The story of a six-figure Launcher

For a moment I want you to consider …

What if it could go RIGHT?

👉🏼 What if your business could launch into unimaginable profitability?

👉🏼 What if you could start making the money to hire support in your business?

👉🏼 What if you were able to reach more people, and get paid properly for it?

👉🏼 What if you started making the type of money that allowed you to finally buy that dream home or take that dream trip?

Today, I want to share with you the incredible story of one of our Launchers, Alyssa.

👉🏼 If you’re someone who feels like a “small fish” but is determined to make an impact with your course …

👉🏼 If you can see the potential to grow your course but don’t know HOW to get there …

👉🏼 If you feel SO fired up about serving your customers 🔥 that you’ll do what it takes to make it happen …

This blog post is 100% for you. 💌

Let me introduce you to Alyssa 💖🥰🚀👩🏼‍🚀 …

Alyssa, aka the Workflow Queen, teaches bookkeepers and accountants how to utilize tech and automations to create better workflows, systems and processes. She is the creator of three online courses – Kickoff with Asana, Workflows in a Weekend and Breakthrough.

Alyssa and her team have been with us for three rounds of Together We Launch because – in their words – “that’s how obsessed we are.”

When Alyssa joined Together We Launch she’d been running her own business for only 4.5 months. She describes not knowing at all what she was doing when it came to marketing, however we saw that she was focused on learning and dedicated to making an impact in her industry as she recognized there was a massive lack of support for bookkeepers in her realm.

Within those 4.5 months of business, she’d already made an impressive $41,000 USD in her business from her course! This was a clear indicator to us that Alyssa’s offer was reliable (that is, there was a demand for it) and that though she was new to the online course creation world, she had the drive it took to make it super successful. 🔥🔥🔥

She knew that Together We Launch was a significant investment, and she feared that it would be a waste.

What if there were crickets when she went to sell?

How would people see her if she spent this kind of money and it flopped?

“I was afraid of how people would see me if I did something like this … I’ve made $20,000 investments that didn’t bring anything back into the company … I’ve done (Together We Launch) and it’s brought back more than I ever imagined.”

She described a powerful moment of checking in with herself where she asked herself …

“But ... what if it could all go right?”

After having invested in Project Storyline and The School of Killer Impressions, she said she had utmost faith in the Launch Strategy we had to teach.

Alyssa was also laser focused on the big picture and committed to making a tangible difference in her industry.

So, with a leap of faith, she applied.

Though she didn’t meet all of the criteria that we outlined for our Together We Launch applicants, her application immediately stood out. We could feel her heart, and see her drive – and that was reflected in how far she’d come in a few short months.

With great excitement, we offered her a seat in TWL.

Her goal for her first launch was $75,000 USD.

She describes remembering talking to a friend about what she thought her launch was going to be and saying, “I’m only going to make $15,000!”

Within less than an hour of her first pre-sale, Alyssa made $12,000 USD. 🤯🤯🤯

By the end of her FIRST launch with us, she made $112,000 USD.

Alyssa did this, at the time, on her own – without a team and with an Instagram audience of around 1,000 people.

Alyssa is one of our favorite launch stories to share for so many reasons …

Her story goes to show that it IS possible to have a successful six-figure launch, even if you’re doing it on your own and with a small audience.

Alyssa …

✨ had the spark of determination
🧚🏼‍♀️ was magnetic to her audience
🔥 and had an extremely reliable offer.

Since 2020 Alyssa has been able to, in her words, “make goddamn good money” that has allowed her opportunities and experiences beyond her wildest dreams.

“(Alex) has transformed my life.

I live in a home literally on the lake, in a cabin, I’ve brought a brand new car… And it’s not just about the material things … I’ve been able to travel, I’ve been able to afford a team …

It’s opened up opportunities for me that I thought in my life would NEVER be able to be on my plate. As much as I don’t want to cry, my life has literally changed.”

With the revenue from her launch, Alyssa has also been able to reinvest in coaches and other masterminds that have continued to help her continue to generate more and more profitability in her business.

The knowledge and systems taught inside of TWL will stay with Alyssa and her business for life, and continue to give them a leg up.

Here are some more wins Alyssa experienced within Together We Launch...

👉🏼 Alyssa more than doubled her email list. Before TWL she had 300 subscribers, when she started TWL she had around 1200 subscribers and at the very end (of her first round in TWL) she hit around 3300 on her email list.

👉🏼 In another launch she did $140,000 USD within the first hour and ended the launch at over $255,000 USD …

👉🏼 The second time joining TWL she launched a brand new offer. She wanted to see if the TWL strategy would hold up for a different offer … She made $350,000 USD in 2.5 days.

👉🏼 She bought her dream car and finally knew she deserved it.

Think about that – before TWL she didn’t know what a limited time offer was, what an email sequence was, what evergreen meant, what a launch was, the importance of social media or even how to market herself through ads.

Alyssa was scared to invest in Together We Launch … but she surrendered to the process and implemented everything as we laid it out inside of TWL – and it paid off greatly. She is exactly what it takes to be successful inside of TWL – someone who’s willing to trust us and execute.

Since then Alyssa has Rinsed and Repeated her launches, continually building upon each layer. She’s used her CEO discernment to use the layers that work for her and learned how to use her data to understand which she needs to tweak for her business’ unique blueprint.

“Every launch we get more and more efficient, the Rinse & Repeat method is REAL and such a game changer for launching!!!”

You see, Alyssa knew that it would cost her MORE to try to figure it all out on her own.

“I knew if I wanted to fast track it, it could take me three years to figure all this out by trial and error or (I could) just fast track …

Why try to reinvent the wheel when Alex can give you exactly what you need without having to do it over and over again and have to cry yourself to sleep?

It’s packaged perfectly within Together We Launch, it’s a Rinse and Repeat method that has tremendously changed the way that my business runs. And I literally took a leap of faith and just trusted in Alex and I trusted the process.”

Ready to have a story like Alyssa's?
👇🏼 THIS is how you can do it ... 👇🏼

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Within this training I’ll be teaching you…

🚀 the Launch Expansion Formula – which is a CORE part of the Launch Strategy that Alyssa and other Launchers have used to understand their launch goals
💥 my 4-month launch calendar
💕 my $100k Launch Strategy
🍀 the 4 phases of launching

(and so much more 🥰)

I’ll also introduce you to Together We Launch and let you know exactly how you can access the support and systems that helped Alyssa go from Unorganized 👉🏼 to 👉🏼 Scaling Launcher.

“Something that was instrumental in our launch was done for you templates, especially the email templates.

This was huge because, yes, we’ve written emails before we know how to do it, but having those emails and having the strategy behind that we could plug and play made it such a weight off of our shoulders for our team. Because these are emails that are tried and tested and it was very profitable for us. And that was a huge win…

If you are an online course creator or you have online digital products and you want to literally change your life, then you need to join Together We Launch.”

Are you ready to change your life?If you’re ready, register for the Launch Expansion Method training now!!!


I am SO genuinely excited for your success, and I would be truly honored to be a part of that journey.

Sending you massive hugs!

Alex 💋
(your favorite launch strategist)

P.S. Want to skip the training? Know you’re ready to join Together We Launch? Click here to request your application today! I can’t WAIT to read it. I hope to see you inside of Together We Launch soon … 😍😍😍😍 Ahhh!

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