S2 Ep.31 – Lessons from a Near Half-Million Dollar Launch with Alyssa Lang

In this episode, I speak to Alyssa Lang about what it’s really like to have a $446,000 launch. When we first started working together, her business had barely made any sales, and now here she is, three years later, having made $1.25 million over the past three years of using the Rinse and Repeat Launch Strategy. It’s an honor to have her on the show today, sharing her journey with you all. I hope it can act as a major inspiration!

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Alex Beadon 0:03
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Hello Gorgeous people you are listening to Episode 31 of season two of on purpose with Alex Beadon. And in today’s episode, I am interviewing the one the only Alyssa Lang. Recently I was traveling in Poland and I got a message from her. This was like literally two weeks ago, saying that she had a $446,000 launch using a rinse and repeat launch strategy. She has been a member of together relaunch since 2020, and has signed up every single year since. And in this episode, we dive into what she really thinks up together relaunch what her experience has been like and what it was like to sell $446,000 worth of sales in her business now for total. What’s the word transparency, she did have an expenditure of about 40,000. So what all of a sudden done, she still had a net profit of $400,000. That is us. So that’s what this episode is all about. If you are someone who has it on your vision board to have a multiple six figure launch, then this is the episode for you. It’s going to give you so much insight and really help solidify what it actually looks and feels like and also I what I hope this episode does for you is show just how possible it is. I’m Alex Beadon, your favorite launch strategist and your guide to the online business world. I’ve had an online business on digital products since 2011. And I’ve been helping online businesses scale through launching since 2016. I’ve been featured in Forbes and entrepreneur and I’ve worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to multi million dollar small businesses. Here at Team Beadon. We pride ourselves on being the industry leading destination for all things launch strategy, our 12 month program together we launch teaches our signature rinse and repeat launch strategy that has helped course creators and membership owners from all over the world have their best launches yet. And I have to share with you the amazing news that applications are now open for together we launch. So if you’ve been waiting for the day that you could submit your application and potentially join our incredibly amazing community inside of together relaunch, then this is your chance. Our goal is to give you the tools to create a wildly profitable business while prioritizing your most joyful life so that you can truly experience time, freedom, location, freedom and financial freedom. Without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode. Alisa, welcome to the podcast. I’m so excited to have you here. Our audience is going to love listening to the story that you’re about to share with them. So thank you so much for taking the time to be here.

Alyssa Lang 3:14
Yeah, thank you so much for having me. Once again, it’s like I feel like a celebrity a little bit for being back again.

Alex Beadon 3:21
You are here together, we launched celebrity I love it. So I thought we’d get this episode started off by just setting an intention. You know, this episode is really for anyone who maybe is on the fence about joining together, we launch. They’re not sure if they’re really ready for together relaunch, they feel like it’s going to be a really big step for them. And I feel like for me, you’ve been such an inspirational story to share with people. Because you know, when you started together relaunch, I think you had a lot of uncertainty as well, you weren’t sure if you were going to really fit into the group, I know that you didn’t have a very large following. And so I think you’ve been such a success story and just showing people what’s possible. And so I wanted you to have to I wanted to have you on the show, to speak to about your story and everything that you went through inside of together, we launched so let’s get started by just sharing like, Where were you at before you joined together we launch? Where was your business at? And what kind of got you to even start thinking about joining together we launch?

Alyssa Lang 4:26
Yeah, so I know that I was introduced to you back in 2020. At the very beginning of the year. I heard about you through Luis Henry, which I know you’ve had on the podcast before. And I kept hearing about launching I didn’t even know what it was I came from like the accounting world like tax and accounting. I had no idea what an email sequence was like. I never tried to like build a presence on like online. I’ve never had to deal with any of that kind of stuff. And so I kept hearing your name. So I started following you. And I remember at that time, like it was like very beginning of the year somewhere around February before COVID had happened. But that was when you were in England. Yeah. Yeah, you were in England and I remember that.

Just because I remember you got stuck. That’s what I got introduced to you is my business started on Valentine’s Day of 2020. And it wasn’t a COVID company because COVID wasn’t like a thing at that time, it kind of sprung out because I saw a lot of other people in the accounting industry really struggling with systems processes, Team hiring. And I knew I had something that was valuable to them, because I had started doing like a sauna build outs, but I couldn’t sustain doing one on one setups anymore. Like the only way I can really reach a bigger audience and support people was through creating a course. But like I said, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know about all this stuff. And when I got introduced to the word launching, it was like, a little bit overwhelming for me. So I kind of like, watched everything that you did. And I was like, Oh my God, she’s famous. Like,

