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S2 Ep.27 – Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Intuition for Digital Product Growth with Nikki Novo

A few weeks ago, Teachable asked me to speak on a panel on the topic of Overcoming the Failure to Launch. During the panel, I met Nikki Novo.

Nikki is a best-selling author who has been teaching online courses since 2008 and has made over a million dollars in sales educating people on intuitive development. 

Nikki lives with her husband and kids in North Carolina, and she’s been able to grow her business enough to retire her husband! 🤩 A huge part of her success is that she knows exactly how to activate her intuition to grow her business, so I had to have her on the podcast to tell us all about it!

Nikki’s story of how she grew her business to make more than a million in sales is so inspiring and the fact that she was able to retire her husband is a dream for so many people in this community! She’s #goals and in this episode, she shares what the big turning point in her business was that acted as a catalyst to her success and development. 

I had soooo many favorite parts of this episode:

Firstly – I love when Nikki shares her own practice of sitting down and tuning in to her intuition each day, offering a variety of actionable steps you can take to connect with your own intuition. 😍 SO INSPIRING.

I also love that she shared how to tap into your intuition WITHOUT being too “airy fairy” or “woo woo”

…. after all, we do live right here on planet Earth, where money has to be made, bills have to be paid, and mouths have to be fed. 🏡 (let’s be real)

She also shares her secret sauce: running her business with a 50-50 mix of strategy and intuition, saying that her intuition leads her to the right strategy.

Lastly, as you listen to this episode, pay close attention to what she says about the importance of visualization. Her visualization practice is so effective – and she shares how to make it so that when you visualize that $20k month, you can actually bring it into reality.

IT’S JUST SUCH A GOOD EPISODE. I absolutely LOVED hosting the interview, I hope you love it, too! Take a listen today and *please* send me a DM on Instagram to let me know what you think! 🤗

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Alex Beadon 0:03
So you want to scale your online business while purposely prioritizing your most joyful, free, and luxurious life. This Podcast is your weekly dose of connection and self-reflection. As you set strategic intentions along the way, it’s time to prime your mind embrace your pace, and take consistent action toward creating what you truly want from your online business without sacrificing the small moments all around you that are so worth treasuring. So, take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get you back to where you belong. On purpose.

You’re listening to season two, Episode 27 of On Purpose with Alex Beadon. In this episode of the podcast, I speak to Nikki Novo who shares her insights on the intersection of intuition and business. Not only is Nikki a best-selling author and a master intuitive reader, she has been teaching online courses since 2008. And has made over a million dollars in sales teaching intuitive developments. Now I don’t want you to get freaked out I know a lot of people hear the word intuition and they think oh, that’s so woo-woo I want nothing to do with it. But I’m here to tell you and remind you that having success in the business space is so much more than just ticking off a strategic to do list. A lot of it has to do with your energy tapping into your intuition listening to that level of CEO discernment. And Nikki has a wealth of knowledge on how to activate your own intuitive abilities to grow your business. And she shares so much of it. In this episode, she talks about how to bring intuition into your daily business operations. I love this part. She also speaks about how to strengthen your intuition and how to use it in decision making. She also shares practical exercises and practices to develop your intuitive skills and maintain the balance between intuition and data driven decision making because there is a balance. I hope that you love today’s episode. If you do take a minute to send me a DM over on Instagram at Alex Beadon. I’d love to hear how this lands for you. Without further ado, enjoy the episode. As usual, I’m Alec speed in your favorite launch strategist and your guide to the online business world. I’ve had an online business selling digital products since 2011. And I’ve been helping online businesses scale through launching since 2016. I’ve been featured in Forbes and entrepreneur and I’ve worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to multi million dollar small businesses. Here at Team Beadon. We pride ourselves on being the industry leading destination for all things launch strategy, our 12 month program together we launch teaches our signature rinse and repeat launch strategy that has helped course creators and membership owners from all over the world have their best launches yet. Our goal is to give you the tools to create a wildly profitable online business while prioritizing your most joyful life so that you can truly experience time, freedom, location, freedom and financial freedom. I hope you love today’s episode. I’m coming to you from Hamilton here in Canada. I’m actually here for a wedding this week. And like I said, I think you’re gonna love this episode. So send me a DM on Instagram afterwards and let me know what you think. Enjoy this episode. Let’s get started. Nikki, thank you so much for joining us today. I’m so excited to have you on the show, I know that everyone here is going to be excited for all of the juiciness that you have to share with us. Thank you,

Nikki Novo 3:36
Alex, it’s my pleasure. I’m so happy to be here and always excited to like give back and, and and be with your audience. So thank you so much.

Alex Beadon 3:45
So I wanted to start the conversation off with a question that I think is very important. And it’s kind of going to preface the rest of our conversation today. And that question is what is intuition?

Nikki Novo 4:01
Yeah. So intuition I like to explain as the voice of your soul. So to me, it’s like this little compass that we each have, that if we learn to tune into it, like well know what is like the true path for us, like what is the right path for us? You know, souls are like, so interesting, where, you know, the idea is that we come to this lifetime, actually, that we’d like planned this lifetime a bit that we have like a souls path and a contract and all that a purpose. I think that’s why we asked that question all the time, because there is a knowing, but part of being human is forgetting, like everything that we signed up for. So it’s kind of like you’re like this last little like child, you know, on this big old earth and you’re like, where am I and the only way that you can find your direction is through going in yourself and find and finding that voice which is the voice of the intuition, because that’s like your little map your little compass. And then that’s also how you start like remember

Knowing what you really like, came here for. And for a lot of us our purposes, like mixed in with our work, our met our mission. So I’m sure like a lot of the audience that is like trying to put work out there, it’s like actually part of your purpose. So knowing your intuition will be very helpful, because it’ll help you like, understand that even more.

Alex Beadon 5:20
Yeah, I think a lot of people get into their business and start their online business, really, primarily with that source of giving back and being able to create that impact and knowing the change that they want to see in the world and understanding that they are a bridge to that change. You know, a lot of us are educators, we teach people certain things. And I love that you mentioned that, you know, getting in touch with your intuition is only going to help make that path even more clear. Why does intuition matter? As a business owner?

