I did these five things and got my first six-figure launch.

Do you feel like there is a huge piece of your launch puzzle missing? Are you low on energy because you feel you are shouting into a void? Are you still struggling with the self-imposed shame of asking people to buy your products? Do you ever think, “I wish there were a video to walk me through how to make my first six-figure launch?” Well, my friend! Your wish is granted!

In my latest video, I am sharing five tips that make a massive difference and can propel you to your first six-figure launch. This is the video I wish I saw when I was about to do my first launch in 2011.

Here are five tips that could be the difference between a five-figure launch or a six-figure launch:

1. Future proof your offer | You want an offer that sells itself and does not require a lot from you in the future. Is your offer future proof?

2. Do Your Market Research | Understand your client’s needs so that your offer is an automatic “HELL YES” from your customer. Do you know how much your ideal client would be willing to spend to fix their problem?

3. Focus on your mindset | I know so many Launchers who have this self-imposed shame around selling and promoting their products. Remember who you are here to serve and never forget that there are people who need your product because it will help them.

4. Use a Launch Strategy that works | There must be a strategic plan in place to get people onto your sales journey. What is your plan to get in front of your ideal client to share your story and introduce them to your product? Your strategy should be specific and work for you and the product you are selling.

5. Look at your launch like a math equation | It is so important to focus on your data. What are your numbers saying to you? Are you spending too much money on conversions? What performed well that can be tweaked and used for the next launch? Your data speaks to you, take the time to listen.

There you have it! The five things I focus on when launching. These tips have been proven to work for me on numerous launches including Project Storyline which was my first six-figure launch. Watch the full video here:

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