Choosing goals catered to you, your life and your business.

If you’re anything like me you’re REALLY good at making lists, in fact it’s one  of your favourite hobbies. But let’s be honest here, you’re a go-getter. You want everything under the sun and more. Nothing is ever enough, and whenever you make goals for the New Year you could literally go on … and on … and on …. and on … leaving you with a huge lack in focus – not good.

Learning to choose the right goals catered to you, your life and your business is so important if you want to turn your passion into your life’s work. This year I decided to focus on five major goals. I had a really hard time choosing only five but I found a method that works, and today I’m going to share it with you.

Learn one of my favourite ways to pick goals that are right for you and your business and life in this video:

Happy New Years, my love, and don’t forget to leave a comment!


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Is your brand all over the place? Fix it here.

Hey you,

Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying every second of your holiday and that you are spending time with those who you love the most. Christmas is AMAZING so I hope you take a second to appreciate every single person by your side, and I hope you let them know just how much they mean to you. Time is fleeting, and nothing will stay the same forever, so enjoy the moment as it is today, enjoy your family and friends, and soak it up. Oh – and take lots of pictures 😉 haha.

But let’s get to business, shall we? I’ve heard from so many of you who suffer from what I like to call “target market overload”. It basically means that you are trying so hard to attract a variety of different target markets – each of which have different needs, wants and desires. This video will tell you exactly how to overcome “target market overload”. Not only is it going to cover how to overcome “target market overload” but it’s going to drive home a lot of key points that I think so many creative business owners miss. Your brand is your baby. It’s your job to take care of it, and target market overload is like shooting yourself in the foot. Literally.

So grab some hot chocolate, and listen up for your solution to spreading yourself too thin when it comes to picking the right clients:

BAM! And there you have your weekly dose of business goodness. PLUS it’s all wrapped up in a special Christmas special 🙂

“Your brand is the number one most important thing you have when it comes to your business” @alexbeadon

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P.S. Big changes are coming to my business, and I’m not sure how much longer these Photoshop Actions are going to be available for you. So if you want them, now’s the time!

“Why don’t I have more Facebook Fans? HELP!”

Hey you,

Ever been on Facebook and realised that it seems like everyone has more Facebook likes than you? You sit there while feelings of envy and jealousy rise up, thinking to yourself any of the following:

“I feel like I’m just as good of a photographer as she is – why does she have so many more followers than I do?”
“How is it possible that she’s been in business for only 2 months and already has so many followers? I don’t understand!”
“Why don’t I have that many followers? What am I doing wrong?”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re pretty much going to love today’s Chatty Tuesday video!

After watching this video you are going to have three exclusive tips on how to get more followers and you’re going to feel so inspired to up your game. Seriously. Let’s do this.

Discover the three exclusive tips on how to grow your Facebook following here:

I hope you LOVE today’s video 🙂 if you did – leave a comment below. I really want to hear what your Facebook tips are, what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

And don’t forget – “If you do not show the world how interesting you are, then the world will never know how interesting you are.” -@alexbeadon

Have a beautiful week, we’ll talk soon! 🙂

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Bring your ideas to life with this simple tip.

I really want to know why we tend to let the chase for perfection stop us from doing what we want in life.

That friend of yours who wants to visit India, but is waiting to save up the “right” amount of money: a never-ending feat.
That friend of yours who wants to start her own business, but feels like she’s not quite “ready”.
Or what about that friend of yours who wants to write a book, but hasn’t even started the first chapter?

My problem is not a lack of ideas. In fact, I’m always full of ideas. They hit me left, right and centre.
My problem is that I always have ten million reasons as to why now is not the right time to listen to my ideas and create a reality of them.

This week I was beating myself up because I had an amazing idea, but “couldn’t” pursue it due to the fact that it wasn’t the right timing.

At that moment I suddenly became aware enough to realise that the voice in my head that said I “couldn’t” pursue it because it wasn’t the right time was simply my voice of fear talking.

So I dropped everything and went to work.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” – George S. Patton

(which i posted here yesterday)



I realised that life never goes to plan, and that’s actually what makes it so beautiful. Creativity comes from the mixture of what you can plan with the circumstances you can never plan.

For the past few months I’ve been sitting on plans and ideas, waiting for the precise “right moment” to create them, to make them a reality.

Today I say who cares about plans and perfection? I see the beauty in doing my best on executing these ideas today, instead of waiting for a “perfect tomorrow” that will never come.

Why don’t your customers understand?

Oooooh Chatty Tuesdays are so delicious, don’t you think? 😉

Today we dive into the question, “Why don’t my customers understand?” Jenny tells us her incredibly fascinating story of how her customers always ask for more photos and I give her some advice on how to solve this issue for the future. The BEST part of the video is the second half of it, though, because I point out to Jenny what I think her actual problem is – and it’s not what she thinks it is! Ooh la la!

What is your advice to Jenny? What are your thoughts on the topics covered in this video? I can’t wait to read your thoughts in the comments below! Woop woop!

Three lessons about being overbooked!

