Launch Diaries 004: I want to talk about Launch Goals

It is your Biz Bestie and Launch Queen Alex Beadon here, with a new episode in the Launch Diaries series! Want to know my big revenue goal for my upcoming launch?

SPOILER ALERT: It’s my biggest and scariest target to date BUT I feel totally calm and confident, while simultaneously detached from it. I know that harnessing this energy is pivotal to actually making it a reality, and I talk a lot about how I do that in Episode 4.

I have a history of launching so I know what it will take to get me to that figure. I know this is a big and scary goal, but I also know if I want something I must speak it and embody the feeling it gives me. From now until I launch I will name and claim that goal but I will also hold the goal loosely.

So much happens in this episode, it is filled with gems and “AHA” moments for people who will be launching soon, who need a pep talk, or who feel stressed from holding their goals too tightly!

Come spend a day with me as I …

  • Meet with my Operations Manager, Laura, to go over the offerings and updates we are making 
  • Reach out to past Together We Launch members for their testimonial
  • Explain the difference between the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp and Together We Launch 
  • Talk about wellness and listening when your creativity speaks 
  • Go through what my weekly schedule is like 
  • Explain why this is the most prepared I have ever felt for a launch

I love making these Launch Diaries videos and hearing your feedback! Thank you for coming on this journey as I get ready to launch my newest offers. Watch the full video here:

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