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A marketing lesson from Justin Bieber


I’m not gonna lie … the first time I heard the song, “Love Yourself”, by Justin Bieber, I rolled my eyes in disdain. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but I just *did not* like the song. The funny part is that today, I think it’s pretty great. I actually enjoy listening to it, I choose to play it, and I know almost all the lyrics (my momma don’t like you, and she likes everyone).

It got me thinking about converting a potential customer, into an actual customer … and how very similar it is to Bieber converting me from someone who *didn’t* like the song, into someone who did like the song.

In marketing, they say that it takes a potential customer at least seven times of being exposed to your marketing message before they actually decide to take action and buy from you. SEVEN TIMES. (It’s called the rule of seven)

One of the most common qualities I see with my clients is a fear of promoting themselves. They don’t want to come across as too pushy, too salesy, or too spammy. Which I totally get, but here’s the thing:

Your potential clients need to be exposed to your marketing message multiple times for it to have any impact. You mentioning it once will not do the trick.

I understand that you don’t want to be salesy or pushy or spammy, but finding a way to incorporate it into your content marketing plan in a NATURAL and AUTHENTIC way is going to do you (and your business) a world of good.

I’m thinking of doing a video on this topic and adding it to The Spark Lounge next week. Watch this space. (See what I did there? ;))

I’m off to practice my dance moves.


Inspired By: Vishen Lakhiani

vishenI love this speech by Vishen Lakhiana, a Malaysian entrepreneur, for multiple reasons:

  1. Everything he says about being in  “a state of flow” being the key to success (listen to it to know what I’m talking about)
  2. The story of of how changing his mindset skyrocketed his business.
  3. How he’s implemented a variety of unusual practices into his company’s work environment (like creating a Bell of Awesomeness that is Only to Be Rung in Moments of Sheer and Total Awesomeness to daily group meditation sessions where they visualize what they want in their lives)
  4.  Everything he says about gratitude.
  5. How he talks about mixing profits with pleasure and purpose.
  6. What he says about focusing on the vision instead of the problem.

If you want to spend an hour getting inspired about the way you do business, you’ll like this 🙂

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  2. What was your biggest takeaway from this video?
  3. How “in flow” are you? 🙂


Inspired By: Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs has been heavy on my mind lately. Last week I went to watch the new Steve Jobs movie, and what struck me the most was his unapologetic way of being. It made me wonder how often we mute our own genius, in favor of making a situation more comfortable for other people. It made me wonder whether that was “right” or “wrong”. It made me wonder – what’s really important in this life? Is it the creations we leave behind? The mark we leave on the world? The people’s lives we touch while we’re here. This man’s life sparks so many questions for me.

And then there’s this beautiful commencement speech that Jobs made in 2005. One of my all-time-favorite YouTube videos.

My favorite part is when he talks about only being able to connect the dots when looking backwards, and how at the time certain things made no sense, but he just trusted that they would work out. That’s pretty much how I go through life.

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  1. Had you ever seen this commencement speech before?
  2. Have you seen the new Steve Jobs movie? What did you think?
  3. What was *your* favorite part of his 2005 commencement speech?