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S2 Ep.31 – Lessons from a Near Half-Million Dollar Launch with Alyssa Lang

In this episode, I speak to Alyssa Lang about what it’s really like to have a $446,000 launch. When we first started working together, her business had barely made any sales, and now here she is, three years later, having made $1.25 million over the past three years of using the Rinse and Repeat Launch Strategy. It’s an honor to have her on the show today, sharing her journey with you all. I hope it can act as a major inspiration!

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Alex Beadon 0:03
So you want to scale your online business while purposely prioritizing your most joyful, free and luxurious life. This Podcast is your weekly dose of connection and self reflection. As you set strategic intentions along the way, it’s time to prime your mind embrace your pace and take consistent action towards creating what you truly want from your online business without sacrificing the small moments all around you that are so worth treasuring. So take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

Hello Gorgeous people you are listening to Episode 31 of season two of on purpose with Alex Beadon. And in today’s episode, I am interviewing the one the only Alyssa Lang. Recently I was traveling in Poland and I got a message from her. This was like literally two weeks ago, saying that she had a $446,000 launch using a rinse and repeat launch strategy. She has been a member of together relaunch since 2020, and has signed up every single year since. And in this episode, we dive into what she really thinks up together relaunch what her experience has been like and what it was like to sell $446,000 worth of sales in her business now for total. What’s the word transparency, she did have an expenditure of about 40,000. So what all of a sudden done, she still had a net profit of $400,000. That is us. So that’s what this episode is all about. If you are someone who has it on your vision board to have a multiple six figure launch, then this is the episode for you. It’s going to give you so much insight and really help solidify what it actually looks and feels like and also I what I hope this episode does for you is show just how possible it is. I’m Alex Beadon, your favorite launch strategist and your guide to the online business world. I’ve had an online business on digital products since 2011. And I’ve been helping online businesses scale through launching since 2016. I’ve been featured in Forbes and entrepreneur and I’ve worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to multi million dollar small businesses. Here at Team Beadon. We pride ourselves on being the industry leading destination for all things launch strategy, our 12 month program together we launch teaches our signature rinse and repeat launch strategy that has helped course creators and membership owners from all over the world have their best launches yet. And I have to share with you the amazing news that applications are now open for together we launch. So if you’ve been waiting for the day that you could submit your application and potentially join our incredibly amazing community inside of together relaunch, then this is your chance. Our goal is to give you the tools to create a wildly profitable business while prioritizing your most joyful life so that you can truly experience time, freedom, location, freedom and financial freedom. Without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode. Alisa, welcome to the podcast. I’m so excited to have you here. Our audience is going to love listening to the story that you’re about to share with them. So thank you so much for taking the time to be here.

Alyssa Lang 3:14
Yeah, thank you so much for having me. Once again, it’s like I feel like a celebrity a little bit for being back again.

Alex Beadon 3:21
You are here together, we launched celebrity I love it. So I thought we’d get this episode started off by just setting an intention. You know, this episode is really for anyone who maybe is on the fence about joining together, we launch. They’re not sure if they’re really ready for together relaunch, they feel like it’s going to be a really big step for them. And I feel like for me, you’ve been such an inspirational story to share with people. Because you know, when you started together relaunch, I think you had a lot of uncertainty as well, you weren’t sure if you were going to really fit into the group, I know that you didn’t have a very large following. And so I think you’ve been such a success story and just showing people what’s possible. And so I wanted you to have to I wanted to have you on the show, to speak to about your story and everything that you went through inside of together, we launched so let’s get started by just sharing like, Where were you at before you joined together we launch? Where was your business at? And what kind of got you to even start thinking about joining together we launch?

Alyssa Lang 4:26
Yeah, so I know that I was introduced to you back in 2020. At the very beginning of the year. I heard about you through Luis Henry, which I know you’ve had on the podcast before. And I kept hearing about launching I didn’t even know what it was I came from like the accounting world like tax and accounting. I had no idea what an email sequence was like. I never tried to like build a presence on like online. I’ve never had to deal with any of that kind of stuff. And so I kept hearing your name. So I started following you. And I remember at that time, like it was like very beginning of the year somewhere around February before COVID had happened. But that was when you were in England. Yeah. Yeah, you were in England and I remember that.

Just because I remember you got stuck. That’s what I got introduced to you is my business started on Valentine’s Day of 2020. And it wasn’t a COVID company because COVID wasn’t like a thing at that time, it kind of sprung out because I saw a lot of other people in the accounting industry really struggling with systems processes, Team hiring. And I knew I had something that was valuable to them, because I had started doing like a sauna build outs, but I couldn’t sustain doing one on one setups anymore. Like the only way I can really reach a bigger audience and support people was through creating a course. But like I said, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know about all this stuff. And when I got introduced to the word launching, it was like, a little bit overwhelming for me. So I kind of like, watched everything that you did. And I was like, Oh my God, she’s famous. Like,

he’s still like, think in my brain all the time. Well, anyways, like as the business started to come up. So as we’re coping had started, I just really struggled getting in front of people, like I don’t think I had anybody who bought the program for like, almost six months into, into what I was doing at this company, but I knew I had something so viable that people needed in my industry to change their lives. And so I started following you. And then that’s when I think it was around the time it was your birthday. Because for 20. I don’t know why I always remember these dates. Maybe because I’m a numbers person. And I remember it was your birthday. And you guys were you and your sister were playing in the pool. Like a little kiddie pool. Yes. I remember. Listen, you’re like, and I remember kept calling. Every time you go on live, I’d like calm and you’d be like, Oh my god, your name’s so cool workflow queen. And I was like, oh my god, she said my name. It’s so funny. I like those identifying moments. Like they just transformed to bigger things. When he was I kept following you. And I really struggled. I tried to do my own launch. And I because I’ve been falling at that time, I think you were launching something. And I saw you doing like, getting people excited about getting onto this bootcamp, I was like, Okay, I’m gonna try this thing. And it didn’t go very well for me because like, I didn’t know all the different layers and stuff. And that was in the summer of 2020. And that was actually when around you were doing a launch for together we launch. And I just remember being like, you know what, I really don’t have a lot of funds within this business. Thank God, I had another business that I actually was able to fund like getting a ticket together, we launch. But at that time, I was a little bit nervous. It was the first time I’d ever ever invested in anything that was significant to me like it was it, it was hard for me to decide, but but I knew that you were going to give me results. But it was like, I had to just trust that that was going to be the case, what happens if I’m the one of those people because you warn people all the time, like, not all people’s results are going to be the same results as everybody else’s. And I was a little bit apprehensive, but just based off testimonials I had seen and Louise Henry, like really hyped you up. I was just like, You know what, I sat down my boyfriend at that time. And I was like, I think I’m just gonna do it. I’m gonna make it happen. And I don’t even know if this thing’s going to. Nobody wants it. Nobody’s really buying it in the first place. And then I signed up. And then I think we started the launch. And my first launch was in like October of 2020, or something like that. And the first launch I ever did, we did 116k total. But when we did our private presale, I think we landed around like 30k It’s been like, almost three years now. But around 30k. But I was like holy shit. That’s the most money I’ve ever seen in one day at one time. Like, it was a lot of money. Like, I remember I was going through those mindset issues and just having the support in general with the mindset stuff. And like getting into together we launch and like everything that was like included. It wasn’t just about like, here’s a plan, go do it. It was like, You guys actually cared about me and you guys really cared for my success. And so yeah, I was a little bit apprehensive, but I’m obviously very grateful. It’s been like, the other day I actually calculated this out just so you know, for fun fact, I think you’ve made me in my business $1.25 million, based off launching in three. Wow, that

Alex Beadon 8:41
makes me so happy to hear honestly, congratulations. And I think you know, for us looking at you one of the big things that are one of the big differentiating factors of you is that you are someone who came in, and you really like implemented everything like yeah, you know, to the you took the strategy, and you were like, I’m going to follow this strategy. And you know, we have people joining together, we launch who don’t follow the strategy to the tee. And they still get, you know, somewhat good results, like people still come in and they’re like, I didn’t follow it to the tee. And I still did really well and I’m happy. But when we see people like you come in and like really follow everything. Their results are just phenomenal. But so Okay, your first launch. After joining together we launched you said in total was $116,000. Right?

Alyssa Lang 9:23
Yes. And then 30 of it was from the private presale like the layer that you have us do.

Alex Beadon 9:27
Right? So after that you then decide you’ve joined together we launched four times now, right?

Alyssa Lang 9:34
It’s either three or four. I’m pretty sure all the times it’s happened is all the times I’ve been there.

Alex Beadon 9:39
You’ve signed up every single time since which is wonderful. Tell us about your launches. Like you know you had that first launch. It was great. Tell us about the launches since because I know that you’ve been continuing to scale and scale and scale. So talk us through a little bit about that.

Alyssa Lang 9:55
Yeah, so for the very first launch, it was all very overwhelming. Like you said I just followed everything to a tee And for anyone listening, if you do join together, we launch I really recommend the first launch just following everything that they say do everything that they say. And maybe the next time when you have more capacity, start to add a new layers. And that’s what I’ve I’ve kind of done over time, which is something that you’re really you heavily preach inside of together we launch is just do this, add the fluff later. Like it’s what we call a fluff, right? Yeah,

Alex Beadon 10:21
like just add the extra layers afterwards.

Alyssa Lang 10:24
Yeah, capacity. And at that time, I didn’t have a team member I like had nobody where it was just me like putting this all together. And I was like, just stress. But anyways, now it’s such a different scenario with our launching process. Well, over time, like it’s taken us three years to really define our way of doing things. So we still have the foundational way that the same launch phases that you use a lot of the foundations, but we’ve kind of tweaked it to be specific to my industry and what we need. So we have like a project in Asana, we’ve got all these different things that we have, like mapped out templates ready to go. And every time we’ve launched, it’s just gotten easier and easier and easier for us to just really rinse and repeat. Like you always tell everybody to do. Overtime. I’ve always relaunched that same program that I first launched was, which was called kick off with a sauna. And at that time, I relaunched it, I think multiple times a year is what we’ve done. And then about a year ago, or maybe it was two I think it was about a year ago, we created a brand new group coaching program specifically for bookkeepers. It’s called Breakthrough. And we ended up doing a two and a half day preset, like presale, but we didn’t end up doing like an open cart because we were just too exhausted. And our sales page broke the morning of 10 minutes before the page went live to the point where all we had on our sales page, it said, breakthrough for bookkeepers and accountants, button one, either your pay in full or button to you like make a payment plan. But we also pushed back launching the program for almost a year because we were really like throwing our heart and souls into it to the point where people are already so hyped about that launch, we did 350k in two and a half days. And then over time, we’ve just done multiple launches per year. Last year, we only did three. And then this year, we just got done with one we wrapped it up about two weeks ago, we’ve done our biggest launch that we’ve ever had. And we did we ended up with $446,540. So almost a half, half a million dollar launch. And that was for a seven day open cart. And we just finished that one up. So it’s been a bit of a journey.

Alex Beadon 12:19
How many times have you launched because I know you said it’s $1.25 million in total in launches sales in the last three years. How many launches is that?

Alyssa Lang 12:29
I would say 2020 was definitely 120 21 Was I want to say two or three. And then 2023. We’ve done already one kick off with a sauna one. And then another one for breakthrough. And we’re doing another kick off with a sauna one here in about a month and a half, we’ll we’ll start the challenge.

Alex Beadon 12:48
So about six, seven something. Yep. That’s brilliant. I’m so proud of you. I just love that I feel like every time we hear from you, it’s just like, you’ve had another goal, you’ve pushed the the goal even further and you’ve been able to reach it and achieve it every single time. And that’s amazing. What I love to hear as well is like the fact that it’s getting easier and easier for you because that is what we preach with the rinse and repeat launch strategies. Like we want it to be something that’s going to get easier and easier. Tell us about this last launch, which is your most profitable launch to date at almost $500,000 I know you mentioned to me that like it was one of your most hands off launches that you’ve ever done. So how has together launch been pivotal in helping you create those systems help you teach it to your team, and help you be able to learn like the process of you know, being a leader that takes your hand off the wheel in the way that you have? Yeah,

Alyssa Lang 13:44
so I kind of failed as a leader this last one, just start with that piece. The reason I say that is because we usually are supposed to start our launch process about three months prior to like a launch, especially going for one this big. And anyways, of course, me over here was like I’m gonna go to to loom like, I’m just gonna go travel. Like, we’ll figure it out later. We didn’t start the launch process until like, three and a half weeks before we actually did the bootcamp. And it was like, honestly, it was a hot mess. And I really regret doing that. But the same time it was fine. Everything worked out. But the poor team was like, What are you doing to us over here? I was like we got this it’s gonna be great. Also very good. You did it. Yeah. And we did and first first time we ever hosted this specific bootcamp this specific launch like to fit into this type of program. And it worked out really well. I didn’t think it was gonna work out like it did but it did.

