Dare to do the Biz-Love Challenge


I was laying in bed last night wondering .. “What should tomorrow’s Chatty Tuesday be about?” When suddenly it hit me!

It’s time for a Biz-Love Challenge!

What’s that all about?

Well, you’re just gonna have to watch this week’s Chatty Tuesday episode to find out:

So – are you going to be joining me for this week’s Biz-Love Challenge? If so – LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know all about it! I always love hearing from you ūüôā

With love and hugs,

3 top tips for email organization



Hey friend,

How’s business going for you this week? I hope you are¬†thriving¬†beyond what you ever imagined possible. And if you’re not quite there yet, I hope you’re hanging onto the hope that you will be soon – and I hope you’re hustling to make it happen for yourself!

The 3 things I’m celebrating this week within my business?
1) I’ve started writing my new book!! EEEK!
2) I’ve started creating “Extra Credit” and “Bonus” content for all of The School of Killer Impressions students!
3) I’ve been taking EXTRA steps to organize my inbox – YES for organization!

Here’s the thing – staying on top of your inbox can be TOUGH. Even though I’m¬†definitely¬†far from perfect, I have adopted a few techniques over my years of being in business that do me a world of good!

Today I’m sharing my top 3 tips for email organization – you are going to LOVE THEM!

Even if you can’t quite manage tip 1 or 2, DEFINITELY make sure you take advantage of tip number 3 – this tip has saved me countless hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours, and it’s seriously a life-saver.

Check out these time-saving email tips for yourself here:

I hope you LOVE this week’s Chatty Tuesday, I can’t wait to hear from you in the comment section – I want to know : do you already use any of these tips? if so, how do they work for you? and if not, which of these tips will you be adopting?

Big hugs


Scholarship Winners – The School of Killer Impressions 2014


You know the days when, instead of feeling¬†down¬†about how much farther you have to go, you feel proud about how far you’ve come? That’s today for me.

Today I had the pleasure of sifting through all of the Scholarship entries for The School of Killer Impressions, and I have to tell you – this was one of the best experiences in my business,¬†because for once, instead of being the one making the video, I was the one watching¬†the video. It’s¬†amazing that I’ve been able to build a community of women who are so inspiring to me, and so similar to me – it has inspired me so much to pour even more of my heart and soul into what I do.

So to every single person who entered this scholarship –¬†thank you¬†for sharing yourself with me. You are not forgotten, and I hope from the depths of my soul that you will still join us for The School of Killer Impressions, because an addition like YOU to the group would be invaluable for¬†everyone¬†involved.

Even though this was one of the best experiences in my business so far, it was also one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. I so badly wanted to scream, “YES, YOU’RE IN!” to each and every single candidate, because they all deserved it.

All of these videos were full of so much heart, so much passion, so much dedication and LOVE. It felt nearly impossible to choose the winner, so instead of choosing ONE winner, I decided to choose THREE winners!

The winners of The School of Killer Impressions Scholarship 2014 are:

Alessandra Migliorini
Nina Médard
Clarissa Rodriguez

Aaaaaahhh! Congratulations to these three winners, please send an email to so that I can be sure to have your correct email address for The School of Killer Impressions which starts on Monday!

To everyone else who entered, but didn’t win – it was such an honor to get to know you better, and I¬†really¬†hope you are still able to join us for The School of Killer Impressions.

Remember – today is the LAST DAY to enroll – and with our 4 month payment plan, there’s just¬†no reason¬†not to!

This could be the difference between the success or failure of your business

I guess it’s just the allure of ¬†new experiences that intrigues me the most.

I mean, no matter what you do that day , you’ll be experiencing something new. And for some reason I truly believe that creating new memories is what makes us feel most alive. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, surrounded by people you’ve never met before, eating new foods you never even knew existed.

It’s a way to force your body to be alert, to be in the moment, and to pay attention.

Because there are¬†no habits that exist here, there are no routines here, and there’s nothing recognizable.¬†It’s literally the excitement of the unknown that keeps me coming back for more.

And maybe it’s an addiction. My entire childhood was uprooted time and time again, moving from home to home across countries, miles and miles towards new corners of the world. I’ve never been locked to any once specific place. In fact, being anywhere for too long makes me antsy. On second thought, maybe it’s not an addiction, maybe it’s just that: boredom. ¬†My psychic did tell me I get bored easily. Maybe she’s right.

Either way – I love it ….

…. I love to travel.


I mean, of course it has it’s downsides.Having to drag heavy suitcases from place to place, having to maneuver your way around, and getting over language and cultural barriers … but who cares? When I travel I feel alive.

It’s only been one month since I last experienced the joy of being somewhere totally new: Montreal.

We stayed with some very dear friends of ours, and were able to experience it at one of the most beautiful times of the year: the cusp between summer and autumn.