Hey you,

Do you ever feel so inspired and empowered and go through a week of pure productivity? Well I just did, and honestly? It feels like everything’s about to change. I love it. I have an awesome post hitting the blog this week and it’s all about the changes I made to increase my productivity and efficiency. It’s so amazing and I can’t wait to share my top tips with you!

Until then, today’s Chatty Tuesday video will teach you the THREE reasons why being overbooked can be an amazing thing. And if you’re not overbooked, these three tips will give you huge insight into small changes you can make in your own business to get more clients! This video right here? It’s a win-win and I know you will love it no matter who you are.

Bonus features in today’s video: 

One “OHMYGOSH” moment!
Two dance parties!
The cutest guest we’ve ever had on the show!
The truth about successful problems!


Find out the three illusions that make customers want you even more: 

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What are your thoughts on being overbooked? Take a minute to let me know in the comment section below! Woop woop!


Eight exclusive tips on creating an incredibly effective “About Me” page for your blog or website

Hey you,

Ever struggle with your “about me” page? It’s one of the most important parts of your site, and also one of the most difficult. Why? Because there are very few of us who feel 100% comfortable and confident when talking about ourselves. You don’t want to seem as though you are bragging, but simultaneously you want to get across the point that you are awesomely talented and totally worth hiring!

This week’s Chatty Tuesday video is going to give you eight tips to creating an incredible and effective about me page!

If you want to make the most out of this video, join in on the conversation by leaving a comment below.

Do you have any tips for Abby on writing your “about me” page? What struggles, successes or lessons have you learned when it comes to “about me” pages? And if you’re feeling brave – leave a link so that we can check yours out!

I can’t wait to hear from you!
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How to hire employees for your business at the right time


This week’s Chatty Tuesday comes straight from my heart because it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

What do you do when you start to wonder whether to add an employee to your small business or not? Would the pros of having another person on board outweigh the cons?

I knew I had to choose this for today’s Chatty Tuesday episode because it fits perfectly with a big surprise I have been dying to share with you! For those of you who want to be the first to know, you’re going to have to watch the whole video to find out, although I’m sure you can guess 😉

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Welcome Lizzie to the Alex Beadon Photography team: @lizziebeadon WELCOME to the @alexbeadon team! 

I’m really looking forward to reading the conversation in the comment section afterwards. Knowing what all of your opinions are on each weekly topic has added so much interest and intrigue because we all have different experiences and veiw points to share, and through sharing we all learn!

So, if you haven’t joined in on the conversation in the comment section yet – you’re missing out! Head on down to the bottom of this post and leave your opinion and contribution!

Let’s discuss, my friends! Leave your comment below!

What to do if your small business is making no money

Today I would like to introduce you to a woman named Tiffani who wrote an email that spoke straight to my heart. A woman who, like so many of us, feels discouraged and as if she is not good enough. She feels as though she has tried everything to help her business succeed, but nothing seems to be working. Her email showed a woman so honest, so open, so vulnerable, and so ready for change. I have to say a huge thank you to Tiffani for kindly allowing me to share her story with you today. This is the longest Chatty Tuesday episode we have ever had, but it is jam-packed with incredible value for all kinds of business owners, and I hope it brings up just as many reminders for you as it did for me.

“If you focus on scarcity, you will find scarcity. If you focus on abundance, you will find abundance.” – @alexbeadon

It’s funny, through doing these videos and answering your questions it’s as though I am answering my own problems, my own difficulties and my own questions. It’s so easy to see things when you’re standing outside looking in, but so difficult when you are the one actually living it. So for that, I thank you, brave Tiffani – I know with this go-getter attitude you are destined for success.

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting Tiffany know what YOUR advice for her is, what YOUR words of wisdom are, and any other loving, supportive comments. We would LOVE to hear from you! And also – let us know what you thought of this video!

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PS Please do not mention Tiffani’s business name in the comment section, we DO NOT want Google to ever link this to her in case future clients may ever find this critique! Thanks for understanding!

How to get more clients

Hey you!

I have major news to share with you, as there are some substantial changes being made to Alex Beadon Photography this week! I can’t go into too much detail right now – but I can’t wait to share them with you soon! Ahhh!

How are things on your end? I hope this week is going to be equally as exciting for you and your business, let’s start it off with a bang shall we?

Do you feel as though your business would be flourishing if only you had more clients? Have bookings been slow lately? Are you looking for a little bit of “pick me up” advice from me to you? 🙂

Well, if you want more clients then this week’s Chatty Tuesday video is for you.

I am going to be sharing some little-known tips on “how to get more clients” – because who doesn’t want more clients, right?

Check it all out here:

“Don’t ever feel bad for wanting wealthier clients. You’re a businesswoman, woman.” -@alexbeadon 


1) What is the true value YOUR product or service is giving to your customers?

2) Do you feel that you do a good enough job portraying this value to potential customers?

3) Share this video with a friend who needs it!


As usual, I honestly cannot wait to get the discussion started in the comment section below. You guys rock. I love it.


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