I made $103k in 12 months with $0 ad spend. Here’s how I did it.

In 2011, I started my very first business – Alex Beadon Photography – and it made $103,000 USD in its first 12 months … with $0 spent on advertising.

I’m not sharing that with you to brag – I’m sharing it because I created a business out of nothing overnight, and I want to show you how.

Firstly – if you’re wondering what this first business was selling … This was a business where I used to sell Photoshop Actions to professional photographers.

These were digital files that I created myself to help pro photographers edit their images quicker and easier.

Here’s how I made ALL of my sales:

When I started this business in 2011, I had already been blogging and creating content online for the last two years, and because of that, I had already built relationships with my ideal clients (photographers).

My followers already knew who I was, loved my work, supported me in the vision of my business and future.

So when I posted a casual blog post announcing that I was selling Photoshop Actions, even though I had ZERO sales strategy, I made non-stop sales, and woke up the next morning a couple hundred dollars richer.

It is not rocket science that when your followers feel like they know you, like you, and trust you, they are far more likely to not only buy from you, but support your promotions, recommend you to their friends. And it’s because they are invested in seeing you WIN.

When you first start putting yourself out there, it can be hard. You might feel nervous, and not know what to post. You might be afraid of what people will think, and find yourself putting it off even though you know that building a relationship with your followers would be an asset to your business (and your profits).

Or maybe you’re already a boss at putting yourself out there online, but you know that you’re doing it with little to no strategy, and are never able to actually translate it into sales.

It’s exactly why I created Project Storyline.

Quite simply, Project Storyline is a subscription service where every day you get access to an Instagram Story Prompt telling you exactly what to post to your Instagram Stories on that day.

Each day’s prompt is meant to be used as a starting point to post something that’s strategically building your relationship with your followers, day-in, day-out.

These prompts were designed for Instagram Stories, but can also be used to deepen your relationship with your audience through Reels, TikToks or YouTube Shorts!

💖 If you’re ready to show up on social media with more and more confidence…

🧡 If you’re ready to say YES to deepening your relationship with your followers…

💛 If you’re craving more engagement and support from your community…

💖 And you’re ready to capture and hold the attention of your audience…

Join Project Storyline today for only $30 a month (that’s about a dollar a day). You will get access to our Project Storyline portal with all of your prompts – AND a monthly PSL Live Q&A call to have your questions answered by Alex and Team Beadon! You can also cancel at any time. ❤️

Will you be our newest PSL member?

Alex 💋
(your online biz bestie)

P.S. Deepening your relationship with your audience and cultivating a Magnetic Influence is one of the cornerstones of any successful online business! This is exactly why I dedicated an entire module of Together We Launch (my signature offer teaching online course creators how to scale their launches) to learning how to cultivate an authentic, Magnetic Influence. We speak about growing and nurturing your Superfan base, I give you my evergreen nurture content strategy and the Content Fuel Framework, provide you with re-engagement email campaign templates and lessons on practicing your live presence. If you’re an online course creator making between $65k – $300k annually and you’re ready to scale your launches through sustainable systems while grow your influence, request an application for Together We Launch now.

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