he’s still like, think in my brain all the time. Well, anyways, like as the business started to come up. So as we’re coping had started, I just really struggled getting in front of people, like I don’t think I had anybody who bought the program for like, almost six months into, into what I was doing at this company, but I knew I had something so viable that people needed in my industry to change their lives. And so I started following you. And then that’s when I think it was around the time it was your birthday. Because for 20. I don’t know why I always remember these dates. Maybe because I’m a numbers person. And I remember it was your birthday. And you guys were you and your sister were playing in the pool. Like a little kiddie pool. Yes. I remember. Listen, you’re like, and I remember kept calling. Every time you go on live, I’d like calm and you’d be like, Oh my god, your name’s so cool workflow queen. And I was like, oh my god, she said my name. It’s so funny. I like those identifying moments. Like they just transformed to bigger things. When he was I kept following you. And I really struggled. I tried to do my own launch. And I because I’ve been falling at that time, I think you were launching something. And I saw you doing like, getting people excited about getting onto this bootcamp, I was like, Okay, I’m gonna try this thing. And it didn’t go very well for me because like, I didn’t know all the different layers and stuff. And that was in the summer of 2020. And that was actually when around you were doing a launch for together we launch. And I just remember being like, you know what, I really don’t have a lot of funds within this business. Thank God, I had another business that I actually was able to fund like getting a ticket together, we launch. But at that time, I was a little bit nervous. It was the first time I’d ever ever invested in anything that was significant to me like it was it, it was hard for me to decide, but but I knew that you were going to give me results. But it was like, I had to just trust that that was going to be the case, what happens if I’m the one of those people because you warn people all the time, like, not all people’s results are going to be the same results as everybody else’s. And I was a little bit apprehensive, but just based off testimonials I had seen and Louise Henry, like really hyped you up. I was just like, You know what, I sat down my boyfriend at that time. And I was like, I think I’m just gonna do it. I’m gonna make it happen. And I don’t even know if this thing’s going to. Nobody wants it. Nobody’s really buying it in the first place. And then I signed up. And then I think we started the launch. And my first launch was in like October of 2020, or something like that. And the first launch I ever did, we did 116k total. But when we did our private presale, I think we landed around like 30k It’s been like, almost three years now. But around 30k. But I was like holy shit. That’s the most money I’ve ever seen in one day at one time. Like, it was a lot of money. Like, I remember I was going through those mindset issues and just having the support in general with the mindset stuff. And like getting into together we launch and like everything that was like included. It wasn’t just about like, here’s a plan, go do it. It was like, You guys actually cared about me and you guys really cared for my success. And so yeah, I was a little bit apprehensive, but I’m obviously very grateful. It’s been like, the other day I actually calculated this out just so you know, for fun fact, I think you’ve made me in my business $1.25 million, based off launching in three. Wow, that

Alex Beadon 8:41
makes me so happy to hear honestly, congratulations. And I think you know, for us looking at you one of the big things that are one of the big differentiating factors of you is that you are someone who came in, and you really like implemented everything like yeah, you know, to the you took the strategy, and you were like, I’m going to follow this strategy. And you know, we have people joining together, we launch who don’t follow the strategy to the tee. And they still get, you know, somewhat good results, like people still come in and they’re like, I didn’t follow it to the tee. And I still did really well and I’m happy. But when we see people like you come in and like really follow everything. Their results are just phenomenal. But so Okay, your first launch. After joining together we launched you said in total was $116,000. Right?

Alyssa Lang 9:23
Yes. And then 30 of it was from the private presale like the layer that you have us do.

Alex Beadon 9:27
Right? So after that you then decide you’ve joined together we launched four times now, right?

Alyssa Lang 9:34
It’s either three or four. I’m pretty sure all the times it’s happened is all the times I’ve been there.

Alex Beadon 9:39
You’ve signed up every single time since which is wonderful. Tell us about your launches. Like you know you had that first launch. It was great. Tell us about the launches since because I know that you’ve been continuing to scale and scale and scale. So talk us through a little bit about that.

Alyssa Lang 9:55
Yeah, so for the very first launch, it was all very overwhelming. Like you said I just followed everything to a tee And for anyone listening, if you do join together, we launch I really recommend the first launch just following everything that they say do everything that they say. And maybe the next time when you have more capacity, start to add a new layers. And that’s what I’ve I’ve kind of done over time, which is something that you’re really you heavily preach inside of together we launch is just do this, add the fluff later. Like it’s what we call a fluff, right? Yeah,

Alex Beadon 10:21
like just add the extra layers afterwards.