Alex Beadon 14:37
I think it just goes to show that like it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be profitable. And this is something that we always tell our launchers it’s like launch put it out there even if you didn’t have the perfect amount of planning time or even if you have a busy summer like I’ve been traveling all summer like this hasn’t been an ideal time for me to launch but the show must go on. Profitability is oxygen to a business. We need to learn how to like bake these launches into our year to make sure that we’re generating that profitability within our business. And it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be profitable. Kudos to you. That’s absolutely wonderful. For someone who’s listening to who’s thinking to themselves, like, Alyssa has a team, like she has so much help and support. Yeah, I know that you didn’t always start off that way. I know that when you started, it was just you. You know, I think I don’t remember how many people were on your email list when you first joined together, we launch but it wasn’t a lot of people. Do you remember? Like

Alyssa Lang 15:29
300? And like, 30, I believe, because I still have a screenshot, like on my Instagram, like archive?

Alex Beadon 15:33
Yeah. That’s amazing. So 330 people, and you know, not the biggest audience in the world of followers. You know, I don’t know how many followers you got on Instagram at that time, like 115.

Alyssa Lang 15:43
Right? Like it was an Instagram followers.

Alex Beadon 15:48
So I love that you’ve been able to like, take this launch model, and build it to support you in the way that you want it to be supported. Whether that’s like, you know, building your team, or, you know, I know that you’ve moved house, and you’ve been able to like, take months and travel the country like, Yeah, I’m pretty sure you bought one of your dream cars like, yes, you’ve been able to do a lot. But for someone who’s listening who’s like, I don’t have a team, I don’t have all of these resources or followers or anything. What would you tell that person?

Alyssa Lang 16:18
I mean, your fault, in my opinion, your following doesn’t justify whether you’re good or not, like, in my opinion, like, I think that you are good enough at what you do. And I think if you look at the vanity metrics, because a lot of people are always very concerned with like, what’s the number of followers you have, like, even when you sign up for affiliate programs, to become an affiliate for a software you love? Well, how many if you don’t have over 10k email subscribers, they’re not gonna think about you. It’s like you just missed out because I’m a, I can play really hard with the people love me. Just get really big with the people who are following you. Just imagine like, if you have only 100 people, imagine being in a room with 100 people, I’d be like, freaking out. We know that how that happened. Last time I spoke on stage that was all bad. But yeah, it’s like, you have to remember, like the impact that you’re actually making, even if only you’re impacting, you know, five of those 100 people that are like following you. But if you’re feeling that way, just read, think and try to work through your mindset. And I know that you really helped me with that aspect of things. And as far as together, we launched like, I think as long as you have the passion, the drive, and that really the desire to actually make things happen. And I think this just goes in business in general, you will not make an excuse of why you can’t make it happen. Because I don’t have x, if you always give yourself an excuse of why you can’t do something because you don’t have something already is not going to get you to the something you want. And I think I’ve learned that through business. And I think the people who I’ve seen that have been very successful, no matter their following are the people who are tenacious, who are just driven and willing to put in the work. And if you can show up and you know, this is going to work and you convince yourself of it. That will happen. And I think no matter what size you are, it is possible to do this by yourself. I’ve done it by myself. Now, did I keep my sanity? Probably not. But we’re great over here. I’m still alive is all that matters.

Alex Beadon 18:06
Oh my gosh. Okay. So essentially, what you’re saying is, it’s going to be challenging, it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but it’s going to be worth it. And if you sit down and like focus on it, and put your attention on it and commit to it. I think that’s the biggest thing. Like we said, you follow that strategy to a tee. And what we recommend people do when they joined together we launch is like, go through the entire 11 module curriculum from start to finish and let that be your first job is to go through all of it, and then go through it again, this time like actually taking the action steps because at least that way you have like the big picture in your mind and then you could be like okay, now I’m ready to like go in and take action for someone who’s listening you know, did you show up to every together we launch call, like, Were you one of those people who was like actively if you didn’t come live to the call, you’re watching the replays

Alyssa Lang 18:53
I know that the first time around I did involve myself a lot more mostly because I really needed that extra support. I did a lot of the co working sessions I don’t know if you guys still do them now. Which means I don’t know all the things that are happening because I’ve been not not really as involved with I’d like to be in together we launch right now. And it’s just because like we have a system going it’s like I don’t need as much support as we did before but it’s been so helpful over time. But the past like but in terms

Alex Beadon 19:17
of like that first one like that first time that you joined, it was percentage wise what where do you think you were at in terms of like,

Alyssa Lang 19:25
Hmm, probably like 70% of the calls I made co working ops calls the regular coaching calls because I had a lot of questions a lot of things came up during my launch that like sometimes in the Facebook group like trying to type things out just my brain doesn’t work like that. I need to hear someone talk it out with me. And so the coaching calls were really handy at the very the especially at the very beginning 100% Yeah, so 70%

Alex Beadon 19:48
which I think is a doable percent you know, it’s not that you are showing up to every single thing or that you were a perfect student. You gave it your all you showed up 70% of the time. He was good enough for you to be able to get these results you had your first launch was a six figure launch, which is just amazing. And then to be able to build it from there. So what have been some of the perks that you’ve gotten to experience? What have you been able to create for yourself and give yourself as a result of you using the rinse and repeat strat launch strategy and joining together we launch like, what are some of your the things that you’re most proud of? I know some people you know, they’re proud that they’ve been able to buy something or maybe gifts, their family something, what would you say are the things that you would look at in your life and say this was a direct result of having joined together we launch?

Alyssa Lang 20:41
Yeah, I would say impact is probably my biggest thing. The exposure that I’ve been able to have through knowing these strategies would have never put me in the place. Like I said, we didn’t even have a lot of people. In my Rena, they didn’t know who I was, like, I think they’re came with marketing strategies that come with launching, it allows you to kind of scoop up a lot of people at one time, even though if they’re not ready to buy, which is fine with me. It gives them some sort of like, information and things that they need to like, move forward, and like their business, because like, you know, I’ve worked specifically with bookkeepers and accountants, that’s just my niche. And that’s all I work with. If you’re another business owner, unfortunately, like it’s just, I can’t take you. And so for me, like the impact of knowing like what I can create for other firms, because in our industry, a lot of people are burnt out by working day to day, it’s hard to pass off the bookkeeping work or tax work, because it’s very relationship driven, that people make a lot of an excuse of being like, I can never take a vacation, I’ve always got to run payroll. And I just got so tired of the industry like acting like that, when thinking that that was the only way to live in work. And so since together, we launched, like being able to expose myself a little bit more and more, it’s allowed me to kind of create that butterfly effect, like I’ve had people, like, reach out and say, like, you know, their husband just recently, like, got diagnosed with cancer, and they’ve been able to like, able to step away from the business to be able to like, focus on taking care of him, like while the business is still running with like the teachings and people will hit like really big numbers, the big My favorite thing is not even the vanity metric. It’s like how people feel. For Alyssa, I actually got to take a whole week off, Newton did nothing other than like the team ran the show like that makes me really excited. So I think my biggest thing has been the impact. From together we launch. And then I think also, the money is great. But I think what comes with the money too is that the money allows me to create more opportunities, not just for my team, but also for my students. So I would never be able to afford to like host retreats because anybody who’s listening who hosts a retreat or in person event, you’re usually not profitable on them. They’re just not a profitable thing. Unfortunately, it’s really meant to like cultivate relationships with people on a deeper level. And they will the launches have allowed me to have that extra funding to be able to put those types of intimate events where at some of those students I have now this biz besties with other people and I’m even like meeting up with some of them in Vegas next next month like this, the relationships that it’s allowed me to expose myself to has been incredible. Not only that, but because of like launching and just getting people kind of like swooped in and loving what we do. It’s allowed me to have speaking opportunities, like being on podcasts, like that’s something I’m on constantly. Other than that, for me, it’s like my dream car like I really wanted like a foreigner for like the longest time. And so I fell in love with my car when I saw it at the moment I did. And I bought it. And now I’m actually looking into buying a house next year, which was already on the plan regardless of like the launch. Other than that, we’re now able to offer 401, k’s and health full full time, team members health benefits. We are striving for a four day work week. It’s just not happening as fast as we wanted to opportunities like my team member whose dad is not doing so well. Her being able to take the time off without having to stress out like it’s just given so much more opportunity. And I think the last really cool thing is this big group coaching program that we have. I now invested in someone who is creating like AI bots that are going to live within the actual program itself to help them crank out job descriptions and crank out like roadmaps and tell them exactly where their bottlenecks are. And that was like six grand it’s like those options. It gives me opportunities to try to invest in ways to make my students lives easier. So it’s not just about me, it’s also about like all the other people too.

Alex Beadon 24:15
I love that so much. Yeah. Quick break in the show to celebrate with you the fact that we have now opened the doors to together we launch. You can now submit your application to join anytime before September 26. That is Tuesday, September 26. We would absolutely love to learn more about you and your business if you are someone who is making anywhere from $65,000 a year to $500,000 a year and you are looking to scale your launches using a rinse and repeat launch strategy that will be easy for you to implement into your business time and time again, and I highly suggest going and requesting an application today you can do so over at together we So go now don’t procrastinate on this, you know, this is not going to be available forever. And we have this incredible cohort of online business owners that are joining. And we’d love for you to be a part of it. So if you feel that inner calling to be making more money with your launches, and to be scaling what you’re already doing in your business, go now and request an application together, we what was the value for you when you first joined together, we launch to be around other like minded online business owners. Oh, yeah, that’s

Alyssa Lang 25:32
like, honestly, the biggest impact. Like, I’ve just learned that over time that your friends that you like in your real life, start to like, dwindle out naturally. And you start making friends and everybody else in the industry and like, they’re like online people, and then all of a sudden you see him in real life. And they’re like, you’re besties like, you know what I mean? It’s so interesting, Alex, I have not I keep forgetting to tell you this, but there was a together, we launched that we launched the very first time I had done it with her. And somehow she remembered that I had that I worked with bookkeepers did not know that I actually had my own bookkeeping firm. She like recommended someone to come to me to help the I can help them find a bookkeeper and was like, oh, actually now run my own firm. And I reached out to her and was like, we weren’t together, we launched together. She’s like, I just remember you worked at bookkeepers, I’m actually going to be hosting in her program, like once a month financial calls. So like, oh, and that’s just like years later, that’s three years later. And like, now I’m having other opportunities. And so those relationships, I’ve still kept in contact with them. And like, other than that, some they come and go, some you connect with some you don’t, which is not a bad thing. It’s just like, everybody has their own thing going on. But that was really cool. Just being around people who understood was going through while my family didn’t know what it was like for me to hit these big numbers, and they nor would they understand, or they would just look at me as some money back. And that to me, I needed to be surrounded with those good good people.

Alex Beadon 26:45
Yeah. How beneficial was it for you to have your team members also have the opportunity to go through together relaunch so that you didn’t have to be the one to like, teach them? Yeah, that

Alyssa Lang 26:56
was a lot easier once I had the team, which they were around the first time. But yeah, so over time, when we continue to join together, we launch, I ended up adding the team members, and they would come in, and they would assist us with stuff. And that was just really nice, because they were able to attend calls, they were able to pull assets. I already kind of knew what everything was. So instead of me having to train them on like, this is what launching is I can just be like, Yo, go take the program.

