Hi Alex!

I follow you everywhere (on social media haha, didn’t mean to scare you there), and I’m curious about using snapchat for my own business, just for fun (I’m a wedding photographer so I’d like to share on the go behind the scenes from shoots and my office everyday life).

What I realized when announcing this and a few followers added me, is that once I accepted them they end up in my list of contacts and the list grows very big and it’s hard/tedious to find my friends and family in the list when I want to share something special/personal just for my closest people.
Do I need to add/accept all my snapchat followers for them to see my story? Or is it enough that they add me and I never really click the “+” icon so they end up in my friends list?
Would love your input on how you differentiate between personal and business snapchat 🙂
Love your work, keep it up!
Snappy Happy


Dear Snappy Happy, 

First and foremost, I think it’s magnificent that you’re on Snapchat. Here’s why:

In the land of social media, Snapchat is the “cool kid on the block” right now. And guess what? It was deemed as the 3rd most popular social app among millennials by TechCrunch. Snapchat works really well for you as a wedding photographer because the people using Snapchat the most right now are aged 18 through 34. This is the perfect age for you because these are people who are either getting married soon, or know of someone who is getting married soon.  The truth is, Snapchat has people’s full attention right now. It’s new, fun, and cool, and as Gary Vaynerchuk would say – it hasn’t been ruined by marketers yet. In other words, the fact that you’re an early adopter of Snapchat is HUGE because there’s not that many business owners who are thinking of using Snapchat in creative, unique ways to market their business, and therefore there’s a lot less competition for people’s attention. Compare this to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where people are being overloaded with marketing content from businesses big and small, and you’ll see what I mean!

Here’s how you can let your new followers see your story on Snapchat without having to add them and overpopulate your Snapchat News Feed:

1) Open the Snapchat App and press the ghost at the top, center of your screen (where you take pictures)


2) Click the settings icon at the top, right hand side of your screen


3) Scroll down to where it says “Who can … Send me snaps and View my Story” and change to “Everyone”



Once you’ve set your settings to “anyone can view my story”, you can go ahead and delete them. Once you delete them as a friend, they won’t show up in your news feed anymore, but you will show up in theirs! Here’s how to do this:

1) Click the ghost icon at the top, center of your screen

2) Click “My Friends”

3) Tap the person’s name you want to remove

4) Click the “Settings” icon

5) Click “Remove Friend”



The wonderful thing about making your stories visible to ‘everyone’ is that once people add you, you won’t have to add them back. They will already have full access to your story! YAY!

I hope this helped, Snappy Happy! And I hope that *you* have a brilliant day! 🙂

With love and sparkles,





  1. Are you on Snapchat, yet? If so – let’s be friends! Add me: thealexbeadon
  2. Did you find this article helpful? Will you be making your Snapchat Stories public so that whenever someone adds you, they automatically get access to your story?
  3. What are your thoughts on Snapchat so far? Do you think it’s here to stay?
  4. Do you use Snapchat often?
  5. How many friends do YOU have on Snapchat?

How to use Pinterest for business

Did you know that 70% of people on Pinterest are there to get inspiration for what to buy? 70%!

Compare that with Facebook’s measly 17% and it becomes clear that Pinterest is a well kept secret.

If you’re starting a business selling anything (and everyone is selling SOMETHING), then you have to learn how to leverage Pinterest.

People are on Pinterest to buy which means that you should be on Pinterest to sell.

Today I’m walking you through my Pinterest Priorities. These are the things I wish I’d known about Pinterest when I first became a pinner:


When you’re done watching the video, leave a comment on the blog + let me know what you think of using Pinterest for your business.

Have you been using it for marketing? Has it worked for your business? What’s your biggest take away from this week’s Chatty Tuesday?

Let me know in the comment’s section. I love hearing what you have to say every week.

If you’d asked me before I saw the numbers whether I thought Pinterest contributed to a big part of my traffic, I would have said a big, fat a’no.

But when I found out that the number 1 referrer of traffic to my site came through Pinterest, I was baffled.

“Bu-but Facebook…a-a-and my blog,” I whispered to my computer screen. But just like Shakira’s hips, numbers don’t lie.