Alyssa Lang 10:24
Yeah, capacity. And at that time, I didn’t have a team member I like had nobody where it was just me like putting this all together. And I was like, just stress. But anyways, now it’s such a different scenario with our launching process. Well, over time, like it’s taken us three years to really define our way of doing things. So we still have the foundational way that the same launch phases that you use a lot of the foundations, but we’ve kind of tweaked it to be specific to my industry and what we need. So we have like a project in Asana, we’ve got all these different things that we have, like mapped out templates ready to go. And every time we’ve launched, it’s just gotten easier and easier and easier for us to just really rinse and repeat. Like you always tell everybody to do. Overtime. I’ve always relaunched that same program that I first launched was, which was called kick off with a sauna. And at that time, I relaunched it, I think multiple times a year is what we’ve done. And then about a year ago, or maybe it was two I think it was about a year ago, we created a brand new group coaching program specifically for bookkeepers. It’s called Breakthrough. And we ended up doing a two and a half day preset, like presale, but we didn’t end up doing like an open cart because we were just too exhausted. And our sales page broke the morning of 10 minutes before the page went live to the point where all we had on our sales page, it said, breakthrough for bookkeepers and accountants, button one, either your pay in full or button to you like make a payment plan. But we also pushed back launching the program for almost a year because we were really like throwing our heart and souls into it to the point where people are already so hyped about that launch, we did 350k in two and a half days. And then over time, we’ve just done multiple launches per year. Last year, we only did three. And then this year, we just got done with one we wrapped it up about two weeks ago, we’ve done our biggest launch that we’ve ever had. And we did we ended up with $446,540. So almost a half, half a million dollar launch. And that was for a seven day open cart. And we just finished that one up. So it’s been a bit of a journey.

Alex Beadon 12:19
How many times have you launched because I know you said it’s $1.25 million in total in launches sales in the last three years. How many launches is that?

Alyssa Lang 12:29
I would say 2020 was definitely 120 21 Was I want to say two or three. And then 2023. We’ve done already one kick off with a sauna one. And then another one for breakthrough. And we’re doing another kick off with a sauna one here in about a month and a half, we’ll we’ll start the challenge.

Alex Beadon 12:48
So about six, seven something. Yep. That’s brilliant. I’m so proud of you. I just love that I feel like every time we hear from you, it’s just like, you’ve had another goal, you’ve pushed the the goal even further and you’ve been able to reach it and achieve it every single time. And that’s amazing. What I love to hear as well is like the fact that it’s getting easier and easier for you because that is what we preach with the rinse and repeat launch strategies. Like we want it to be something that’s going to get easier and easier. Tell us about this last launch, which is your most profitable launch to date at almost $500,000 I know you mentioned to me that like it was one of your most hands off launches that you’ve ever done. So how has together launch been pivotal in helping you create those systems help you teach it to your team, and help you be able to learn like the process of you know, being a leader that takes your hand off the wheel in the way that you have? Yeah,

Alyssa Lang 13:44
so I kind of failed as a leader this last one, just start with that piece. The reason I say that is because we usually are supposed to start our launch process about three months prior to like a launch, especially going for one this big. And anyways, of course, me over here was like I’m gonna go to to loom like, I’m just gonna go travel. Like, we’ll figure it out later. We didn’t start the launch process until like, three and a half weeks before we actually did the bootcamp. And it was like, honestly, it was a hot mess. And I really regret doing that. But the same time it was fine. Everything worked out. But the poor team was like, What are you doing to us over here? I was like we got this it’s gonna be great. Also very good. You did it. Yeah. And we did and first first time we ever hosted this specific bootcamp this specific launch like to fit into this type of program. And it worked out really well. I didn’t think it was gonna work out like it did but it did.

Alex Beadon 14:37
I think it just goes to show that like it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be profitable. And this is something that we always tell our launchers it’s like launch put it out there even if you didn’t have the perfect amount of planning time or even if you have a busy summer like I’ve been traveling all summer like this hasn’t been an ideal time for me to launch but the show must go on. Profitability is oxygen to a business. We need to learn how to like bake these launches into our year to make sure that we’re generating that profitability within our business. And it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be profitable. Kudos to you. That’s absolutely wonderful. For someone who’s listening to who’s thinking to themselves, like, Alyssa has a team, like she has so much help and support. Yeah, I know that you didn’t always start off that way. I know that when you started, it was just you. You know, I think I don’t remember how many people were on your email list when you first joined together, we launch but it wasn’t a lot of people. Do you remember? Like

Alyssa Lang 15:29
300? And like, 30, I believe, because I still have a screenshot, like on my Instagram, like archive?

Alex Beadon 15:33
Yeah. That’s amazing. So 330 people, and you know, not the biggest audience in the world of followers. You know, I don’t know how many followers you got on Instagram at that time, like 115.

