S2 Ep. 01 – Looking Back: The Most Life-Changing 3 Years of My Life!

Launching your online course like a boss.

In this episode of “On Purpose with Alex Beadon,” I take a look back at the past three years and share personal and professional updates, changes in perspective, and lessons learned. I also delve into my goals and expectations for season 2 and share a moving personal story about my grandmother’s illness and how it taught me so much about loss, grief, legacy and family.

In this episode, we chat about …

  • How I went from being on a high in business and life, to spiralling into one of the most difficult mental spaces I’ve ever been in
  • What I’ve learned from the hardest experience of my life
  • What losing both of my grandparents in the space of a few months taught me
  • Something unexpected that I learned from the most profitable years in my business
  • One of the most surprising things that happened when I took a year off from the business
  • One of the biggest gifts that my business has given me (and no, it wasn’t the ability to travel as much as I want!)
  • The 3 things I’m willing to make less money for

… and so much more!

Here’s what you can expect this season –

As you’ll hear me talk more on in this episode, my goal for this new season is to continue to connect with you in a very intimate, real, authentic way.

You can expect practical tips, strategies and mindsets for building a successful online business while also maintaining a truly fulfilling and happy life.

You’ll get the tools to create a wildly profitable online business that feels sustainable so that you can experience time, location and financial freedom.

I’ll be covering themes such as prioritizing self-care, maintaining your work-life balance, developing a non-hustle mentality, and more.

I want this podcast to be a reminder for you to recenter and prioritize living your most joyful life – one in which you are experiencing surrender, cultivating faith and feel deeply engaged.

We have some epic episodes in the pipeline – so definitely keep an eye out!

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