5 tools to help you build your online business

Today, I thought I’d pull back the curtain and share with you the five tools I used to create my online business.

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The 5 tools I used to create my online business...

1. Notion – ideation, launch planning, project tracking, knowledge hub

If you’ve been following me for the last couple years you’ll know that I SWEAR by Notion. It’s an all-in-one for all things knowledge hub and project management.

To be completely transparent, I did not use Notion to create my online business – in fact I used Evernote for many, many years.

The problem?

I had lengthy pages of my ideas and strategies … however my team didn’t have access to these thoughts. Similarly, I didn’t have access to the resources, information and ideas that my team was working day in and day out on!

We were all working in a vacuum – it was inefficient and created knowledge and communication gaps.

Notion has allowed us to store team knowledge in one central location so that we can easily fill knowledge gaps and create shared resources and guides. It’s a straightforward way for us to collaborate on and organize projects.

Notion is number one on this list for a reason. Making the switch to Notion is – in my opinion – 100% worth it.

My piece of advice to you would be to think of it as a living, breathing knowledge hub where your SOPs and projects live. Spend a little time each day building it out and in time you’ll begin to understand which systems do – and don’t – work for you.

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2. Kajabi – everything you need to host your course

Kajabi has everything you need to create and sell your online course. The newest version of Together We Launch is hosted in Kajabi and I absolutely love how intuitive and seamless it is.

Here’s a peek 😍👇🏼

In the past I used Teachable, however, after working with an Educational Designer on upgrading the TWL program, she recommended Kajabi and I fell in love!

With Kajabi you can…

👉🏼 create and host your online course or membership site through their platform

👉🏼 get access to their marketing tools to create content, sales pages, campaigns or funnels

👉🏼 automate key interactions with your customers using their CRM tools

👉🏼 get paid using their integrations

At the moment we use Ontraport for our email management and WordPress for all of our sites (including sales pages) however Kajabi has all-in-one functions that could replace these platforms, and are well worth looking into.

You can build a site on Kajabi for free – and paid plans range between $119 USD to $319 USD per month.

Do you use Kajabi’s all-in-one features? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience with it. Is it worth it? Leave a comment below & let me know!

3. Canva Pro – create branded launch assets & content

I think it goes without saying that Canva is a phenomenal layman’s tool for content creation. Here at Team Beadon we use Canva for everything from the GORGEOUS slides inside The Launch Expansion Method to sales page graphics and PDF creation.

What I love about Canva is you can add your brand fonts, colors and logo to your brand kit for ease of access. My favorite hack is to add your brand photos and .svg graphics to folders. When you upload an .svg graphic file you can customize the colors to match your branding!

4. Zapier – integrate apps and seamlessly automate functions

Zapier makes it easy to integrate apps and automate functions across a possible 5,000+ apps. This is incredible because it allows you to integrate different softwares that wouldn’t usually talk to one another.

By automating functions like granting access to course assets or tracking our leads we can begin to focus on adding value to our community rather than getting bogged down in managing daily operations.

Our favorite ways to use Zapier are …

1️⃣ To keep our leads organized: when someone fills out one of our opt-in forms we are able to use Zapier to automatically populate that data into Notion and Google Sheets so that we know who is opting in and where they’re coming from.

2️⃣ Strengthen our social proof: when someone purchases a product we’re able to connect the payment page with a software called “Proof” that creates pop ups on your sales page saying, “Ana recently joined our offer!” This helps us celebrate our new clients, strengthen our social proof and create FOMO.

3️⃣ Seamlessly grant clients access to assets: when someone purchases on our payment platform we’re able to create an automation to grant our clients access to Together We Launch in Kajabi, as well as our Circle community and Private Podcast of Mindset Pep Talks. Here’s what it looks like …

5. And finally … SamCart – getting paid!

SamCart is an eCommerce platform that helps course creators to accept orders and get paid for what they do.

You can manage your online course or digital download offers directly to their site and create sales pages.

SamCart offers a variety of templates for checkout pages and holds hands with softwares like Stripe to help you collect your payments. You’re able to offer payment plans, subscriptions, tiered offers, upsells and down-sells.

And there you have it! The five tools I used to create my online business! I’d love to know – what are your favorite tools to use in your online business?

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Alex 💋
(your favorite launch strategist)

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