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Hey Dream-Chaser,

This week has been a crazy one – I’ve had some HUGE WINS within my business, which I’ll be sharing with you at the end of the month on the blog :). But I’ve also had some craziness (like Blue getting into a whole bunch of chocolate). I’ve started to realize that the deeper I get into dedication and devotion to my business, the happier I feel – and lately? I’m on cloud 9! 🙂

Hey – do you ever wish you knew what a great sales page looked like? 

Today we’re taking an inside look at someone who’s doing it RIGHT on this week’s episode of Thursday Throwdown! Trust me, the tips you’ll learn in this video are going to inspire you to get your sales page on the right track!

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One simple tip to get MORE CLIENTS


Hey friend,

Do you want to make sure that you’re getting as many inquiries and sales in your business as possible?

If so, you’re going to love today’s quick tip!

This one, easy tip is going to ensure that you’re making it as easy for your website visitors to purchase from you as possible.

You’re gonna thank me for this one later 😉

Before I go, I just want to say a huge thank you for helping me choose the name of this brand new series! All of your comments, votes, and suggestions were so appreciated, and so vital to this awesome new name.

You are so awe-inspiring, and I’m truly thankful to have you as such a supportive part of my sparkling community.

Rock on, my friend, rock on!

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