3 content prompts to make sales this weekend

Want to sell on social without feeling icky?

Today I’ll be sharing 3 takeaway prompts that you can use on your Instagram Stories, Reels, TikToks or even your newsletter to increase your authority and confidently ask for a sale. Better yet? You can use them on all platforms because #efficiency baby.

3 content prompts to help you confidently ask for a sale …

* I recommend that you create and share these stories in the order they’re listed as they’re designed to demonstrate your expertise and build your know, like and trust factor with your audience before asking for the sale. 

#1. Share a tutorial

I want you to add value to your ideal clients’ lives by offering them a free tutorial that teaches them how to do something that they can implement immediately. It should teach them to do something that’s relevant and valuable to them specifically as your ideal client (no random, off-topic tutorials) however it should NOT feel salesy.

This will help you establish authority, and build your know, like and trust factor.

🏴‍☠️ Tips and hints:

👉🏼 Don’t be afraid to break your tutorial down into steps

👉🏼 Feel free to talk straight into the camera, use the green screen function or simple use text over images/videos

👉🏼 Write an outline ahead of time to keep your thoughts organized

👉🏼 Keep your tutorial concise and doable

👉🏼 Don’t have much time? Share a quick tip instead of a full tutorial.

👉🏼 Sell a physical product? Show off how your product works

🤷🏼‍♀️ Feeling stuck?

Here are some examples…

👉🏼 If you’re a life coach you can teach your audience a quick practice that you regularly use with your clients to calm anxiety

👉🏼 If you’re a fitness instructor you can teach them a workout they can use next time they’re in the gym

#2. Share what makes your offer different

This prompt is all about educating your followers on what you do.

I want you to share something you love about your offering that makes it different and better from its competitors. Think of unique ways that you can illustrate your differentiating factor through story-telling.

Be sure to speak about this differentiating factor in an excited and proud way. It should feel as though you’re letting them in behind-the-scenes to what your “x-factor” is. THIS is why people decide to buy from you!

💖💚 Bonus points if you can visually show your followers what you mean and give them a behind-the-scenes look. 💚💖

The whole point of this is to allow people to have a better understanding of what you offer, by sharing it in a proud way – without selling… yet.

🏴‍☠️ Tips and hints:

👉🏼 If you’re in network marketing & or a business where you sell virtually the same thing as everyone else, your differentiator might be YOU. What do YOU bring to the table for your clients that makes the experience different, special or unique?

👉🏼 Bonus points if you can tie in a client win or testimonial of someone complimenting your offer on this particular differentiator.

🤷🏼‍♀️ Feeling stuck?

Here are some examples of how to get started…

👉🏼 “Do you ever just feel overcome with pride and joy at the work you do in the world? Well today that’s me! So I decided to share with you a few of the things that make my insert thing you sell here special and unique!”

👉🏼 “I love what I do SO MUCH but what I think makes all the difference is insert differentiator here”

👉🏼 A coach might say: “I absolutely love working with my clients on their health but what I’ve started to realize is that what I’m really good at in my sessions is ____________. It’s my superpower and something I absolutely love being able to offer!”

#3. Boldly ask for the sale!

The last couple prompts primed your audience for the sale – this prompt is all about boldly asking for the sale!It’s your opportunity to appeal to your ideal client and confidently make an offer to your followers. I want you to think about presenting it as an invitation 🎁 rather than saying, “hey, you, buy my thing!”.

You can say something along the lines of “If you’ve been struggling with x, y and z, I’d love to invite you to [my offer].”

Then, continue to share what’s included and very clear instructions on how to purchase.

🏴‍☠️ Tips and hints:

👉🏼 If you’ve been regularly posting content that builds your know, like and trust factor, adds value through education, inspiration or entertainment and establishes your authority then your audience will be primed for a direct offer.

👉🏼 Even if you haven’t posted in a while, it’s still great to get your offer out there, so be brave and put it out there!

🤷🏼‍♀️ Feeling stuck?

👉🏼 Share what features your product has that differentiates from competitors.Final thoughts…Your ability to sell to your audience is going to be determined not by audience size, but by how connected your audience feels to you, how well you’re able to package your offer and speak to their pain points and desires.

In between your launches your priority should be creating value-add content that generates new leads and nurtures your existing audience. Your content should connect directly with your ideal client, make them feel seen, bring awareness to their problem and guide them toward a solution. You should also aim to regularly give them small wins. In consistently creating content strategically tailored to your ideal client you’re deepening your relationship with your audience and ultimately boosting your sales.

Comment below & let me know: do you think your content is connecting with your audience or missing the mark?

Sending you big hugs,

Alex 💋
(your online biz bestie)

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3 Books That Changed My Online Business

Today I want to share with you my all time three favorite book recommendations! 🥰🥰🥰

Are you ready?
Let’s dive in.

Make ‘Em Beg to Work for You

Author: Angela Lauria

Who this book is for:

This is for anyone who is tired of hiring the wrong people – and who is ready to know how to make aligned hires and intentionally expand their team.

Why I love it:

This book was a game changer for me and my COO because it completely changed the way we saw the hiring process. It taught us how to create a hiring journey (that we can Rinse and Repeat) that will get us high quality hires.

What you’ll learn:

  • Where you can find employees who align with your company values, take initiative and get sh*t done
  • How to write job descriptions that attract high-quality applications from only the best candidates
  • The importance of autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • The logistics of setting up an interview process
  • How to best conduct an interview process so that you avoid making an expensive mistake
  • What you should be aiming to pay employees (and how to distinguish pay grades)
  • A roadmap to managing employees who aren’t working out – and navigating the right time to let go of a bad fit
  • The biggest mistake employers make with compensation plans that lead to high turn over and low job satisfaction

Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself

Authors: Mike Michalowicz 

Who this book is for:

The entrepreneur who worries that their business will collapse without their constant presence and who craves more time freedom. This is for the business owner who is ready to create systems that allow them to take substantial time off.

Why I love it:

The Clockwork framework has helped us create systems and processes on the backend of our business that have allowed me the ability to step away from my business for weeks at a time. We implemented these systems and habits two years ago and it has made a massive difference in the way our business runs.

One of the core habits I took from this book was using time tracking as a means of providing us with valuable data to improve our efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately our ROI. Since then, we’ve been consistently using Clockify to track our time as a team.

We also created knowledge-rich SOPs within our Notion Knowledge Hub. These are a game changer in on-boarding new hires and minimizing time spent answering team questions. (Don’t forget – when you watch the Launch Expansion Method training you’ll find out how you can get access to a tour of Team Beadon’s Notion Knowledge Hub! 🤩 Click here to register now!)

What you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your business so that you can take a 4 week vacation and have your business continue on without you
  • The systems, processes and habits that are key in creating a sustainable business
  • How to empower your employees so that they can make smart decisions without you
  • The most essential thing you need to do to ensure your business can keep running in your absence
  • The method to most efficiently make changes that will add the most value now

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Author: Seth Godin

Who this book is for:

The entrepreneur who is ready to learn marketing techniques to be remarkable.

Why I love it:

Purple Cow is one of the very FIRST books I read when I started my business. The premise of this book is helping you understand how to leverage your unique selling point to standout in your industry.

Although this book is a classic marketing book with a very straightforward concept – it’s been a game changer for me. Over the last decade I’ve applied concepts from this book from everything to content creation, product development, customer journey and how we treat our team.

For example, if you’ve watched the Launch Expansion Method training you’ll notice that design-wise it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Our attention to detail and the love and effort put in from a production perspective is one way in which we’ve tried to standout in creating an educational and engaging experience for you!I’ve also used these concepts to …

  • Create offers that actually get my clients lasting results
  • Design a customer experience that they’ve never gone through before
  • Cultivate a unique work environment with unique perks

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create an unforgettable customer experience
  • How differentiate yourself in the marketplace and stand out as a company – to your audience, customers and team
  • How to put a “Purple Cow” into everything that you build
  • The method to creating a recognizable, noticeable and successful brand
  • What you need to do to create an offer that is worth marketing in the first place

👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Now I’d love to hear from you! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Leave a comment below & let me know – what books have been GAME CHANGERS in the way you run your biz?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend … I look forward to hearing which books have changed the game for you!

Alex 💋
(your favorite launch strategist)

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The story of a six-figure Launcher

For a moment I want you to consider …

What if it could go RIGHT?

👉🏼 What if your business could launch into unimaginable profitability?

👉🏼 What if you could start making the money to hire support in your business?

👉🏼 What if you were able to reach more people, and get paid properly for it?

👉🏼 What if you started making the type of money that allowed you to finally buy that dream home or take that dream trip?

Today, I want to share with you the incredible story of one of our Launchers, Alyssa.

👉🏼 If you’re someone who feels like a “small fish” but is determined to make an impact with your course …

👉🏼 If you can see the potential to grow your course but don’t know HOW to get there …

👉🏼 If you feel SO fired up about serving your customers 🔥 that you’ll do what it takes to make it happen …

This blog post is 100% for you. 💌

Let me introduce you to Alyssa 💖🥰🚀👩🏼‍🚀 …

Alyssa, aka the Workflow Queen, teaches bookkeepers and accountants how to utilize tech and automations to create better workflows, systems and processes. She is the creator of three online courses – Kickoff with Asana, Workflows in a Weekend and Breakthrough.

Alyssa and her team have been with us for three rounds of Together We Launch because – in their words – “that’s how obsessed we are.”

When Alyssa joined Together We Launch she’d been running her own business for only 4.5 months. She describes not knowing at all what she was doing when it came to marketing, however we saw that she was focused on learning and dedicated to making an impact in her industry as she recognized there was a massive lack of support for bookkeepers in her realm.

Within those 4.5 months of business, she’d already made an impressive $41,000 USD in her business from her course! This was a clear indicator to us that Alyssa’s offer was reliable (that is, there was a demand for it) and that though she was new to the online course creation world, she had the drive it took to make it super successful. 🔥🔥🔥

She knew that Together We Launch was a significant investment, and she feared that it would be a waste.

What if there were crickets when she went to sell?

How would people see her if she spent this kind of money and it flopped?

“I was afraid of how people would see me if I did something like this … I’ve made $20,000 investments that didn’t bring anything back into the company … I’ve done (Together We Launch) and it’s brought back more than I ever imagined.”

She described a powerful moment of checking in with herself where she asked herself …

“But … what if it could all go right?”

After having invested in Project Storyline and The School of Killer Impressions, she said she had utmost faith in the Launch Strategy we had to teach.

Alyssa was also laser focused on the big picture and committed to making a tangible difference in her industry.

So, with a leap of faith, she applied.

Though she didn’t meet all of the criteria that we outlined for our Together We Launch applicants, her application immediately stood out. We could feel her heart, and see her drive – and that was reflected in how far she’d come in a few short months.

With great excitement, we offered her a seat in TWL.

Her goal for her first launch was $75,000 USD.

She describes remembering talking to a friend about what she thought her launch was going to be and saying, “I’m only going to make $15,000!”

Within less than an hour of her first pre-sale, Alyssa made $12,000 USD. 🤯🤯🤯

By the end of her FIRST launch with us, she made $112,000 USD.

Alyssa did this, at the time, on her own – without a team and with an Instagram audience of around 1,000 people.

Alyssa is one of our favorite launch stories to share for so many reasons …

Her story goes to show that it IS possible to have a successful six-figure launch, even if you’re doing it on your own and with a small audience.

Alyssa …

✨ had the spark of determination
🧚🏼‍♀️ was magnetic to her audience
🔥 and had an extremely reliable offer.

Since 2020 Alyssa has been able to, in her words, “make goddamn good money” that has allowed her opportunities and experiences beyond her wildest dreams.

“(Alex) has transformed my life.

I live in a home literally on the lake, in a cabin, I’ve brought a brand new car… And it’s not just about the material things … I’ve been able to travel, I’ve been able to afford a team …

It’s opened up opportunities for me that I thought in my life would NEVER be able to be on my plate. As much as I don’t want to cry, my life has literally changed.”

With the revenue from her launch, Alyssa has also been able to reinvest in coaches and other masterminds that have continued to help her continue to generate more and more profitability in her business.

The knowledge and systems taught inside of TWL will stay with Alyssa and her business for life, and continue to give them a leg up.

Here are some more wins Alyssa experienced within Together We Launch…

👉🏼 Alyssa more than doubled her email list. Before TWL she had 300 subscribers, when she started TWL she had around 1200 subscribers and at the very end (of her first round in TWL) she hit around 3300 on her email list.

👉🏼 In another launch she did $140,000 USD within the first hour and ended the launch at over $255,000 USD …

👉🏼 The second time joining TWL she launched a brand new offer. She wanted to see if the TWL strategy would hold up for a different offer … She made $350,000 USD in 2.5 days.

👉🏼 She bought her dream car and finally knew she deserved it.

Think about that – before TWL she didn’t know what a limited time offer was, what an email sequence was, what evergreen meant, what a launch was, the importance of social media or even how to market herself through ads.

Alyssa was scared to invest in Together We Launch … but she surrendered to the process and implemented everything as we laid it out inside of TWL – and it paid off greatly. She is exactly what it takes to be successful inside of TWL – someone who’s willing to trust us and execute.

Since then Alyssa has Rinsed and Repeated her launches, continually building upon each layer. She’s used her CEO discernment to use the layers that work for her and learned how to use her data to understand which she needs to tweak for her business’ unique blueprint.

“Every launch we get more and more efficient, the Rinse & Repeat method is REAL and such a game changer for launching!!!”

You see, Alyssa knew that it would cost her MORE to try to figure it all out on her own.

“I knew if I wanted to fast track it, it could take me three years to figure all this out by trial and error or (I could) just fast track …

Why try to reinvent the wheel when Alex can give you exactly what you need without having to do it over and over again and have to cry yourself to sleep?

It’s packaged perfectly within Together We Launch, it’s a Rinse and Repeat method that has tremendously changed the way that my business runs. And I literally took a leap of faith and just trusted in Alex and I trusted the process.”

Ready to have a story like Alyssa’s?
👇🏼 THIS is how you can do it … 👇🏼

I want to invite you to start by watching the Launch Expansion Method training for FREE now.

Register for my free training, “The Launch Expansion Method” for FREE!

Within this training I’ll be teaching you…

🚀 the Launch Expansion Formula – which is a CORE part of the Launch Strategy that Alyssa and other Launchers have used to understand their launch goals
💥 my 4-month launch calendar
💕 my $100k Launch Strategy
🍀 the 4 phases of launching

(and so much more 🥰)

I’ll also introduce you to Together We Launch and let you know exactly how you can access the support and systems that helped Alyssa go from Unorganized 👉🏼 to 👉🏼 Scaling Launcher.

“Something that was instrumental in our launch was done for you templates, especially the email templates.

This was huge because, yes, we’ve written emails before we know how to do it, but having those emails and having the strategy behind that we could plug and play made it such a weight off of our shoulders for our team. Because these are emails that are tried and tested and it was very profitable for us. And that was a huge win…

If you are an online course creator or you have online digital products and you want to literally change your life, then you need to join Together We Launch.”

Are you ready to change your life?If you’re ready, register for the Launch Expansion Method training now!!!


I am SO genuinely excited for your success, and I would be truly honored to be a part of that journey.

Sending you massive hugs!

Alex 💋
(your favorite launch strategist)

P.S. Want to skip the training? Know you’re ready to join Together We Launch? Click here to request your application today! I can’t WAIT to read it. I hope to see you inside of Together We Launch soon … 😍😍😍😍 Ahhh!

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5 reasons you deserve to make more money.

The other day scrolling on social media I came across this picture and it made me stop in my tracks …

It got me REALLY thinking about the types of messaging we, as women, have been subject to and have adopted as our own.

I wonder – how have the messages we’ve been receiving daily, for generations, impact the way we see ourselves? The world? Our confidence in taking risks? Our ability?

I began to reflect on how women’s confidence in themselves as business owners may have been shaped by generations of marketing and patriarchal ideology.

What is the disparity between women and men’s mindsets toward career and money?

After some quick research, here are some stats I found …

👉🏼 Men are more confident about the projected success of their company. (72.4% of men have confidence in their business ventures as compared to 65.3% of women) (Source: Into the Minds)

👉🏼 84.7% of men consider themselves to be more entrepreneurial than women. 72% of women believe that they’re more entrepreneurial than men. (That is, almost 1 in 3 women see themselves as less entrepreneurial than men). (Source: Into the Minds)

👉🏼 Women are only likely to apply for a job if they feel that they meet near 100% of the criteria. Men will apply if they meet just 60% of the job’s requirements. Men are more likely to trust themselves to grow into a role, whereas women perceive that they have to be a perfect fit. (Source: CNBC)

Now, the gaps in those statistics are comparatively marginal … but take a look at THESE shocking statistics …

👉🏼 Globally, ONLY 2.8% of venture capital funding goes to women. 🤯 During the pandemic this number dropped to 2.3%. This means that in a “good” year, male run or owned businesses receive 97.2% of venture capital funding. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

👉🏼 The IFC has estimated that there is a $300 bil gap for formal, women-owned small businesses. They also noted that more than 70% of women-owned small and medium enterprises have inadequate or no access to financial services. (Source: The International Finance Corporation)

👉🏼 And, for good measure 😉, here’s a little history for you. Did you know that women in North America weren’t eligible to open bank accounts without their husband’s approval or control their own funds until the 60s? (The U.K. didn’t catch up until 1975!)

These statistics and facts highlight a number of things …

👉🏼 Women have been at a financial disadvantage for generations. Though there have been improvements they are slow … There are still significant systemic barriers to entry for female-business owners.

👉🏼 Women are less confident and less likely to seek opportunities in business – likely as a result of these pervasive hurdles along with generations of being groomed to believe that we “aren’t capable” nor do we “have a place”.

And of course, we can’t have this conversation without looking at the Gender Wage Gap.

The wage gap sits around 89% in North America – meaning that for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes 89c.

For every $100k a man makes, a woman makes $11k less.

Though this may not sound significant, this figure will compound over time.

These gaps are even larger for marginalized groups such as women of color, trans women and women with disabilities to name a few.

For every $1 earned by a white, non-Hispanic man in 2020, a Hispanic woman earned just 57 cents.

An article by the American Progress stated that, “over the course of a 40-year career, Black women lose an estimated $964k to the wage gap, Native American women lose $986k, Hispanic women lose $1.16m and AAPI women lose $400k.”

To say that these statistics are absurd is an understatement.

Yes, there are systemic issues that require uprooting. However, today I want to focus on how we can bring our awareness to these gaps and get curious about where we can reclaim our sense of power.

It’s time we give ourselves permission to question the boundaries of what we believe to be possible for our lives.

We need to begin seeking opportunities that require us to step out of our comfort zone and question why we’re holding ourselves back.

It’s time for us to challenge ourselves, drum up our courage and take the steps needed to gain experience and confidence.

It is my mission to provide my students with the tools and resources to grow their business in a way that will change their lives, break cycles and create a legacy for their families … To make waves within their communities and industries.

After all, making damn good money isn’t just about what gets puts into our pockets.

It’s about what that money can do for ourselves and our communities.

This is WHY we need more value driven businesses feeling comfortable with earning more money.

So without further ado …

Here are 5 reasons you deserve to make damn good money …

1️⃣ Your ability to earn more money can increase your confidence and a healthy sense of autonomy.

Knowing that you know how to make damn good money gives you the assurance that no matter what happens, you have the tools and know-how to take care of yourself (and those you’re responsible for).

Though we don’t like to think about it, unexpected life circumstances that could leave you needing to become financially independent or responsible for others are always a possibility. It is also feasible that circumstances around financial support that you may rely on from a partner or family member could change. Whether that’s through divorce, losing a partner or unforeseen health challenges, it’s not unusual that you may need to support a spouse or family member during your lifetime.

In addition, women are more likely to live a longer life – and are therefore more likely to be widowed in the case of heterosexual partnerships. Data shows that this leads many women to unexpectedly become impoverished later on in life. This takes me to my next point …

2️⃣ Your future self deserves to be taken care of.

No matter what you earn, it is in your best interest that you automate payments to go into a long terms savings account. Saving for things like retirement, emergency funds and more provide your future self with a buffer to better manage any circumstance that may come your way.

Earning more money will provide you the spaciousness in your income to save larger lump sums of money on a monthly basis – and believe me when I say your future self will thank you for this!

3️⃣ You’re worth breaking the cycle. You and your family deserve the opportunities that may not have been afforded to you.

We cannot deny the power of money – with money comes endless opportunity.

Having more spaciousness in your income will allow you to set yourself up to create opportunities that align with your values – whether that’s to retire early, help your children get a quality education, invest in your business or personal development or to travel the world.

For example, one of our Launcher’s life transformed thanks to the success she had within Together We Launch. She was able to buy her family a three bedroom home with a pool and a rooftop garden. Before that, she was working out of her kids’ room. (In this video you can hear more in detail how Sonia having the courage to invest in herself changed her and her family’s life).

4️⃣ You have brilliance to share. Money will help you get there.

Your voice, vision and mission is completely unique to you. There is someone out there who needs to learn what you have to teach, in the way you have to teach it. ❤️

The more money your business earns, the more you have to invest in a team or additional resources to get your message into the hands of those who need it most, enhance your customer experience and deliver an even more transformational offer.

Claimy, one of our past Launchers, described how she was able to hire two full time employees to support her because she had such successful launches within Together We Launch. Her revenue from her online course allowed her the freedom to then only accept clients in her other service based business that she REALLY wanted to work with. Now, she only takes on weddings for dream clients who energize her. Making more money has allowed Claimy to invest in the livelihood of two other people and run her business in integrity with herself.

Earning more doesn’t just mean creating more income opportunities for others, it means it can also support you in creating work that powerfully impacts others lives. Launching allows you the time and space to create high quality free content and lead magnet experiences that your audience can access for no cost until they’re ready and able to invest in your offer.

5️⃣ The world needs more kind-hearted, wealthy people. I’m willing to bet you’d be one of them.

Have you ever heard the saying, “you vote with your dollar”?

Earning more money allows you to put your money where your values are. The world needs more heart-centered wealth distributors investing into the communities, people and causes they believe in and businesses they care about the most.

(For more money mindset inspiration, take a look at 5 Money Mindset Beliefs + Affirmations!)

You understanding that you’re deserving of receiving wealth is really close to my heart …

Here at Team Beadon we’re an all-women team that believes in the power of education. We provide our Launchers with the tools to create sustainable financial security and growth in their lives and businesses.

In the six years that we’ve run Together We Launch we’ve taught 1 man and over 60 women the Rinse and Repeat Launch Strategy that allows them to share their genius with the world and get paid damn good money to do it.

We’re extremely proud to have helped so many business owners set their businesses up with a reliable Launch Strategy that allows them the space to create waves in their communities.

Just take a look at what these Launchers have been able to accomplish by generating damn good money through launching …

After just her first round of Together We Launch, Alyssa was able to buy a car she’d dreamed of owning for 12 years and a cabin home on the lake. She describes TWL as opening doors to opportunities she never thought would be possible for her. She said …

“It’s not just about the material things … I’ve been able to travel, I’ve been able to afford a team … It’s opened up opportunities for me that I thought in my life would NEVER be able to be on my plate.

As much as I don’t want to cry, my life has literally changed … The biggest game changer that I took away was the mindset shift that I had to make in order to allow six figures into my life.”

As a result of her profitability from launching, Claimy was able to completely financially provide for her partner when they were diagnosed with a health condition. This allowed her partner the time and space to recover without an added financial burden.

Sonia was able to impact more lives through growing her online course, had a six-figure launch and bought her family a three-bedroom home!

Marina was able to have her first six-figure launch and scale her business to a seven-figure brand. She also describes now forever having the knowledge and skillset to make herself money when she needs to.

Interested in more Launcher stories?

👉🏼 Check out our testimonial library
👉🏼 Watch our 2021 Alumni Panel
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Your last launch was good. Let’s double it.

If you’re an online course creator that recognizes that launches are the key to MASSIVE pay days that could add up to more money than you made in the last year combined …

If you’re ready to be the person who creates launch experiences that capture people’s attention and create your highest level of community engagement …

If you’re ready to experience a powerful transformation within your business and confidence like our Launchers above …

Together We Launch is for the online course creator making between $65k – $300k annually who is committed to growing their business and is hungry for the plug-and-play strategy to get them there.

Final thoughts …

Empowering women with the strategies and belief in themselves necessary to help them achieve more profitability and freedom is so close to my heart. I truly deserve the world needs more heart-centered wealth distributors.

If you have any questions at all about Together We Launch, I’d love to chat. Send me an email at with the subject line “Question about TWL” and let me know what’s on your mind.

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3 dead giveaways of a successful launch.

What do you think makes a launch successful?

Most people I speak to think it only has to do with revenue and profit generated, yet over the last decade I’ve discovered 3 things that are dead giveaways as to whether a launch is really successful, or not …

#1 – You’re using a Rinse and Repeat Launch Formula

Are you exhausted from constantly trying to reimagine your launches? From trying to create a new strategy, assets and content?

Truthfully, you only need to implement a rock-solid Launch Strategy – once.

Not every launch has to be wildly different, complicated and brand-spanking new. In fact, if you’ve created a launch strategy tailored to your target audience, then you should ABSOLUTELY be Rinsing and Repeating it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Find a Launch Strategy that WORKS – and STICK to it. This will help with the second key to success…

#2 – You’re minimizing the resources you need to execute the launch


Ever heard of the acronym, K.I.S.S.?

Keep it simple, stupid.

The more resources you have to invest to make money (including your TIME) the less profitable your launch is! Instead of reinventing the wheel each time you launch, use previous launch communications and assets as templates to help you save TIME and MONEY. This is why it’s important to create a reliable Launch Strategy that you can lean on for launches to come! This way you’re creating an environment for less stress – and more cash!

#3 – You know how to optimize as you go

I’m going to be real with you – NO launch is flawless at the start (or even 10 launches down the line 😂). There are SO many moving pieces which all take tweaking and testing to make work. When you have a dependable formula and recyclable resources this gets easier – but you still have to work at it!

The key is knowing WHAT to optimize. What stats to look at, and what changes to make in order to improve them. This is a science and art form that has taken me YEARS to learn.

But you don’t want it to take years – you want profitable launches NOW.

This is why I’ve distilled all of my hard-earned knowledge from over a decade of successful launching into my upcoming FREE training!

In this value-packed training, I’ll teach you how to access and replicate those 3 keys to successful launches within your biz. I’ll even let you behind the curtain of my wildly profitable launches, including sneak peeks at my launch revenue, my launch calendar, and my signature Launch Expansion Formula that has helped myself and my clients generate unbelievable results.

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I’ll see you on the inside!

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5 tools to help you build your online business

Today, I thought I’d pull back the curtain and share with you the five tools I used to create my online business.

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The 5 tools I used to create my online business…

1. Notion – ideation, launch planning, project tracking, knowledge hub

If you’ve been following me for the last couple years you’ll know that I SWEAR by Notion. It’s an all-in-one for all things knowledge hub and project management.

To be completely transparent, I did not use Notion to create my online business – in fact I used Evernote for many, many years.

The problem?

I had lengthy pages of my ideas and strategies … however my team didn’t have access to these thoughts. Similarly, I didn’t have access to the resources, information and ideas that my team was working day in and day out on!

We were all working in a vacuum – it was inefficient and created knowledge and communication gaps.

Notion has allowed us to store team knowledge in one central location so that we can easily fill knowledge gaps and create shared resources and guides. It’s a straightforward way for us to collaborate on and organize projects.

Notion is number one on this list for a reason. Making the switch to Notion is – in my opinion – 100% worth it.

My piece of advice to you would be to think of it as a living, breathing knowledge hub where your SOPs and projects live. Spend a little time each day building it out and in time you’ll begin to understand which systems do – and don’t – work for you.

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2. Kajabi – everything you need to host your course

Kajabi has everything you need to create and sell your online course. The newest version of Together We Launch is hosted in Kajabi and I absolutely love how intuitive and seamless it is.

Here’s a peek 😍👇🏼

In the past I used Teachable, however, after working with an Educational Designer on upgrading the TWL program, she recommended Kajabi and I fell in love!

With Kajabi you can…

👉🏼 create and host your online course or membership site through their platform

👉🏼 get access to their marketing tools to create content, sales pages, campaigns or funnels

👉🏼 automate key interactions with your customers using their CRM tools

👉🏼 get paid using their integrations

At the moment we use Ontraport for our email management and WordPress for all of our sites (including sales pages) however Kajabi has all-in-one functions that could replace these platforms, and are well worth looking into.

You can build a site on Kajabi for free – and paid plans range between $119 USD to $319 USD per month.

Do you use Kajabi’s all-in-one features? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience with it. Is it worth it? Leave a comment below & let me know!

3. Canva Pro – create branded launch assets & content

I think it goes without saying that Canva is a phenomenal layman’s tool for content creation. Here at Team Beadon we use Canva for everything from the GORGEOUS slides inside The Launch Expansion Method to sales page graphics and PDF creation.

What I love about Canva is you can add your brand fonts, colors and logo to your brand kit for ease of access. My favorite hack is to add your brand photos and .svg graphics to folders. When you upload an .svg graphic file you can customize the colors to match your branding!

4. Zapier – integrate apps and seamlessly automate functions

Zapier makes it easy to integrate apps and automate functions across a possible 5,000+ apps. This is incredible because it allows you to integrate different softwares that wouldn’t usually talk to one another.

By automating functions like granting access to course assets or tracking our leads we can begin to focus on adding value to our community rather than getting bogged down in managing daily operations.

Our favorite ways to use Zapier are …

1️⃣ To keep our leads organized: when someone fills out one of our opt-in forms we are able to use Zapier to automatically populate that data into Notion and Google Sheets so that we know who is opting in and where they’re coming from.

2️⃣ Strengthen our social proof: when someone purchases a product we’re able to connect the payment page with a software called “Proof” that creates pop ups on your sales page saying, “Ana recently joined our offer!” This helps us celebrate our new clients, strengthen our social proof and create FOMO.

3️⃣ Seamlessly grant clients access to assets: when someone purchases on our payment platform we’re able to create an automation to grant our clients access to Together We Launch in Kajabi, as well as our Circle community and Private Podcast of Mindset Pep Talks. Here’s what it looks like …

5. And finally … SamCart – getting paid!

SamCart is an eCommerce platform that helps course creators to accept orders and get paid for what they do.

You can manage your online course or digital download offers directly to their site and create sales pages.

SamCart offers a variety of templates for checkout pages and holds hands with softwares like Stripe to help you collect your payments. You’re able to offer payment plans, subscriptions, tiered offers, upsells and down-sells.

And there you have it! The five tools I used to create my online business! I’d love to know – what are your favorite tools to use in your online business?

I hope you enjoyed this post! I want to remind you that my FREE training, The Launch Expansion Method, is available for you to watch now.

This training is specifically for online course creators, who have already successfully sold their course before, and are ready to get access to the roadmap to six and multi-six-figure launches.

Alex 💋
(your favorite launch strategist)

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