S2 Ep.23 – How Sonia Rodriguez Transformed Her Online Business

Dive into this powerhouse episode as I speak to a trailblazer in online entrepreneurship, Sonia Rodriguez, who spills her secrets on scaling her business to unprecedented heights. If you’re a goal-getter craving info on business scaling, time management, content marketing, and work-life integration, this is for you!

What’s Inside:

  • Why living in a country other than the US (or speaking another language that’s not English) isn’t a barrier of entry to the online business world
  • How Sonia has set up her business: offers, launch schedule, etc.
  • The daily rituals that have helped Sonia stay present in her life
  • Some golden nuggets on daily rituals that keep Sonia grounded and present
  • The role that content creation has played in her business
  • How Sonia’s team has been set up and how she’s been able to involve her family into her business
  • Sonia’s secrets to time management
  • The support systems that Sonia has set up to make her work/life more balanced
  • Sonia’s experience with TWL

Whether you’re a seasoned online entrepreneur or just dipping your toes in, you’ll love this one!

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Alex Beadon 0:03
So you want to scale your online business while purposely prioritizing your most joyful, free and luxurious life. This Podcast is your weekly dose of connection and self reflection. As you set strategic intentions along the way, it’s time to prime your mind embrace your pace and take consistent action towards creating what you truly want from your online business without sacrificing the small moments all around you that are so worth treasuring. So, take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose. You’re listening to season two episode 23 of on purpose with Alex Beadon. I’m your host Alex Beadon. And today we’re doing a deep dive with the phenomenal Sonia Rodriguez. Sonia is a mentor professional networker, and a mom of two. She is the founder of academia scene exclusive is the first membership in Spanish that brings together hundreds of women from the Hispanic community who belong to different network marketing companies. Her mission is to help her community get more sales and team members, and she also helps them work on their personal brand on social media. If you’ve ever thought that living outside of the US or not speaking English could hold you back. You’ll want to glue your ears to this episode where Sonia debunks that myth and reveals why borders are no barriers in the online realm. But that’s not all want to take a peek into Sonia’s business playbook. She spills the beans on her launch schedule and how she lines up her offers, which is pure gold for those of you who are looking to streamline your business. Sonia is not all about business. Oh, she’s a master at life too. She shares the daily rituals that keep her rooted and her secret sauce to staying grounded which might surprise you. Now, are you curious about the magic that content creation can create within your business? Wait until you hear Sonia share just how important content creation has been for her business. And it gets even juicy. Here. She shares how she’s been able to involve her family and her business and unpack something I’m always so curious to hear other online entrepreneurs share, which is how they spend their time and manage their time in a way that allows them to rock both business and life. The cherry on top, Sonia reveals the support system that keeps her work life balance in perfect harmony, and gives an insider view of her experience with together relaunch. You don’t want to miss the chance to learn from Sonos incredible journey. So lean in, take notes and get ready to supercharge your online business. I’m Alex feeding your favorite launch strategist and your guide to the online business world. I’ve had an online business selling digital products since 2011. And I’ve been helping online businesses scale through launching since 2016. I’ve been featured in Forbes and entrepreneur and I’ve worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to multi million dollar small businesses. Here at Tim Beadon. We pride ourselves on being the industry leading destination for all things launch strategy. Our 12 month program together we launch teaches our signature rinse and repeat launch strategy that has helped course creators and membership owners from all over the world to have their best launches yet. Our goal is to give you the tools to create a wildly profitable online business while prioritizing your most joyful life so that you can truly experience time, freedom, location, freedom, and financial freedom. Let’s jump into today’s episode with Sonia.

Sonia, welcome. I’m so glad that you’re here. And so excited to get to speak to you about your business and about all that you’ve accomplished. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with us today. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Thank you, Alex. It’s such an honor. I’ve been following you for years. And I’ve been listening to your podcasts as well for years. And I feel this is like a huge thing. Because Wow, you are giving us all the time, all the value. And now be here with you. I feel so, so amazing. Thank you. Oh, thank you so much. And that means so much to us as well. So for anyone who is listening, I’d love for you to share who you are you talk to us about your business and how you got into what you’re doing now.

