Have you strategically prepared your online business for the 2022 Holiday season?

I just have to know … how prepared are you REALLY for the final quarter of this year? Did you know the biggest online shopping day of the year is Cyber Monday? And guess what – it’s coming up on November 28th.

The U.S. online holiday sales are expected to be a record high between November 1st and December 31st. (of $209.7 billion USD 🤯)*

*Data based on a report published by Adobe Analytics, which is said to be the most comprehensive view into U.S. e-commerce trends. Source: Business Wire.

Another article from 2021 stated that …

  • 😱 $5.1 billion USD more was spent by consumers over the previous year’s Thanksgiving Weekend (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)…
  • 🤯 and an additional $777.3 billion USD was spent during the Christmas season!

*Though these numbers reflect all holiday sales (not just online sales), data has shown that there is an increase in consumer behavior trends, post-pandemic, toward an increase in online shopping.

So my question to you today is … How are YOU strategically preparing your business for the holiday season?

💌 This post is for you if you’re ready to learn …

1️⃣ Why you can’t afford to leave your strategic holiday season planning to the last minute …

2️⃣ ONE killer strategy you can implement easily to boost sales on Cyber Monday…

3️⃣ 3 ways to make the MOST of this strategy (including a tactic that once made almost $28k for my biz!)

Now, without further ado… Let’s jump right in!

Why you should be thinking strategically about the Holiday season ...

Research shows that holiday spending begins as early as the start of October. People are already primed and prepped to invest in thoughtful gifts for themselves and their loved ones. With this increase in spending, there tends to be a dramatic decrease in sales in the early months of the new year. This is exactly why you want to double down on your sales strategies for the final quarter of the year.

If you’re sitting there thinking “ick, that feels yucky” – I want you to remember that you aren’t ever forcing a sale … You’re providing your audience with an opportunity to solve their problem … and trying to make that opportunity more accessible for them. After all, what better and more sustainable of a gift for your customer than investing in your digital product that will improve the quality of their life and teach them invaluable knowledge or skills that they’ll have for a lifetime?

Here’s something quick & relatively easy that you can implement over Cyber Monday (or throughout the Christmas season):

Run a flash sale ...

Have you ever gotten an email for a product you’ve been eyeing for months that has a subject line that sounds something like this: “FLASH SALE: 3 hours to get everything at 50% off before it’s all gone!”?

😔 You’ve been desiring this offer for ages. You want it badly.

😣 You’ve been negotiating with yourself on whether you should purchase it. “Some day”, you’ve been telling yourself.

🛍️ Enter… the flash sale.

🥰 It feels like a sign.

You feel the urgency – yet amidst that, there’s something else … Exhilaration… Excitement? You can’t help but purchase what’s on offer – and with it comes a sigh of relief … a feeling like you’ve won.

Isn’t it weird? We know that the goal of a flash sale is to offer us a great deal with the goal of ultimately getting us to impulsively buy … and yet these kind of deals still feel sooo good to us.

The flash sale is ultimately a win, win, win.

Your audience gets what they’ve been wanting or needing for a long time (your offer), at a price that’s significantly lower than what it’s worth (the discount) and you get an influx of sales (#win).

Congrats – you will have just created an experience that is mutually beneficial for both you and your audience.

Here's what you SHOULD offer on Flash Sale ...

👉🏼 An offer that you’re phasing out: If you are planning to permanently shelf an offer, give your audience one last opportunity to snag it for a steal of a deal. It’s an easy cash boost for you, and an easy win for them.

👉🏼 Something you can deliver quickly & easily without compromising on quality: Think logistics. Can you choose something that’s as easy as possible to logistically follow through with? Do you need to limit the amount of purchases that can be made? Ideally you don’t want to choose something that’s going to add too much extra responsibility to your plate.

Here's what you SHOULD NOT offer on Flash Sale ...

🙅🏼‍♀️ You should NOT offer high-ticket offers on flash sale because it can erode the reputation of the offer.

🙅🏼‍♀️ You should NOT offer ALL of your offers on sale, in fact – I recommend choosing and focusing on only one, unless you are segmenting your list based on their interests.

👉🏼 You should also use this “Flash Sale” tactic sparingly. For Cyber Monday – sure why not! But year round it’s never a good idea because you will train your audience that if they hold off on purchasing long enough, they may get a big discount from you!

Here's how to make the most of your Flash Sale:

Here are 3 easy ways to improve your Flash Sale ROI…

1. Use tools to communicate the urgency: my favorites are fixed countdown banners on the sales page, graphics that communicate the special offer, and limited time language

2. Promote across platforms: use pop ups and banners on your website, share across all social platforms and send out an email announcement along with multiple reminders during the flash sale

3. Add an upsell: when the customer purchases your offer, direct them to a thank you page that then offers a complimentary upsell. This helps you ride the wave of new customers as typically up to 5% of purchasers will upsell (note, this number may be lower as flash sales tend to drive new, one time purchasers who may be interested in your offer but may not necessarily be an ideal client). Implementing this one technique on the last day of one of my launches added a whopping $27,990 USD to my bottom line. 🤯🤯🤯

Now, I want to hear from you! Leave a comment & let me know - have I inspired you to host a Cyber Monday sale? 👇🏼🥂✨

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Alex 💋
(your favorite launch strategist)

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