Alyssa Lang 15:43
Right? Like it was an Instagram followers.

Alex Beadon 15:48
So I love that you’ve been able to like, take this launch model, and build it to support you in the way that you want it to be supported. Whether that’s like, you know, building your team, or, you know, I know that you’ve moved house, and you’ve been able to like, take months and travel the country like, Yeah, I’m pretty sure you bought one of your dream cars like, yes, you’ve been able to do a lot. But for someone who’s listening who’s like, I don’t have a team, I don’t have all of these resources or followers or anything. What would you tell that person?

Alyssa Lang 16:18
I mean, your fault, in my opinion, your following doesn’t justify whether you’re good or not, like, in my opinion, like, I think that you are good enough at what you do. And I think if you look at the vanity metrics, because a lot of people are always very concerned with like, what’s the number of followers you have, like, even when you sign up for affiliate programs, to become an affiliate for a software you love? Well, how many if you don’t have over 10k email subscribers, they’re not gonna think about you. It’s like you just missed out because I’m a, I can play really hard with the people love me. Just get really big with the people who are following you. Just imagine like, if you have only 100 people, imagine being in a room with 100 people, I’d be like, freaking out. We know that how that happened. Last time I spoke on stage that was all bad. But yeah, it’s like, you have to remember, like the impact that you’re actually making, even if only you’re impacting, you know, five of those 100 people that are like following you. But if you’re feeling that way, just read, think and try to work through your mindset. And I know that you really helped me with that aspect of things. And as far as together, we launched like, I think as long as you have the passion, the drive, and that really the desire to actually make things happen. And I think this just goes in business in general, you will not make an excuse of why you can’t make it happen. Because I don’t have x, if you always give yourself an excuse of why you can’t do something because you don’t have something already is not going to get you to the something you want. And I think I’ve learned that through business. And I think the people who I’ve seen that have been very successful, no matter their following are the people who are tenacious, who are just driven and willing to put in the work. And if you can show up and you know, this is going to work and you convince yourself of it. That will happen. And I think no matter what size you are, it is possible to do this by yourself. I’ve done it by myself. Now, did I keep my sanity? Probably not. But we’re great over here. I’m still alive is all that matters.

Alex Beadon 18:06
Oh my gosh. Okay. So essentially, what you’re saying is, it’s going to be challenging, it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but it’s going to be worth it. And if you sit down and like focus on it, and put your attention on it and commit to it. I think that’s the biggest thing. Like we said, you follow that strategy to a tee. And what we recommend people do when they joined together we launch is like, go through the entire 11 module curriculum from start to finish and let that be your first job is to go through all of it, and then go through it again, this time like actually taking the action steps because at least that way you have like the big picture in your mind and then you could be like okay, now I’m ready to like go in and take action for someone who’s listening you know, did you show up to every together we launch call, like, Were you one of those people who was like actively if you didn’t come live to the call, you’re watching the replays

Alyssa Lang 18:53
I know that the first time around I did involve myself a lot more mostly because I really needed that extra support. I did a lot of the co working sessions I don’t know if you guys still do them now. Which means I don’t know all the things that are happening because I’ve been not not really as involved with I’d like to be in together we launch right now. And it’s just because like we have a system going it’s like I don’t need as much support as we did before but it’s been so helpful over time. But the past like but in terms

Alex Beadon 19:17
of like that first one like that first time that you joined, it was percentage wise what where do you think you were at in terms of like,

Alyssa Lang 19:25
Hmm, probably like 70% of the calls I made co working ops calls the regular coaching calls because I had a lot of questions a lot of things came up during my launch that like sometimes in the Facebook group like trying to type things out just my brain doesn’t work like that. I need to hear someone talk it out with me. And so the coaching calls were really handy at the very the especially at the very beginning 100% Yeah, so 70%

Alex Beadon 19:48
which I think is a doable percent you know, it’s not that you are showing up to every single thing or that you were a perfect student. You gave it your all you showed up 70% of the time. He was good enough for you to be able to get these results you had your first launch was a six figure launch, which is just amazing. And then to be able to build it from there. So what have been some of the perks that you’ve gotten to experience? What have you been able to create for yourself and give yourself as a result of you using the rinse and repeat strat launch strategy and joining together we launch like, what are some of your the things that you’re most proud of? I know some people you know, they’re proud that they’ve been able to buy something or maybe gifts, their family something, what would you say are the things that you would look at in your life and say this was a direct result of having joined together we launch?

