Launch Diaries 005: What to do when life happens.

In my latest Launch Diaries episode, I walk you through how I handled preparing for a launch after getting some devastating news. Can you remember a time you had everything planned out, you were excited and ready to go… then life happened?

We are five episodes into the Launch Diaries series and I hope you’re picking up a theme. Are you? 👀. If you aren’t, here’s a hint, it is about your well-being. I cannot stress enough that your launch success is reliant on your well-being and being able to show up and get things done.

Every day while launching you will be presented with two choices:
 1. Do I get stressed?
 2. Do I prioritize my well-being?
The answer to that question will directly impact your launch. Click here to see what my answer was!

I cover so much in this newest video, we meet on a Wednesday afternoon and I don’t stop until Saturday evening. I give you some mini launch preparedness tips for example: 

  1. Write down who your ideal client is and constantly refer to the list.
  2. If you cannot do a major brand refresh before your launch, I recommend updating your profile photo across all platforms.
  3. Spend some time at the end of the week CELEBRATING your wins. Look back on all that you managed to do and give yourself a big pat on the back!
  4.  Before a launch, look around at all your digital assets and ask yourself these questions:
    Is this a true reflection of where my business is at right now?
    Is this a true reflection of how I want to be perceived by a potential client?

I won’t give away everything, go and watch the video to see all that I talked about and showed you in Launch Diaries 005!

Can you believe we are five episodes into the Launch Diaries series?!!! I truly hope you are showing yourself grace. Life will happen, and you get the choice of how you give it meaning. Sending you so much love. Watch the full video here:

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