S2 Ep. 06 – The Secret to Creating a Business That Loves You Back with Satnam Kaur

On this episode of On Purpose with Alex Beadon, we chat with previous TWL member, Satnam Kaur, on all things aligned entrepreneurship and living a purpose-driven life. We dive deeeeeep into the power of trusting your CEO discernment when making difficult decisions within your business.

Satnam shares a personal story of feeling disenchanted within her business and how she used her intuition and values as a compass to realign her business with her purpose. We’ll dive into how shifting her focus from making sales to relationship-building increased her profitability – even after making the bold decision to turn her paid membership site into a free community resource.

If you’re feeling tied to your desk, out of alignment within your business, and ready to make the changes that bring your business back on purpose, this episode is for you.

Satnam and I chat about …

  • The bold decision that would impact Satnam’s bottom line in favor of alignment, authenticity, community and joy
  • What it feels like when you are no longer in alignment with your business and her go-to practice to invite clarity into her process
  • How to strengthen your CEO discernment and how trusting this intuition improved Satnam’s retention rates
  • The mantra at the forefront of the new wave of online business
  • The resource Satnam uses to plan her content without having to think about it
  • Her experience within TWL, even though she did not hit her financial goal

Join us as we explore the importance of authenticity, alignment, and purpose on your entrepreneurial journey.

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