Launch Diaries 005: What to do when life happens.

In my latest Launch Diaries episode, I walk you through how I handled preparing for a launch after getting some devastating news. Can you remember a time you had everything planned out, you were excited and ready to go… then life happened?

We are five episodes into the Launch Diaries series and I hope you’re picking up a theme. Are you? 👀. If you aren’t, here’s a hint, it is about your well-being. I cannot stress enough that your launch success is reliant on your well-being and being able to show up and get things done.

Every day while launching you will be presented with two choices:
 1. Do I get stressed?
 2. Do I prioritize my well-being?
The answer to that question will directly impact your launch. Click here to see what my answer was!

I cover so much in this newest video, we meet on a Wednesday afternoon and I don’t stop until Saturday evening. I give you some mini launch preparedness tips for example: 

  1. Write down who your ideal client is and constantly refer to the list.
  2. If you cannot do a major brand refresh before your launch, I recommend updating your profile photo across all platforms.
  3. Spend some time at the end of the week CELEBRATING your wins. Look back on all that you managed to do and give yourself a big pat on the back!
  4.  Before a launch, look around at all your digital assets and ask yourself these questions:
    Is this a true reflection of where my business is at right now?
    Is this a true reflection of how I want to be perceived by a potential client?

I won’t give away everything, go and watch the video to see all that I talked about and showed you in Launch Diaries 005!

Can you believe we are five episodes into the Launch Diaries series?!!! I truly hope you are showing yourself grace. Life will happen, and you get the choice of how you give it meaning. Sending you so much love. Watch the full video here:

Launch Diaries 004: I want to talk about Launch Goals

It is your Biz Bestie and Launch Queen Alex Beadon here, with a new episode in the Launch Diaries series! Want to know my big revenue goal for my upcoming launch?

SPOILER ALERT: It’s my biggest and scariest target to date BUT I feel totally calm and confident, while simultaneously detached from it. I know that harnessing this energy is pivotal to actually making it a reality, and I talk a lot about how I do that in Episode 4.

I have a history of launching so I know what it will take to get me to that figure. I know this is a big and scary goal, but I also know if I want something I must speak it and embody the feeling it gives me. From now until I launch I will name and claim that goal but I will also hold the goal loosely.

So much happens in this episode, it is filled with gems and “AHA” moments for people who will be launching soon, who need a pep talk, or who feel stressed from holding their goals too tightly!

Come spend a day with me as I …

  • Meet with my Operations Manager, Laura, to go over the offerings and updates we are making 
  • Reach out to past Together We Launch members for their testimonial
  • Explain the difference between the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp and Together We Launch 
  • Talk about wellness and listening when your creativity speaks 
  • Go through what my weekly schedule is like 
  • Explain why this is the most prepared I have ever felt for a launch

I love making these Launch Diaries videos and hearing your feedback! Thank you for coming on this journey as I get ready to launch my newest offers. Watch the full video here:

Launch Diaries 003: Time Management & 75 Hard

Launching is an all-encompassing thing, and it cannot be done overnight. If you are planning on launching soon, you must be working on your plan and putting systems in place months before the actual launch date. I know I keep saying this but, I absolutely LOVE making these videos because I get to take you behind the scenes to show you what a day in the life before a launch is like.

The Launch Dairies series offers you a look into all the planning currently taking place as we get ready to release the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp and Together We Launch. This series is perfect if you are an online course creator or if you own a membership site and you are planning on launching soon.

In this latest episode, I start my day at 5:30 am and I don’t stop until 8:00 pm! In this video you will see me:

  • Meet with our Content Manager to go over our Facebook ads performance.
  • Talk about why I spent thousands of dollars investing in myself. 
  • Review my tried and tested launch content plan. 
  • Start day one of the 75 Day Hard challenge. 
  • Go over the email marketing plan for the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp. 
  • Plan my next day, before heading to bed- productivity hack! 
  • Answer my DMs (Yes! When you DM me, I’m the one who actually replies)

I’m so grateful you’re coming on this journey with me through the Launch Diaries series. I love opening my virtual door and letting you in behind the scenes as I prepare for my next amazing launch! 😅   Watch the full video here:

The five things you can do to have a stress-free launch.

Your wellness does not need to suffer for you to have your most successful launch. In fact, I experienced my first six-figure launch when I decided to prioritize my well-being over everything! In my newest video I am showing you, that contrary to what they say, you can have your most successful launch without sacrificing your wellness.