Sonia Rodriguez 4:30
Yeah, thank you Alex. Well, I am a network marketing mentor. And I am also a network marketing professional as well. So I have two businesses, okay. And I teach in my business I teach women in network marketing, how to increase their sales, using their own brand in social media media, all in social media using mainly Facebook and Instagram so they can live the lifestyle that they Want, and I have my main program, which is my membership. And in that membership, I teach them how to sell using social media. I give them every month digital course with 50 modules, and they receive exactly what to post how to sell the scripts for their reels, the scripts for their live videos, I give them PDFs, PDFs, format tools. We teach about leadership and build them with each system, how they can present their business with organic things using Facebook groups, so they can be prospecting every month without suffering. They also receive leadership training, mindset training, we have this big community in our Facebook group as well. And there are so many things.

Alex Beadon 5:57
That’s amazing. And is that your one and only program? Or do you have other offers as well?

Sonia Rodriguez 6:03
I have two other offers. But my main offer, and the offer that I launch? Three times a year is my membership.

Alex Beadon 6:12
And how much does the membership cost?

Sonia Rodriguez 6:15
It cost $99 per month, and nine 997 yearly. And when I started with you, it was $59. So yeah, I increase the price. That’s so amazing. I’m so glad to hear that I always love when people raise their prices and like yes, add more value, make more money, serve at a better capacity. That’s so great to hear. I just made 22 on our membership. Wow. So up and up and up. So question for you, because I get a lot of people messaging me from other countries in the world. Where do you live?

I live in a city called Tampico, Tamaulipas in Mexico.

Alex Beadon 6:57
So being someone who lives in Mexico, did you when you first got started, feel afraid to go into the online world. Because a lot of the people who message me they say, Oh, I can’t because I live in this other country. And they don’t speak English here. And I have to be able to speak English in order to make money and I can be able to charge and my my currency, etc, etc. There’s a lot of concern around being in another country, not being able to charge American dollars, etc. So I’d love for you to talk to us about what that journey has been like for you.

Sonia Rodriguez 7:34
Well, it was it was never a thing for me. I mean, I never, I never thought oh my gosh, this will be so hard because I english is not my native language, because all my problems are in Spanish. But I will say this. When you have a patient, when you know what their purpose is, and we as mentors, as teachers, we love to impact will have to bring the value to the people and the language and the country. Why could that be a thing or a challenge. And in fact, our business is international. So as long as your program is in the language that your niche is, so yeah, that’s, that’s okay. Because the people, people will connect with you. People would connect with your energy and with the transformation with the power of your story, not with the language or where the country that you are living in. So I would say, Julio in another country, you have a purpose, you have a passion for teaching, for serving and for impacting people, then just go and do it.

Alex Beadon 8:48
I think what you just said is going to be so inspiring to so many people who are listening all around the world just knowing that like you don’t have to live in the US. And English does not have to be your first language in order for you to create a successful online business and you are living proof of that. So thank you for sharing that with us. So I would love for you to talk to me a little bit about you know, you have this one main program. What is your business model like right now in terms of launching and evergreen?

Sonia Rodriguez 9:22
I have three main launches per year and two mini launches. And I haven’t been able to have my evergreen Altera as fancy and professional. But I’m trying I only have like a couple of reels that are doing the Sale in Evergreen with many chat with about called me and that’s it.

Alex Beadon 9:50
So right now you’re launching You said three main launches per year and too many launches per year. And how has that been for you in terms of your energy And the actual enjoyment of going through a launch. A lot of times people, you know, they say launching is so stressful and there’s so much to do. And that’s true. There’s a lot to do. How have you gotten it to a point where you’ve been able to launch, whether it’s big launches or small launches now five times a year, and not get burned out? What is the secret to that?

Sonia Rodriguez 10:23
Well, I will say this is that I protect my energy, I try to protect my energy a lot. You know, I, I read once that our life is like a game, like a game where you are with five goals. And the first ball is your business or career job. The second one is your family. The third one relationships, health and your spiritual life. And you’re juggling with these five balls all the time. But you will soon find that the first wall, which is your career, business is probably around. So if it was then it will bounce back, but the other four are made of glass. So if they drop, then they will never be the same. So I know we have a business. I know it is sometimes stressful to have a business. But the thing that we really said is our energy. And if you don’t have energy, then your lunch will suffer. So every day I tried to practice I became ritual woman, and the hard way. Because maybe two or three years ago, I got sick, I got really burnt out, I was overwhelmed. I had tacky cardio, I was not in a good mood. So my sales were not doing very good. And my doctor told me so need you need to reduce the stress level, you have these because of the stress. And so I became a ritual woman. And so I started doing many things.

Alex Beadon 12:05
I would love for you to share with us some of the things that you’ve been doing in order to reduce your stress and feel better from a well being perspective. Every entrepreneur is different. And anything that you could share with us that has worked for you. I’m sure it would be beneficial.

Sonia Rodriguez 12:20
Yeah, I’ve been trying for many years, to be consistent with exercise. And that’s something that is never, I never accomplished like very well. And I don’t know my knees, hearts on my back and many things. So about one year ago, I started a program, a 30 minute exercise program very early in the morning. Sometimes it’s 5am. Sometimes it’s 6am. With a personal trainer, that’s the only thing that has worked with me so early in the morning. It’s my personal trainer and me. Sometimes there are other girls, as well. But that is really given me the discipline of the exercise, which of course, helps a lot with the energy. I also am a girl of candles. And I love journaling. I still just a notebook to journal, and I love meditation. Sometimes I repeat affirmations like crazy. I love. I have two kids and we drop them. One of the things that I do every day is that me my husband and I would go to take our children to school. My because my husband now works with me. That’s another accomplished accomplishment. So we take our children to school and sometimes I tell him hey, let’s go to the beach. Let’s just go to wall to the beach because I don’t have any songs this morning. So just let’s go to the beach and we walk and I repeat affirmations like crazy. Yeah, I know. Oh, this kind of thing that helps me a lot.

Alex Beadon 13:58
That’s so beautiful. I’d love to know when you are journaling. What does a journaling session look like for you? Do you just kind of like write down whatever comes into your head and it’s like a brain dump or are you doing like gratitude? How does your How do you journal?

Sonia Rodriguez 14:14
I just so many things. Alex is not like step by step. This is how the way you’re now sometimes I write for example today, right? I’m so excited and nervous because I’m coming this interview with Alex. And I’m so grateful because my son today he he stage doubles or Thank you Thank you. Thank you God because today is a great day. Again because thank you because I am grateful for this day. Thank you because I’m ready for the next step in my business. Thank you because I have clarity. And journaling writing also helped me to take decisions. And for example, I was reading that last year, I was very stressed about something that now means nothing to me. And I was very, very, very nervous. And so yeah, journaling is one thing that helped me to really, sometimes ask God, I believe in God. And I asked God, that, what do you think? Should I do this? Or should I do that? I’m confused? Is this the right way it will be my business. This is the right way with my children. I’m so worried because I’m unwell, blah, blah, blah. I write whatever, whatever is, in my mind. Not like a special step by step.

Alex Beadon 15:34
And is it physical, you’re physically writing it or typing, it’s physical.

Sonia Rodriguez 15:39
I’ve tried, I try. I’ve tried also, in apps. Yeah, I still prefer the old fashioned way. And do journal every day. I try to do that everything at least five times, every week,

Alex Beadon 15:54
I find that journaling is one of the things that makes the biggest difference for me in how I feel and how I relate to my goals. And it just kind of like gives your life a voice. And it gets all the energy that’s kind of like bouncing around and just refines it and clarifies it. So I’m, I’m super interested in people’s journaling habits. So thank you so much for sharing. Thank you, I’d love to know what role your content has played in your success.

Sonia Rodriguez 16:25
Such a big impact my content, I love creating content, even when I when I don’t do that every every day, I produce a lot of my content, I have at least one piece of content in my Instagram, and in my Facebook, Facebook every day, it is the same content. I do my strategy of content is this one piece of content every day. And once a week, one life. And I do this in a lot of platforms. At the same time, I use this stream yard tool called stream yard, in stream yard, I can go live at the same time in my Facebook profile, Facebook page, groups, and even YouTube. And then I have my telephone. With Instagram, sometimes I have extra fun. So the last piece of content and I go live in all these platforms at least once a week, I write to my list, also minimum once a week. And the impact of my content is that people really, my niche, of course really loves the value that I eat. I’m always trying to give value like Deeps. Like, for example, yesterday, I sent my list the notes of a big event that I attended and said they reply to me Oh, thank you. This is amazing. I believe that our account by file and a PDF, and yeah, my content helps me to have this like, and trust factor. And also the DMS I’m not answering all the time. But I love also to be me who is in my Instagram, replying the messages. Okay, so

Alex Beadon 18:26
you said that you’re posting once a day to Instagram, you’re posting the same thing to Facebook. It’s not always new content, a lot of it is recycled older contents. You’re also posting to your newsletter. How often are you sending out an email to your newsletter? Once a week? Okay, so once a week, and then do you have a podcast or YouTube channel or anything like that?

Sonia Rodriguez 18:50
No, in fact, my my goal this year is to have my own website. Now not just to channel and I am feeling very attracted to have my own podcast as well. But maybe

Alex Beadon 19:03
next week, we’ll see we’ll see how it unfolds. That’s awesome. So how do you manage it right now in terms of content creation, scheduling things out, etc? Are you doing it? Do you have the support of a team? Talk to me a little bit about that?

Sonia Rodriguez 19:19
Yeah, I love my team. Because sometimes I don’t create content for a long time. But you will see every day a piece of content in my in my feet. We use Post Planner to schedule the things and I love to batch content. For example, right now, we are preparing for lunch. So in my schedule I already now I have two days to two whole days to prepare content. So I know that I told my team Hey, we are going to have the girls I mean hey we are going out and we are going To film reels in the beach, and in the lagoon and downtown, and I know that all those reels and law, maybe I will do the one minute pre recorded videos, or maybe one hour of video so that they can have many short 1 million minute videos. Yeah,

Alex Beadon 20:22
so you’re doing it with the help of your team? How many? How many team members do you have?

Sonia Rodriguez 20:28
Three and me four, we have four. And my husband, who is also very involved in the financial things, because I just do all those things. And all those things really distract me. So he’s now in charge of seeing all the things with our accountant like bookkeeping, like paying the girls like bank accounts, like all the things with technology as well. And yeah, very happy that he’s working with us.

Alex Beadon 20:58
That’s awesome. So that’s your husband, you and then three other women. What are the three other women do?

Sonia Rodriguez 21:05
Well, one of them is like, Laura. She’s like, the CEOs. Like she’s managing all the things abroad. And the other two girls. Two girls are my sisters. Okay. And they learn with me about all these things we’ll be learning together. Yeah, one of them is in charge of all the brands of all the posting. And the other one is in charge of all the graphics, the PDFs, and all the things. And then we have another group, which is part time. The only work of these, these girls, Mary is sending the emails, so I write the emails and she is in charge of sending the email, I write the emails in notion because I learn finally learn to use notion. And yeah, she she, she has access to the notion as well. And she is sending the emails, she sends the emails.

Alex Beadon 22:09
Amazing. I love hearing that you have so many family members on your team.

Sonia Rodriguez 22:14
Yeah, so cool. Oh, yeah, we are working as a team. And yeah, it has really helped us a lot.

Alex Beadon 22:24
Yeah, we have a few people like that. And together we launch who are working with family members are like working with their husband. It’s a very interesting dynamic. A quick break in the show to let you know that if you are someone who has an online course or membership site with sales under your belt, and you are looking to scale what you’re already doing and get more students into your course, then now’s the time to head on over to Instagram and send me a DM with the word launching. So that we can start that conversation and chat about how I can help you. You can find me on Instagram at Alex beaten, like I said, just DM me the words launching. And let’s start that conversation. So I’d love for you to talk to us about how you manage your time as a CEO, as a business owner as a leader. You know, you have technically two businesses that you’re working on how do you manage both of them? What are your your secrets of time management’s?