Alyssa Lang 20:41
Yeah, I would say impact is probably my biggest thing. The exposure that I’ve been able to have through knowing these strategies would have never put me in the place. Like I said, we didn’t even have a lot of people. In my Rena, they didn’t know who I was, like, I think they’re came with marketing strategies that come with launching, it allows you to kind of scoop up a lot of people at one time, even though if they’re not ready to buy, which is fine with me. It gives them some sort of like, information and things that they need to like, move forward, and like their business, because like, you know, I’ve worked specifically with bookkeepers and accountants, that’s just my niche. And that’s all I work with. If you’re another business owner, unfortunately, like it’s just, I can’t take you. And so for me, like the impact of knowing like what I can create for other firms, because in our industry, a lot of people are burnt out by working day to day, it’s hard to pass off the bookkeeping work or tax work, because it’s very relationship driven, that people make a lot of an excuse of being like, I can never take a vacation, I’ve always got to run payroll. And I just got so tired of the industry like acting like that, when thinking that that was the only way to live in work. And so since together, we launched, like being able to expose myself a little bit more and more, it’s allowed me to kind of create that butterfly effect, like I’ve had people, like, reach out and say, like, you know, their husband just recently, like, got diagnosed with cancer, and they’ve been able to like, able to step away from the business to be able to like, focus on taking care of him, like while the business is still running with like the teachings and people will hit like really big numbers, the big My favorite thing is not even the vanity metric. It’s like how people feel. For Alyssa, I actually got to take a whole week off, Newton did nothing other than like the team ran the show like that makes me really excited. So I think my biggest thing has been the impact. From together we launch. And then I think also, the money is great. But I think what comes with the money too is that the money allows me to create more opportunities, not just for my team, but also for my students. So I would never be able to afford to like host retreats because anybody who’s listening who hosts a retreat or in person event, you’re usually not profitable on them. They’re just not a profitable thing. Unfortunately, it’s really meant to like cultivate relationships with people on a deeper level. And they will the launches have allowed me to have that extra funding to be able to put those types of intimate events where at some of those students I have now this biz besties with other people and I’m even like meeting up with some of them in Vegas next next month like this, the relationships that it’s allowed me to expose myself to has been incredible. Not only that, but because of like launching and just getting people kind of like swooped in and loving what we do. It’s allowed me to have speaking opportunities, like being on podcasts, like that’s something I’m on constantly. Other than that, for me, it’s like my dream car like I really wanted like a foreigner for like the longest time. And so I fell in love with my car when I saw it at the moment I did. And I bought it. And now I’m actually looking into buying a house next year, which was already on the plan regardless of like the launch. Other than that, we’re now able to offer 401, k’s and health full full time, team members health benefits. We are striving for a four day work week. It’s just not happening as fast as we wanted to opportunities like my team member whose dad is not doing so well. Her being able to take the time off without having to stress out like it’s just given so much more opportunity. And I think the last really cool thing is this big group coaching program that we have. I now invested in someone who is creating like AI bots that are going to live within the actual program itself to help them crank out job descriptions and crank out like roadmaps and tell them exactly where their bottlenecks are. And that was like six grand it’s like those options. It gives me opportunities to try to invest in ways to make my students lives easier. So it’s not just about me, it’s also about like all the other people too.

Alex Beadon 24:15
I love that so much. Yeah. Quick break in the show to celebrate with you the fact that we have now opened the doors to together we launch. You can now submit your application to join anytime before September 26. That is Tuesday, September 26. We would absolutely love to learn more about you and your business if you are someone who is making anywhere from $65,000 a year to $500,000 a year and you are looking to scale your launches using a rinse and repeat launch strategy that will be easy for you to implement into your business time and time again, and I highly suggest going and requesting an application today you can do so over at together we launched.com So go now don’t procrastinate on this, you know, this is not going to be available forever. And we have this incredible cohort of online business owners that are joining. And we’d love for you to be a part of it. So if you feel that inner calling to be making more money with your launches, and to be scaling what you’re already doing in your business, go now and request an application together, we launched.com what was the value for you when you first joined together, we launch to be around other like minded online business owners. Oh, yeah, that’s

Alyssa Lang 25:32
like, honestly, the biggest impact. Like, I’ve just learned that over time that your friends that you like in your real life, start to like, dwindle out naturally. And you start making friends and everybody else in the industry and like, they’re like online people, and then all of a sudden you see him in real life. And they’re like, you’re besties like, you know what I mean? It’s so interesting, Alex, I have not I keep forgetting to tell you this, but there was a together, we launched that we launched the very first time I had done it with her. And somehow she remembered that I had that I worked with bookkeepers did not know that I actually had my own bookkeeping firm. She like recommended someone to come to me to help the I can help them find a bookkeeper and was like, oh, actually now run my own firm. And I reached out to her and was like, we weren’t together, we launched together. She’s like, I just remember you worked at bookkeepers, I’m actually going to be hosting in her program, like once a month financial calls. So like, oh, and that’s just like years later, that’s three years later. And like, now I’m having other opportunities. And so those relationships, I’ve still kept in contact with them. And like, other than that, some they come and go, some you connect with some you don’t, which is not a bad thing. It’s just like, everybody has their own thing going on. But that was really cool. Just being around people who understood was going through while my family didn’t know what it was like for me to hit these big numbers, and they nor would they understand, or they would just look at me as some money back. And that to me, I needed to be surrounded with those good good people.

