S2 Ep. 09 – Lessons in Scaling Your Online Business Sustainably ft. Adriane Galea

In this episode (originally recorded for the Sustainable Scaling Podcast), past Together We Launcher, Adriane Galea interviews me about the visionary and integrator roles that are necessary for success, common mistakes that business owners make when scaling and one of the biggest misconceptions about launching.

We dive into the inner workings of building and growing a successful, sustainable online business, I share hard-earned lessons from growing and shrinking our team and a never-before-shared story about the truth behind “Project X”.

Tune in to this episode to get insight into where 95% of the business’ revenue comes from, learn the perspective shift that will help you fall in love with the launch process and learn how to create a wildly profitable online business (while prioritizing your most joyful life!)

In this episode, Adriane and I talk about …

  • The visionary and integrator dynamic that’s necessary for a successful business

  • My evolution through the online business space

  • How to navigate pivoting your brand through different iterations of your business

  • The truth behind Project X (I’ve never shared this story anywhere else before!!!)

  • An important marketing lesson that every business owner needs to remember

  • The lessons I’ve learned from growing to a team of 8 and back down to 3

  • How letting go of employees can actually be an act of kindness

  • A common mistake business owners make when scaling their business

  • One of the biggest problems people have with launching (and why ONE perspective shift can help your fall in LOVE with the process)

  • Where 95% of my business’ revenue comes from

  • The three things I want to feel my business has given me at the end of my journey

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