Sonia Rodriguez 23:22
Okay, time management is one of the things that I’m most passionate about. And really, I’ve I had a lot of help from you with my bank management. So I get up very early every morning. I love getting up early 5am And sometimes I stay in bed, because I am practicing prayer and gratitude. And before you know, I visualize my day I journal at six o’clock I go to my my routine exercise routine. After that six study, I prepare myself and I prepare my little kid because his five for school breakfast and all the things then we drop them at school. So at 830 I am in here my office in house ready to work. My zooms, I always scheduled zooms and my team knows I always scheduled zooms 910 11 Sometimes 12 Navin after that because I think energy is not like so high. And I work in my main business which is my brand. Then until my last call, okay. And right before that I have one hour that I call it power hour. And that power hour is only to prospect and to do like a one piece of content do some follow ups for my network marketing business. Sometimes I do that with my team, even we think we have some power hours. And then we have, and then I begin with all my stones, okay, after 5pm I, I cannot schedule anything because my kids come home. And then we have, we eat, we prepare things. My husband cooks, he loves cooking. We have delhivery meal service once or twice a week here calm. And at night, sometimes at night, when I already paid with my kids. And we did all the things sometimes I returned to my office, but that’s not very often. I can call night. But most of the time is because I have network marketing things with my team.

Alex Beadon 25:56
I love the fact that you’re a mom, I remember when you joined together we launch and this is a story that you shared as well, of having your office in the bedroom of your son’s Do you remember that? Yes. Like, am I making that up? That was a thing, wasn’t it?

Sonia Rodriguez 26:15
Because it was the only room in my in my department that had a door. So yeah, that was the only place in because our other room had a television. So they were always watching television. And I needed a place a silent place. So yeah, it was in my in my son through. But now they have their own room. Now we have another room. Because we were house because of the lunches.

Alex Beadon 26:45
I know that makes it that’s like literally one of my favorite stories, favorite success stories of together we launch is that you were able to buy a house because of your successful launch. And be able to move your family into this dream home and have your own space, which is so powerful and sacred for the work that you’re doing in the world. That’s amazing. I want to ask you about in terms of being a mother and also having to manage like the family and everything that’s going on. Do you have extra support at home? Whether that’s a housekeeper? Or you know, I know you said you order meal sometimes? What extra help do you have?

Sonia Rodriguez 27:27
Okay, my husband is a super extraction. Now that he is with us. He cooks, he cooks four times a week and amazing.

And we have delivery delivery meal service. Sometimes we have also cleaning service here in the house, not every day and not all the time. Because our older son he is responsible for many things, and we do many things. I clean my kitchen. I think that’s all I do. Sometimes I make them. But I’m not like doing many hours doing things in house. The thing that we do are very intentional, because we want to do them with the kids. Sometimes what we wanted to cook with us, we want them to learn how to make their beds, how to clean their closets. We have this very fancy washing machine that almost do everything. And my older son he is in charge of folding the clothes.

Alex Beadon 28:36
So I love that.

Sonia Rodriguez 28:38
And yeah, for example, this Friday, we will have like a special event here in the house. And tomorrow we will have someone that will come and help clean house.

Alex Beadon 28:51
That’s fantastic. So I want to talk a little bit about together relaunch. I know we touched on it a little. But I’d like for you to share with us how was your business before together relaunch and after? What was that transformation like for you?

Sonia Rodriguez 29:08
I love to talk about this topic because we’ve worked with a relaunch. I didn’t really knew what I was doing. I was launching but without knowing exactly what the launch was. What my goal was. I didn’t know what exactly challenge to do. And I was making different challenges every time and I was myself preparing all the PDFs and all the emails and all the things that launch was for me at the time now. And my business started I started my business Alex my membership, actually six years ago, okay. And it was all organic. I didn’t know that even the word launch existed. I just created a community and Facebook. And I told them, okay, $20 per month. So yeah, that’s the way it started. So I really didn’t know about this concept of, hey, you will have a period of time where you will make more money. So that was the biggest breakthrough at the beginning. doing that. I had 30,000 launches. But then when to get when I joined together, we launch I doubled, and I had my first 60,000 launch. So I was very excited for that. Because I before together, we launch I had no structure, I didn’t know what to do. I was so stressed, because I was doing all the things. And since I was stressed, also, I stressed my team. I was a bottleneck on my on my own business. I was having them working even on Sundays, like at night. Let’s change this. I wasn’t, I didn’t know the phrase. It’s better done than perfect. I didn’t know that phrase. I didn’t know the phrase. I decide my bike. I didn’t know those phrases that have been so impactful for me. And that I helped me me a lot now with my lunches after together we launch.