Alex Beadon 26:45
Yeah. How beneficial was it for you to have your team members also have the opportunity to go through together relaunch so that you didn’t have to be the one to like, teach them? Yeah, that

Alyssa Lang 26:56
was a lot easier once I had the team, which they were around the first time. But yeah, so over time, when we continue to join together, we launch, I ended up adding the team members, and they would come in, and they would assist us with stuff. And that was just really nice, because they were able to attend calls, they were able to pull assets. I already kind of knew what everything was. So instead of me having to train them on like, this is what launching is I can just be like, Yo, go take the program.

Alex Beadon 27:20
I love it. Um, the next question is, and this is kind of an odd question, but I’m really curious, because together, we long, just set up right now as a 12 month program, you know, we have people come, and we have people who decide to sign up again and again. And we know that when people sign up the first time they’re learning the curriculum, they’re learning the strategy. But after that, we have people who stick around for the value of the community and the support, and being able to show up and get their questions answered once a week if they want to. I know, as you said at the beginning, you know, you’re not as involved in together relaunch anymore. But I’d love for you to share with us what has been the deciding factor for you to sign up for together we launch every single time since you know what has been the value for you there.

Alyssa Lang 28:05
I think it’s always knowing that you have someone like to back you up. Because like for me, I’d rather like pay for that and know that if shit hits the fan in the launch. And we need to pivot and I just can’t think through that. I love my team to death, but they’re also not long strategists. They’re also not business owners. And so sometimes they don’t see it in the same light that we do. And so knowing that I have that group to come back to or that and I might like every once in a blue moon pop into one, one coaching call or q&a call and just get one question answered and take off and like but that’s how I am in most programs. Like I’m not really wanting to be super super involved once I’ve got the hang of it. But for me, it’s just knowing that there is somewhere that I can go back to that I can get support from and I think that’s like there’s power in that because I can’t just I don’t expect to voice though you and be gone to work together launch to be like, Alex, I’m going to this with my launch. Like I respect your space and I respect your time as a business owner myself, I could never imagine like trying to pick your brain for free when like you deserve to be paid for like that, that information.

Alex Beadon 29:03
For sure. We have a lot of people who might have gone through with the ultimate launch boot camp and be like wow, I really have a good understanding I feel so much more confident. Like they definitely leave the ultimate launch boot camp feeling this sense of excitement for their next launch, right. Some people might be thinking to themselves do I really need to sign up for together relaunch? You know, I might as well just try it on my own at first and see how it goes. So I My question for you is how much longer do you think it would have taken you to have your first six figure launch? And do it on your own? Had you not invested in together we launch?

Alyssa Lang 29:41
I don’t know where we start off with giggling like because a joke if of how long it would have actually taken probably not even now like if it was three years later I built the I mean, think about it my results were nothing so like can you imagine if I continue to do the same thing that’s like the definition of insanity. Like if you want something In the change in the business, what got you here is not what’s gonna get you there. And so like you have to invest in the things that are gonna move you forward. And something that’s repeatable, something that has, you know, the vanity metrics and the results that you’re looking for, and the community that you’re looking for, and the expertise, because I know a lot of people recently that are starting to be launchers, and I see these like results in these different things. And I just don’t trust them, like, I just can’t trust them, like I can trust you. And to be honest, I would just say, like, just do it. Because if not, you’re just going to be like, overwhelmed, you’re going to stress yourself out. And also, you’re just going to get to a point where you’re just like, so burnt out, because you think you’re not enough because you can’t get those results. Like without the support, you could probably figure it out. Absolutely. But why not just fast track everything. Like I’m at a point in my business where I no longer used to be my time was more important, or my money was more important than my time. But now I’m in a place in my business where my time is way more valuable than my money, then I would rather fast track everything I do in business now. And just why not go to someone who has the method, the system, the info, and the people who have been there done that, like, I don’t know, to me, it’s just you might as well just level up your life and just make it happen.