Alex Beadon 27:20
I love it. Um, the next question is, and this is kind of an odd question, but I’m really curious, because together, we long, just set up right now as a 12 month program, you know, we have people come, and we have people who decide to sign up again and again. And we know that when people sign up the first time they’re learning the curriculum, they’re learning the strategy. But after that, we have people who stick around for the value of the community and the support, and being able to show up and get their questions answered once a week if they want to. I know, as you said at the beginning, you know, you’re not as involved in together relaunch anymore. But I’d love for you to share with us what has been the deciding factor for you to sign up for together we launch every single time since you know what has been the value for you there.

Alyssa Lang 28:05
I think it’s always knowing that you have someone like to back you up. Because like for me, I’d rather like pay for that and know that if shit hits the fan in the launch. And we need to pivot and I just can’t think through that. I love my team to death, but they’re also not long strategists. They’re also not business owners. And so sometimes they don’t see it in the same light that we do. And so knowing that I have that group to come back to or that and I might like every once in a blue moon pop into one, one coaching call or q&a call and just get one question answered and take off and like but that’s how I am in most programs. Like I’m not really wanting to be super super involved once I’ve got the hang of it. But for me, it’s just knowing that there is somewhere that I can go back to that I can get support from and I think that’s like there’s power in that because I can’t just I don’t expect to voice though you and be gone to work together launch to be like, Alex, I’m going to this with my launch. Like I respect your space and I respect your time as a business owner myself, I could never imagine like trying to pick your brain for free when like you deserve to be paid for like that, that information.

Alex Beadon 29:03
For sure. We have a lot of people who might have gone through with the ultimate launch boot camp and be like wow, I really have a good understanding I feel so much more confident. Like they definitely leave the ultimate launch boot camp feeling this sense of excitement for their next launch, right. Some people might be thinking to themselves do I really need to sign up for together relaunch? You know, I might as well just try it on my own at first and see how it goes. So I My question for you is how much longer do you think it would have taken you to have your first six figure launch? And do it on your own? Had you not invested in together we launch?

Alyssa Lang 29:41
I don’t know where we start off with giggling like because a joke if of how long it would have actually taken probably not even now like if it was three years later I built the I mean, think about it my results were nothing so like can you imagine if I continue to do the same thing that’s like the definition of insanity. Like if you want something In the change in the business, what got you here is not what’s gonna get you there. And so like you have to invest in the things that are gonna move you forward. And something that’s repeatable, something that has, you know, the vanity metrics and the results that you’re looking for, and the community that you’re looking for, and the expertise, because I know a lot of people recently that are starting to be launchers, and I see these like results in these different things. And I just don’t trust them, like, I just can’t trust them, like I can trust you. And to be honest, I would just say, like, just do it. Because if not, you’re just going to be like, overwhelmed, you’re going to stress yourself out. And also, you’re just going to get to a point where you’re just like, so burnt out, because you think you’re not enough because you can’t get those results. Like without the support, you could probably figure it out. Absolutely. But why not just fast track everything. Like I’m at a point in my business where I no longer used to be my time was more important, or my money was more important than my time. But now I’m in a place in my business where my time is way more valuable than my money, then I would rather fast track everything I do in business now. And just why not go to someone who has the method, the system, the info, and the people who have been there done that, like, I don’t know, to me, it’s just you might as well just level up your life and just make it happen.

Alex Beadon 31:09
And then if someone is hearing you say those words with their thinking in their mind, this is a really big investment. You know, it’s terrifying to make this investment. What words of wisdom do you have for them? What was it like for you to make that investment? And, you know, we know now that clearly, you did get your your, your return on your investment $1.25 million later. But speak to us a little bit about that. What advice would you have, you know, if a course creator friend of yours was like, I know this all sounds great, but I’m really afraid.

Alyssa Lang 31:37
Yeah, I think first of all, making sure your stuff is validated. I know that it’s hard for me to say because technically, I had like one person by for a really long time. So most people would be like, it’s not validated. It’s not, nobody wants it. But I knew it was. But it’s just the fact that I lacked Understanding Exposure. And so that’s the first most important thing, you have to make sure that what you’re selling, or what you’re giving, is actually validated. And if you don’t know that, I mean, feel free to reach out to your community, ask them pull them on Instagram and just say, if I have this thing, what would you feel about this? Voice Note someone talk this through with somebody, if a lot of people were like, yes, I would love this, you know, they might have apprehensions to the cost of it. But that’s neither here nor there. First have a validated product, in my opinion. Then second, what I’d probably recommend is that like, you really chat this out with someone maybe going through that experience, who has done it before. Like I said, Louise Henry was the person who helped me to convert to say, I’m going to do it, I’m going to go all in, I’m all open to have these conversations with people like you guys can come to my Instagram, it’s at workflow Queen voice. Don’t be like, That’s the fastest way i’ll probably respond. If you have any questions, if you’re trying to figure out like, what did I feel like? Because I just remember feeling so stuck and overwhelmed. And I just wanted to fix things. And I knew what I had was was viable, and that my community really needed it. And that’s probably going to be my biggest advice is just talk this out with someone. And don’t let someone tell you that. Like, you don’t need that. Because yes, technically, you don’t need all the things. But in my opinion with like all the results I’ve had, like, I’m just gonna be like, it’s a no brainer to me. But I understand the investment can be stressful, and it can be really overwhelming, but you can’t afford to not do it. In my opinion. Yeah.

Alex Beadon 33:14
It’s like looking at, you know, you’re making this investment. But what is the potential return on that investment? You know, and even I feel so proud of what we’ve created inside of together, we launch in terms of the return on the investment is actually so much more beyond just the sales. Yes, we want you to make sales. Yes, we want you to have your most successful profitable launch yet. But we can see that when people finish together, we launch they’re changed as business owners, you know, they are so much more advanced in terms of maybe the vision that they have for their business, or their team building or whatever, you know, it’s different for everyone. what ways do you think together we launch affected you that were beyond just the sales?

Alyssa Lang 33:56
Oh, I think it’s really like I said before, it’s kind of like the impact thing. But it’s also like changed me as like an individual like, I mean, I feel like my vibe is just kind of changed, like my hair used to be long and red, which will eventually come back. But right now I’m just like letting it let it be free. But I feel like me as a person has really like evolved and not only that, but this is gonna sound so so bad. But even like my relationships in my life and my my real world, it just exposed me to a different way of thinking and it kind of unlocked something in my brain I never thought was possible that these things can happen. Like you see people talk about like, whether it’s money or whether it’s like their success, you think it’s never going to happen or it’s not going to happen to you. And so for me, I think it kind of unlocked a side of me that’s like, my, in my mind. Money is like a faucet at this point. Like I can turn it on. And I can turn it off at any time. And I think most people are so stuck in their mindset that I’ve actually let go of a lot of those relationships, because they’re so stuck. They’re like, this is gonna be my life forever. I’m like you can change your life. If you put in the work and you’re willing to do it just because like example of Taylor Just because you sign up for together, we launch is not going to get you results. You have to put in the work, you have to show up. You have to make it happen. And like, it just will change the way that you view. Everything in business. Everything’s an opportunity now when earlier beforehand, everything was a hurdle. And I think that that’s what it’s done for me is really a locked up side of me that really helped me to step into that version of myself.

Alex Beadon 35:22
That’s such a beautiful share. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Yeah. Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you would really like to touch on? Anything that you’re like, you know, what, if someone’s on the fence, they should know this? Anything like that, that you want to mention, before we wrap up? Oh,

Alyssa Lang 35:37
what do I want to mention, um, take it easy take care of yourself. 100%. During launches, I used to get a massage every day during my launches, like during the actual like, challenge. Every day between the q&a and the teaching session. Unfortunately, I don’t have a most who’s on the mountain I live on. So like, she’s very limited time. So I’m a little bit sad about that. But you have to give yourself grace, like order food or prep it in advance, like I’m telling you, you’re going to be stressed out, you’re going to be overwhelmed, you’re going to be so emotionally drained. Me, I’m always planning a trip. That’s the biggest tip I have plan a trip after a launch no matter how successful it goes. Because no matter what, celebrate yourself. And just because you don’t hit your goal now doesn’t mean you won’t hit it later. And always remember that always pour into people inside your boot camp in these, the exposure that you give. This was a thing I wish I would have learned like a long time ago in business. Just because someone’s not going to buy from you now doesn’t mean that they already will start to understand and really want to work with you later. Because maybe they’re not budget ready, or they still need a little bit more to understand about you. Just remember that poured into everyone as if they’re all going to pay you. And I promise you they will but at a later date when they’re ready to actually invest in you. And so that’s probably my biggest tip. Like, in reality, I think that’s the best thing other than that we didn’t talk about vanity metrics actually, really sad that you didn’t bring that up?

Alex Beadon 36:53
Well, let’s talk about it. What value metrics would you like to share with us share all

Alyssa Lang 36:58
my stats, I was like, I have to have all the stats because I want to share? Well, because I think a lot of people only think about the lot the end result like oh, you had 100k launch, but don’t think about what did it actually cost me. So I brought all the numbers today just so people can see like the reality of it. So we had 930 People join our boot camp. And so we had a goal of we did a good, better best system. Our good good goal was 250k, our better goal was 350k. And our best goal was 500k for this launch, so we only brought in 930 Bootcampers, we had 11 point 94% conversion rate, which as you know is a little bit high for the industry. So we ended up having cash in hand $276,005. And then future payments are 170,535 for a total launch of 446,540. So we went above, like right below our best goal, but right after like it was like right there. I was like, oh my god, I just need someone to like, you know, anyways. But as far as cost, so I did calculate out stripe fees like PayPal fees, we did time tracking during the whole entire launch, to see how long it took our team and the direct costs of what it costs to have them work on it. Total, we spent $42,771.20 only 3000 of that was ad ad spend. The rest of it was team costs we did we do a lot of cash prizes, winners, and whatnot. And we had someone build out like the actual challenge. So we include all that in the cost. So total, we actually walked away with $403,768.80 Like, cat like That’s after cost. So just so anyone knows, like, make sure you’re, you’re calculating your cost to people not just looking at the vanity metrics, but it’s still a 400k launch after we talk about getting rid of all the expenses and stuff.

Alex Beadon 38:47
That’s so amazing. I’m so proud of you. And I’m just saying it’s so great to see you go from heights to heights, and to be able to, you know, land right underneath your best goal is such a big win, to have a near 12% conversion rates, using the rinse and repeat launch strategy. Like that’s absolutely amazing. So, so happy to see that. And I hope that everyone listening to this can just let it sink in what’s possible for them and use you as like the inspiration for it. Because if you have impact to share, which I also actually think is like one of the things that differentiates you like you’re so impact driven, you are someone it’s like you want people whether they buy from you or not to have that sense of value. Like that is also such a core part of this. That’s our best together we launch members all share that in common you know, so I’m just so proud of you. And I really hope that you celebrate and do something fun and special that this launch. But thank you so much for your time, Melissa, is there anything else that you want to share with us? No,

Alyssa Lang 39:48
just just do it. Like Nike says it’s not sponsored by Nike, by the way.

Alex Beadon 39:54
Thank you so much, Alisa. I really appreciate you being here and I know that everyone else will appreciate Did you sharing all this information with us? So thank you.

Alyssa Lang 40:02
Well, thank you, I appreciate you.

Alex Beadon 40:07
I just want to say a huge thank you for listening to today’s episode. If you made it this far, then hopefully you’re feeling just as inspired as I am by Elissa story. And by all of the success that she’s been able to create for herself for her team inside of her business, and most importantly, for her clients. That was one of my biggest takeaways is just knowing that she’s someone who’s so focused on the transformation of her clients and watching that show up in her bottom line as well is just so inspiring. If you are someone who is ready to scale your launches, if you already have a validated offer, and you’re looking to get it into the hands of more people definitely check out together we launched the doors are now open. And we are currently taking applications, you can head on over to together we Together we launch is our 12 month program where we teach you our rinse and repeat launch strategy. There are so many elements of together we launch that make it great from our incredible community, to our what feels like millions of launch resources. You also get access to our private pep talk podcast that helps you keep your mindset and energy right during a launch. And you also get access to weekly accountability calls with Laura and myself, where you get to show up and ask us anything in that community group setting along with our 12 module curriculum. So if all of that sounds of interest to you, and you’re looking to have that maximum level of support as you enter your next launch, you can go ahead and request your application at together we I hope to see you there

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S2 Ep.30 – The Story of my First Six-Figure Launch

Today I’m sharing how I had my very first six-figure launch back in 2016 – and it’s not what you expect. 