The leaves were just starting to fall and change color, and having not experienced the regular four seasons since moving to Tampa, it was a heart-wrenching reminder of what an inspirational time it used to be for me as a photographer when I was living in England only a few years back. Admiring those crimson leaves in Montreal was the nostalgic pain of a chapter now over and the sweet reminder that a new one had just begun. Life is funny like that, right?

Davids Tea

One day, as we were walking around the city of Montreal, we decided to stop off for tea at a cute little place called Les Thés Davids Tea. 

As I walked through the door of David’s Tea, I was mesmerized. There was tea everywhere, and as a tea-lover, it was magical. As I ordered my raspberry-infused tea, I noticed a cute little sign in French. Translated it read,

“Win the shopping spree of any tea lover’s dream!
Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you could win a gift card of $250″

(Side note: I studied French for one year and was never good at it. My teacher always told me that I would pronounce words with a Spanish accent haha! The above translation was thanks to Google Translate)

Davids Tea

Reading this, the businesswoman within me was wide awake, noting and zooming in on every single detail for clues.

I’m so driven to know and understand as much as I possibly can about businesses and their success in relation to their brand, and every time I have any communication with companies I’m always on the lookout for how they do things in their business, and if there’s anything amazing that I can learn to implement into my own.

In this case, I was totally surprised to see that this Montreal tea shop was smart enough to be incentivizing their audience to get on their email list. And it made me feel so happy for this business because they’re doing something very right¬†with this incentive to get their customers on their email list.

I don’t see other businesses doing this nearly as much as they should, and I know just how vital an email list and newsletter can be to the success of a business.¬†

At this point, I’m sure you can imagine what went through my brain next … “I¬†have¬†to share this with my audience so that¬†they¬†can make sure that they have email lists!”

Here’s the thing: Any smart business owner nowadays knows that your email list is one of the most important things you can have.

It can be the difference between success and failure. It is that important.

People start businesses, they create Facebook pages, they have a website … and they wonder why they make no sales.

One of the best and cheapest marketing tools in all of history? EMAIL!

So start a newsletter. Because it’s a simple way for you to communicate with your clients, allow them to build a trusting relationship with you, AND it gives you a direct line of contact to ask for the sale. BOOM.

And the truth is, it’s¬†so much easier than you think! Don’t have one? Sign up here to get started!


As we left that lovely tea shop, I was reminded of the sweet new chapter of my life. A chapter where I get to share these brilliant lightning-bolt moments of branding and business brilliance with you.

WITH YOU. And you, my friend? You¬†are the future. You¬†are the dreamer, the believer.¬†You¬†are one of the crazy ones who not only has a dream, but is willing to stand up for it and claim it.¬†You¬†are here, put on this earth to shine. And as you shine and share your gifts with the world, if I can do anything to make the business side of things go smoother, I’m always more than happy to do it. If I can show you that business doesn’t have to be hard, sales doesn’t have to be icky, and that branding can be FUN, I feel as though you’ll be able to turn that passion of yours into something that shows you that being successful and rich and brilliant¬†is what you are here for. You are here to be your best self, to succeed without ever feeling guilty for it and without ever feeling as though you don’t deserve it. Because you do.

And that, my friend, is the best job in the world. I get to share my passion with you, and I don’t do it nearly as much as I want to, because, well, this transition from being passionate for photography to being passionate about business? It’s been a scary one. But today I’m embracing it, full forced, with my story of my trip to the small tea shop in Montreal.

Who knows where I’ll travel to next? I know I’m going to England for Christmas, and Trinidad for Carnival, but I’ve been to both of those place before so technically it doesn’t count as somewhere brand new. Maybe I should start planning my trip to the next brand new place. Any suggestions? I shared an awesome link on my personal Facebook page¬†of 27 Surreal Places to Visit Before You Die … they just make me want to travel, travel, travel.

Honestly though, if it were up to me, I’d be flying my mom and I out to India.

I don’t know why, but this has been a dream of mine for a while now. For some reason I feel like it’s meant to be, what do you say? Should I add India with my mom to my to-do list? I think so! ūüôā


Before you rush off – take a moment to leave a comment and let me know these 3 things:

1) Where was the last place you visited that you had never been to before?
2) Where is the one place that you¬†REALLY want to go to, but haven’t been yet?
3) Do you have a newsletter for your business, and if not – are you going to add it to your to-do list this week?


I can not wait to hear from you in the comment section! ūüėÄ

With love and hugs,


“The 12 Week Year – Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months” Review!


These last two weeks have been CRRAAZZZYY for my business, and once this week is over I’ll be moving on to the¬†next chapter¬†of my grand vision for my business. I feel like the business is finally “maturing”, and I feel like I’m ready to start making bigger, better plans that better suit my own life vision.

As I approach 2014, I was totally ready to make my annual, 12-month plan for the next year – but as I was browsing the shelves at my local book store, The 12 Week Year caught my eye, and I simply couldn’t leave without it. I bought the book, read it, and I feel as though my mind has been forced open to so many fundamental ideas and concepts that are obvious, but often overlooked.

In today’s episode of Chatty Tuesday I’m sharing one of my¬†favorite¬†parts of the book ¬†with you. It’s an inspirational reminder of what it takes to live up to your full potential and make all of your dreams a reality.

Let’s do this:

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The concepts discussed in the book just drive my mind crazy with inspiration, can’t wait to write a final blog post about all of the changes I have personally made to put this system to good use, and document how it goes. Who’s interested in following along on the journey with me?

Before you go ‚Äď take the time to leave a comment below! Anything exciting happening in your life this week? Share it!

With love and excitement to you, sweet reader,

P.S. There are¬†so many gems¬†in this book, The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months,¬†so I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a productivity make-over.

P.P.S.¬†Next week’s Chatty Tuesday will be an open-floor Q&A session with yours truly.¬†Tweet¬†or¬†Instagram¬†your questions for me with the hashtag¬†#askalexb¬†and I’ll make a video answering as many as I can! YAY!¬†


My productivity secret of the week.

Hey friend,

Guess what! It’s my mom’s birthday today ūüôā I love her so much and all day I’ve been missing her and wishing I could be in England with her to celebrate her total awesomeness. I can’t wait to see her again soon.

Secondly – today I have one simple step to share with you that’s going to help you be more productive, AND help you have a clearer state of mind. I’ve been trying it out this week – and it absolutely works for me, helping me deal with emails more productively AND helping me enjoy my off time by being more in the moment.

I’m going to be sharing this productivity tip with you in this week’s episode of Chatty Tuesday:

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So – what do you think? Can you see yourself adopting this simple technique? Do yourself a favor and give it a try – even if it’s only for one day. I think you’ll¬†love it!

Before you go – take the time to leave a comment below!

With love and excitement for this week,

How to Use Instagram for Business

Hey – so I made a HUGE mistake!

Ever wake up and have that horrible feeling in your stomach because you just remembered that you COMPLETELY FORGOT to do something HUGE?

That was me this morning, when I realized my Chatty Tuesday post never went live yesterday! 

Honestly, though? I’m only human, and we all make mistakes.¬†PLUS – nothing can get in my way of feeling particularly awesome this week!

Wanna know why?

Because¬†I was lucky enough to be invited by Vayner Media to read an advanced copy of Gary Vaynerchuk‚Äôs upcoming book, ‚ÄúJab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World‚ÄĚ!¬†(ooooh, ahhhhhh!)

Being a huge fan of his last book, Crush It!, I was totally excited to hear this news and can‚Äôt wait to get my own advanced copy of his new book ‚Äď so exciting!

I mean, Gary is an amazing entrepreneur and with over a million followers on Twitter, he must be doing something right. Can’t wait to get early insight into his next book!

Speaking of social …

For those of you who don‚Äôt know – Instagram is my latest obsession and¬†in today’s video we’ll discuss HOW to use Instagram specifically for your business.¬†Sounds good right? Oh it is.

In today’s video you will learn:¬†

  • Why¬†you need to be careful with what you post on Instagram
  • 3 brilliant examples of¬†how¬†one company uses Instagram to connect with their followers
  • 2 questions to¬†inspire¬†your own use of your business Instagram account

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Before you disappear, take a few seconds and leave a comment below!

I really want to know:

  • Do you have any ideas on how can you connect with people in a relevant way that gets them to engage with you and your brand?

With never-ending love and excitement,

P.S. I’m going to be in¬†our private Facebook group¬†LIVE from 5 – 6pm editing YOUR images and showing you step-by-step how I did it! Join us – it’s FREE!

P.P.S.¬†The Express Yourself Collection¬†won’t be available at half price for much longer – if you want it, make it yours before it’s too late.

Ever wonder why you haven’t made it yet? This could be why …

Hello hello!

Today I created a Chatty Tuesday video that’s less than five minutes long and brings up some HIGHLY interesting questions that you should definitely be asking yourself if you’re a business owner of any kind, or if you’re someone with major dreams you want to accomplish, which is definitely you if you’ve even found yourself here at my gorgeous little piece of the internet.

Trust me when I say that you do not want to miss out on these questions because they are going to really open up a whole new world of possibilities and point you in the right direction as to what SPECIFICALLY you should be focusing on if you’re starting to get frustrated that you haven’t “made it” yet.