Alex Beadon 31:09
And then if someone is hearing you say those words with their thinking in their mind, this is a really big investment. You know, it’s terrifying to make this investment. What words of wisdom do you have for them? What was it like for you to make that investment? And, you know, we know now that clearly, you did get your your, your return on your investment $1.25 million later. But speak to us a little bit about that. What advice would you have, you know, if a course creator friend of yours was like, I know this all sounds great, but I’m really afraid.

Alyssa Lang 31:37
Yeah, I think first of all, making sure your stuff is validated. I know that it’s hard for me to say because technically, I had like one person by for a really long time. So most people would be like, it’s not validated. It’s not, nobody wants it. But I knew it was. But it’s just the fact that I lacked Understanding Exposure. And so that’s the first most important thing, you have to make sure that what you’re selling, or what you’re giving, is actually validated. And if you don’t know that, I mean, feel free to reach out to your community, ask them pull them on Instagram and just say, if I have this thing, what would you feel about this? Voice Note someone talk this through with somebody, if a lot of people were like, yes, I would love this, you know, they might have apprehensions to the cost of it. But that’s neither here nor there. First have a validated product, in my opinion. Then second, what I’d probably recommend is that like, you really chat this out with someone maybe going through that experience, who has done it before. Like I said, Louise Henry was the person who helped me to convert to say, I’m going to do it, I’m going to go all in, I’m all open to have these conversations with people like you guys can come to my Instagram, it’s at workflow Queen voice. Don’t be like, That’s the fastest way i’ll probably respond. If you have any questions, if you’re trying to figure out like, what did I feel like? Because I just remember feeling so stuck and overwhelmed. And I just wanted to fix things. And I knew what I had was was viable, and that my community really needed it. And that’s probably going to be my biggest advice is just talk this out with someone. And don’t let someone tell you that. Like, you don’t need that. Because yes, technically, you don’t need all the things. But in my opinion with like all the results I’ve had, like, I’m just gonna be like, it’s a no brainer to me. But I understand the investment can be stressful, and it can be really overwhelming, but you can’t afford to not do it. In my opinion. Yeah.

Alex Beadon 33:14
It’s like looking at, you know, you’re making this investment. But what is the potential return on that investment? You know, and even I feel so proud of what we’ve created inside of together, we launch in terms of the return on the investment is actually so much more beyond just the sales. Yes, we want you to make sales. Yes, we want you to have your most successful profitable launch yet. But we can see that when people finish together, we launch they’re changed as business owners, you know, they are so much more advanced in terms of maybe the vision that they have for their business, or their team building or whatever, you know, it’s different for everyone. what ways do you think together we launch affected you that were beyond just the sales?

Alyssa Lang 33:56
Oh, I think it’s really like I said before, it’s kind of like the impact thing. But it’s also like changed me as like an individual like, I mean, I feel like my vibe is just kind of changed, like my hair used to be long and red, which will eventually come back. But right now I’m just like letting it let it be free. But I feel like me as a person has really like evolved and not only that, but this is gonna sound so so bad. But even like my relationships in my life and my my real world, it just exposed me to a different way of thinking and it kind of unlocked something in my brain I never thought was possible that these things can happen. Like you see people talk about like, whether it’s money or whether it’s like their success, you think it’s never going to happen or it’s not going to happen to you. And so for me, I think it kind of unlocked a side of me that’s like, my, in my mind. Money is like a faucet at this point. Like I can turn it on. And I can turn it off at any time. And I think most people are so stuck in their mindset that I’ve actually let go of a lot of those relationships, because they’re so stuck. They’re like, this is gonna be my life forever. I’m like you can change your life. If you put in the work and you’re willing to do it just because like example of Taylor Just because you sign up for together, we launch is not going to get you results. You have to put in the work, you have to show up. You have to make it happen. And like, it just will change the way that you view. Everything in business. Everything’s an opportunity now when earlier beforehand, everything was a hurdle. And I think that that’s what it’s done for me is really a locked up side of me that really helped me to step into that version of myself.

Alex Beadon 35:22
That’s such a beautiful share. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Yeah. Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you would really like to touch on? Anything that you’re like, you know, what, if someone’s on the fence, they should know this? Anything like that, that you want to mention, before we wrap up? Oh,