This is a short and sweet episode coming in at 16 minutes – and it highlights the importance of ONE incredibly powerful thing that made all the difference in my sales (that most people ignore).

Can you spare 16 minutes to learn the one thing I did that made all the difference and got me to six-figure launches?

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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Transcript Available Below

Alex Beadon 0:03
So you want to scale your online business while purposely prioritizing your most joyful, free, and luxurious life. This Podcast is your weekly dose of connection and self-reflection. As you set strategic intentions along the way, it’s time to prime your mind embrace your pace, and take consistent action towards creating what you truly want from your online business without sacrificing the small moments all around you that are so worth treasuring. So take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

You’re listening to season two, Episode 30 of On Purpose with Alex Beadon. And I am so excited for you to listen to today’s episode because it’s on one of my favorite topics. Today I’m going to be sharing with you exactly what I did in order to help my first six-figure launch ever and it’s most likely not what you’re thinking. I didn’t drastically change my strategy. I didn’t drastically change my visibility or the way that I was showing up. It was something else that made a massive difference. And that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you in today’s episode. So definitely listen through till the end and let me know what you think. I’m Alex speed in your favorite launch strategist and your guide into the online business world. I’ve had an online business selling digital products since 2011. And I’ve been helping online businesses scale through launching since 2016. I’ve been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur and I’ve worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to multi-million dollar small businesses. Here at Team Beadon. We pride ourselves on being the industry-leading destination for all things launch strategy. Our 12-month program together we launch teaches our signature rinse-and-repeat launch strategy that has helped course creators and membership site owners from all over the world to have their best launches yet. Our goal is to give you the tools to create a wildly profitable online business while prioritizing your most joyful life so that you can truly experience time, freedom, location, freedom, and financial freedom. I’m so excited for you to listen to today’s story all about how I had my very first ever six-figure launch. But before we jump into that, I have to say a quick shout-out to Christine who you can find over on Instagram at @paidcopywriter. She is one of our Together We Launch members and she just left a post in our circle community celebrating because she just hit her biggest revenue month in the history of her business. Since starting her course back in 2020. She said her goal with Together We Launch was to stop treating her digital course business as a side hustle and transition away from one on one service provider work as a copywriter. And since joining together we launch she’s so happy with all the growth growth that’s happened in just a few short months. And yeah, she’s launching in one week’s time right alongside me. And I’m just so so proud of her. So just wanted to give her a little shout-out here on the podcast. Now let’s jump into the topic at hand. This is the story of my very first six-figure launch. And of course, the reason why I want to share this with you guys today is because I am currently in the middle of promoting the ultimate launch bootcamp. This is a five-day virtual boot camp. That’s all happening online. It’s 100%, free made specifically for course creators and membership site owners to help introduce them to so many of the things that I love about launching that have helped me tap into those multiple five, six, and multiple six-figure launches. So I’m really excited to share the bootcamp with you. If you haven’t signed up already, I’m going to leave a link in the show notes or you can sign up for free at ultimate launch I hope to see you there. All right, so let’s jump into the story of how I had my very first six-figure launch. The year was 2016, bearing in mind that I have been selling digital products since 2011. So it had been it literally took me five years to figure out how to have my first six-figure launch. And so many lessons were rolled into what eventually got me to this point. But there’s one thing in particular that I did for this launch that I had never done for any of my launches previous. Now I want to be super clear that everyone is different, right? And so this was an area that I was really struggling with. This may not be an area that you struggle with. There are so many different components of what makes a good launch. And don’t worry, I’m going to introduce you to them all inside of the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp. But today, the one that I want to share with you is one that really made the biggest difference in how I was able to show up during this launch And in what I believe ultimately helped me reach that six-figure launch goal, which had been a goal of mine for such a long time and honestly felt so magical and like such a relief when I finally was able to get there. And so here it is, here’s the number one thing that I did differently from all of my past launches, I prioritized my energy. And I know that sounds like very woowoo and very out there. But here’s the thing, whether you like it or not, the energy with which you show up matters immensely, as to how people feel when they consume your content. If you have an energy that is very much in a lack, lack mentality, if you are someone who believes that things aren’t going to work out for you, if you’re going through your launch, and you’re kind of thinking to yourself, why would anyone want to buy from me, these are all very bad signs, and they translate through the content that you’re creating. And here’s the thing, when we are going through a launch, of course, we want to follow a system. Again, I’m going to walk you through that in the ultimate launch bootcamp. But we also want to be showing up, we want to be visible, we want to be creating content, putting ourselves out there telling the story of our launch, making sure that people see us as an authority, we have to be showing up over the period of the launch, even in the lead up to the launch, it’s very important that we are building that relationship with our audience that they know like and trust us, and that they know what to expect from us, right? If you’re showing up during that launch, and you feel like you’re annoying people, if you feel like you’re bothering people, when you send an email if you get full of anxiety, because you’re like, oh my gosh, I’m gonna get unsubscribes all of these things are negative, energetic things to be holding on to. And ultimately, they’re creating resistance in you being able to reach your full potential and being able to reach that pinnacle of success that you’re trying to create in your life and business. And so what I did was I really focused on my energy at all times, I set an alarm on my phone. And every few hours, I would ask myself, I would go off. And the question would be, how are you doing in this moment? And I would have these energetic check ins with myself to just stop and ask myself, like, how am I doing in this moment? How am I feeling? Where’s my energy at? And what do I need to be doing in this moment to better take care of myself. We can talk about self care a lot. We all know the basics, getting enough sleep, making sure that you’re drinking enough water, making sure that you are exercising, eating well, all of those things matter a lot. But what we often forget is the soul. Are we taking care of ourselves. From a soul perspective, do we feel charged up? Or do we feel completely energetically drained. And if you’re feeling that sense of energetically drained, and you’re showing up with that feeling, people can smell it from a mile away, and no one wants to buy from someone who has that feeling of energetic drain, right? You want to show up and you want to feel excited to be there. You want people to be able to feel that energy from you, like you are in the right place at the right time you are on purpose you are fulfilled you are in alignment with the work that you’re meant to do in the world. You want people to be magnetically drawn to you. And so taking that time to check in with myself, and always prioritizing my energy no matter what is the number one thing that I did, that led to me having my very first ever six figure launch. And it was not a linear process. Throughout the entire launch. There were many times when I felt like wow, things are not going the way I want them to go. My numbers are not where I want them to be. And I would be filled with this sense of dread and anxiety. I think that’s normal during a launch, it happens to the best of us. But what we need to be able to do is to have that power inside of ourselves to reclaim the energy that we want to be showing up with. And listen like I am a launch Coach. And this is still something that I have to deal with every single time that I launch. In fact, for this launch, I even went so far as to hire a coach to help me through the process and to support me through the process because I don’t believe that I’m bulletproof. I know that there is space for me to grow. There’s room for me to be better in this department. And I want to continue to invest in myself, I believe in the power of investing in myself.

And so during this launch back in 2016 I was always checking in with myself and being very honest with myself about how was I energetically feeling and where was I on the scale of zero being you know, I feel completely energetically drained. I don’t want to be doing this. I don’t believe in my offer. I feel like a failure and it hasn’t even ended and then On the other end of the scale, the 10, which is like, Wow, I feel powerful, I feel magnetic, I feel aligned with the work that I’m doing in the world. I know that there’s people out there who will benefit from this, I know that my job is to just find them and connect with them. Where are you on that scale, checking in with myself and asking myself that question. And if I wasn’t at an eight, a nine or a 10, I would take the time to pause whatever it is that I was working on whether it was an important email, or whether it was a live that I had to do, I would pause everything and get realigned in whatever way that I possibly could. For me, in that moment, what I used to love doing was meditation, I would use essential oils. And I would really harness the energy that I had inside of myself to remind myself of why I’m doing what I’m doing, and to reconnect with my vision, reconnect with the goal. When you’re going through your launch, you need to believe in the end result, you need to believe in that final outcome no matter what you need to hold space for that vision. Even if it currently doesn’t look like it’s gonna pan out, I needed to hold on to that vision, I needed to believe it with every single ounce of my being. And that’s what I focused on throughout the entire launch. Every time I fell off the horse. I showed myself self compassion, I paused what I was doing. And I reconnected with the vision at hand, I reconnected with a number of people that I wanted to attract into my into my course into my program, which at the time, I think it was like 112 people, I remember that being a very important number. And that’s exactly what happened. And what’s interesting as well is like I sat it wasn’t linear, right? I remember being 75% of the way through the open cart and being like this launch is a fail. But and this is what I tell my together, we launch members all the time, it ain’t over till it’s over. We had it together, we launch member Elizabeth Stiles who always used to say sell through the silence. And those are two mantras that I carry with me and that I share with my launchers moving forwards, like these are two things that you absolutely have to do is hold on to that vision. It ain’t over till it’s over, sell through the silence and believe believe believe, if you’re not believing that it’s possible, then it’s a complete and utter waste of your time, your energy has to be there. I don’t care who laughs at this who thinks it’s unimportant. Like there is a reason why athletes visualize what what it is that they need to do before they do it. It’s because it works. It is scientifically proven that your brain does not know the difference between if something is happening in real life, versus if you are imagining it inside of your brain and visualizing it inside of your brain. So let this be your reminder that if you’re not using visualization techniques, maybe it’s time that you start, if you’re not connecting with that vision, and with that dream, every single day of your launch, if you’re not reminding yourself, this is what I am here to do. This is how many people I’m here to serve. This is how many people I’m here to change the lives of. That’s what you need to be doing. And I can tell you right now, that was the number one difference that I had, that I made in my launches that made all of the difference. And I want to remind you that it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be profitable. If your launch doesn’t unfold perfectly, guess what? It’s okay. No launch ever unfolds perfectly. It’s okay. What matters is that you’re putting your best foot forward, and that you’re making your best attempt and that you’re staying in that energetic high and prioritizing it above all else, in fact, and this is a really interesting fact, during that launch back in 2016, one of the days of my LME, which don’t worry, I’ll explain all about that in the ultimate launch bootcamp. But one of the days of my LME I had to postpone. And the reason I had to postpone is because I checked in with myself. And I realized that I was burning out I realized that I was pushing myself too much. And I realized that my energy was not in that pure high place that it needed to be. And that’s okay. But what we need to learn how to do as launchers is to be able to read ourselves to be able to have that indicator that temperature read to be able to understand what is it that we need in order to show up and be our best? Right? So I hope that this episode resonates with you. If it does, you are most likely going to be an absolute perfect fit for the ultimate launch bootcamp. Because I’m not only going to be teaching you about launch strategy, although there will be a lot of that. I’m also going to be teaching you about the winner’s mindset that you need to have in order to have an achieved Have your best launches yet. So if you haven’t already signed up, definitely go and do that. Like I said, it is 100% free, you have nothing to lose. And I’m so proud of the community that we’ve brought together already. So go on and head on over to ultimate launch Make sure that you’re signed up. We are kicking it off with a welcome party on September 10. The boot camp itself actually starts Monday, September 11, through Friday, September 15. And then of course, the doors will be opening to together we launch so if you have been keeping your eyes out for together we launch, then this will be your time to join. So if you have any questions at all on this episode, please feel free to message me at Alex Beadon over on Instagram. I’m sending you so much love from my heart to yours and I really hope that this story resonated with you deeply as it always does with me every single time I share it. Sending you so much love. Talk to you next time. Bye bye.

S2 Ep.29 – How to Brand Yourself Online with Diana Jakubcova: Personal Branding Tips for Course Creators

If there’s one thing we all want, it’s to stand out in our individuality online.

And I don’t know about you but, the online space can sometimes feel like there’s a million people out there who are already doing the exact. same. thing.

Sometimes it can feel like your message is drowning in a sea of sameness.

And what’s the point in showing up, if your message is not being felt deeply by those who need it the most?

The question I’ve been asking myself recently is this:

How can you make it so that every touch point with you not only feels cohesive but feels like you?

Whether that’s a blog (like this one), a Reel (like this one), or a website (like this one) … the idea is that your brand catapults through the screen and makes people FEEL. 

