30 Days of Dream-Chasing Love Letters



The 30 days of Dream-Chasing Love Letters is a 30 day program created by me, consisting of one Dream-Chasing Love Letter a day sent straight to your inbox for 30 days.

Each letter will shoot your inspiration levels through the roof, and  leave you feeling as though you can truly conquer each and every single dream floating around in your head.

These letters will give you the perspective you need to succeed.

They will make you feel vibrant and confident in what you’re doing, and make you feel the true power of your value and purpose.

After each daily letter you will be raring and ready to work your butt off to make your dreams come true, and life will feel so much less of a drag, and so much more of a passion-inspired mission.

These letters were created to give you full permission to shine.

They will remind you that what you do MATTERS, that you have a legacy to leave, and that it’s your daily duty to get it done.

Each letter is overflowing with positivity, and will leave you feeling so inspired that you’ll actually WANT to get to work.

If you’re anything like me, you know that inspiration is one of the greatest catalysts for success.

You’re also smart enough to know just what a difference feeling inspired can have on your levels of enthusiasm, motivation, and most importantly: on your productivity.

Because here’s the truth: when you’re inspired, you feel unstoppable, nothing else matters, and you get things done.


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all content
  • One email a day delivered straight to your inbox for 30 days
  • Each email contains one Dream-Chasing Love Letter
  • Each Dream-Chasing Love Letter was created to give you a positive and inspirational boost of motivation
  • Each Dream-Chasing Love Letter is designed to feed your mind love-based thoughts
  • The Dream-Chasing Love Letters are based on the idea that the more you illuminate love-based thoughts, the less of a hold your fear-based thoughts have on you
  • BONUS: After the 30 days you will get all of the 30 love letters combined in one PDF, for you to turn back to whenever you need a pick-me-up


  • You have big dreams to own an incredibly profitable creative business
  • You have a huge idea that you’re super passionate about, but you doubt your ability to make it happen
  • You don’t really understand WHY you’re not as successful as you thought you’d be by now
  • You feel as though you lack confidence
  • When people criticize you, it eats you up inside
  • You try not to let their criticism get to you, but it does
  • You find it difficult to cope with people’s doubt especially when you feel as though you have very little to be proud of
  • You love feeling inspired and you need more of it in your life
  • Self-doubt regularly gets you down and holds you back
  • You consider yourself a dream-chaser



  • You’re not open and willing to change your habits to start creating success at higher levels
  • You don’t truly desire to succeed
  • You’re naturally a pessimist who doesn’t believe in the powers of positivity.
  • Inspiration does not lift you up and make you feel your best



My name is Alex Beadon! You might recognise me from my weekly Chatty Tuesday video series, from my past as a professional photographer, or maybe as the creator of Dress to Impress.

Either way – I am a woman on a mission. A mission to stop you and your business from reaching ‘comfortable,’ a mission to give you the hand you need to build a better business and life, a mission to inspire your success. Best. Mission. Ever.

I work with the bad ass super stars who live by the mantra ‘go big or go home.’ These champions have their head in the clouds and their feet on the ground, and they were born ready. Ready for what? Ready to step out of their comfort zone and market themselves like a boss, run their business like a boss, and live life (you guessed it) like a boss.

I have a killer Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Marketing. In 2009 I started a blog in the hopes that it would act as a launch pad for my career as a photographer. Fast forward a few years and I had become one of ProBlogger’s 15 bloggers to watch in 2013, all while venturing my blog away from photography and establishing it as a resource for creative business owners who want to take the world by storm!



The problem with searching for testimonials when your product is brand spankin’ new, is that you don’t have any! The beautiful thing about this product, though, is that I’ve been sending dream-chasing love letters to people all over the world for years now, I’ve just never sold any of these love letters as a product before. Here are some of the responses from people I’ve had the pleasure of emailing that I dug out from my inbox, it’s amazing feedback like this that encouraged me to create this 30 day program.

I saw your message the following morning and my perspective completely changed. I felt vibrant again. Confident again. More importantly, I felt like what I was doing had value and purpose. What you wrote changed my mind completely and if it wasn’t for your response, I would probably be letting go of my photography dreams as we speak.” – Elyana

“Thank you SO MUCH for the words of encouragement. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your letter. You’re right, I shouldn’t be afraid! A million thanks to YOU, for the confidence boost I so desperately needed. Love and good vibes, Jessie.” – Jessie

Talk about instant motivation!! I was on the verge of giving up my dream…till I found you, Just by following your page and reading your posts and all your advice, I have never felt more motivated to keep pushing.. Photography is my dream, and in this ever so challenging field, it can get overwhelming and discouraging. Thank you so much for this push I needed!! ” – Daniella

“Again, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It made such an impact on my motivation levels.. it’s insane and my future successes (I’m going to work my butt off!!) are going to be attributed to your words of advice given at a time when I needed to hear them the most!”- Elyana

“Alex, THANK you sooo much for your response. It was exactly what I needed to hear and all so true. You are good girl! 🙂 You gave me the confidence I needed to do this! I just want you to know I think you ROCK and I really appreciate what you do!! I only know one other person in my life that inspires me the way you do. I look to you for advice and take to heart everything you say! ” – Molly




What is “The 30 days of Dream-Chasing Love Letters”?

The 30 days of Dream-Chasing Love Letters is a 30 day program created by me consisting of one Dream-Chasing Love Letter a day for 30 days. Each love letter was carefully crafted to give you the daily inspiration you need to have the motivation to do your very best work. The 30 days of Dream-Chasing Love Letters is all about standing up to fear by replacing it with messages of inspiration and love. I’ve learned from my own experience that

Who would benefit the most from The 30 days of Dream-Chasing Love Letters?

 It was created specifically for people who feel as though they are destined for greatness, but fear continually gets in their way when it comes down to actually making it happen. It was created for people who are so afraid of what people will say or think, that they fail to take action. It’s for any single person who ever deals with a lack in confidence, or days of total and utter doubt. These letters are supposed to give them that boost in confidence that they need to tackle their life and to-do list head on, without any hesitations or second guesses.

How often will I receive a letter?

You will receive one letter every single day for 30 days – weekends included!

How will the letters be sent to me?

The letters will be sent to you automatically via email on a daily basis.

Will I really feel more inspired during The 30 days of Dream-Chasing Love Letters?

If you’re anything like the creative entrepreneurs I’ve emailed time and time again over the last few years who have absolutely loved my uplifting words of wisdom during their most difficult times – then YES!

What do I need to do to receive the letters?

All you need is a working email address – it’s simple!

What if the love letters don’t inspire me?

If you don’t find the love letters to be inspiring to you, there is a 15 day 100% money back guarantee!

How do I sign up to get the letters?

All you have to do is click the “buy now” button below !

Have any other questions? Get in touch + send me an email!

You can reach me at hello(at)alexbeadon(dot)com


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