1 simple idea that will blow your client’s mind


Think of the last person who emailed you asking for your prices or information.

This person was an interested potential customer, a hot lead, someone worth impressing.

How did that first interaction with them go?

The only question that matters is: DID YOU BLOW THEIR MINDS?

Did they walk away from their first encounter with your business bursting with excitement to work with you?

Or … was the interaction lackluster, and you never heard from them again?

Today I want to give you one idea that you can use to blow your clients’ minds:


In other words, instead of sending out a boring, old email (as all of your competitors are doing) – why not create a gorgeous, branded PDF for interested potential clients?

It could include pictures of you, product descriptions, testimonials, and a clear description of what they can expect by choosing to move forward and work with you.

You want it to be something that’s going to show them, in a fun and creative way, that you are the right fit for each other!

Because a beautiful PDF is way more exciting than a boring, old email. And your clients deserve to get excited about their new purchase.



If you’re unsure of how to create a PDF, it’s simple!

This is how I do it using a designed jpg, my Mac, and the application, “Preview”:

  1. Create the pages of your PDF using your favorite photo editor (like Photoshop, PicMonkey or Canva)
  2. Save them as JPGs
  3. Turn the JPGs into a PDF using Preview

If you’re unsure of how to do that last step, you’ll be happy to hear that I just made a short tutorial showing exactly how to do it in The Spark Lounge! Woop woop!

Awesome right? So if you’re already an official Sparkler – click here to learn how to do create a PDF in preview using jpg files:


And if you haven’t joined the new Spark Lounge yet, now’s the time! I’m hosting a LIVE Spark Lounge party in the Facebook Group on the 25th and you don’t want to miss out! So click here to join today:


See? Blowing your client’s mind can be as simple as a branded PDF.

And the best part is that once you create your PDF, you can send it to clients over and over and over again! So once the initial work is done, you’ll be good to go!

I hope this helps 🙂

With love,

11 Productivity Tips for the Self-Employed


Self Employment. Oh it’s a funny thing. We all want to run our own businesses, but DANG is it hard to do it properly! I don’t know about you – but one thing that I’m constantly trying to improve is my productivity!

Today I have 11 awesome productivity tips ready to share with you that I’ve collected after almost 4 years of self-employment.

In this week’s Chatty Tuesday video you are going to discover ALL eleven of these productivity tips, AND you’re going to be gifted something SUPER special if you watch the video the whole way through, (plus – you’re going to witness some funny happenings throughout the video – yes, I’m officially a weirdo.)

Without further ado, here’s today’s video for you. Enjoy:


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Did you enjoy this video?
Which of these eleven productivity tips was your favorite?
Do you ever watch live TV, or are you like me – someone who refuses to waste a second of life watching commercials?
And how do you deal with being your own boss?
Are you good at it?
Do you take yourself seriously?

I wanna hear all about it so leave a comment now, and when you’re done – share this with a friend of yours who’s self employed, or wants to be self employed. Thanks so much for watching – talk to you soon!

With love,



Sell more with this surprising tip (it’s not what you think)

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If you’re a business owner, you probably know exactly what it feels like to seemingly generate a lot of interest for your business – but never actually getting as many sales as you had hoped for, right? What’s up with that?

Well, in this short video I’m going to be teaching you one surprisingly quick and easy step that’s going to help you get MORE sales. Because we’re cool like that.

This tip is not worth missing out on – so don’t put this off! Watch it NOW so that you can implement it TODAY: (I have a feeling you’re gonna enjoy this one)

Oh – and here’s the special link where you can get your hands on that free training bonus material (you’re going to LOVE THIS!).

With love and hugs,

Dare to do the Biz-Love Challenge


I was laying in bed last night wondering .. “What should tomorrow’s Chatty Tuesday be about?” When suddenly it hit me!

It’s time for a Biz-Love Challenge!

What’s that all about?

Well, you’re just gonna have to watch this week’s Chatty Tuesday episode to find out:

So – are you going to be joining me for this week’s Biz-Love Challenge? If so – LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know all about it! I always love hearing from you 🙂

With love and hugs,

Inspiring Pep Talk

Hey friend,

I’ve got 3 pieces of exciting news for you 🙂

Firstly I dyed my hair blonde! I’ve been through so much inner change lately, that I had to reflect it on the outside somehow – enter the blonde hair!

Secondly – The School of Killer Impressions is OPEN for enrollment, but enrollment closes this Saturday, so if you want to join, act fast!

The School of Killer Impressions is for you if you are totally stumped by marketing, and know that you NEED to do something about it if you want to be a success.

It’s a 6 week online course taught by yours truly (that’s me!) how to create a marketing plan and strategy for your business that not only works, but excites you and your customers!

I’m so ready to tackle your marketing with you! Join The School of Killer Impressions if you need marketing + branding help, because I know you’re going to LOVE IT!

Thirdly – Do you ever feel like something in your business just isn’t working? You know you’ve got the talent, you know you have what it takes – but it’s just taking so long!

If so, today’s Chatty Tuesday is especially for you.

I’ve got an inspiring pep-talk that will get you on the right path.

Now – back to this week’s Chatty Tuesday, CLICK HERE TO WATCH. 


With love and excitement,