Alex Beadon 31:32
I want to know how, what inspired you to sign up for together we launch like, what? How did you hear about together relaunch? What made you be like, Oh, I think I should do this.

Sonia Rodriguez 31:43
I may do I love this story. I may do because I hear one interview that Nadia Melton Navya, she’s my network marketing mentor. Okay, so I went to a retreat, I met here. And then I listened to one of her lives, and she was interviewing you. And I immediately connected with you in that interview. And we were talking about Project stories. So if we can do fan breaks, oh my gosh, this leader is selling so much. And with all the positives in the world, and now is one of my routines. And I got a wonder learn from her. I want to know, how is she doing all of her things together? How is possible that she has these nice energy? What is she doing? And so I I realized that you had this podcast and and then you do do the the ship to the launches. And I was oh my gosh, this is such a great news. She’s going to teach the world how is she doing all these launches, big launches, I want to learn. And in that time, my economy was not very good. But I I thought I will do whatever I will do whatever I want to know more about about together we launch. And in fact, I applied the first time, but was not not accepted. But then in the second round, yes, it was accepted. And it was so happy. So excited. I I felt in my heart that I really had to be there.

Alex Beadon 33:30
I love there’s so many people who say I applied the first time I didn’t get in the first time I up leveled my game I applied again, I was able to get in the second time. Like I just think that’s so number one. It’s great. It’s interesting, but it’s also such a testament to the types of people that are applying for together relaunch and the type of character that you are that you’re like, I am going to continue to try for this. I’m going to continue to raise my game like I love that part of the story. It’s so cool. Have you been able to take the together we launch launch strategy and use it again and again. Since leaving together we launch?

Sonia Rodriguez 34:11
Yes, of course. That’s the way I launch every time. I use the reins. I repeat the strategy every time and whenever I feel stress, because of course I am not perfect and I haven’t developed all the skills. But whenever I feel stressed, I remember your your rewards. Remember it is like a layer. Okay. And every launch, you’re going to be improving and are they adding or deleting or changing things? You don’t have to do all the things during this launch. You can you can change later. Okay, don’t doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s better done than perfect. That’s like my mantra I use it every time. Every time I launch, I review my notes, I review my notion with all the things that I have in there. What is missing? What What else can I do? And all the emails that you gave us, I use them all the time.

Alex Beadon 35:20
God, I’m so glad to hear that, like what

Sonia Rodriguez 35:23
to do each week. And I resist the temptation to that I had before. Before I just say, oh my gosh, I’m gonna launch next month. Yeah, I’m gonna. I know, that’s not the way it works. It’s so strategy. Many things need to happen before. And I love also that mindset that, okay, let’s launch and let’s see what happens. No, because as you haven’t strategies you already know. And you have the like the formula, okay to know, sometimes it works very well, sometimes you will exceed that formula, sometimes. No, but it’s okay. Because it’s part of being an intrapreneur. It’s like, fun to launch every, every time.

Alex Beadon 36:15
I love that you said that it’s fun to launch every time each launch is its own unique individual experience that you get to go on this journey to find your perfect people to invite them into your offer. And you know what a joy it is and what a blessing it is for us to be able to show up and magnetize the right people to us and be able to deliver this incredible experience to them. That just makes me so happy because that’s exactly what together we launch is all about creating is, you know, let’s bring together these launchers who are all using the exact same launch strategy. And let’s have fun together and see this, as you know, it’s not just this one launch that matters. This is one launch of many, and you have many opportunities to take the lessons from this launch, and use them again and again. Moving forward. What was the most unexpected thing that you learned from being together? We launched her?