That’s what we’re exploring in this week’s episode with my guest, Diana Jakubcova.

In this episode Diana shares:

✅ how to know if your branding is strong

✅ how to accurately express yourself online

✅ specific exercises to develop your personal brand

✅ the inner and outer energetics of a brand

✅ the mistakes online business owners (like you) are making in their brand photo shoots – hopefully you’re not making these mistakes!

✅ and so much more

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Alex Beadon 0:03
So you want to scale your online business while purposely prioritizing your most joyful, free and luxurious life. This Podcast is your weekly dose of connection and self reflection. As you set strategic intentions along the way, it’s time to prime your mind embrace your pace and take consistent action towards creating what you truly want from your online business without sacrificing the small moments all around you that are so worth treasuring. So, take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

You’re listening to season two episode 29. Of on purpose with Alex Beadon. After I finished recording this episode that you’re about to listen to, I was buzzing with excitement for you to listen to it too. In case you missed it, I recently did a complete revamp of the together relaunch sales page we worked with past together we launch member Galen Mooney of local creative but in the process of trying to find a designer, I stumbled upon the work of Diana Jakobcova. She is the owner and creator of deeply rooted studio, and it’s extremely rare that someone’s design aesthetic stopped me in my tracks on Instagram, but that’s exactly what her Instagram page did. And if you’re curious, you can go and find it at deeply rooted dot studio over on Instagram. I didn’t think much of it. But as I continued to follow her content and learn more about her story, I got more and more intrigued and realize that I needed to have her on the show. Diana studios specializes in building premium brands for service providers, educators and agencies who are deeply rooted in their mission. So why did I have her on the show? Firstly, she clearly has an excellent understanding of personal branding. She has been hired by various communities and global brands like Adobe to host guest expert trainings, and I’m super excited to have her on the show today. If you’ve ever felt lost amongst a ginormous sea of personal brands in the online space, you’re not alone. And this episode is going to give you a lot to think about. But most importantly, this episode will help you craft a brand identity that’s eye catching. And true to who you are. We talked about how to make your brand more magnetic, what the most common pitfalls of personal branding are, and how to master the art of digital charisma. If you’re an educator, a creator or a coach who’s eager to stand out in the online space. This episode is a goldmine of strategies and inspiration. Not only is she a branding expert, but she also has her own digital store where she sells social media templates, funnel kits and more. The way she has set up her online business is fascinating to me. And in this episode, we dive into not only how she follows her intuition to create all of these different products, but how she launches and sells them to get ready for an incredibly gutsy conversation that will help you bring even more self awareness and authenticity to your own personal brand. Keep listening and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. I’m Alex speed in your favorite launch strategist and your guide to the online business world. I’ve had an online business selling digital products since 2011. And I’ve been helping online businesses scale through launching since 2016. I’ve been featured in Forbes and entrepreneur, and I’ve worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to multi million dollar small businesses. Here at Team bieden. We pride ourselves on being the industry leading destination for all things launch strategy, our 12 month program together we launch teachers our signature rinse and repeat launch strategy that has helped course creators and membership owners from all over the world have their best launches yet. Our goal is to give you the tools to create a wildly profitable online business while prioritizing your most joyful life so that you can truly experience time, freedom, location, freedom, and financial freedom. And without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode. Diana, welcome to the show. I’m so happy to have you here.

Diana Jakubcova 4:02
Hello, I’m super excited about today’s episode. Thank you so much for having me.

Alex Beadon 4:06
Oh, it’s just I can already tell it’s gonna be so good. And you know, I’ve been doing my research. I’ve been like listening to other podcasts that you’ve been on. I’ve been stalking you on Instagram and Instagram is actually where I first found you. And like immediately was drawn to your brand and to just listening to everything that you had to say. So for anyone who’s listening, I’m gonna start this conversation off by saying go and check her out over on Instagram, you can find her deeply rooted dot studio. And I just think, you know, having that kind of brand that immediately causes someone to be so drawn to you is very rare in the online world and I think you’ve done a really good job of it. So I’d love for you to share with us you know, how do you define a good brand and how would someone know if they have a good brand?

Diana Jakubcova 4:56
Oh wow. How how How long can we be here? Basically, right? But I completely agree with you, when it comes to finding just something that’s different online these days, right? Because like, as much as a lot of people like to think that they are different, they’re not, I’ll be honest, they’re not. And they even invested in branding. But I feel like because it’s so easy to get influenced these days.

The stage where you get inspired by something, or someone is crossing the line into copying almost right. But it’s not that we do it intentionally, or that someone is doing it intentionally. It just because we are so connected online and to the whole online world, and what is happening that we forget to connect or like reconnect with ourselves. So I like to think about branding as an extension of you, right. So this is what we do with our clients. So we don’t just build brands, because they want to look polished up. But you know, at the end of the day, they’re completely someone else. And we’ve had so many clients that came to us that they built a brand, basically, but they were not able to show up. So they didn’t want to share anything on their stories, they didn’t want to share anything from their life. Because it was completely different to you know, the person that they have built online, on social media, their brands, and this can look like. So let’s say I’ve had a one client, and she was all about these pink pipes. And you know, just like a really bubbly person, but an online, she really try to step up, let’s say step up. And she really wanted this corporate style brand without being corporate. I mean, everyone says, I want I want this corporate style brand without, you know, the corporate vibe. And I’m like, Alright, this is cool. But

let’s be honest, it’s corporate or not. Right? Yeah. Then it became really difficult for her to show up on Instagram stories, because the environment really influences you, right? So it’s almost you feel, it’s like you feel ashamed or embarrassed to show up. Because it’s not, there is no connection, right. And people can feel it. And people can also see it. And I know a lot of people, a lot of coaches, they say that it doesn’t matter. You know, you can do whatever you want, you can be whoever you want, your brand can be this, it doesn’t matter, just show up, just show up unprepared. But how many of us actually are able to do this? Where is the confidence then, right? Because I know that if you are confident, you will be able to sell your packages, your programs, your courses, whatever it is, however, if you are not confident, and you don’t really feel supported by your brand, that this is, you know, the best representation of yourself, and no matter who would find you today, it’s all good, you’re good to go, right. And it happens all the time. And people keep putting it off until it’s I don’t want to say too late because it’s never too late. However, if you sort of keep putting off, investing in your brand, and specifically, your brand experience, in general, it tends to blow up at the end of the day, right? Because what happens is that you keep putting it off, but then there is an opportunity that might come in, right, and then you start panicking, and you start looking for 20 designers, the last minute and you’re like, oh my gosh, what the hell am I doing here? And then, you know, all of these horror websites, stories, sales page stories, and I don’t know what other branding stories that people have, they usually tend to happen when you’ve made that decision from like an emotional place because you were really not in the best place to make that decision for your brand and for your business. Right. Because like let’s not forget, it is you and most most businesses, nowadays, our personal brands, so it’s you basically that people think about even if it’s an agency, right? Even for us exotic studio, they think about me, they think about me traveling, living in Bali and just having good times, right? That’s what I think about. So you always need to think about okay, this is the personal part, but then how can we also think about the business? So not to mix these two things together too much. That’s what we are always looking for because when it starts to get too personal No, thank you So this is a really tricky when it starts to get personal for you as a client, you can really make a decision, because it’s difficult for you to actually be in that space and see the bigger vision. See the vision that fits your business, your lifestyle even right. And it makes sense and it will bring you results. That’s important.

Alex Beadon 10:27
Okay, so let’s go even more elementary. How would you define a brand? Like when when we’re talking about your brand? What are the different elements that we’re talking about?

Diana Jakubcova 10:41
I like to think about a brand as an experience. Because ultimately, again, that’s what we do, we turn brands into premium experiences. And a brand is something that people can deeply experience, right? You land on someone’s profile, you either feel it or not. It’s that simple. It’s that simple. You don’t really have to overthink this, you don’t need to look up your logos, or, you know, your brand strategy, visuals. You have to think about this as an ecosystem of different brand touchpoints working seamlessly together.

Alex Beadon 11:31
I’m writing that down. I think that’s beautiful, different brand touchpoints working seamlessly together. So if someone is listening to this, and they’re like, Okay, I know that my brand isn’t where I want it to be. I know that when I show up in all of those different touchpoints, whether it’s, you know, maybe in my online course, or maybe on my Instagram page through my emails, like there’s so many different touchpoints How does someone go about the journey of learning how to accurately express themselves and their brand online?

Diana Jakubcova 12:06
Through putting yourself out there through situations that sometimes feel good at the beginning, but then you go through this whole learning experience, and you realize that this is not what you want. So again, don’t be afraid, don’t feel locked in by your brands. It’s not the end of the world, right? A lot of the people think that, oh, I now have this color palette, and she told me that I have to show up like this, you still can experiment there is more than at least should be enough space for you to be in your flow. That’s how I would put it right. A brand should allow you to be flexible and dynamic. It shouldn’t feel like it’s a box, and you’re trapped in a box.

Alex Beadon 13:01
I think a lot of people feel that way. Yeah, they think about Yeah, they’re like brand colors, brand fonts, etc. And they’re like, Well, I have to stick to this, this is what I have to use. So something that I love to do is I will look at my Instagram page, and just pretend like I’m a random person. And I will scroll through it and really try to hone in intuitively on like, what are the feelings that are coming up? For me? I love what you said about branding being an experience, I totally agree with you. It’s about how is someone feeling? You know, what are the memories that we’re creating for people through our brand? What is the experience there? And so I think, for anyone who’s listening, you know, going through their Instagram page and putting themselves in the shoes of the ideal client and asking, you know, what could be communicated better. And actually, I’ll give you a great example for me personally, that I just went through, I’ve been leaning more into reels, which is great, and kind of my aesthetic was to just kind of take a screenshot from the reel, and then just throw some pink text on top. And at first, I was like, Okay, I think this looks good. But the more that I did it, my feed just started to feel overwhelming. It was just like so much text in so many different images, and it just didn’t have that cohesive feel that I wanted it to have. So I’m now experimenting with something completely different that I’ve never tried before. And it kind of holds hands with what you were saying around. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things and, you know, move outside of your colors a little bit. Try different fonts if it’s not feeling right for you. How often do you look at your own brands and make changes for your own brand? Or do you feel like right now you’re in a really strong position with it and you’re just kind of like sticking to the box that you’ve created?

Diana Jakubcova 14:43
This will be an interesting answer. As a designer, this is very tricky. We tend to change a lot depending on trends depending on what we just find online I guess, but I Do you have to say I feel really strongly about the direction we are currently having with the Pilates studio, I’m not changing colors, I’m not changing the messaging, I’m not changing any of those things. But I might change my phones once in a while, because let’s be honest, as a designer, half of my day, sometimes it just spending and looking for fonts, and I just can’t help it. However, this is, I don’t want to say mistake, because I don’t like using a word mistake. But let’s say mistake I see is that a lot of online entrepreneurs that are not designers are trying to be designers. And that is not going to work out for you. Because you’re not a designer. It’s that simple. So yes, if you want to get inspired by something we create, that’s fine. Just knowing that if you are not that type of creative, if you don’t have that skill developed, it is not going to translate the same way. If let’s say I were to do it, or some other designers, some other creative. That is a huge point here because I see this time and time again. And then you beat yourself up for something. That’s not even your job. Yes, like me beating myself up for not learning how to run Facebook ads properly, and then be like, Oh, I’m really bad at this. I really suck at this. Right? No?

Alex Beadon 16:35
How can someone because most of the people listening are either solopreneurs, or they have a very small team, maybe like a virtual assistant or something like that? How can someone go about expressing themselves in the online space? Like what do you recommend for people in terms of building that brand online? And you know, making sure that they’re also expressing it well online without necessarily having to go to a designer all the time? Like, is it work with someone who’s really good, who can give you all of the tools that you can then like run creatively with it throughout the year? Or, you know, are there any I don’t know websites or resources or anything that you would recommend for someone who’s struggling with this.