Nikki Novo 5:53
Yeah, I mean, I think a lot of people are probably using their intuition, maybe calling it like, their gut or whatever, here and there. But the main reason, first of all, that I like think not only to know your intuition, but to learn to develop it, because I think, you know, to know it as to like, oh, yeah, sometimes I get these gut feelings are sometimes I feel like my heart is telling me to go this way. So a lot of us have felt that before. But then there’s like that second level of actually, like, really knowing your intuition. Well, being able to, really, like I explained it almost like you have a magic wand, and you’re just kind of throwing it around. And when you develop your intuition, and it’s like you have that magic wand, and you can actually like point it and use it on demand when you need it. So there’s like those two things. And as a business owner, oh my gosh, like I could just couldn’t imagine like not using your intuition, because here’s the thing, there is so much information out there about like how to do business and what to do what not to do all that kind of stuff. And the people that are selling the what to do truly believe in the what to do, like it has probably worked for them, and they probably seen it work for other people. But that unfortunately does not mean that it’s necessarily gonna work for everybody and work for us. And we have to like really be tapped into ourselves to know like, when it’s time to work with so and so sometimes, like a sales person might like look really awesome, but they’re not like in integrity, or a true teacher that is like you’re supposed to get to work with. So you really have to kind of be able to feel into where you’re supposed to go. And then in addition to that, like my business strategy has been based, like completely off of my intuition, like just kind of like, okay, what, where am I supposed to go like, there is this guidance that will guide you to the next steps, because especially if you’re doing work that is associated with your soul’s purpose, the divine wants you to make that happen. So it wants you to remember, like the steps towards that place. So to like know how to use our intuition will actually like, tell us exactly, you know, not exactly, but step by step, I think people get a little thrown off by intuition, because they want, it’s like the yellow brick road, they want to know, like the whole road, you know, they’re like, Oh, if I’m not getting the full Road, then forget this. I’m not like taking a brave leap or anything. But intuition usually just gives you one brick at a time. And you have to follow that one brick. And then the next brick is shown to you. And the next brick is shown to you that kind of stuff. So it really, and it’s truly going to build the business that you really want. Because it’s so easy. Like I think a lot of us, like start growing our own business, because we’re trying to get out of whatever we were doing before maybe you had like a really pain in the ass boss, or you’re working like some crazy, you know, nine to nine to seven job and you’re trying to get out of there. And if you are still in like autopilot, and if you’re still connected to the like the shoulds of life and what’s expected to us, you are at danger of creating the same kind of business that you were trying to get out of. So like if you are not using your intuition, you by default will make something that you’ve already seen. And I think the real reason to like do the work that we’re doing is like we are trying to create new visions for ourselves, for our families for our lifestyles. So we have to create it from within. Yes, we’re gonna get tons of like tips from other people. And we really have to be able to be like, oh, cool, that tip is for me. Oh, that’s such an interesting tip. But that’s that’s not for me. And then that’s how you build a business that is very true to you rather than like a cookie cutter business that like you didn’t even want anyways, there are days that like I always joke when I’m kind of like in some sort of autopilot mode and I forgot you know how to live true to me. I’m like, god dammit, I’m my boss. She’s such a bitch like talking about myself because I’m like, How did I create this boss? That’s such an asshole. Like there’s days that that I’m like, really like, why am I and that really comes from being like, Oh, this is the way you should do it or this is the default path. As I like to call it in my readings, so to really be able to kind of know like, what is your true path comes from your own inner compass. And that is also how you’re going to create, what’s been your vision, like kind of what you see for yourself is going to come from from that place.

Alex Beadon 10:17
I love what you said about intuition, being something that only gives you one break of the road at a time and that you’re not going to be able to see the big picture and where it’s taking you. And really, that you have to just have that trust that it’s all going to come together and that you’re being led in the right direction. It reminded me of I think there’s a Steve Jobs quote, where he says, you know, the journey looks, the journey makes sense, when you can look backwards and connect all the dots. But when you’re moving forwards, it doesn’t really make sense. So I love that you shared that with us. How does someone go about developing their intuition?