Sonia Rodriguez 37:10
Oh, so many things. I didn’t know that you were delivering so much value. Okay, that was unexpected. And I was really impressed. Okay. There are so many things that I love about together we launch but I’m gonna say this. I love that you share what is it that you do in your own launches with your own team, the way you work with your own team. That way that also Laura is with us. I love all those things. Because that’s really like, like, like teaching from your heart and from your boneta vulnerabilities as well. Things that work for you things that didn’t work for you. And you share all that was all with us. I was very impressed that you gave us all the scripts for the emails and all the social media exactly what to post, I was very impressed as well, of the wellness energy that you have, during the launches, the meditations that I still do. The launching meditations, they connect with your vision, meditation. And I was also very impressed of the community. The community is really amazing. The weather will launch community, I was a little bit like I felt I felt like I was not like in at the same level of the girls. When I saw when I saw their goals. I thought oh my gosh, I’m not near their goal at 16 launches. I don’t know there’s a lot of money. I don’t know if I am ready for that. Maybe this is not the program I should have joined. But as soon as I realized it was a mindset thing. And when I saw that my main door was part of the together we launch membership. That also made me feel like a little bit nervous. But now know what once we start doing all the exercises, and I started seeing all the things I was so happy and feel so part of the community. And that really helped me to expand my mind. You know, because one day you cannot do a six figure launch if you have 5000 mindset. So that community was very helpful in order for me to stretch my mind as well.

Alex Beadon 39:53
So in your first launch with together re launch you had a $60,000 launch. The launch after that was Data $100,000 launch four months

Sonia Rodriguez 40:02
after, yeah, because I learned, I launched high

Alex Beadon 40:09
ticket, I think a ticket,

Sonia Rodriguez 40:10
high ticket that I was, I didn’t, I didn’t feel ready for that because I was selling $59 product. And then I changed to 1000 product. And but yeah, I have my first six figure launch. And I’ve had multiple six figure launches since then.

Alex Beadon 40:34
Amazing. I’m so glad to hear that. Congratulations on all of your success. It’s, I love like just listening to the way that you infuse intention into your everyday life. And you know, even just the way that you start your day, the way that you are intentional with your family and what you’re teaching your sons and the how you’ve built your your family into your team, it seems like you are just creating such a beautiful existence. And I’m so so happy for you. So congratulations.

Sonia Rodriguez 41:05
Thank you, Alex, for all the help and for all the inspiration that you are bringing us every day.

Alex Beadon 41:11
Before we finish, is there anything that you would like to share that I didn’t ask you about? But you feel like you really want to share with the audience?

Sonia Rodriguez 41:20
Yes, I want to say that if you are like hesitating to join in together, we launched like thinking, oh my gosh, a lot of money or is that for me, or whatever. I just want to suggest you to apply. And then to see. And I will suggest you to sit down, have your piece of paper and write again, your vision. What did you really want in your life has one beautiful life of your day, maybe you want to be you who is taking your kids to the school, or maybe you want to spend the day at the beach or maybe you want to pay your house or be an investor as one of my dreams. Whatever you want to do write your vision, but go go deeper and go deeper and deeper in your vision. What does that? What does that money really mean for you? What is it that you really want? For example, I right now have a big vision to have more my parents, okay, my dad was just diagnosed with dementia, that I say that correctly. And so I want to spend more time with them. I want to be able to bring more experiences to my father and to my mother as well. And cow cow will I be able to do that. My business is the vehicle. So my recommendation for you is sit down reservation go go deeper, go deeper, go deeper and have a plan. And in your plan if your plan is to have big launches, then Alex Beadon I have them are the ones that will help you. Not out.

Alex Beadon 43:01
Thank you so much, Sonia. I’m so sorry to hear about your father. I can only imagine how difficult that is. But I’m sending you and your family lots of love. And he’s very lucky to have you in his life. I want to ask you if anyone is listening and they want to learn more about you where’s the best place for them to find you?

Sonia Rodriguez 43:23
Instagram. DM me in my Instagram account.

Alex Beadon 43:27
Thank you so much for sharing Sonia. We really appreciate having you here. Thank you so much for listening to today’s show. I hope you loved it as much as I did. Just a quick reminder that if you are someone who has an online course or membership site with sales under your belt and you are looking to scale what you are already doing, send me a DM with the word launching over on Instagram. And let’s get to talking. I’d love to have a conversation with you about it. Again, thank you so much for listening to this podcast. I respect the time we shared together here and I can’t wait for you to listen to the next episode. Wishing you love leads and full acceptance. It’s Alex Beadon signing out.