5 reasons you deserve to make more money.

The other day scrolling on social media I came across this picture and it made me stop in my tracks …

It got me REALLY thinking about the types of messaging we, as women, have been subject to and have adopted as our own.

I wonder – how have the messages we’ve been receiving daily, for generations, impact the way we see ourselves? The world? Our confidence in taking risks? Our ability?

I began to reflect on how women’s confidence in themselves as business owners may have been shaped by generations of marketing and patriarchal ideology.

What is the disparity between women and men’s mindsets toward career and money?

After some quick research, here are some stats I found …

👉🏼 Men are more confident about the projected success of their company. (72.4% of men have confidence in their business ventures as compared to 65.3% of women) (Source: Into the Minds)

👉🏼 84.7% of men consider themselves to be more entrepreneurial than women. 72% of women believe that they’re more entrepreneurial than men. (That is, almost 1 in 3 women see themselves as less entrepreneurial than men). (Source: Into the Minds)

👉🏼 Women are only likely to apply for a job if they feel that they meet near 100% of the criteria. Men will apply if they meet just 60% of the job’s requirements. Men are more likely to trust themselves to grow into a role, whereas women perceive that they have to be a perfect fit. (Source: CNBC)

Now, the gaps in those statistics are comparatively marginal … but take a look at THESE shocking statistics …

👉🏼 Globally, ONLY 2.8% of venture capital funding goes to women. 🤯 During the pandemic this number dropped to 2.3%. This means that in a “good” year, male run or owned businesses receive 97.2% of venture capital funding. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

👉🏼 The IFC has estimated that there is a $300 bil gap for formal, women-owned small businesses. They also noted that more than 70% of women-owned small and medium enterprises have inadequate or no access to financial services. (Source: The International Finance Corporation)

👉🏼 And, for good measure 😉, here’s a little history for you. Did you know that women in North America weren’t eligible to open bank accounts without their husband’s approval or control their own funds until the 60s? (The U.K. didn’t catch up until 1975!)

These statistics and facts highlight a number of things …

👉🏼 Women have been at a financial disadvantage for generations. Though there have been improvements they are slow … There are still significant systemic barriers to entry for female-business owners.

👉🏼 Women are less confident and less likely to seek opportunities in business – likely as a result of these pervasive hurdles along with generations of being groomed to believe that we “aren’t capable” nor do we “have a place”.

And of course, we can’t have this conversation without looking at the Gender Wage Gap.

The wage gap sits around 89% in North America – meaning that for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes 89c.

For every $100k a man makes, a woman makes $11k less.

Though this may not sound significant, this figure will compound over time.

These gaps are even larger for marginalized groups such as women of color, trans women and women with disabilities to name a few.

For every $1 earned by a white, non-Hispanic man in 2020, a Hispanic woman earned just 57 cents.

An article by the American Progress stated that, “over the course of a 40-year career, Black women lose an estimated $964k to the wage gap, Native American women lose $986k, Hispanic women lose $1.16m and AAPI women lose $400k.”

To say that these statistics are absurd is an understatement.

Yes, there are systemic issues that require uprooting. However, today I want to focus on how we can bring our awareness to these gaps and get curious about where we can reclaim our sense of power.

It’s time we give ourselves permission to question the boundaries of what we believe to be possible for our lives.

We need to begin seeking opportunities that require us to step out of our comfort zone and question why we’re holding ourselves back.

It’s time for us to challenge ourselves, drum up our courage and take the steps needed to gain experience and confidence.

It is my mission to provide my students with the tools and resources to grow their business in a way that will change their lives, break cycles and create a legacy for their families … To make waves within their communities and industries.

After all, making damn good money isn’t just about what gets puts into our pockets.

It’s about what that money can do for ourselves and our communities.

This is WHY we need more value driven businesses feeling comfortable with earning more money.

So without further ado …

Here are 5 reasons you deserve to make damn good money …

1️⃣ Your ability to earn more money can increase your confidence and a healthy sense of autonomy.

Knowing that you know how to make damn good money gives you the assurance that no matter what happens, you have the tools and know-how to take care of yourself (and those you’re responsible for).

Though we don’t like to think about it, unexpected life circumstances that could leave you needing to become financially independent or responsible for others are always a possibility. It is also feasible that circumstances around financial support that you may rely on from a partner or family member could change. Whether that’s through divorce, losing a partner or unforeseen health challenges, it’s not unusual that you may need to support a spouse or family member during your lifetime.