Diana Jakubcova 17:16
So if you are currently in like this kind of position, where you’re just like, don’t know what to do with your brand. And even though you understand what that is, why it might feel difficult for you, it’s because you are doing it for yourself, I’ll be honest, it’s really difficult to do your own branding and look at your own business in general, from, you know, like a perspective of what is really happening here, but like really happening here, what do I really want, we do get attached into outcomes, and the things we see. So what I would recommend is that if you have a team member, maybe you can hop on a call and refine together. And it’s not even because they need to be experts in this, it can simply be a conversation around where do you want to see your brands, and not even five years, you can go in a year, right? Let’s make this really easy, because like people tend to jumpscare when you say like five years, or 10 years to let’s say in a year, what would you like to achieve in your business. And that which you want to achieve in your business, you now need to connect with your brand. So then let’s say if you have a goal of launching a new signature program, next year, in the next 12 months, there are things that you will have to consider. Right. So from there, you can sort of backtrack Oh, okay, so what have I done to get here where this is a signature program? It makes sense for me, it makes sense for my audience. What are those touch points, I need to you know, either invest in or start at least developing. Again, you don’t have to do it all at once. But what really helps is getting that new perspective of someone else is looking through your stuff and seeing it for what it is basically. Right? So that’s number one. However, if you are if you are alone, if you’re just like, Okay, I’m really overwhelmed. If this is just about your visuals, start with a Pinterest board, literally this easy. Sit down, create a new Pinterest board and pin things that you feel drawn to. Now don’t pin things that you See, because they are popular. No, no, no bean things that you can see around your house, things that you have in your closet. Things, I don’t know that you just bought your favorite mug, your favorite dress sofa. And you can even look at this through a lens of your future self, your highest self, let’s say, Where would she be living, what kind of apartment, this usually helps even our clients to like disconnect from where they currently are, and where they want to get. And just filter the noise of the industry in general, just make sure you create that Pinterest board. And when you look at it, there will be a pattern of something. So you will start seeing colors, you will start seeing some kind of style forming here. And again, this is exactly what we do with our clients. When we start developing their brand. We tell them to create Pinterest boards of the favorite things. Now one thing to note, don’t pin graphic design things into this board, because this will mesh mesh mesh with all of the other things that you’re trying to do if you want to create a design or like a graphic design related board. Separate is a separate board a separate style. So this

Alex Beadon 21:26
board that you’re talking about is more about the feeling that you want your brand to have. How like how you want people to associate with you when they interact with you at some point.

Diana Jakubcova 21:37
Yes, yes, exactly. Exactly. That’s why it needs to have your favorite things, your favorite style, your favorite sofa, you don’t have to you don’t need to have it in your living room right now. That’s not the point. It’s just how do you you perceive yourself? What kind of things you would buy basically, right? And that will tell you a lot, a lot about yourself.

Alex Beadon 22:00
Okay, so a few things I just want to highlight there. The first thing that you said that I thought was really interesting is don’t pin graphic design elements. This is not about the graphics, this is more about the feeling. So I love that. The second one is that you highlighted that you don’t you shouldn’t be posting or pinning things that are popular. And that’s just a great place for me to remind everyone listening that your brand should stand out. That is what is going to differentiate you you don’t want to blend in in the online space, you need to be standing out. And the best way to stand out is by knowing who you are knowing what makes you different, and really kind of accentuating those things. I love that you also brought up connecting with that next level version of yourself. I think that’s the best advice because that’s how we’re going to be able to like manifest and move into that next level version. I’d love for you to make this a little bit more clear for the listeners with some examples by using your brand as as your own example. So can you give us some examples of like, things that you would have posted on your own Pinterest board and how that kind of was brought to life within your brand, I’d love for you to just share even just one example would be great.

Diana Jakubcova 23:13
Definitely. So I love fashion. So I was pinning a lot of Vogue style images. Secondly, I love travel. And when I was rebranding, I was in Bali. So that was a huge, a huge part of my life. That’s why there are so many like coconuts and palm trees and beach. And then combined with a more elevated style which I wanted to sort of come through showcasing the community aspect. So that’s why I was also painting different shots of like a team shots or something like this, you can you can put these into a search bar, Team shots, photo shoots, or belly aesthetics, trendy fashion vibes, something like this. And then I started to see that obviously it was difficult for me because it was my own brand, but I got through it. I first of all love pink color. And I always had love pink color. Which means why should I get rid of my pink color, even though I want people to perceive me as I don’t know a high caliber enterpreneur. And all this is like people get really scared when they start hitting six or seven figures and they’re like, Oh, now I need to change my entire style. I used to love pink color but I outgrown my pink color. Even though you still have it everywhere in your house. What you can do just do small touches of the paint. It doesn’t have to be up Primary color can be a secondary color. But this is how you keep that personality in even if you want to elevate because I’m guessing a lot of you that are listening, just want to elevate but elevate without sacrificing your personality.

Alex Beadon 25:18
You said something at the beginning of this episode around, avoiding, you don’t want your brand to become too personal. But we’re also speaking a lot about your brand is a representation of you and you need to live with your brand, you need to feel fully expressed by your brand in order to have fun using it and showing up in the online space. How do you recommend someone goes through the process of figuring out like what is too personal, and how much of my personality should I be putting into this?

Diana Jakubcova 25:46
The when I’m saying to personal, what we do inside of our deeply rooted methods. The first part is branding. And that is divided into inner energetics and outer energetics. So the inner energetics that is about you, and those are the things that I shared with the Pinterest board, we share a couple of journaling prompts with our clients as well, like, as I said, like how your highest self would dress up, what kind of apartment she would live in. What are you good at? What are your natural gifts, what other people say about you your entire life, how your family describes you, those are the things that you want to note, the keywords that you might start searching on Pinterest or any other website or just Google or on Instagram, you want to do your research, right. So this is the inner energetics. That’s your like the core personality. So someone is more funny, someone is a bit more, I don’t know, upbeat, someone doesn’t really like that. Fresh Web of color. But you can tell us about the person, right? So that’s where it stays that is the personal your core personality. And then the outer energetics. This is where we start tapping into your audience. This is where we start looking at your business, your business goals, your brand journey and the things that you want to create with your brand. Now, if you find yourself taking these two personally, in the first phase, what I recommend, again, is looking at those future goals, because it’s probably too personal because you’re looking at now what is happening now in my life. This can be financially this can be in business, maybe business is hard currently, and you’re just like, I don’t know what to do. I don’t like this. I don’t like that. You start overthinking. Right? So you start pinning things that what if I like this? What if I don’t like this? Now come back to your journaling prompts. If you’re someone who is funny the entire life and tie, you know, like your family knows you’re funny, your friends, even your audience. It will show right? So how can you bring the funny aspects into your brand. Without this being too much. This is a second point where this can get too much. So let’s say someone is funny, right? So now you want your logo to be funny. You want your colors to be funny, you want your third icon to be funny, you want your sales page to be funny, everything is just becoming too much. So inside of the journaling prompts, what you can do is what you should have is basically different keywords, as I said, and then spread it out. Like spread it out into different brand touchpoints. Right. So let’s say you can have a more and more funny infused color palette, but your phones can tone this whole thing down basically into being more more relaxed, right? So we want to find that sweet spot the balance, because like yes, let’s say you have pink, our green color yellow color, which we do have actually for one of our clients, what we have done is that we have infused her personality into the color palette, which is like a pitch is really fun. You know, it’s just fun to be around her in general. But then what we have done with the other assets, we really try to minimize that aspect like the funny aspect because that will be too much so we didn’t look for fonts that let’s say were too bulky, or we didn’t look for rhymes that evoke that feeling of not funny but It’s like, was this talent, Boho style but like you’ve been to GE, sometimes you can go to vintage event, right? Because those funds are really like bulky. Now we looked for forms that feel refined, because this way, she can still be in her element, but her brand can support her.

Alex Beadon 30:20
Yeah, it’s interesting that you’re saying this because I feel like a lot of typical design advice is something like, choose three descriptive words that that describe the way that your brand is. And then we’re going to make the colors be those three descriptive words and the fonts and the photos and everything. But, in fact, what I think I’m hearing you say is like, no one understand your personality. But then you don’t have to infuse those things into absolutely everything, you can infuse them into different touchpoints so that it’s more of a bigger picture type of thing.

Diana Jakubcova 30:53
Yeah, exactly. And this way your brand becomes more dynamic. Yeah. Dimensional. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So all of our clients actually are using their brands for three years. And they might come back with little tweaks here and there. What usually changes is the layout that is trendy, or I don’t want to say trendy, because people are like, Oh, trendy, not good. Well, we use sometimes trends to stay relevant to the audience. Okay. So we don’t use trends to be trendy, but we use some kind of trends here and there to stay relevant for where the industry is,

Alex Beadon 31:37
could you do you have an example of a trend that you would use to stay relevant?

Diana Jakubcova 31:42
So let’s say I’ll say these with the phones, right? That’s easy to understand. A couple of years ago, let’s say some sort of font was really popular, in general, like in general in the whole world, not just in online industry. Because remember, this is not just online, industrial, we are still living in in the world, right? There are other things. Let’s say it was a sans serif font, let’s say, right? Three years ago, very popular. You can of course, have different style of that font family, right. But now, things happened. Pandemic happened. Lots of other things happen in the world, people want to see something different people want to feel different. People read differently sometimes online, you know. So what we do we find fonts that are a little bit more relevant to where the industry is heading. Currently, we do small tweaks, we don’t have to go all in and do a huge rebrand, which yes, you can do this.

Alex Beadon 32:55
My next question is like, so what you’re saying is that it’s okay to evolve little parts of your brand, bit by bit so that it’s kind of, you know, a living breathing thing, instead of just being like, Okay, we’re done with this. And we’re going to create this completely new thing.

Diana Jakubcova 33:09
Yeah, exactly. I am saying that. I know, it might come weird, from a brand director from a designer. But yes, sometimes this is what you need as a person as well. Because again, I think this goes back to you feeling trapped by your brand, because you literally feel like and I know why you feel like that. Because there is a lot of content out there, from designers telling you, you need to stick to this. And I have a solution to this. You understand now, personal brands, or like online brands, in general, maybe digital creators, educate educators, this is a completely different brand than let’s say, if you were to create an E commerce brand, this is where people get really confused. And there were no rules created for this because this online industry is new. Right? But we are taking rules from E commerce from product based businesses, which is if you are creating a product, please do a proper branding at the beginning and you need to stick to it. Right and you need to stick to it for obvious reasons. Like you’re not going to be changing your packaging every five months. Why would you do it? However, when we look at the personal brands, you evolve, like as an enterpreneur we are evolving every single freaking day sometimes, right? I’m like, yesterday, I was this person and today I’m like, what, what is happening? Right? So that’s why it is really, really different to brand yourself as a person as opposed to a product product. It’s really when you think about it, it’s a made up thing that at the end of the day you can brand it in a Any way that you want, right? And it needs to be relevant for the audience, where this gets a little mashed up is when someone says that, oh, but what if my brand won’t be relevant for my audience? Right? This is the number one question. Well, how can it not be relevant? If you make sure your brand is you and you have infused your personality, your values? Because that is essentially what people are buying? You. They’re buying you. You’re even lifestyle, right, because they resonate. So I do resonate with certain profiles, because of their overall lifestyle, the overall brand experience, like in general, who the person is the values hitting the day, with the product, it’s different product, it’s there, right? The audience, yes, if you are launching, let’s say, a matcha product, it will usually be something with the green color, because it needs to stay relevant. But for you, if you want to use green color, and you are afraid that your audience won’t resonate, it’s not it’s not relevant to look at this issue with the personal brands. Because then what happens is that you get scared, and you’re like, Oh, I’m not gonna use the base. The style in general, it doesn’t have to be a color can be style in general, I’ll be this person, because this is what I can see people resonate with, or I think they resonate with maybe, and do this. Well, no, that’s not you. Doesn’t make any

Alex Beadon 36:49
sense. So it’s so funny that you said that, because my next question was going to be what is one of the biggest mistakes that you see business owners making when it comes to branding their business, but I think you just nailed it. Like, when someone feels like, oh, the reflection of who I am, and my personality is not good enough. I don’t see anyone else showing up in this way. And therefore, it’s not safe for me to show up in this way. So I’m just going to piggyback off of what I’m seeing is working, which is the worst thing that you can do for your business, because you’re just going to blend in with the rest of the sheep.

Diana Jakubcova 37:19
Yeah, exactly. And it’s not gonna resonate for you. And then five months, and you’re like, well, let’s burn my whole business down, because this is not who I am.