The proof was in the pudding and over time it’s turned out to be a great marketing tool for me.

Keep on keepin’ on, love!




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Two Secrets to a Successful Website

Hey you,

I’m trying to help you out as much as I can here. Last week we covered the three necessities for success .. but what’s next? After your images look perfect, after you have the passion to be persistent – what’s next?

Your store front, baby! And your website? That’s your store front.

Find out the two secrets to a wildly successful website. Jump in:

“You wouldn’t expect to find a $30,000 gold encrusted lizard in an old, run down gas station now would you? ” – @alexbeadon


Take action and let me know what you learned from this video and what you will apply to your own website in the comments below! YOU MATTER, I really want to hear from you! How are you going to choose to build relationships with potential customers? How will you choose to make your website text MORE interesting, and more precise? Let’s talk it through!

Big hugs and love




“Why don’t I have more Facebook Fans? HELP!”

Hey you,

Ever been on Facebook and realised that it seems like everyone has more Facebook likes than you? You sit there while feelings of envy and jealousy rise up, thinking to yourself any of the following:

“I feel like I’m just as good of a photographer as she is – why does she have so many more followers than I do?”
“How is it possible that she’s been in business for only 2 months and already has so many followers? I don’t understand!”
“Why don’t I have that many followers? What am I doing wrong?”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re pretty much going to love today’s Chatty Tuesday video!

After watching this video you are going to have three exclusive tips on how to get more followers and you’re going to feel so inspired to up your game. Seriously. Let’s do this.

Discover the three exclusive tips on how to grow your Facebook following here:

I hope you LOVE today’s video 🙂 if you did – leave a comment below. I really want to hear what your Facebook tips are, what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

And don’t forget – “If you do not show the world how interesting you are, then the world will never know how interesting you are.” -@alexbeadon

Have a beautiful week, we’ll talk soon! 🙂

Big hugs


How to get more clients

Hey you!

I have major news to share with you, as there are some substantial changes being made to Alex Beadon Photography this week! I can’t go into too much detail right now – but I can’t wait to share them with you soon! Ahhh!

How are things on your end? I hope this week is going to be equally as exciting for you and your business, let’s start it off with a bang shall we?

Do you feel as though your business would be flourishing if only you had more clients? Have bookings been slow lately? Are you looking for a little bit of “pick me up” advice from me to you? 🙂

Well, if you want more clients then this week’s Chatty Tuesday video is for you.

I am going to be sharing some little-known tips on “how to get more clients” – because who doesn’t want more clients, right?

Check it all out here:

“Don’t ever feel bad for wanting wealthier clients. You’re a businesswoman, woman.” -@alexbeadon 


1) What is the true value YOUR product or service is giving to your customers?

2) Do you feel that you do a good enough job portraying this value to potential customers?

3) Share this video with a friend who needs it!


As usual, I honestly cannot wait to get the discussion started in the comment section below. You guys rock. I love it.


Big hugs



How do you blog and build a following?

Hey you,

This week has been amazing – a beautiful photo shoot, unforgettable nights out with friends, my mom’s birthday (yay!) … what more could a girl ask for? It’s in moments like these that I have to remember to be so grateful for all of the amazing things in my life. I know you have so many spectacular things going on in your own life, so I dare you to really focus on being grateful this week – it will do you a world of good!

A wonderful thing to be grateful for is your creative business! No matter how big or small it may be – I know that it brings you plenty of joy, am I right? And maybe a little but of heartache .. but hey – the beauty is in the journey itself! So appreciate! 🙂

Speaking of journeys – how is that blog of yours doing? Are you happy with the impact it has on your business and on your profit levels?

The truth is we all want to have a blog with a huge following! Why? Because you and I? We are GAME CHANGERS. We want to inspire people and we want to change them for the better. And we want to be able to do this through our blogs!

But how do you create a blog with a following? Let’s talk about it!

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This video took me hours to create and HOURS to upload – I have no idea why, but I do apologize that it didn’t finish uploading till Wednesday – major fail! 

Big hugs and love to you