Nikki Novo 10:55
Yeah, I mean, so I, first, sorry, so talk about that brick, I feel like I got more things to say. And I think that that like, I think especially like for the audience that we’re talking to that maybe is making like courses or you know, digital programs. As much as sure there’s tons of people that have like, done what we’re trying to do. You’re still such a trailblazer, like in this work that you guys are doing right now, honestly, like, there are going to be examples and people that will inspire you, but like you are blazing a new trail, I’m sure like, nobody in your family has ever done this. And you really are, like making your own your own path. So in a way, the, if you saw too much of the future, that would mean that you’re like following somebody else’s blueprint, like where you saw. And I know that there’s a part of us that like, wants this like step by step. But the truth is, like we all got into this work, because you have some sort of vision for your life. So the fact that it’s like not as predictable as you might like, it’s actually like in your favor, then it’s because it’s like really trying to create what you wanted to create. So to kind of I know, it’s frustrating to only get like one message at a time. And but like, just to trust that that is like how your soul intended it. And that’s really what’s going to create this beautiful life that you’re you’re dreaming of. And that would be my first tip about intuition is that intuition, people tend to think that intuition. And when you think about developing your intuition, you think that it is about like, right and wrong. Like I know that I got into it. So I wasn’t born intuitive, or at least I didn’t have any idea of that. My, my my parents are Cuban, I grew up Catholic. I always joke that like if there was any signs of like me predicting the future, my parents would have like shipped me off to like some nun like school to make sure that like the devil, like left me, that was not accepted in my family. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s I went through a bad breakup. And of course, like after a bad breakup, I’m like, I need a psychic. Like I need somebody to tell me that everything’s gonna be okay. So I visited my first psychic. And that’s when I really got like, interested in intuition, because I had felt like I was a heart led person. But I really felt that that boyfriend was like a heart led decision. And when it didn’t work out, I was like, I need some answers. Like, I need to know whatever happened, I wasn’t calling it intuition. I was calling it more like I follow my heart, I follow my gut. And then when I met this woman, I was like, Wait a second, like, you know, and she was just so good and predicting and all that stuff. And I was like, Wait a second, like I could predict the rest of my life and like, never make a mistake again. And that is why I got interested in intuition. Like, I want it to be perfect. I want to make sure I was never going to get dumped again, that I was never going to make a mistake again. And that was really like my interest in intuition at first. Of course, it totally changed after that. Because intuition. And when we see it that way. It’s a lot of pressure. You’re like you think you need to sit in meditation and be like, I need the absolute right answer. And it’s really the first thing is that intuition is really the energy of curiosity. It’s also the energy of like gratitude. So you kind of go into intuition not being like I must, I need the right answer so they can make the right decision. It’s really like, oh, like, like, I’m gonna sit here and I’m like, Alright, let’s see, like, let’s see what I get. Like, let’s see what’s like here for me, like, let’s see what’s available for me like how exciting that like anything is possible. So you first have to be a bit open minded and have an open heart to receive intuition rather than meeting it with a lot of like, constraints and I know that how many of you have like used a deck of cards before and with all your anxiety have like ask that card to give you the answer and then the card tells you that like you’re going to lose all your money and that your life is like falling apart. Well that’s because like it’s just Law of Attraction like you’re anxious energy game. Have you That answers that is very different than intuition. So the first step is like, really, we want to be in a good state. So to do your best, I like to just kind of like move my body and be like, okay, like, you know, I just like want to beat my heart, I pray for myself and my heart be open and my ears be open, may I receive what I need to receive. Second tip is that, like, we do need some quiet time for our intuition. I know, we all want to get to the place where I’m like walking down the road, and like intuitive guidance comes to me, with time you will be able to get there. Like, if you ask me a question, right? Now I can go there. But that’s years of training. And still, when I’m still to this day, I have such a practice of sitting down. And, and intentionally connecting, because your intuition needs quiet time, it’s like meeting like with an old friend, like you don’t want to rush it. So definitely setting some time apart each day or whatever I love to. So intuition comes from the crown like the top of your head, basically, we have an energy center here called the crown and the third eye. And the intuition is trying to come through there. But then the like, it really doesn’t make its way through us until we until we express it. So you might get like some hits in your head and kind of like you’re trying to figure it out in your head, you want to try to not figure it out in your head, you want to bring out whatever message is coming through and drop it on a paper or even on a voice note, you want it to leave your throat basically you want it to leave, you want it to be communicated. And then you can judge it like once it’s on the paper once it’s in the voice. No. But we what we want to do is like let like kind of sit in meditation, let the information drop, not overanalyze it not being like why the hell am I seeing a rainbow? Like, don’t worry about that. Right down, I am seeing a rainbow, you know, like or speak into your voice note I am seeing the rainbow. After everything is communicated, then you can look at it the way you would like look at a dream. You’d be like, Oh, that’s so interesting. Like I was flying on a rainbow. What does it mean to fly on a rainbow? Right? So everything and intuition is very much like metaphors, it’s symbolic. It really is like looking at a piece of artwork and deciding what you think the artist was trying to say. So we do need some time to get that and to, you know, to write it out. The other thing about intuition is that when you get a message when you get a hit, to do your best to like be brave and take action on it. Because like those bricks, you will not receive another brick until like until you do something with the first brick you got. So I’ve had like many clients that will come see me have an amazing reading. It’s such a dopamine hit, because like you’re like, oh my gosh, all this stuff up on my soul. It’s amazing. And all this clarity, didn’t take any steps and try to see me like three months later or six months later. And they’re the guides, the divine wisdom that’s with them is like nope, like nothing new for you. Because like you didn’t do anything with the first brick. So intuition is like this muscle, that the more you believe in it, and you believe in it by trusting it and following it. Of course, if you get a message that’s like, burned down your house, leave your family, like maybe take a second to think about it. But usually the messages are small things like call that person, you know, pitch, whatever, whatever. Like, say, your messaging this way, start doing real, like things like that, you do those little steps. And even if they don’t, even if you don’t know how they’re going to work out. It’s kind of like you showing your intuition like an offering like, oh, look, I listened to you like almost like this very wise teacher, like you’re not going to go to a wise teacher, three months later and be like I did nothing that you told me to do. Like, you know, you gotta be you gotta like, have done something to come. So your intuition is like the wise wisdom within you. It’s the higher self. And you want to show that you took some of those steps. And when you do, you will get more. And then at some point that starts like really adding up and you have this like really strong intuitive muscle. So there’s just a my, there’s so many cool ways to develop. I teach that if anybody’s ever interested. But those are like, I think, good, some good. Those are your first that’s your first brick. I think that they’re good messages.

Alex Beadon 19:13
I love everything that you just shared, particularly around like finding that quiet time to connect with your intuition and thinking of it as connecting with an old friend. I think so many people don’t take that time and it is something that’s so easy to skip. But once you start doing that you can really tune into your intuition. I also love what you said around expressing it communicating it. Yes, you’re receiving it but now get it out put it on paper or voice note it I think that’s such a good tip. And also important what you said around like Don’t be analytical about it. Don’t be judgemental with it at first just keep that channel clear and really try to just be in receiving mode. I love that. I have a question for you because it obvious, it’s very obvious to me that you’re very good at this. And as someone who is so attuned to their intuition, how often are you turning to your intuition within your business? Like, would you say that your business is like a dance with your intuition? And how do you bring this intuition into your business practically? without it necessarily being something that’s, you know, taking up all of your time, you know, just because it could be easy to do that too. And just be like, Okay, I’m just gonna sit here and listen to my intuition all day long, like, how do you balance the taking action with the reception of your intuition?

Nikki Novo 20:39
Yeah, that’s such a great question. Because sometimes people that are like, very intuitive or spiritual or woowoo, whatever you want to call it, like, the worst is like they’re up in the sky, and you’re like, Okay, well, that, you know, that does nothing for me, right? Like you really want like a grounded, like, practical practice as well. And I have three kids and a business like, I don’t have time to necessarily like always be in the sky, it has to be practical. And I would say the first belief I have that helps me with that is I am a spiritual being Yes, I am a soul have lived many lifetimes, I have a higher self, I believe in all of that. But I also respect that my soul wanted to have a lifetime here on Earth, in physical form, in three dimensional form, with the very real problems of money, and children, and food, and home, all those are like, very real things about this game called Earth. And I respect that, like, my soul want it to be here. So I’m not trying to bypass this lifetime, by, you know, like, being like, Well, my guides told me that I’m, you know, so and I’m a queen from, I’m Cleopatra from another lifetime, and I don’t need to do shit this lifetime, like, no, like, I respect that I’m here. And I’m playing this game, and I’m in this body called Nikki novo. And I respect all that. So the first thing is to, like really respect that even though you can connect spiritually, intuitively, that you’re playing this game called human life, and you gotta you gotta play it, you know, you got you got to play it. And sometimes it’s like, it’s the part of the game where you pay the bills, and it’s part of the game where you get the clients like, all of that is part of the game. And I respect that, because I know my soul is getting so much growth from this lifetime, like through this game. So that’s like, at the end of day, what keeps me very grounded. And then in my business, I would say that I am like, 5050 Sure, I’m like, 50% strategy and 50% intuitive. So I would say that the intuition leads me to the proper strategy, not the other way around. So the strategy is like secondary to where I’m being called to. But again, to know that part of like, taking those intuitive hits, and putting them into action is often like strategy or getting the right person to help me or whatever that may be. So typically, I’ll go to my mat, I have this like, really pretty yoga mat that’s, like made out of I don’t know what material but my sister in law gave me, I put like, almost like a little altar. So I have like, my little like, Buddha, my Jesus, and I’m Cuban. So there’s a lot of like, influence from African derived religions and Cuba. So there’s like a reshares is what they’re called. So like, I have like a little Orisha candle or whatever, maybe a deck of cards, my notebook, and I sit there like really with an open heart, like, like really like, like trying to let go my ego because like, trying to, you know, there’s this part of me that wants to control everything and like, like, I have so much strategy in me, I was a publicist, before I did this work, I was a fashion beauty editor for like, really big publications. So I have a lot of like, knowledge from my career. So of course, I want to control my business many times and do the things that I know that could work. But I have to also get out of my own way. So there’s a lot of like going to the mat, surrendering being called to like, what is the next step? And sometimes it’s not only what is the next step, but like, I really envision this for me, like, please help me bring this into my life, please help me like, let go of anything that’s blocking me from making a connection with a really great podcast host or you know, whatever. So that is part of the practice. And then actually, my office is set up in that way that there’s like a side of the office where there’s like all the spiritual practices done and then I come to like, the more masculine part, which is where I am right now on my desk, my computer, and then I put those things into play. So there’s like checking in and then putting things into play, but I do feel like intuition also needs wisdom. So Like, you have to study certain things. So like, let’s say, you’re like, okay, in order to get my business to like, where my soul wants it to get to, I need to study business concepts. Because if I’m in meditation and my meditation, you know, I’m getting, like, look into SEO like I would if I don’t know what the hell SEO is because I have decided to not study business, because I want to bypass all that stuff. You have to balance like the study of business to be able to actually even understand the downloads that you do get

