Finding Motivation

Hey sweetness,

I can’t tell you how proud I feel today. I feel like I’m a caterpillar, about to turn into a butterfly. I feel like something big is on it’s way, and it feels good. I’ve been working my butt off each and every single day, and the more I work, the more motivated I feel.

Which brings me to a conversation between my sister and I. She brought up a really interesting concept: What comes first? Motivation? or Action? 

It’s so fascinating to me because I had to force myself to take action before the motivation arrived. These new Photoshop Actions? I’ve been working on them for what feels like forever. I really didn’t want to launch them because they didn’t feel “perfect”, but as soon as the New Year rolled around I started putting things in motion and I chose a release date. We decided we would never know if they were ready or not until we tested them. So we did. We sent a bunch of the actions to photographers around the world, and waited in anticipation for their feedback.

And when we finally received the feedback? It was exactly what we had been hoping for. People are loving the actions, and I can officially say that the Photoshop Actions are ready, and yes – they meet my high standards. And the best part is that I feel motivated again – something I had been missing for a long time.

Forcing myself to take action when I was feeling scared and uncertain resulted in an incredible boost in motivation, which resulted in further action. Except the action steps I’m taking today come from a place of feeling motivated and inspired. The stagnant feeling is gone. And that feeling of stagnation, my friend? That’s what cripples you. That’s what holds you back. That’s what keeps you from success. The stagnant feeling is what scares you, it’s what feeds you limiting beliefs, it’s what tells you that you’re not ready yet. And you? You’re ready. Jump, and the net will appear. 

My brand new Photoshop Action set will be released next week, Wednesday the 16th of January.

I am beyond excited for the release of these new actions, and for all of you out there who are cheering me on behind the scenes – thank you. You sitting there, reading this blog post – Thank you. You who is sharing my blog posts with your friends – Thank you. You who is counting down the days for the release of the actions, ready to purchase – Thank you. You, my cheerleader, who posts my updates and news on your own blog and Facebook page – Thank you. You are appreciated more than you know, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you. Put simply – you are awesome, and you are destined for greatness. How do I know? Well, because we are on the same wavelength. 🙂

Release Date of the Brand New Action Set: Wednesday the 16th of January 

Book it in your calendars, lovers. And help me count down the days!

Huge hugs and love,

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Choosing goals catered to you, your life and your business.

If you’re anything like me you’re REALLY good at making lists, in fact it’s one  of your favourite hobbies. But let’s be honest here, you’re a go-getter. You want everything under the sun and more. Nothing is ever enough, and whenever you make goals for the New Year you could literally go on … and on … and on …. and on … leaving you with a huge lack in focus – not good.

Learning to choose the right goals catered to you, your life and your business is so important if you want to turn your passion into your life’s work. This year I decided to focus on five major goals. I had a really hard time choosing only five but I found a method that works, and today I’m going to share it with you.

Learn one of my favourite ways to pick goals that are right for you and your business and life in this video:

Happy New Years, my love, and don’t forget to leave a comment!


Big hugs



Bring your ideas to life with this simple tip.

I really want to know why we tend to let the chase for perfection stop us from doing what we want in life.

That friend of yours who wants to visit India, but is waiting to save up the “right” amount of money: a never-ending feat.
That friend of yours who wants to start her own business, but feels like she’s not quite “ready”.
Or what about that friend of yours who wants to write a book, but hasn’t even started the first chapter?

My problem is not a lack of ideas. In fact, I’m always full of ideas. They hit me left, right and centre.
My problem is that I always have ten million reasons as to why now is not the right time to listen to my ideas and create a reality of them.

This week I was beating myself up because I had an amazing idea, but “couldn’t” pursue it due to the fact that it wasn’t the right timing.

At that moment I suddenly became aware enough to realise that the voice in my head that said I “couldn’t” pursue it because it wasn’t the right time was simply my voice of fear talking.

So I dropped everything and went to work.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” – George S. Patton

(which i posted here yesterday)



I realised that life never goes to plan, and that’s actually what makes it so beautiful. Creativity comes from the mixture of what you can plan with the circumstances you can never plan.

For the past few months I’ve been sitting on plans and ideas, waiting for the precise “right moment” to create them, to make them a reality.

Today I say who cares about plans and perfection? I see the beauty in doing my best on executing these ideas today, instead of waiting for a “perfect tomorrow” that will never come.

How to say goodbye to copycat negativity

Hey you,

This week I have been deep into the book “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield. I have lost myself in thoughts of what it really means to “go pro” and leave the “amateur” within behind – not only in my business but my personal life as well! I’m so into the concept of the book that I even purchased the audio version so that I could listen while I read! Am I crazy or what? haha. (Next I’ll be sleeping with it on repeat in hopes that I’ll acquire all the habits of a professional through osmosis 😉

For today’s Chatty Tuesday question I decided to cover a scenario that I think we have ALL struggled with –

Do you have a “friend” in your industry who you share everything with, but you soon come to the realisation that you are the only one giving, and that they are “borrowing” all of your ideas, changing them slightly, and calling them their own? It can be frustrating, right?

If so, this post is dedicated to you.

This video contains my secret solution to copycats, and I think you’re going to love it!

“Her copycat ways do not take anything away from you or limit you in any way, shape or form.” @alexbeadon

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P.S. For those of you who are anywhere near Superstorm Sandy, please stay safe!

How do you blog and build a following?

Hey you,

This week has been amazing – a beautiful photo shoot, unforgettable nights out with friends, my mom’s birthday (yay!) … what more could a girl ask for? It’s in moments like these that I have to remember to be so grateful for all of the amazing things in my life. I know you have so many spectacular things going on in your own life, so I dare you to really focus on being grateful this week – it will do you a world of good!

A wonderful thing to be grateful for is your creative business! No matter how big or small it may be – I know that it brings you plenty of joy, am I right? And maybe a little but of heartache .. but hey – the beauty is in the journey itself! So appreciate! 🙂

Speaking of journeys – how is that blog of yours doing? Are you happy with the impact it has on your business and on your profit levels?

The truth is we all want to have a blog with a huge following! Why? Because you and I? We are GAME CHANGERS. We want to inspire people and we want to change them for the better. And we want to be able to do this through our blogs!

But how do you create a blog with a following? Let’s talk about it!

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This video took me hours to create and HOURS to upload – I have no idea why, but I do apologize that it didn’t finish uploading till Wednesday – major fail! 

Big hugs and love to you


Do you dream of being the best?

Have you been watching the Olympics? I must say – I’m not much of a sports fan, but every single time I catch the Olympics on TV I am immediately fascinated. I always think to myself, “this is the one day that these athletes have been waiting for, dreaming for and training for”!

When you think of all the time, effort and energy these Olympians pour into their training – it’s mind blowing. And for what? For the dream of being the best in the world (which I’ve written about before).

But it’s really got me thinking – if you want to be your best at anything, regular training is necessary. Don’t you think?

They say that in life you are either moving closer to your dream, or moving farther away from it. There is no such thing as “staying still”. Achieving your dreams takes constant attention, practice, and training. Consistency and dedication, my friend.

Have you done something today to bring you closer to your dream? If so, you can easily say you are moving closer. If not, you can easily say you are moving farther away from your dream. It’s that simple, right?

So, I challenge you to release your inner olympian. Because if you’re going to be the best you can be, it requires the same daily consistence and dedication to your game that every athlete in the Olympics demonstrates.

You’re either moving closer, or farther away. There is no “staying still”. Which will it be today?

Tell me about your levels of consistency and dedication when it comes to making your dreams a reality. Leave a comment!