In addition, women are more likely to live a longer life – and are therefore more likely to be widowed in the case of heterosexual partnerships. Data shows that this leads many women to unexpectedly become impoverished later on in life. This takes me to my next point …

2️⃣ Your future self deserves to be taken care of.

No matter what you earn, it is in your best interest that you automate payments to go into a long terms savings account. Saving for things like retirement, emergency funds and more provide your future self with a buffer to better manage any circumstance that may come your way.

Earning more money will provide you the spaciousness in your income to save larger lump sums of money on a monthly basis – and believe me when I say your future self will thank you for this!

3️⃣ You’re worth breaking the cycle. You and your family deserve the opportunities that may not have been afforded to you.

We cannot deny the power of money – with money comes endless opportunity.

Having more spaciousness in your income will allow you to set yourself up to create opportunities that align with your values – whether that’s to retire early, help your children get a quality education, invest in your business or personal development or to travel the world.

For example, one of our Launcher’s life transformed thanks to the success she had within Together We Launch. She was able to buy her family a three bedroom home with a pool and a rooftop garden. Before that, she was working out of her kids’ room. (In this video you can hear more in detail how Sonia having the courage to invest in herself changed her and her family’s life).

4️⃣ You have brilliance to share. Money will help you get there.

Your voice, vision and mission is completely unique to you. There is someone out there who needs to learn what you have to teach, in the way you have to teach it. ❤️

The more money your business earns, the more you have to invest in a team or additional resources to get your message into the hands of those who need it most, enhance your customer experience and deliver an even more transformational offer.

Claimy, one of our past Launchers, described how she was able to hire two full time employees to support her because she had such successful launches within Together We Launch. Her revenue from her online course allowed her the freedom to then only accept clients in her other service based business that she REALLY wanted to work with. Now, she only takes on weddings for dream clients who energize her. Making more money has allowed Claimy to invest in the livelihood of two other people and run her business in integrity with herself.

Earning more doesn’t just mean creating more income opportunities for others, it means it can also support you in creating work that powerfully impacts others lives. Launching allows you the time and space to create high quality free content and lead magnet experiences that your audience can access for no cost until they’re ready and able to invest in your offer.

5️⃣ The world needs more kind-hearted, wealthy people. I’m willing to bet you’d be one of them.

Have you ever heard the saying, “you vote with your dollar”?

Earning more money allows you to put your money where your values are. The world needs more heart-centered wealth distributors investing into the communities, people and causes they believe in and businesses they care about the most.

(For more money mindset inspiration, take a look at 5 Money Mindset Beliefs + Affirmations!)

You understanding that you're deserving of receiving wealth is really close to my heart …

Here at Team Beadon we’re an all-women team that believes in the power of education. We provide our Launchers with the tools to create sustainable financial security and growth in their lives and businesses.

In the six years that we’ve run Together We Launch we’ve taught 1 man and over 60 women the Rinse and Repeat Launch Strategy that allows them to share their genius with the world and get paid damn good money to do it.

We’re extremely proud to have helped so many business owners set their businesses up with a reliable Launch Strategy that allows them the space to create waves in their communities.

Just take a look at what these Launchers have been able to accomplish by generating damn good money through launching …

After just her first round of Together We Launch, Alyssa was able to buy a car she’d dreamed of owning for 12 years and a cabin home on the lake. She describes TWL as opening doors to opportunities she never thought would be possible for her. She said …

“It’s not just about the material things … I’ve been able to travel, I’ve been able to afford a team … It’s opened up opportunities for me that I thought in my life would NEVER be able to be on my plate.

As much as I don’t want to cry, my life has literally changed … The biggest game changer that I took away was the mindset shift that I had to make in order to allow six figures into my life.”

As a result of her profitability from launching, Claimy was able to completely financially provide for her partner when they were diagnosed with a health condition. This allowed her partner the time and space to recover without an added financial burden.

Sonia was able to impact more lives through growing her online course, had a six-figure launch and bought her family a three-bedroom home!

Marina was able to have her first six-figure launch and scale her business to a seven-figure brand. She also describes now forever having the knowledge and skillset to make herself money when she needs to.

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Final thoughts ...

Empowering women with the strategies and belief in themselves necessary to help them achieve more profitability and freedom is so close to my heart. I truly deserve the world needs more heart-centered wealth distributors.

If you have any questions at all about Together We Launch, I’d love to chat. Send me an email at contact@alexbeadon.com with the subject line “Question about TWL” and let me know what’s on your mind.

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