Alex Beadon 25:37
that speed beautiful. How often are you checking in with yourself, for your business.

Nikki Novo 25:45
So I have a daily meditation practice, but it’s not always about, like, necessarily business, sometimes it’s personal life and just just trying to get rid of like, the crazies in my head sometimes, you know, like, it’s just really just like, part of like my upkeep. But I would say like, checking in with myself on my business is probably happening, you know, out of the five days of the work week. Yeah, at this point, it’s like, I’m integrated into it, like I, because I practice it enough, I can walk through the day, and like, feel these pullings of like, what I’m supposed to do. And my to do list is really like, based off, where I know I’m being pulled to go. So I’m like, making moves. So funny. So like, a funny example right now is that I have a I use, I had a podcast. And I’m about to, like, do another season, or, I have gotten this opportunity a bit ago to be to work with like a Podcast Network. And but I was like, I kind of like sometimes don’t trust those things. Because I want to like own all my stuff, you know, like I like to, like, make all the money and like not necessarily share with the publisher or things like that. So I’m hesitant towards that. And that is something that it’s like, is that an intuitive hit? Or is that my ego, like not trusting all that kind of stuff. So those moments are the place where I’m like, I gotta go to the mat, like I need to see if I am getting because it’s not black and white. It’s not like intuition, like that. There’s like, these things that are light and considered good moves. And then there’s these things that are considered bad moves. Like it’s like, you know, let’s say working with a publisher bad move, self publishing, good move, like that is not black and white. For some people, the best decision is going to be self publishing. And for other people, the best decision is going to be going with a publisher, right? So I’m really trying to find those things and to make sure that I am not getting in my own way. So for me, this feeling of that podcast, like, I have a tendency to do one thing, and I catch that within myself, and then actually getting like a hit like almost like, let’s look this over, like let’s really like feel into this. And those are like, I almost get called to the mat and I get called to check in on my business. And that’s really how I’m functioning right now. So I have my regular like morning practice, but the business stuff is like, I’ll get hits. And I because we’re working so fast, I don’t think you could just like stop in the middle of the day all the time to like check in on that hit. But I just kind of file folder and I’m like, okay, like tonight, when the kids go to sleep, like I need to do like 10 minutes of checking in on that thing. I didn’t have time to check on it today at 12 o’clock. But I’m going to go back and revisit it to make sure that I’m really making those moves from my heart.

Alex Beadon 28:40
I feel very similar to you in terms of like, I feel called to certain things during the day. And for me, I if there’s something big or something that I feel like really needs my attention, that’s when I’ll like carve out the time to sit down and work on it individually. So I definitely resonate with you. I feel like this is a great time to remind you about the launch expansion method. If you are someone who has a course or membership site, and you want to get more people into it, you want to be able to make more impact with the work that you’re doing in the world and you want to have more clout and build a little bit of a reputation around what you’re doing in the online space, then definitely check out the launch expansion method. Inside of that masterclass, I’m teaching you exactly my launch strategy, you’re gonna get a really good overview of what it’s all about what types of things you need to be considering. And it really is an excellent use of I think it’s like an hour long. So go and check it out. You can find the link in my bio. I’ll also make sure to include the link here somewhere in the show notes. You can also find it at Alex It’s 100% free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain so go and check it out. Just imagine how much more powerful you could be if you had The right launch strategy in place. That’s what it’s all about. It’s going to teach you so much about what you need to be thinking about mathematically. And really just kind of making launching sexy and sales sexy. So go and check it out. That’s the launch expansion method masterclass 100%, for free. And I look forward to seeing you there. I’d love for you to share what your daily practice looks like. Because that’s something that I definitely am always on and off with. I like bounce back and forth in these weird chapters. I’m kind of like an all or nothing person. So I’d love to hear what that looks like for you. how consistent are you with it? And how do you make sure that you fit it into your life? Because I know you mentioned you have three kids, I think right? Yeah, I