So many of us are being held hostage by our launch to-do list. We feel we must tick everything off, even if it means losing sleep, not eating enough, not exercising… you know the drill. Ten years ago, I ditched my to-do list, I started prioritizing my energy, which led to me feeling and doing my best during my launch. It worked for me, and it will work for you!

Not sure where to start in prioritizing your wellness during a launch? Here are five things to put in place before your launch that will lead to you having a stress-free launch.

1. Plan your Launch | You need to have a launch that is planned so strategically that you know what is happening and at what time. If you want to have a stress-free launch, make sure you have a launch plan, and that it is being worked on months before the actual launch date.

2. Review Your Plan | Get very clear on launch roles and responsibilities. The important thing is making sure everyone on your team knows their roles, what needs to get done, and by whom. I suggest having a weekly meeting with your team to review the plan and the upcoming launch.

3. Have a support system in place | Launching is an all-encompassing thing, it requires your full presence which means you will need to have a support system. Do you have a support system in mind? Consider speaking with your support system and letting them know what to expect during the launch and how to support you

4. Mindset | Your mindset is pivotal during your launch. You need to ensure you are examining your beliefs about money and saying your affirmations daily. You will need to work on your mindset if your goal is to have your first six-figure launch.

5. Everything starts from within | As you prepare to go into launch mode, one of your main jobs is to always be mindful of how you’re feeling. Do all you can to ensure you are vibrating on another frequency to knock this launch out of the park.

There you have it, five launch wellness tips for you to start working on before your launch. Watch the full video here, where I go more in-depth on each tip. I also made a printable download checklist filled with actionable steps for you to start prioritizing your wellness during a launch – click here to get your free checklist .

Are you launching soon? Do you have anything in place to make sure you are expertly taking care of yourself? If you are not sure where to start, watch the video below.

Launch Diaries 002: Creating content: what they don’t tell you.

Two weeks ago, I started a new vlog series called Launch Diaries. In this series, I take you behind the scenes of what is happening in preparation for my upcoming launch. In this latest episode, I am taking you with me as I try to film THREE pieces of video content in one day.

This video is for the person who longs for the day when they are way ahead of their launch content plan; or for the Launcher who is still scrambling to post on their scheduled date and struggles to batch create content. If this sounds like you, then you will resonate HARD with today’s new Launch Diaries episode.

I started the day at 9:00 am and finished at 11:04 pm with the sole mission of creating three pieces of video content. Guess how many actually got filmed? I’m not telling 🤣 you’ll have to watch here to find out.

In this video you’ll see:
• The actual process of setting up to film (look out for a special guest appearance)
• The ugly truth around how time-consuming filming can be
• The best practices I’m learning while getting back into YouTube
• Live examples of me showing myself grace throughout the day
• The process of organizing my business from the back-end

Watch Launch Diaries 002 to get a REAL look into an actual day of content creation in the lead-up to our launch. Watch the full video here:

I did these five things and got my first six-figure launch.

Do you feel like there is a huge piece of your launch puzzle missing? Are you low on energy because you feel you are shouting into a void? Are you still struggling with the self-imposed shame of asking people to buy your products? Do you ever think, “I wish there were a video to walk me through how to make my first six-figure launch?” Well, my friend! Your wish is granted!

In my latest video, I am sharing five tips that make a massive difference and can propel you to your first six-figure launch. This is the video I wish I saw when I was about to do my first launch in 2011.

Here are five tips that could be the difference between a five-figure launch or a six-figure launch:

1. Future proof your offer | You want an offer that sells itself and does not require a lot from you in the future. Is your offer future proof?

2. Do Your Market Research | Understand your client’s needs so that your offer is an automatic “HELL YES” from your customer. Do you know how much your ideal client would be willing to spend to fix their problem?

3. Focus on your mindset | I know so many Launchers who have this self-imposed shame around selling and promoting their products. Remember who you are here to serve and never forget that there are people who need your product because it will help them.

4. Use a Launch Strategy that works | There must be a strategic plan in place to get people onto your sales journey. What is your plan to get in front of your ideal client to share your story and introduce them to your product? Your strategy should be specific and work for you and the product you are selling.

5. Look at your launch like a math equation | It is so important to focus on your data. What are your numbers saying to you? Are you spending too much money on conversions? What performed well that can be tweaked and used for the next launch? Your data speaks to you, take the time to listen.

There you have it! The five things I focus on when launching. These tips have been proven to work for me on numerous launches including Project Storyline which was my first six-figure launch. Watch the full video here: