex Beadon 25:20
That’s so much. So talk to you about like, your growth on Instagram. Like, what you were focusing on how it’s changed your feelings on Instagram. I’d love to know more about that.

Mel Wells 25:31
Yeah, I’m good. I love it. I mean, for me, I need to wean myself off. Because you can just lose yourself Kenyan on that channel. So what is the question? Like?

Alex Beadon 25:47
When do you start, we’ll go step by step. When did you start taking Instagram? Seriously, like, when were you like, oh, I should be, you know, taking really good pictures and making sure that my captions are on point, like, when did you start taking it seriously.

Mel Wells 26:01
Um, probably a couple of years ago, I started to notice that it was growing much faster than my Facebook was. And I think I’d always been, you know, focusing on growing my Facebook likes, and then as soon as I realized that Instagram was growing faster, and I noticed that the women that are in my program, Instagram on it, I was like, Well, I’m just gonna focus it plus I love you know, obviously, I had a history and modeling. So like, I’m, I’m a fan of good photography, like, I appreciate good photos. And so

Alex Beadon 26:34
that’s so true. So it came easily to that’s so true. So yeah, give the people listening, like three main tips of what you think helped your account to grow quite quickly, what would those three tips be?

Mel Wells 26:47
Store storytelling, I think is the most important tool that I have. used, I think, when I approach when I think if I approach a poem, like writing a post, and I kind of don’t put much thought into it, or I mean, obviously, there’s a balance, like, I never spend hours writing a capsule or anything like that, if I’m doing that, then I’m just like, I’m just forcing it, I’m not, I’m not gonna do this. Usually, it comes through very easily, and I can write a caption in about 10 minutes. And then it’s, it’s done. But storytelling, I think, like, when I bring my own personal stories into things, they just connect through the phone a lot, a lot more than, than me trying to educate people, I think. I don’t know if that’s like a if that’s like an age thing. But I personally feel that I mean, I’m sharing, I am sharing lessons from my, from my teachings from my books and everything like that. But I but I tend to connect with people more when I just share my my personal stories and my vulnerabilities, I guess I’m things that I have overcome in my life that has what is probably connected with people the most just being just being real, I guess. Yeah, I think, you know, we all we all just want the real stuff. That’s, that’s the truth. So as much as the I think it’s important that your photos are beautifully, you know, done and everything like that, I think it’s the truth in the writing is really important.

Alex Beadon 28:33
So me I like to tell people is like always ask them, like, how easy would it be for someone else to have created the same picture or created the same caption and if it’s easily replicable, then you should probably go with something else. So I like that. I’m curious as well about, because I think a lot of people who are getting started in business, they really get obsessed with their social platforms. So I’m curious, I want to ask you, what has How important has your email list been for your business?

Mel Wells 29:05
But there’s nothing more important than your email list is? Like, definitely, you know, if you’re gonna really focus on using social media, use it to get people on your email list. Yeah,

Alex Beadon 29:20
that has that always been a part of like your social media strategies, like get people on your Instagram and then convert them onto your email list?

Mel Wells 29:29
Yeah, of course, because like email is where you know, your more personal conversations are happening and where you can actually run sequences and launches and things like that. Yeah, I think since I started my business, I’ve always known that your email list has to come first. That was kind of drilled into me and baseball but it’s so tempting. Very tempting to just sell on social media and think that, you know, but I’ve seen, I’ve seen people run their businesses through social media and now they’ve got loads of followers, but they’re not ever getting any email addresses. And I just I think, Oh, what are you doing? followers don’t that don’t actually matter, you know,

Alex Beadon 30:13
and it can be taken away from you at any moment, just like my YouTube channel. So I was growing my YouTube channel for like seven years. And then I woke up one day and it was gone.

Mel Wells 30:22
How did that happen? How does things like that happen? That’s crazy.

Alex Beadon 30:26
I know, it was a technical fault on Google Apps end, I think that it was such an old account that the way it was initially set up was just not done properly. Anyway. Yeah, it’s it’s gone. But it’s a great lesson, because it’s just such a good example of why you should always be bringing people over to your email list. So yeah,

Mel Wells 30:46
completely, and like there’s gonna be a new social app around soon, and you’re not in control of that for Yeah. Yeah.

Alex Beadon 31:00
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So I want to kind of shift now I feel like we’ve talked about strategy and marketing and social media and all that jazz. I want to talk to you about like, just life as an entrepreneur, I think you’re really interesting because you lived in Bali for a little bit, and then you picked up and you were like, Okay, actually, my true purpose or like, what I want to focus on right now is acting, so then you move to London to pursue your acting career. So I would love for you to talk to us about like, that must have been a really hard decision for you to make. And, yeah, that’s about that for a little bit, like having the actual freedom to be like, Okay, I’m gonna kind of shift gears a little bit. And what does that mean for your future in this direction?

Mel Wells 32:33
So, I mean, I guess, since my dad passed away, I’ve kind of been, I think, when when you lose power, and they change something in you, obviously. And I think I became a lot more like, I stopped caring what other people thought of me as much when he passed away, and I started being a lot more. If I want something, I’m just gonna go and get it and a lot more fearless. I guess, obviously, you’re never completely fearless. But I became a lot more fearless. And so when things get a little too comfortable, I need a new challenge. And my I mean, my business is doing well. I’m very, you know, blessed to say that, I decided to move to Bali, because I was doing the retreats out there. And I loved the place so much. And I saw so many, you know, digital nomads making it work. And I just thought, What a great lifestyle, I can do that, too. And I was out there for 18 months. And it was amazing. Like, I met the love of my life, like had such an incredible time in my life. But I had this breakthrough around Christmas that, you know, my original calling was acting and there was still a part of me that wanted to do that. And as much as you know, as part of my business, I get to make YouTube videos I get to be onstage and that is the stuff that I love. And I love that more than the business stuff. I love being the one that is speaking and because it is it feels like me in a way performing and reaching people with a message. And yeah, I kind of had this realization that if I hadn’t, you know, if I hadn’t, hadn’t eaten sort of hadn’t lost my dad, then I, then that was my original thing. That’s what I wanted to do originally. And it was really emotional for me because my life in Bali was so comfortable. And I could see a very clear path with my business and see where it was headed. And I thought you know what I’m, I’m really, I’m teaching personal development and I’m teaching people how to change their mindset around things and go after their dreams. And instead of telling people I’m going to actually just show them and I’m going to do it myself. And it was terrifying. Because like I said like life was so good in Bali and it’s it’s harder in London, it’s a lot more expensive. Um, you know, we’re living in a much smaller place, it’s called, you know, I’m going back into an industry that I’ve not been in for eight years. I feel like I’m starting from the beginning. But it scares me. And that’s why I’m doing it so hard to describe, but because it scares me, I’m doing it. And I’m also share, I decided to share that with my audience in a big way. Because I think we are living in a world where you don’t have to pick one thing, if you want to, you can do both. And I see like, a lot of great actresses that also have businesses, and I just decided that I wanted to, I wanted to somehow merge the two worlds. And it’s something that I’m also really passionate about is, I have worked with a lot of actresses as well, that struggle with eating disorders and body image, because obviously, it’s so much pressure. So that is something else that I’m really passionate about. So I want to kind of merge my two passions now. So yeah, it’s still quite fresh. But um, I think it’s important to kind of show the journey because it’s something that I feel like I’m starting again, almost, and almost really revisiting the place where I had quite a lot of trauma, I guess. But it’s kind of like, prove to myself how far I’ve come and how much I feel that I can just, I can go back into that world and do it for myself do it for my, my, the little inner child in me.

Alex Beadon 36:32
Yeah, I love as well that like you’re doing it again, as almost as a whole different person, you know, with new tools and like a new way of being so I just love I remember, I watched your live when you announced and I was like, Oh my gosh, I love it, because it’s so easy to get caught into like what you’re doing and like everything’s working, why change it. So

Mel Wells 36:56
it’s like the sort of the thought of going back into the acting world was so terrifying, that it brought up so much emotion in my body that I thought, well, that means that I’ve got to do it. Like, I can’t ignore that for the rest of my life. Obviously bring I wasn’t just like Matt No, it was like, I was in floods of tears. And that was when I knew that. Okay, if it makes if it brings up that much emotion in my body, I’ve obviously got some unresolved stuff there. So I’m gonna, I’m just gonna do it.

Alex Beadon 37:28
That’s interesting. Okay, I’d love to talk to you now about the hustle versus the flow. So like feminine energy versus masculine energy, and how that affects you how you prioritize each one in your business in your life. You seem like me quite like a masculine energy, like, get it done kind of girl. So I’m curious what your relationship with that has been?

Mel Wells 37:53
Ah, what a great question. Not having anyone’s ever asked me that before. Um, I mean, I, I am I do have quite a lot of masculine energy in my work. And it has got me a lot of it’s got its, you know, it’s helped me achieve a lot of success. But it’s I guess there’s a, there’s a balance, isn’t there? I mean, I, I love like, like I just said, with the acting like, I am motivated when things are hard. So I mean, it would, I know that it’s, you know, can say, oh, it can be easy. It can be easy, but sometimes easy. It’s not what you want, like, my life and by was so easy. And I was like, I’m too young for it to be easy. I’m not ready for it for an eat like I want the challenges. So I’m really, I’m motivated by it being a little bit more hard. Otherwise, where’s the growth? I think there’s elements in your business where you can be like, Wow, this is so easy. It’s just flowing through me. And it’s great. And I do think when things are really in alignment, you do you access that that flow state and you are in just complete flow, and it’s effortless, and it’s easy. But like that, for me, it’s like that is I don’t see the hustle energy as as negative. It doesn’t.