have three. Yeah. So talk to us about

that. Yeah, that’s

Nikki Novo 30:43
a great question. And I would say I’m the same way like I’m, there’s no, I think at some point, we want to integrate this life, and I feel very integrated, it feels very synergetic. To like, like, my life is a spiritual dance at this point. There is spirituality and putting my kids to sleep. And there is, you know, all that, you know, within. So I don’t think like we need to be like super hard on ourselves. But my mornings are like, pretty, like, that’s my time is just like my sacred time. So right now I’m in the summertime, so my kids are home. But typically, it’s like this, you know, get them ready, send them off, they go to school. And then I come in, and I actually incorporate, like, any sort of meditation with my workout, because like my workout, actually, obviously, it’s like tending to my body. But it also just, like, helps me kind of, I just find it like, almost like when I’m moving, it’s better to, to get clarity. So there’s always some sort of movement, I live on 30 acres of land with like hiking trails, so I usually go hiking in the morning, or sometimes just when it’s cold, I just go to the gym, put on some music and, and move. So really that moving, I do a lot of like my visualizing when I’m moving. So I think as a business owner, visualization is like, you’re a visionary. It’s like, it’s totally necessary. You’re always having to change your mindset. So like, at every level, you’re being asked to be like, oh, yeah, that mindset that worked for, you know, making $10,000 a month. And now to make $20,000 in a month, you need a new mindset. So we are like, we have to constantly be visualizing, and shifting our energy to the next level. So when I’m working out, I’m usually doing that at the same time. So what it looks like is like, I am just like, being like, Okay, what does it feel like to make 20 grand a month? What does it feel like to make 40 grand, and I’m like, sitting in that I’m seeing whatever, you know, maybe I’m like, Okay, I see myself like, you know, see my teachable, like email showing up and saying, like you just made, you know, $500,000, or like, whatever I’m like, seeing that I’m feeling it. I’m believing that. So that’s like, really important to me, as a business owner, and just as a visionary and a dreamer. And somebody that like, wants the big things from my life, whether it’s personal or business, there’s always that and that’s mixed in with my workout. Does that happen every day? No, because I don’t, sometimes I can’t work out every day. But I’m trying to shoot for like three days a week of movement. And sometimes if it doesn’t happen in the morning, I’ll see if I can squeeze it in in the evening. But I’m not really working out to like lose weight or anything, I’m actually like, doing it to move my energy to shift my energy because that’s like, I think in business, we are constantly always trying to like do things that will move us to the next level, when really we need to shift ourselves to the next level. And that is very energetic. So that’s mindset and body memory. Like is my mindset at the next level is my body memory cleared out and healed so that I can go to the next level. So that’s that part. And then the, then I’ll come and I’ll I shoot for 20 minutes of meditation, you could totally get away with 10. But for me, my mind is busy for 10 minutes. And it’s like after those 10 minutes is like when I get some relief. So I do try to squeeze in 20 minutes of meditation. Again, those it’s usually like all or nothing like it’s like the three days that I do something, it has everything, there’s never really like a little bit. So the days that I don’t do anything that doesn’t get like squeezed in sometimes I have to go straight to work. So I have a client at eight or nine or something. So that meditation is important because that is where we like get to really hear ourselves and where we start to see I think one of the biggest questions, especially with intuition is like, is it my fear? Or is it my intuition? And I just don’t think you’ll know that until you get to know yourself and the way your mind is working. And meditation is like a place where we can like observe the craziness that like is our mind, you know? So that and then a little bit of like journaling, if you have time and that is all of that is probably it’s like an Hour in 10 minutes for me, because I can do it all at home. And that will happen like three to four times a week.

Alex Beadon 35:09
Amazing. Wow, that’s really impressive three to four times a week, an hour and 10 minutes total. But I see what you’re saying around like the moving of the body as well. And I love what you said around like, I don’t necessarily move my body to lose weight. I’m really trying to shift that energy and you know, become the person that I’m trying to become. And I know that doing that is what’s kind of activating the visualization that I’m doing at the same time. That’s so so special. I’m really glad that you shared that with that. I

Nikki Novo 35:36
think there are seasons for that Alex, like sometimes, like, when you’re in a season of like an uplevel, you’re going to need that more than when you’re not. And when you’re like chillin, and you’re like, okay, yeah, I got like a system going and like what I’m doing right now is working. But when you’re trying to move to the next level, like, it does not matter what strategy you put into, if your mind and your body is not there with you. So that is like, the whole reason of shifting energy is to make sure that, like I’m not hitting my head against the wall, I might be like, Man, I have all these great strategies, I’ve spent all this money, I’ve done all these things, but I’m still holding the fear from when I got picked on in sixth grade in my body. So that is like what the movement is for to release any of that like if it needs to be released. Also, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can just find a somatic healer in your area. It’s called somatic. It’s basically the body has memory. And believe it or not, like when you’re trying to attract new people. But your energy is saying, I’m scared of being bullied because I was bullied in sixth grade. Like your body still holds that. And since we are energetic beings, people will send that off of you. So we’re trying to shift to that so that we can really like get move into the life that like we’re worthy of and that we deserve and that we see for ourselves. So that’s really what the bodywork is for.

Alex Beadon 37:02
I love that you mentioned as well. Seasons, I was thinking about this just yesterday about how you know I’ve been in business now for what are we in trudging through, it’s been 13 years. And I can easily look back and see very much like seasons in nature, you know, like, and it’s just so interesting as well, I feel like I’m a very, I’m very sensitive to the energy that I’m carrying. And I know, like when I’m kind of in that magical space of manifesting and bringing new things in and just magnetic energy almost. And then I can tell when I’m maybe not there you winter. Yeah, exactly. And I think there’s a time I think when I was earlier in my career, I used to judge myself for not always being in that energy. And now I realize like there’s just a time and a place and you have to kind of accept where you are. I listened to another episode that you spoke in. And you were talking about this analogy of intuitive hits, and being at the front of the line, and having patience and trust in knowing that maybe you’re not at the front of the line yet. And maybe it’s not time for you know, your manifestation to come true yet or whatever. But trusting that even if it’s not happening right now having that energy of surrender and deep trust. And I think that’s one of the most important things in business. And it’s something that I’m so like, I have so much love for myself around this because pretty much anything can happen in my business. And I believe that it happened for me, it’s here to teach me a lesson. I know I’m going to grow from it. And I know that I’m going to be able to be of greater impact because of it. Even if it’s not what my ego wanted. You know what I’m saying? I’d love for you to speak to us just a little bit about that in terms of for people who they are visionaries, they have this idea of what they want their business to be. But they’re just not seeing that traction yet. You know, how do you avoid going into that mental down spiral of like, why is it not here yet? I’ve been putting in all the work. I’ve been doing all the things. What advice do you have for people around that?