Alyssa Lang 35:37
what do I want to mention, um, take it easy take care of yourself. 100%. During launches, I used to get a massage every day during my launches, like during the actual like, challenge. Every day between the q&a and the teaching session. Unfortunately, I don’t have a most who’s on the mountain I live on. So like, she’s very limited time. So I’m a little bit sad about that. But you have to give yourself grace, like order food or prep it in advance, like I’m telling you, you’re going to be stressed out, you’re going to be overwhelmed, you’re going to be so emotionally drained. Me, I’m always planning a trip. That’s the biggest tip I have plan a trip after a launch no matter how successful it goes. Because no matter what, celebrate yourself. And just because you don’t hit your goal now doesn’t mean you won’t hit it later. And always remember that always pour into people inside your boot camp in these, the exposure that you give. This was a thing I wish I would have learned like a long time ago in business. Just because someone’s not going to buy from you now doesn’t mean that they already will start to understand and really want to work with you later. Because maybe they’re not budget ready, or they still need a little bit more to understand about you. Just remember that poured into everyone as if they’re all going to pay you. And I promise you they will but at a later date when they’re ready to actually invest in you. And so that’s probably my biggest tip. Like, in reality, I think that’s the best thing other than that we didn’t talk about vanity metrics actually, really sad that you didn’t bring that up?

Alex Beadon 36:53
Well, let’s talk about it. What value metrics would you like to share with us share all

Alyssa Lang 36:58
my stats, I was like, I have to have all the stats because I want to share? Well, because I think a lot of people only think about the lot the end result like oh, you had 100k launch, but don’t think about what did it actually cost me. So I brought all the numbers today just so people can see like the reality of it. So we had 930 People join our boot camp. And so we had a goal of we did a good, better best system. Our good good goal was 250k, our better goal was 350k. And our best goal was 500k for this launch, so we only brought in 930 Bootcampers, we had 11 point 94% conversion rate, which as you know is a little bit high for the industry. So we ended up having cash in hand $276,005. And then future payments are 170,535 for a total launch of 446,540. So we went above, like right below our best goal, but right after like it was like right there. I was like, oh my god, I just need someone to like, you know, anyways. But as far as cost, so I did calculate out stripe fees like PayPal fees, we did time tracking during the whole entire launch, to see how long it took our team and the direct costs of what it costs to have them work on it. Total, we spent $42,771.20 only 3000 of that was ad ad spend. The rest of it was team costs we did we do a lot of cash prizes, winners, and whatnot. And we had someone build out like the actual challenge. So we include all that in the cost. So total, we actually walked away with $403,768.80 Like, cat like That’s after cost. So just so anyone knows, like, make sure you’re, you’re calculating your cost to people not just looking at the vanity metrics, but it’s still a 400k launch after we talk about getting rid of all the expenses and stuff.

Alex Beadon 38:47
That’s so amazing. I’m so proud of you. And I’m just saying it’s so great to see you go from heights to heights, and to be able to, you know, land right underneath your best goal is such a big win, to have a near 12% conversion rates, using the rinse and repeat launch strategy. Like that’s absolutely amazing. So, so happy to see that. And I hope that everyone listening to this can just let it sink in what’s possible for them and use you as like the inspiration for it. Because if you have impact to share, which I also actually think is like one of the things that differentiates you like you’re so impact driven, you are someone it’s like you want people whether they buy from you or not to have that sense of value. Like that is also such a core part of this. That’s our best together we launch members all share that in common you know, so I’m just so proud of you. And I really hope that you celebrate and do something fun and special that this launch. But thank you so much for your time, Melissa, is there anything else that you want to share with us? No,

Alyssa Lang 39:48
just just do it. Like Nike says it’s not sponsored by Nike, by the way.

Alex Beadon 39:54
Thank you so much, Alisa. I really appreciate you being here and I know that everyone else will appreciate Did you sharing all this information with us? So thank you.

Alyssa Lang 40:02
Well, thank you, I appreciate you.

Alex Beadon 40:07
I just want to say a huge thank you for listening to today’s episode. If you made it this far, then hopefully you’re feeling just as inspired as I am by Elissa story. And by all of the success that she’s been able to create for herself for her team inside of her business, and most importantly, for her clients. That was one of my biggest takeaways is just knowing that she’s someone who’s so focused on the transformation of her clients and watching that show up in her bottom line as well is just so inspiring. If you are someone who is ready to scale your launches, if you already have a validated offer, and you’re looking to get it into the hands of more people definitely check out together we launched the doors are now open. And we are currently taking applications, you can head on over to together we launch.com. Together we launch is our 12 month program where we teach you our rinse and repeat launch strategy. There are so many elements of together we launch that make it great from our incredible community, to our what feels like millions of launch resources. You also get access to our private pep talk podcast that helps you keep your mindset and energy right during a launch. And you also get access to weekly accountability calls with Laura and myself, where you get to show up and ask us anything in that community group setting along with our 12 module curriculum. So if all of that sounds of interest to you, and you’re looking to have that maximum level of support as you enter your next launch, you can go ahead and request your application at together we launch.com I hope to see you there

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