Alex Beadon 39:21
Yeah, so I think that like to just dive into that a little bit more. When you’re in that flow state, I don’t think it necessarily means that like it’s not challenging, or that you know, and I totally agree with you like the hustle. I think it’s gotten a really bad rap. But it’s it is a balance because it’s like you want to hustle but you don’t want to hustle yourself into the ground.

Mel Wells 39:44
Yeah, exactly. And I think when it starts to feel like you are doing that yourself, no, like not good. Take a step back and reevaluate. And I think what’s what is really important to me and As someone that obviously helps people with their health and their food is like, if you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of your business. So I never prioritize my work over my health, you know, so that, like, it always comes first for me to sleep a lot, meditate, do my yoga, you know, eat well, that if I don’t do those things, I am not showing up properly for my business anyway. So, for me, it’s like, I can’t even begin to think about hustling until I’m, until I’m taking care of myself. And giving myself a lot of, you know, a lot of sleep and you know, the things that I just the things that I just said. I guess it’s hard to it’s hard to describe, but I feel like when you are in that flow state, it’s almost like a, it’s like a blend of flow and hustle like a muscle. If you will, yes, that’s right. I just might. Like, you can have the relationship with hustle way, like, oh, I don’t, it’s not supposed to be hard. I don’t like hard work. And it’s supposed to be so easy, but it’s like, if it’s too easy, then you just feel like you just weren’t entitled, and there’s no challenge. There’s no growth. So I think you, you know, when people hear that, oh, you know, find the ease, find the flow. It’s like, I think it’s like, essentially, that could be training people to think that it’s never hard, or it shouldn’t ever feel hard. Which is just not true.

Alex Beadon 41:40
Yeah. So how do you keep yourself motivated when you have something really hard to work on? And maybe you’re feeling a little bit of resistance, and you’re like, oh, this thing is not going to be fun to do? How do you motivate yourself? Are you a naturally self motivated person? Talk to me about that.

Mel Wells 41:56
Um, I am quite naturally self motivated. But I always like, I’m always looking into the future. So I’m always, like, visualizing future. Like I like every day. Whether that is like, you know, next week, next month, like the end of the quarter, or the end of the year. If there’s something that I really don’t want to do, obviously, I do procrastinate and sit on the Instagram for a bit, pretending that it’s not there. But um, but essentially, what really motivates me to do tasks I don’t want to do is how it will impact my future and like how grateful I will be for it. When I look back,

Alex Beadon 42:38
so how clear would you say you are out of 1010? being super clear, and zero being not clear at all? How clear Are you on the vision of what it is that you’re moving towards and what it is that you want to create in your life?

Mel Wells 42:53
After this last four days, I would say 10

Alex Beadon 42:58
Robbins, Tony Robbins.

Mel Wells 43:01
I was gonna say I was struggling because I had such a clear vision for my business. And then this whole acting thing was completely thrown me off. And it’s made me feel like what the hell am I doing? Can I even do both? Is it possible to do both? Surely, you just got to go all in with one. So it’s, it’s been quite a confusing time for me. Like, am I allowed to do this? Should it just be something that I do is like, a couple of classes a week is like a hobby and not even try and pursue it again. But I just can’t really, I guess I can’t do that. Because I’m just not that kind of a person, I guess. So. But yeah, now I feel super clear in the I can blend the both worlds.

Alex Beadon 43:44
What do you think helped you through the 20 Robbins weekend or four day experience? What do you think was like the one thing or like a tip that you can give people listening to go home and do that’s going to actually help them get clear on their vision? Because that’s something I hear all the time from people is like, I just don’t know what I want. And I’m like, if you don’t have a vision, you don’t know what you’re working towards. Like you’re you’re running really fast going nowhere.