Nikki Novo 39:07
Yeah. I love that. And that’s so like relatable, right? Like we all feel that. And I think the first thing that we have to remember is that our visions are those are us creating a physical manifestation of something right? And I think that there’s, unfortunately there is a delay in so what I am living today is a creation of whatever I was thinking doing feeling three months ago, six months ago, like I am living like what I’m envisioning today does not exist yet. Because I’m envisioning it today but that’s because it’s going to come three, six months a year whatever that you know, whatever that may be, depending on like, how different that like let’s say today I’m Making $1,000 a month and I’m visioning 60 grand a month, well, there’s going to be a delay there. And sometimes the bigger the vision big, the bigger the goal, because that’s 60 grand version of me is so different than the one and grand version of me. So it’s not only about like, I can see 60 grand, I can see 60 grand, it’s like, no, like, the person that can hold 60 grand a month, like the person that like, I mean, there’s probably maybe her husband’s relation, her relationship with her husband might be holding her back there, maybe the way she feels guilty about her kids is holding her back there. You know, maybe even like her knowledge, when it comes to wealth is holding her back there. So like there is going to that journey from one grand to the one grand version of me to the 60 Grand version of me is a journey. And there will be many things that will have to be shifted and changed in me, I have to allow the divine to do all that work. So that I can be the 60 Grand version of me, we just unfortunately, think that like, just because I’m thinking it now, it should be here, but it’s always on delay. And what’s so annoying is that when you are the 60 Grand version of you, you’re gonna have new visions, you know, because like, you’re going to want to your Creator, and you’re gonna want to birth more stuff. And more, you’re just want to see like, what is my potential? How much more can I birth. But as business owners, we have to understand that we are birthing like the new vision. So what could be helpful, helpful, definitely, I wouldn’t go from one grand to 60 grand, I would say I want to go from one grand to 5000 or 1000 to 10,000 even. And that is very helpful. I resonate with that a lot. Because when I first started this work, I was a fashion beauty editor at the time, I had found my first self help book written by Gabrielle Bernstein. And I was like, Oh my gosh, like young women can write these books, because I had been reading all these spiritual books written by like old men, basically. And I was like, fascinated, I was like, Wait, we really like this is the thing. And she really birthed this new dream in me. Base, I was very expanded by that. And I remember talking to my friend who was 10 years older than I was at the time, I was 30, I believe. And she was and I was telling her the story. I was like, Oh my gosh, like I have this vision. I think this is like what I’m meant to do. This is what I want to do. Like, I’m putting effort into it already. She’s like, Oh my god, I totally see that for you. Like, I totally see you like having books and stuff, like 10 years from now, you’re totally gonna have that and I was like, Eff you. Like, I do not want it in 10 years, I thought I was on like a two year plan. You know, I was on the year and a half like, plan of like all of this happening. And that goal was so big that what was happening is that every day I was waking up frustrated because I had not hit such a lofty goal. So if I would have, like I was very important with our goals is like have the lofty goal have that 10 year goal, right that I had now. And visionaries have this problem where we we move out of our body because to to actually predict the future, you’re leaving your body and you’re going forward into time instead of timeline. I’m sure many of you know what that feels like. Like, so you’re traveling right forward into the future, you see that it exists, you believe it. But what happens to many of us is that we stay there, and we don’t and an everyday when I wake up, I’m not physically there, I’m pissed off. So what I have to do is I have to bring that visionary person, I have to ground back into my body. So bringing the energy down through your head, your face, your shoulders down your legs, like become roots of a tree rooting into the earth. So really rooting back into this present self. And then making sure that I’m taking like present action that can actually get me there. And also perhaps making like smaller goals into that bigger one. So like what is my one year plan? What is like the two year and hitting like the small goals actually gives you confidence? Like you’re like yeah, like I, you know, I’m making 2000 hours a month, like I can celebrate the small wins, rather than like being frustrated that I don’t make the big wind. So there is a process of like, going into the future, having the vision for yourself holding it knowing that it exists, yes. But then come and I want when you visualize, don’t visualize yourself like, you know, speaking in front of 1000 people, visualize yourself, going from 1000 followers on Instagram to 2000 Like, visualize a small steps visualize yourself, like being able to sit at your desk and write that book, like visualize yourself, like completing that, you know, online course and like loving it. Like, we miss those small moments. And we’re all like, kind of like too much into the future and we just become really frustrated and we’re constantly feeling not enough and we constantly feel like we are not hitting and we need that in order to be that 60,000 version that I was talking Meanwhile, we need the confidence to be that 60 grand. And the confidence is created in making in the movement of one grand to two grand, from two grand, three grand, it’s from, you know, 500 followers to 1000 followers, that is where you make the confidence to be the 60 Grand person. So if we’re missing those moments, like we are missing the confidence, and then it’s just really hard to get to that next place.

Alex Beadon 45:27
I love what you’re saying around visualizing the small steps. And yes, it’s important to have that big dream, but also how are we bringing that into our day to day and being present with it and taking action steps towards it, and not getting super frustrated that we’re not there yet. I work with a lot of people who have these big dreams. But they also have, you know, very long to do lists, they have all these things that they need to do. And a lot of them struggle with overwhelm, and paralysis. And they often get stuck in these feelings of as you said, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, and end up spending, you know, the majority of their day actually not taking those action steps and not being as productive as they’d like to be being, because they’re kind of letting it get to them. How do you suggest that someone avoid that sense of overwhelm, and really harness their energy to show up with clarity and avoid that kind of chaotic, downdraft?

Nikki Novo 46:33
And like, we’ve all been there, I would say get really good at what you’re currently doing. So like, for me, for a lot of my students are practitioners, they’re healers most, you know, intuitives. So they want to be let’s say, the thought leader, the same way that I wanted to be Gabby, Gabby Bernstein have the books or whatever. But they don’t. They don’t even have a website yet, right? Like, there’s just like, something very simple. So definitely, like having somebody that kind of knows your business could be helpful, like a mentor. And then, so for me, I tell my students like, okay, all you’re supposed to do this year, is do readings, and get good at it. That’s it, like, you are not supposed to do anything else is your and I know, people get mad because they’re like, No, but I want to have the following. I want to have the podcasts and I have all those things. And we have to be humble enough to be like, I am not there yet. I’m not read, like, I need to get really good at the thing that I’m doing. So you may be in the season that like you need to get really good at launching and selling. Like, that might be like, you might be really good at your craft, let’s say and you’re like, okay, like, I’m really I’m a really great artist, I got that down. I’ve been doing that for 10 years, whatever. But then there is you’re not so great in business. So like, whatever is showing up for you like, like, almost like kind of you almost have to tap into like, what is like your current curriculum? Like if you were in school? What sub what, what season, what semester are you in, and you might be in the summer. If you’re, you know, in Alex’s world, you’re probably in the semester of getting really good at selling, and launching. So like, get like, listen, that’s a skill, I have that skill. That’s why my program, so I didn’t like doing it. I remember, you know, I would buy these like programs and like the sacredness of like selling like, I was like, give me all the woowoo versions of selling like, I can’t, you know, like it was like a very scary thing. But I knew I needed to get good at it. Right. And then I just finished up my Latin, my most recent book, sold lead living. And I’ve been a writer for many years. But I I’ve written two books before, the first one was horrible. The second one was okay. And the third one, I was like, I want it to be really good. So I spent a long time writing that book because I wanted to get very good at writing at this level in this way. So there’s always something to get good at. I think we I think those of us our comfort zones is usually our craft, like, I’m a painter. So I’m just gonna like now I’m gonna learn to paint in neon colors. And it’s like, no, no, like, your craft is good enough. But then there’s all these like business things that we need to get good at. So you cannot move on to the next thing until you get good at like the current season semester that you’re in. And to really like love you’re like to kind of coach yourself that way, guide yourself that way.

