What makes an online course launch successful?

Today I want to ask you:

What do you think makes a launch successful?

Most people I speak to think it only has to do with revenue and profit generated, yet over the last decade I’ve discovered 3 things that are dead giveaways as to whether a launch is really successful – or not …

#1 - You’re using a Rinse and Repeat Launch Formula

Are you exhausted from constantly trying to reimagine your launches? From trying to create a new strategy, assets and content?

Truthfully, you only need to implement a rock-solid Launch Strategy – once.

Not every launch has to be wildly different, complicated and brand-spanking new. In fact, if you’ve created a launch strategy tailored to your target audience, then you should ABSOLUTELY be Rinsing and Repeating it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Find a Launch Strategy that WORKS – and STICK to it. This will help with the second key to success…

#2 - You’re minimizing the resources you need to execute the launch


Ever heard of the acronym, K.I.S.S.?

Keep it simple, stupid.

The more resources you have to invest to make money (including your TIME) the less profitable your launch is! Instead of reinventing the wheel each time you launch, use previous launch communications and assets as templates to help you save TIME and MONEY. This is why it’s important to create a reliable Launch Strategy that you can lean on for launches to come! This way you’re creating an environment for less stress – and more cash flow baby!

#3 - You know how to optimize as you go

I’m going to be real with you – NO launch is flawless at the start (or even 10 launches down the line 😂). There are SO many moving pieces which all take tweaking and testing to make work. When you have a dependable formula and recyclable resources this gets easier – but you still have to work at it!

The key is knowing WHAT to optimize. What stats to look at, and what changes to make in order to improve them. This is a science and art form that has taken me YEARS to learn.

But you don’t want it to take years – you want profitable launches NOW.

This is why I’ve distilled all of my hard-earned knowledge from over a decade of successful launching into my upcoming FREE training!

In this value-packed training, I’ll teach you how to access and replicate those 3 keys to successful launches within your biz.

I’ll even let you behind the curtain of my wildly profitable launches, including sneak peeks at my launch revenue, my launch calendar, and my signature Launch Expansion Formula that has helped myself and my clients generate unbelievable results.

Click here to register to join me for the FREE Launch Expansion Method training.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Alex 💋
(your favorite launch strategist & creator of Together We Launch)

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