Mel Wells 44:08
Completely completely. And you end up going around in circles as well. Yes, you’re you’re I guess, like, the biggest thing is like you’re like why? Like why do you want to like, why do you want to go where you’re going like getting really clear where you’re going and and focusing on? Why it is that you that you want that. And an exercise that we did, which I find really incredible is it’s called closing the gap. I think he’s been doing it for many years. But essentially, you create a picture for where you want your life to be. Like the next level doesn’t matter if it’s like don’t put a timeframe on it, just call it the next level. Like where would what would my life look like if I was operating at the next level in every area of my life? And then create the picture for like where you are right now. Unless obviously in between, you’ve got like this gap. And he talks about closing the gap. So what do I need to do to close that gap? And basically bring those two completely together into the present moment? So obviously, electrically download, okay, what am I doing to close that close that close the gap, and then you end up with an action plan. And I think, you know, I’m always writing out my goals, like all the time, life goals, business goals, one month, three months and a year, and oftentimes, the things that I write out for a year, I get them done in a few months, because I’m just writing them out so much that I start making steps forward towards them. It’s almost like I do it unconsciously, because it’s just in my in my body, and, and I start accomplishing those faster than I, I thought that I was going to say, like, writing down your goals is so important. And the more you do it, the clearer you will declare, you look at, oh, something else I need to talk about, this is something that I’ve been kind of going through recently, and is doing less, but more. Sorry, doing, that doesn’t make sense. doing less, but better. Okay. So like, since I came back to London, I’ve got like a lot of my customer bases here. And then a lot of my followers and clients are here in London. And so since I came back, there’s been so many opportunities for me to speak at things or, you know, loads of podcasts things and but it’s like in person things like interviews. And I realized that I was saying yes to so much. And it meant that my big goals and dreams that I was writing down for my vision, were getting pushed back and pushed back, or I wasn’t having time for them, because I was filling my day full of, you know, writing articles and doing interviews and like so much stuff that actually wasn’t moving me forward. It was just filling up a lot of time. And so I kind of resolved to do less, but better. So okay, what are the things that I’m really passionate about doing? What are the things that I’m just doing? Because I think I should or that someone in my audience wants me to? Or, you know, I had an email, so I really shouldn’t say yes to it. Because I just started saying, you know, what, if I’m not yes about it, then I’m not going to do it. Because it’s just, it’s just distraction. And it’s not actually, you know,

Alex Beadon 47:39
really bring you forward. I

Mel Wells 47:40
want I think I can’t remember who said it. I don’t know, if it’s Warren Buffett, I think it might be him, but basically said like, the most successful people are saying no to 99% of things that they that they get come through. And I think, you know, when you start to get traction in your business, and you know, you will get loads of people email you saying, Can I interview you for my blog? Can I interview you, if my podcast is only just started? I don’t really, you know, have that much traction? And it’s like, you feel obliged to say yes to everything. Because you think, Oh, well, you know, it’s good to you know, and you’d be surprised how much doing all of that stuff takes you away from your mission.

Alex Beadon 48:23
Amen. Love it. Okay, so to wrap up this amazing interview, I have a few questions that I’m going to be asking you that I asked everyone. So the first one is, what is the one thing that you do that has been a non negotiable in the success of your business?

Mel Wells 48:45
One thing that I do that has been non negotiable in the success of my business, hiring good people.

Alex Beadon 48:53
Share a mindset shift that made the biggest difference in your life as an entrepreneur.

Mel Wells 49:10
I would say yeah, kind of in a similar vein, like work, work on what your strengths are. And then the stuff that is your weakness, outsource it.

Alex Beadon 49:22
Fill in the blank, the world would be a better place if more people knew

Mel Wells 49:27
how to love themselves.

Alex Beadon 49:30
That changed my life was oh, the

Mel Wells 49:34
book that changed my life was well, conversations with God.

Alex Beadon 49:39
That is such a good book. That’s one of my and lastly, I want you to challenge our audience to do something this week. So to take one action or to focus their energy in one direction. What is what is it that you would like to challenge our audience to do for this week?

Mel Wells 49:57
I would like to challenge you guys to You write out your goals. So, a lot of time, write out what what you want to have accomplished.

Alex Beadon 50:11
Thank you so much. You’re amazing. And I loved hearing everything that you have to say you’re so awesome. Before I let you go, I would love for you to let everyone know where they can find you online.

Mel Wells 50:25
Yes, of course. My website is and I’m hanging out on Instagram of course at I am Malwarebytes thank you so much Mal. Thanks, Dave. That was lovely.

Alex Beadon 50:43
Thank you so much for tuning into the on purpose podcast and I really hope that you had as much of a blast as we did. If you liked what you heard and want even more, make sure you leave a review because it really helps support what I do here on the podcast. All you have to do is search the podcast app for the on purpose podcast, select it then scroll down until you see write a review and then type away at the beginning of the next episode. I will be picking one review one special review My favorite review of the week and I will be reading it out for all of you guys so you definitely don’t want to miss out on that. I hope you really enjoy your week and I will see you guys again next time stay on purpose.