Alex Beadon 37:32
Right? Yeah, it’s not going to work. Are there any other mistakes that you’d like to share with us that you see business owners making within their brand, in the online business space, personal branding space.

Diana Jakubcova 37:46
Listening to too much advice online, taking advice from people that that are not experts in what they are basically sharing. So this is, this is my thing. And I still don’t understand why coaches, let’s say business coaches, sell how to create your brand, online, it doesn’t really resonate with me, because there are just so many things that go into branding that not adjust those things that they learned, let’s say, right. And a lot of the times coaches don’t, in that, not all of them. Again, disclaimer, I’m not hurting anyone. However, it’s apparent online, right? They don’t really invest, let’s say in a proper brand strategy, they don’t really have that foundational branding done even to understand branding in the first place. And then selling it doesn’t really resonated with me, because me as someone who, you know, helped so many women build their brands that resonate with them, brands that they feel connected to, I know that there is a lot, a lot, a lot a lot, not just from a design point, which is a huge actually point because if you’re selling a brand, the visual part is a huge part. Right? Let’s not forget about that. And then secondly, there we have the brand strategy plus, for for me personally, we use our own method that I have developed, because it helps you to actually build a brand that will support you that will land you those opportunities that you want to land that again resonates with you and your audience and because of that, you are able to foster brand loyalty. That’s why your customers your clients will stay with you. That is the whole point here. Your brand should To help you retain your clients, because their goal is client experience. So again, there are just so many little things that go into branding. That, you know, when someone did not really put an effort into understanding the whole subject as a general, this is where it gets tricky. And I know a lot of online coaches, they are really good at marketing, let’s say, right? But then they start blending in things about branding. And I’m like, wait, this doesn’t make any sense. Because if someone asked what is first branding or marketing, well, actually, it’s both branding and marketing. Because how can you market yourself online without a proper brand presence?

Alex Beadon 40:54
For sure, in fact, it’s like the first thing, probably, you know, because like, you need to have whether you have a good brand or a bad brand, you have a brand that you have to be showing up in marketing with, whether you’re aware of it or not. The important part is like taking accountability and going through your touchpoints. And really making sure that they are a good reflection of your brand, which is something that’s so easy to stop doing, you know, it’s kind of and I myself have definitely become with like building a team, and, and so on. Like, it’s become easier for me to stop double checking all of these things and making sure that it’s still a good reflection of me, how often are you reviewing your brand and you know, spending time on your Instagram account as a new person and going to your website? How often are you revising those things?

Diana Jakubcova 41:42
So for me personally, if we are taking my example, as a designer, I do it very often. Yeah. Because I can see, let’s see, if I work with the clients, I can really see what I personally want to change or like tweak when it comes to the whole brand experience, just to be a bit more bespoke. But I will do it every quarter.

Alex Beadon 42:09
Okay, so you’re recommending every quarter to do a review. And like make any changes that you need to make? It depends.

Diana Jakubcova 42:15
It also depends on let’s say, you don’t have to revamp your website every quarter, obviously, however, because usually you do have those quarterly goals. Just make sure that whatever those goals are, your brand is cohesive with your goals, basically, right. So let’s say q1, I have a goal to launch. I don’t know a new webinar, because by the end of q2, I want to launch the signature program, which means you will need to make tweaks to your Instagram bio page or your website, you know, you will need to change those pages, you will need to tweak the copy and make sure that people are being properly funneled into your webinar and not 25 Other things that you have there, right. So just make sure that you follow one goal and align this with your brand.

Alex Beadon 43:08
So this brings me on to my next question, which I’m really excited to speak to you about. You sell digital products. So you’re not someone who just has an agency who sells services, you also sell digital products, the ones that I was checking out our Instagram templates for Canva. Right? Yeah. Yeah. That’s so cool. So I’d love for you to talk to us a little bit about what your offerings look like, what are the different offerings that you have?

Diana Jakubcova 43:35
So this happened kind of like out of nowhere. I mean, every designer wants to sell just the products, I guess. But I first started with a notion template, which was like a notion sales page template and course portal. And this product is actually one of the most popular ones. Until this day. Yeah. You know, when it comes to digital products, I feel like it’s easy for me to develop them because I use so many systems and I use, I already use so many. So many platforms I would even say that I have access to so i can create those templates. We have kartra templates, show templates. I wanted to make sure that my audience when they come to our website, it’s not just a showy template, or just a Kajabi template. I want to serve different audiences because I do understand that not everyone is a fan of kartra or not everyone can afford to put their course in kartra. Maybe you just need to start with a notion. So I really love to explore different possible, like roadmaps of how you can navigate your clients or potential clients, your leads, whatever you want to call them throughout your brand. And finally, there are just so many things that you can do behind the scenes that will make your audience feel more seen, right. So that’s why I develop different kinds of templates, different kinds of digital products. And the latest one is the social media template pack, which I have worked on for at least like a year, because I have been seeing a long time on the idea. And again, I wanted, I wanted this to be different. Now, you know, when we say different, it’s really difficult to be different this in this role. There are just so many things, so many other templates. But I wanted this to be like an entire different experience. Again, I, you know, I just like experiences in general. So I’m making everything and experience if you purchase, this is your best experience, even the Canva templates. Yes, I guarantee. So this is the latest one. And when I design any template, I infuse it with our deeply rooted methods, which has the branding aspect, it has the client experience aspect, and the marketing aspect. So this is how you as a consumer, as someone who purchases the product, you can feel confident knowing that there isn’t anything else that you need. Just a copy, let’s say, right, there isn’t anything else you need to worry about if these sections are the sections you should be having. If this type of content is the type of content, you should be like posting, now, I have done the work for you. And you can just do your job, you can promote, you can sell because I want this to be easy for our buyers to use the template on a daily basis. A lot of the times you purchase a template, and then you’re like, I don’t even remember, you know, a year has passed and you’re like, huh, I don’t know, I don’t remember this

Alex Beadon 47:04
is very true. It’s very true. I bought templates before on creative markets. And that is pretty much what happens every time. I’m like, Oh, I’m so excited about it for like a few days, and then it’s gone. And I forgot about it. And yeah. That’s why not with yours. Yeah,

Diana Jakubcova 47:22
yeah. That is why also put the price tag on my templates, actually. Yeah, because I didn’t want this to be just another template, I want you to use this. And I have put a lot of work into creating that content for you already. So you don’t have to.

Alex Beadon 47:39
Yeah, and I want everyone who’s listening to really pay attention to what Diana just said, because when you have an offer, and you want people to cherish it, the price tag has to reflect that, if your presets or templates or whatever are the exact same price as all of the other ones out there. And people are just going through them really, really quickly and easily. You know, that’s not what you want. You want your stuff to be cherished and used. And a price points a great way to force someone to really not just let it gather dust on the digital shelf. I’d love for you to share with us what has worked best for you from a sales and marketing perspective to get those digital products sold. How are you selling them? Where are you selling them? And what advice do you have for someone who’s also selling similar digital products.

Diana Jakubcova 48:30
I always start with a waitlist. So I allow a long period for people to sign up for a waitlist for these social media templates. It was maybe even like five months, I guess that I started to like mention, right, you can start like slowly right. And then as you get closer to the deadline to launch day you can you can share more about the templates or a digital product that you’re creating. But waitlist is a great way because then you can really control what is happening behind the scenes. If you’re just promoting on Instagram, you can really control your Instagram. So one day 50 People will see your stories. And then the next day there are 10 people. And then the third day there are 200 people, right? So that’s why I love to do the waitlist strategy that has worked really well. And then I love to use an affiliate program. So again, they get 20% If they promote it, they use their link. So this this is the to two ways. Two ways. I prefer to sell digital products. I would love to run ads in the future. But I haven’t got there yet, which, you know, I feel like a lot of the times can be a budget thing. Because what you also want to do is to get that feedback first for you templates, you don’t just want to be, you know, like, Oh, this is a template, it’s going to be selling hotcakes. And then you pour 10,000 into your ads and like, Oh, what is happening? Is this a good product actually? So first test your products and see gather the feedback, and then see what kind of strategy works for you. But the weightless emails? I don’t think you can go wrong with that.

Alex Beadon 50:21
Yeah. And then when it actually comes to the day of the launch, getting closer, how do you go about building the excitement for the launch itself? Do you have a certain number of days that the cart is open? Or is it just like, Okay, now the curtains open forever? Is there any sense of urgency like, what are you doing to build sales as soon as you open the doors.

Diana Jakubcova 50:43
So with these templates, specifically, the social media template pack, what I’ve done is that I have created a free version that they could download first. And that’s something I have been promoting for two months, I think. And in that period, so it’s like a taste, you want to give them a taste of something, right? Can be something small, it was the one template for your feet and one template for your Instagram stories. But this way, again, they can see what it will look like if they actually purchase in the future, right. So just make sure that whatever you are giving them for free, it is good. And it is a pure reflection of what they will be receiving. And after that, because I was developing the templates I was sharing every single day on stories, what I’m working on, basically, when it comes to these templates, why I’m creating these templates, and what is different about the templates, because let’s not forget, yes, you can buy a template for $25 out there. So I really needed to make sure people understand what they will be getting if they purchase the template, right. So as we were approaching the deadline, the launch date. Now I’m trying to remember I actually did a giveaway as well. So interesting. Yeah, so I did a giveaway. So if you used the, the template, the free template, make sure to tag me. So again, I’m just doing a brand awareness. I tap into other audiences. So if there is a way for you to collaborate with someone to go live with someone to ask your clients to ask your network in general, that is the best way to build up that hype around a product. Because then what you don’t want to happen is that when you launch, and you hear crickets, and this usually happens, because you didn’t prep your audience enough for them to buy.

Alex Beadon 52:56
Yeah, right. Even when you said you know, you’ve you had a waitlist for five months. I’m over here as a launch strategist just clapping in the background, because people think it just matters what happens when I open the cart. But it’s like, no, it matters. Oh, even more what happens before you open the cart? So I’m really happy that you’re touching on this.

Diana Jakubcova 53:13
Yeah. And it’s a great way to build up the pie because I was receiving so many DMS, when are you launching this, I need this right now. And this is something you can then use to share on your stories to showcase that people, other people are interested, right, because people sometimes they just wait around to see if some someone else is interested. Because you don’t really want to be we as people in general, we don’t really want to be that first person to dip the toe. And you know, this was all packed up, right? So we tend to wait and see if other people are also interested in whatever someone else is, you know, selling. So I was really sharing those testimonials. Plus, I was really asking in the DMS whoever tagged me. So I was DMing them and just having that conversation, you know, building up that relationship with the person because then let’s say you are launching a digital product, you can DM them back and say, Hey, have you seen this, I launched it. I know you really enjoy it by free template. And this is you know, this, this is the date, this is the date, mark your calendars. It’s coming out.

Alex Beadon 54:23
Interesting. So you’re also not afraid to like reach out to people and DM them and basically just promote your own thing, which I think so many people are afraid to do. It seems to me what’s so interesting about you is like you have all of these different offers you have a wide variety of types of offerings. I’m curious to know, what is the percentage of your revenue that is coming from something that you are currently promoting, whether it’s that you’re launching it, or maybe you mentioned it on your stories like I’ve seen you online and you seem to be someone who’s not afraid to talk about what it is that you’re currently offering and what it is that you’re focusing on. What percent of your revenue is coming from all of that versus coming from just passive evergreen income that you don’t even have to think about? It’s just coming in from, you know, maybe someone going to your website randomly, etc.

Diana Jakubcova 55:14
So currently, obviously, the services done for you, I would say around 70 to 80%. And the rest would be sales coming through those templates, whether this is through affiliates through referrals. Again, but just you

Alex Beadon 55:33
find, do you find that most of your sales are coming when you’re saying, Hey, I have this thing coming by it?