Alex Beadon 49:34
I feel like that’s so beautifully said and it kind of holds hands with what we were saying before around like having different seasons and different chapters of your business. So I think that’s so spot on. I’d love for you to talk to us a little bit about your offers what offers Do you have? I know you said you just came out with a book. Congratulations. Talk to us a little bit about like your business model and how it’s set up in terms of your different offerings.

Nikki Novo 49:58
Yeah, so this was kind of like something, it’s like you don’t know until you to know. So I really didn’t. I wasn’t super clear when I was building it. But it’s funny like, the more I get into my work, the more I hear like, oh, no, like, this is a thing, especially for people like myself that are healers or thought leaders and stuff. There’s like these kinds of stages. So my first offering was, I got very good at a signature offer, which was that I do a one on one reading, it is called the soul reading is a reading that I created. So I got very good at that created a waitlist, the point that I have, like over 1000 people on a waitlist for me for that and just created like this really good demand got very good at that put my head down and just did a bunch of readings about four years ago or so. And once that happened, naturally, people started to funny, like, I never thought this was going to happen. But people started to ask me if I would teach them to do readings. And I was like, what like, and you know, I had taught myself to do readings. So that made sense that there were other people that were like, Oh, if she can teach herself maybe. So I started to teach people the soul reading method. So I spent about two years building. So I think you move from like signature offer to signature program. So I moved to like, how do you scale that signature offer? That signature offer was for the lay man, it’s not like everybody that was getting a reading from me was necessarily somebody that wanted to do what I wanted to, that’s what I was doing. A lot of people were coming to me for dating and money, just general things. But there was a nice group of people that one to learn to do readings. So I started to learn how to create a signature offer, which I’m sorry, a signature program, which is what I call the soul reading method. So it is a three month program, where I teach people how to do readings. It’s not business related, like so I have people that just like, are moms that want to be able to read their children. And then I have people that want to do it for a living. So I did not incorporate any business there. Because I just wanted people to enjoy the process of learning to read. And that really changed my business, that container like that scale was life changing. And I had to learn so many things during that season. So of course and that season, I wanted to write a book and I wanted to be whatever an influence or whatever the hell I was going for. But I was like, they were like, no, no, this is where you become a leader. So that season taught me to I became a leader. During that time, I learned boundaries. During that time, I learned how to make like a lit really good offering. Like, it’s just like I worked really hard on tweaking that program. And then I also had to learn to sell it in a way that I had never seen before. So moved out of so I have I still have the soul reading method, I still have my readings. And then I am currently building like a part two to soul reading method because a lot of my girls graduate and they do want to do it as work. And I’ve been like on the DL like helping them as much as they can. But now it’s like there’s time for like a structure because I I’m not gonna be able to do readings much longer. And I want to be able to support them. So I’m working on a second program. And then I have a lot of little like on demand offers that are low price, which I think are great to have in your suite. And we introduce them every once in a while. So I have like, it’s their online programs that have no support with me. So like slow reading method you I’m there teaching I’m with you. But then there’s like I have Soul Seeker, which is like Well, the first I have the entry level intuition work is called everyday intuition is just $67 and it basically helps you like just start getting intuitive then for anybody who wants to be like a little bit more metaphysical maybe wants like past lives, Akashic records, we have a second level that’s called Soul Seeker. And then like two little one off courses on like souls purpose, and also on manifesting. So for like, because I kind of my business has like almost like two roads, I have like the everyday person. And then I have like the professional. So my products are broken up into those two categories. And then I have two books. So I have a dating books. My first body of work was about dating through a spiritual lens. And then my most recent book, it’s called Soul led living. And yeah, I’m super proud of this one. This is really about like, what’s your soul’s true path? How do you become brave enough to follow it? So this is very much more for like the everyday person but I do talk a little bit about work I talk about like, your career, your family love, like all sorts of categories. Intuition, obviously in there. So that’s like my latest product. So I think at some point, you start you know, kind of adding these products little by little and you have some like very easy low price stuff and then you have like your higher price things too. So I think it’s I love having a mix of these like you know, you can buy this book for you 20 bucks, or you can buy soul reading method, which is like almost $2,000. So it just kind of depends.

Alex Beadon 55:07
I know you said, firstly, you mentioned that when you started selling your program, things really expanded for you, which is brilliant, I’m sure it was mainly down to the fact that it’s scalable. And you know, you can run it once with as many people as you want, which is wonderful. But you also mentioned that there was a really big learning curve for you in terms of sales and marketing and understanding that more business education side of it, I’d love for you to just share with our audience, I know we’re running out of time, I’m gonna be wrapping up soon. But I want you to just share with us, you know, what was one of the big lessons that you learned in sales and marketing that really changed the game for you and forced you or allowed you to uplevel and take that really big step? I’d love for you to share what that was for you.