Watch the sassy video NOW to discover your own answers to these important questions:

Don’t forget: I REALLY want to hear from you. Leave a comment letting me know what you think – do you feel these questions are important for your business and dreams? Let me know!

With love and excitement,

The things people will say behind your back & what to do about it!

Hey friend, 

You know what REALLY makes me mad?

(besides pointless movies that leave you thinking, “wow, i was REALLY hoping that was going somewhere. I just wasted 2 hours of my life!”)

When people say bad things about each other behind each other’s backs. Yup, it pisses me off.

Why do I despise this? Why does it make me SO ANGRY that my head could explode?

Because when that person finds out what was said about them, unfortunately those negative words have the power to destroy their self-image, their dreams, their confidence, and make them lose their sense of worth. And no one deserves that. 

Seriously, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself,¬†“Dear 18-year-old Alex, when people are mean behind your back, DON’T TAKE IT TO HEART. Don’t give those words undeserved power! You’re overflowing with awesomeness, and you know it.”¬†

Has anyone ever made fun of YOU and made YOU feel like you were a big ol’ waste-of-space, good-for-nothing failure?

If so, you opened the right blog post, my friend.¬†Here’s what’s coming out of my mouth this week:

  • The ONLY thing you should measure your confidence with
  • The 3 unexpected words I think to myself when I look in the mirror
  • How to know if you should give up on your dream or not
  • A personal confession of one of my biggest weaknesses and why we should avoid this at all costs

AND as a side note … this video is SUPER special because

  • You’ll finally get to meet Blue, the cutest dog you’ll ever see (YAY!)
  • You’ll want to keep an eye out for what he does when I tell him to play dead (ha!)
  • I’ve kept this video script-free AND under 6 minutes long – booyah!


So, darling Dream-Chaser, here’s my hope for you –

Number 1)

Let’s start a dream-chasing rule to make an effort to only say GOOD things about people behind their back. Because what we focus on expands. And I want to attract GOOD things into my life.

And Number 2)

When people put you down, make fun of you, and generally make you feel like crap, I hope you remember the video I created for you this week. I hope you turn back to it whenever you need a little boost of motivation, and I hope it always puts a smile on that beautiful face of yours.

Here are your next action steps:

Yes, I believe that the conversations we have during Chatty Tuesdays are incredibly important to the growth of your business –¬†HOWEVER,¬†without action it’s all useless! SO – here are the three action steps you must take this week to¬†fully¬†embrace the ideas and techniques introduced in this video:

  1. Ask yourself: what is it that YOU want from your life? What is it that you want from your business? Your love life? That’s all that matters.
  2. Get rid of all the things you’re doing just to please other people; embrace saying NO!
  3. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep your head up + chase your dreams.


If this video inspired you to take action,¬†share the love!¬†Here’s how:

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  5. Leave me some love in the comment section below – I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, YOU GORGEOUS HUMAN BEING.

With never-ending confidence and belief in YOU and YOUR dreams,

Say goodbye to indifferent customers, and hello to customers who CARE!

Hey frieeeeeennnnddd,

You won’t BELIEVE what happened to me yesterday while I was accelerating down the aisles of my grocery store searching for some scrumptious shrimp for my Shrimp and Couscous recipe (sounds delish, right?)!

Two encounters with two employees taught me two techniques you can use today to connect to your customers in a way that turns them into your biggest cheerleaders.

All I could think of was – two can play at this game!

Not only am I going to tell you the extraordinary tale, but I’m going to teach you how to easily apply the two techniques to your own business by¬†breaking it down into simple steps for you.

Because, who doesn’t want to have cheerleaders as customers? Who doesn’t want to make sales to people who fall in¬†love with their business?¬†Deeper connections = More Sales.

So – what are your thoughts on these two mind-shifting techniques? Have they helped you improve the way your customers think of your business. If so, here are your next action steps:


Yes, I believe that the conversations we have during Chatty Tuesdays are incredibly important to the growth of your business – HOWEVER, without action it’s all useless! SO – here are the three action steps you must take this week to¬†fully¬†embrace the ideas and techniques introduced in this video:

  1. Do not skip this step Рit is the first AND MOST IMPORTANT step! Here it is: You must identify the various communication lines that you have with your customers.
  2. How can you use these communication lines to be more transparent in your business in a way that will allow your customers to feel like “insiders”?
  3. How can you use these communication lines to apply the story-telling technique to invite your customers to a journey with you?


If this video inspired you to take action, share the love!¬†Here’s how:

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  5. Leave me some love in the comment section below – I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, YOU GORGEOUS HUMAN BEING.

Do all five of these steps and you get a golden star in my books!

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love and light. I’m going through some¬†major shifts myself this week, and I’m so excited to give you a glimpse of the news with you soon! But until then, you’ll have to wait and see ūüėČ

Love + hugs to you on this fabulous day,