Diana Jakubcova 55:41
Yes, of course, you have to talk about your offers, otherwise, people won’t know it exists, it can still come through once in a while, which is amazing. Because I have built that, you know, trust with the audience. And like, in general, however, if you don’t talk about your offers, even if it’s multiple offers, I feel like people still assume that other people are stupid, and they don’t, you know, they’re afraid to share multiple offers in a row. Now, make it very clear, this is this kind of offer, this is for this person. And if you’re this kind of person, you can go here, you lead them, you navigate your audience, but please share your offers. I mean,

Alex Beadon 56:21
you also seem to be like very open to the fact that you are a creative and you’re creating different things. And you’re not afraid of having too many offers, which again, even for myself, like oftentimes, I’ll be like, Oh, I could create this. I’m like, no, like, it just what I’m doing already. I think I’m someone who like I need to focus. But for you, you seem to be kind of thriving in this, like, I created this thing. Here it is I created this thing. Here it is. Does that? Is that something that you’re doing intentionally? Are you just following your intuition? Like, what are your thoughts on having multiple offers?

Diana Jakubcova 56:54
Here, I would lean into who you are as a person? Yeah. Make sure because what can happen is that if you’re another type of person who can handle multiple offers things thoughts,

Alex Beadon 57:11
like customer service, and then making sure that everything’s updated. Yeah, it’s a lot. Yeah.

Diana Jakubcova 57:15
Yeah, exactly. So I love multiple things at once I am Gemini, and you know, one thing one morning, I can be happy. And then in the next next day, I’m a completely different person. It’s like this personality thing. I would say I can flow in between. I can flow in between situations that maybe someone would deem as hard or tricky, challenging. I don’t mind that, of course, yes. I’m not saying that I am immune to bullshit. However, I know that my personality is like flowing, right? So I can go with it, I can create one thing. And then the other thing, I can still, I can still thrive in chaos, if that makes sense. But not everyone can. So if you are not this type of person, you cannot like commit to different projects down the line. It doesn’t even have to be at the same time. Because, as you said, I have multiple projects, multiple services, but they were created one by one. I wasn’t creating these projects, you know, in the same month, basically right? That is, yes, that’s not that’s really overwhelming, even for me. But if you are someone who really thrives on getting your ideas out there, you want to share multiple or like different perspectives of your could be products can be courses can be master classes, right? So a lot of I can see a lot of coaches actually thrive on having a lot of masterclasses because they can dive into different topics that they really enjoy. Right? So that’s an amazing way, right? But again, you have to promote that you have to market your products, otherwise, nobody knows. And that is where everyone forgets that sales do not just happen.

Alex Beadon 59:17
Yeah. And that’s why I wanted to ask you that question. Because I think people have the incorrect vision that they’re just going to create something and people are gonna be buying it all the time, but you have to talk about it. And you’re so good at that. I see you promoting yourself all the time.

Diana Jakubcova 59:32
Oh, thank you, to me, because like, I’m like, I’m not promoting enough. I feel like I’m not promoting it. But then everyone, but I get these DMS like, you’re so good at promoting multiple things. And I’m like, Whoa, am I voting? I feel like I don’t see selling as like when you think of like a hard sell. You know, I view it as an invitation, right? So I try to look for ways that I can sell these to you without me being like, Oh, I just launched my social media templates and you come here and buy them. Now, throughout the day, there might be a situation that you’re working on and you’re like, oh, this could be nice to showcase my templates. And I can just showcase the behind the scenes, how your connects. And there you go. You don’t even need to be, you know, creating your graphics, like professional graphics all the time, right? Just hop on your stories share the behind the scenes share what they will receive, once they I don’t all get the login and get the template, how it looks like and share the link. Like, is it such a nice invitation into your offers? And it’s easy?

Alex Beadon 1:00:45
Yes. 100%. I agree. I wanted to ask you about photography, because I feel like that’s another thing that I’m loving about your brand is you seem to be someone who really invests in good photography, you know, your images are also different, funky, unique, and a good representation of your brand. Talk to us about the importance of photography, when it comes to communicating your brand online.

Diana Jakubcova 1:01:10
Oh, wow, we might need another hour. I love this, I love this topic, because your photos can make or break your brand. You or I even can create the most beautiful branding, elevated, like just dreamy. But once you drag in photos that do not connect with what we have created, it all falls apart. Now, what do we do for clients, we develop like a photo shoot guide. So that’s their creative direction based on what we are creating with their branding. And this way, because even if you hire a photograph, now this is a thing your photographer is not there to tell you what kind of photoshoot you need, they come in, they might have a checklist for you of like different shots that you want to take. You know, that’s all cute. But then the editing all comes in a warm tone colors, whereas our branding was created with the colors that match colder tones, let’s say right, and that is where it all falls apart. And the message is not getting through. And people can feel it. Even though we like to think that I don’t understand branding. I don’t understand fonts. You do. subconsciously you do because we have been exposed to fonts to different directions our entire life that you can tell when something is like hmm, I don’t know what is off, but I know something is off.

Alex Beadon 1:02:52
Yeah. Okay, so for anyone who is listening, I was in the background just clapping away, because this is something that a lot of us don’t know. And it’s okay. Because you know, it’s a journey of being an online business owner, and you learn these things as you go. But that is definitely something I’ve learned is like, you can hire the best photographer. But if you don’t have that creative direction of exactly what it is that you’re trying to create, and the emotions that you’re trying to evoke, and what clothes are you wearing? What does your hair look like? And what does your make? Does it all align? It matters so, so so much. And, you know, when we’re in an online space, yes, we’re showing up on stories and we’re making videos and all those things. But the photography really makes such a difference. It’s it’s huge. Do you also use stock photo websites? Or are you really making sure that every single photo is something that you have created with your vision?

Diana Jakubcova 1:03:51
I make sure for the for the past two years, I make sure all clients have and you brand pictures when they work with us. And the past year, we have been implementing the photoshoot guides, which has been a game changer like a game changer. Because, again, as I said, your photographer is like she’s just or he’s just showing up right? Correct. Yeah, gave them some kind of direction. Oh, I need you brand photos. And I guess I’ll just wear the blazer right. The white blazer Yeah. I love it. Not not calling out anyone, right? Remember that? Don’t want to bleed again. This is what happens, right? Because you don’t really know what to do like you have no idea and as you said like people actually are not aware that their photoshoot connects with their brands, right? So this is where we get a photograph for so inside of the guide that is a brief for a photographer in what we are trying to achieve with this photo shoot. So let’s say for one client it can be we’re trying to We were trying to capture a community aspect for this new, I don’t know, business launch right for a client. But for other clients, it can be a really huge rebrand. So we need to make sure that we evoke these, like the wow effect, you know, some clients when the wow effect and their brand is like really about pops of colors and outfits are different. So we include outfits, I outfit ideas as well. We also include different shots. And then I also include different, like ideas on what I think would help me as a designer, to design their website and to design their marketing materials. So again, a lot of times we receive images that I can’t use, and I’ve seen so many times, one of our previous clients, she has given me access to like 800 images. And I could only use like 40. Now, what this shows is that you have wasted your time your money, because I can’t really use all these images, because either I don’t know the position of the light lighting is not the best for this brand. Or you are standing kind of weirdly, like why do we have these shots here? Right? So with this guy, we always make sure that if you have booked one hour photoshoot, you are in and out, and you know exactly what to do. Everyone is on the same team. And I’ve had clients tell me that previously they were having like four or five hour photoshoots. And I’m like, What are you doing five hours? Like I can’t imagine. But with the guy they guide, they were able to be in and out like one hour, two hours, Max.

Alex Beadon 1:06:48
That’s amazing. That’s very impressive. I’m cheering you on? And how often do you think someone should be doing a photo shoot? Like, how often do you need new photos?

Diana Jakubcova 1:07:00
Depends on your business, I would say for agencies or for someone who is like a done for you. It doesn’t have to be that often. Because there is not much of a change. However, if you are a coach, there are just so many things that you are changing. So many programs that you’re launching, it is advice to have at least two per year, just like a refresh, new location, something more exciting, because a lot of the times exciting things also happen in your business. And they will reflect in your brand photoshoot. Yeah, make sure of that.

Alex Beadon 1:07:38
Yeah. I think this is something that’s it’s just so easy to not do. You know, so even for everyone listening, myself included, I think even just booking it into the calendar and being like, Okay, I have two photoshoots booked for this year, at least. Because even for me thinking back, like when was my last photo shoot, I think it was actually it was this year. So okay, we’re doing okay, but still, you know, just making sure that it’s in the calendar and thinking about it, because I don’t even know what my next photo shoot is. And it you know, unless you’re really taking care of it and thinking about it, it might just slip your mind and then there you go, you’re not you’re not going to be showing up in the best way online. Diana I have to thank you so much for joining us. And before we wrap up, is there anything that you think is very important to share with our audience that I did not ask you that you feel is just too important to forget?

Diana Jakubcova 1:08:31
What is too important to forget is you first need to switch off from online space to actually reconnect to yourself. And that is important when it comes to your brand. Because if you can really see who you are inside your personality, then it’s going to be really hard for you to create the brand that you want to create, to connect with your brand for other people to connect with your brand. And ultimately, if you hire someone, I have questions for you. And you need to answer right this is something that a lot of people forget. If you even hire a designer, a brand professional, we have questions for you. You need to be prepared to tell me what is it that you want? Because this it doesn’t work the way that if you pay someone for branding, we just magically can read your mind. Unfortunately, I am not a mind reader. And I have a lot of questions if you work with me. So it is best if you let’s say decide to work with someone to get the best out of your investment specifically with the creatives. Know what you want come with a plan. You don’t need to have it all figured out. That’s not what I’m saying. But you do need to have Some sort of vision because then all I have to do is align that vision the plan your brand with your whole vision. That’s all I need.

Alex Beadon 1:10:11
Diana, thank you so much. You’re so I think you’re so great. I love like you just have this like spunky energy. And like you tell it, how you’re not afraid to tell it how it is. And like meeting you today, and then putting it side by side with like, what I’m seeing online is so much fun. So thank you so much for being here. I think everyone really enjoyed everything that you’ve shared with us. Can you let everyone know where they can find you online?

Diana Jakubcova 1:10:35
So you can find me on Instagram. Obviously, the best way is deeply rooted. That’s UDL but if you want to check out what we offer some freebies some fun things, check out our website deeply rooted

Alex Beadon 1:10:51
Thank you, Diana.

Diana Jakubcova 1:10:53
Thank you so much.

Alex Beadon 1:10:58
If you are someone who wants to launch your online course if you are an educator, and you’re ready to take what you’re already doing and scale it to the next level, if you want to bring in more students and make more impact with the work that you do in the world, then the ultimate launch bootcamp is for you. Don’t miss it. Make sure you’re on the waitlist. And I can’t wait to talk to you guys again next time. I’ll see you next week. Bye.


S2 Ep. 07 – Mistakes that are Sabotaging Your Course Sales

Over the last 12 years of being in the online space, there’s one thing I’ve noticed that really moves the needle when it comes to sales.

In fact, I would dare to say that this ONE thing works to strengthen your sales more than anything else.

So in today’s solo episode, I’m sharing with you this one thing that I need you to become obsessed with if you want a sustainable offer that you can turn into a multiple six-figure revenue stream.


I’ve had an online business selling digital products since 2011 and this one focus has allowed me to sell to thousands of students (over 11,900!) from all over the world. I’ve also helped online businesses scale their online sales through the power of launching since 2016. In watching my clients go through their own launches it’s crystal clear to me that having this one thing can massively affect your conversion rate and your launch outcome.

So in today’s solo episode, I share my secrets to strengthening your conversion rate, moving the needle on your sales and improving your client transformations. You’ll learn the win-win tactic that results in higher levels of impact for your ideal clients, leading to long-term profitability.

Through the tips and tools shared in this episode, you’ll gain the knowledge behind creating a sustainable, successful online offer that results in longevity in your business. We’ll talk about the mistakes to avoid, seven things to improve your sales and the action steps you can take today.

Tune in to this episode to unlock the secrets that will result in long-term profitability, success and a six-figure revenue stream!

You’ll learn …

  • The one thing that will strengthen your launch conversion rate and result in more sales
  • How this win-win tactic will also result in higher levels of impact and transformation for your ideal clients
  • The keys to long-term profitability and sustainability in your business
  • The mistake most first-time course creators make that result in no momentum and no results.
  • One of my favorite ways to organize information when outlining my course (in a streamlined way)
  • The importance of dedicating seasons of your business to product development
  • Actionable steps that you can take to improve your sales

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