Nikki Novo 55:53
Yeah, so I mean, give you two tips on one is like, I’m going to try to make it quick. So first is like, unfortunately, I know, we get into this work for the love of our craft, like so, I have a love for helping people, I have a love for the readings. And in a perfect world, that would be the only thing that we do, right. But we have to fall in love with entrepreneurship. And entrepreneurship is so creative and fun. And it really is like a creative process. And once you start to see that rather than be like, I don’t know how to make reels, which is like what we think, you know, like entrepreneurship is like no like to really fall in love with. So I had to fall in love. I was always a natural entrepreneur, but like I had to fall, I had to identify as that as much as I identified as being a writer, as much as I identified as being a healer, I need to equally identify as a business owner. And I had to really see that I was a great smart businesswoman, entrepreneur, I had to identify with that at some point. So you have to get to the place where you can identify as that you might not be that yet. But actually what was very helpful for me, it was like, I started to gather friends that were just other business owners. So for me, it was like women in Miami, because that’s where I’m from, that like owned popular flower shops and popular boutiques, and, you know, their businesses were even though it was in person, and they weren’t healers. I mean, it’s businesses business. So having that was super important. So that was something I learned during that season. And then the second thing I learned was that what got me to where I was something I was doing was working, there was something that I was doing was working, and I needed to identify the things that were working at the very small scale of my business, like just doing one on ones, what was working there, why was that working? And what I discovered was, because the thing is all, I think that we get really overwhelmed, as like, you know, when you hear about marketing techniques, you feel like you need to do all of them, like, oh, I need to do you know, SEO and I need to do email marketing. And I need to do you know, content creation, all this kind of stuff, and I was there too. And, but something is naturally working for you. And even if you’re starting a new business, there is some sort of like natural skill that you have that magnetizes people to you. And you have to figure out what that is, I started to realize that like, I had two things going for me, I was just really good at referrals, because I had a very, I had a good product, but I had really good customer service. Customer service is like I just cared about my people, I would, you know, make sure I would send them emails, when I thought about them. I would send them recordings of our things. And I would tell them what books to buy. And I was just like, was like that annoying doctor that’s like texting you after you leave the appointment. That’s like kind of and that was like just out of my heart. So my customer service, like made up for anything where I wasn’t like yet a strong reader, but my customer service, like really made up for that. And then I was naturally getting referrals. Referrals is just basically people talking about you. And that was my skill, like, so when I thought about marketing, it’s like, you know what, I don’t have to worry. Because the thing is, I it’s almost like you can’t label it something else. I was like, I’m good at customer service, like providing a good product and getting people to talk to talk about me. I’m good at relationships. So I just needed to learn to skill, I mean SRE to scale that skill. So I didn’t have to think about all the different marketing things. I’ll get there with time, but like, how do I scale the way that I do referrals? And one of the ways that I scaled it was I would say like a referral is basically like one person talking about you. But you scale that by getting one person who’s who has a large network to talk about you. So it’s like You can have that friend that’s like really nice and sends you her sister. But then you have that mom at school that knows like, the PTO, you know, she’s the PTO president, she knows everybody. And she’s actually going to send you 13 people. So they’re what they call connectors. So you scale if you are a referral person, like if that is what’s working for you already, you scale it by finding bigger and bigger connectors. So sometimes the next connector was like a coach who had a lot of clients who would send me people. And then above the coach was the influencer, the you know, this social media influencer, the podcaster. So I already knew how to make friendships, and I already knew relationships. And these people just had bigger, they had more of an audience to refer me more people. So I didn’t go crazy on being like, I need to do all the things. I just like, looked at what I was doing well, and how can I scale what I was doing? Well, at a very small level, and I got very good at that on the next level. So it wasn’t too different. You just have to like up your skills. And also, I upped my leadership skills during that time as well. So I got like leadership coaching, I learned to how to have the community because I was moving from one on one to a lot of people, and I needed to know how to like, take care of a lot of people rather than just like, you know, doing that one on one. So that was really important. So I would say like, whatever you’re already naturally good at just look at, like, how can you scale and amplify that like, don’t feel like you need to do all the things.

Alex Beadon 1:01:33
That’s so beautiful. I feel like you’ve inspired us in so many ways today. I love the fact that you seem to be someone who’s so patient with your business and understanding that, you know, you’re only the thing that you should be focusing on is that one brick that one next brick at a time, I think it’s just such a beautiful analogy for people to take away into their businesses when they’re thinking of scaling and taking their sales to the next level. So thank you so much for being here with us today and sharing all of your wisdom. Is there anything that I didn’t get to ask you or something that you didn’t get to speak about that you think would be particularly helpful to our audience?

Nikki Novo 1:02:11
Yeah, just one last thing that has to do with intuition in your business. So Alex, I think your point was, like you said it, like, your business is a relationship, it is not you, it’s something that you have birth, it’s like, you can look at it as like your lover, or as a child, or, you know, whatever you want to look at it. It has its own energy. And if you think about dating, let’s say, let’s say that I like find this person that I love. And within six months, I want to do all the things I’m like, Let’s get married, let’s go to Hawaii, let’s have a baby. You know, like, let’s say $500,000, let’s buy a house like that would be just like so much on the relationship like to, to want to do all those things with this person right away, I would probably blow it up completely and just drive myself insane. Your business is no different. There is an X there is an expectation for it to be quote unquote successful at the gecko, but is a relationship when you fall in love? Is it unsuccessful? If you’re like still not living together, and you don’t have a lot of money? Like, does that mean you’re in an unsuccessful relationship? No, like, it just means like, that’s the stage of the relationship that you’re in. So your business at its like beginning stages or any stage, it’s like, not unsuccessful, it is an ever evolving thing that like, has its own timeline and will move at like the the pace that it’s like meant to move at. So to really like love it that way. It’ll give you so much more. And you don’t have to put pressure on you like to know that. Yes, it’s something that you birth, but it’s different than like who you are and you are successful, like you are worthy and successful, like exactly where you are, even when your business is not making you know, 20,000, whatever like that your worth has nothing to do with where your business is at. And once you start really seeing that, it’s going to be just so much more fun, and it will give so much more back to you. And you can like listen to your business, tap into it, see where it’s like trying to go and have fun with it. Rather than like be like to kind of think that your worth is connected to where your business is that like it’s, it is unrealistic to force your business into something where it is like not, you know, ready to be at and to enjoy the same way that we enjoy having a newborn at nine months and it’s a crazy time. But can we enjoy our nine month old as much as we’re gonna enjoy our 13 year old child you know, so to really enjoy wherever you are at with the business.

Alex Beadon 1:04:48
That’s such a beautiful share. Thank you so much. Do you mind sharing with everyone where’s the best place online that they can find you?

Nikki Novo 1:04:56
Yeah, so I’m on Instagram is probably like where I’m the most social Also just Nikki Novo and I kick AI and ovo on my website right away on Nikki There’s a lot of freebies if you guys want, like, I have guided meditations for like, manifesting guided meditations for spirit guides. So anything like that, and I also have a podcast, it’s called to ask Nikki novo. I’ve been on a lot of podcasts too. So if you just like, want to hear more about my, my thoughts, check that out.

Alex Beadon 1:05:25
Thank you so much, Nikki. I really enjoyed this episode. I know everyone else did as well. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Nikki Novo 1:05:32
You’re welcome, Alex, thank you for having me.

Alex Beadon 1:05:37
Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode of On Purpose with Alex Beadon. I want to encourage you to go and check out the launch expansion method. This is a free masterclass that I created specifically for online course creators and membership site owners to help them scale their sales. So if you haven’t gone to check it out yet, you can go and do that using the link in the description. You can also check out the link in my bio, I also have an available for you on my website. It is called the launch expansion method and it teaches you my six figure launch strategy that has helped so many business owners from all over the world to have their first six figure launches. So definitely go and check that out now. Thanks so much for listening, and I really look forward to next week’s episode. I hope to see you there. Bye.

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